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Not One Physical Touch


Friday was a laid back kind of day for the most part, you know this summer most days have been that way. But you'll hear no complaints from me. I had gotten all my daily work done early, hubby outside putting the new door panels and handles on the "Red Headed Lady", our truck, with the nude redhead saying "Born to Ride" on the tailgate. Still think he loves that truck more than me at times, lmao.

The sun was out shining bright, not a cloud in the crisp clear sky, a light breeze blew gently, just a beautiful summer's day. Just us home, perfect time for some sunbathing I thought to myself as I grabbed the radio along with all my other crap I need and out the door I go. Tune in to my favorite station, they're playing killer songs, as I place the brightly colored beach towel over my lounger. I strip down to what God gave me as my long auburn hair falls over my shoulder. My skin soft and sun kissed glistens as I massage the tropical oil sensually over it. Adjusting my sunglasses after I place my hair in a ponytail, I kick back in my lounge chair.

" Mmmm.... Yes a perfect day for sunbathing." I think to myself as my body relaxes.

A little while later, hubby needing a cold one, comes around the corner of the house and to his surprise my ass is full moon to the sun. Now I don't hear him coming, singing my heart out to "Bad to the Bone", trust me it's the worst karaoke you will ever hear in your life, but I don't care, after all God gives us all one special talent and singing is not mine.

"Nice ass!" he catcalls as he opens the door.

"Get me something cold too, please." I yell at him over the radio.

Radio cranked, me still singing so off key it's not even funny, not paying any attention to the world around me, feel that shock of the cold soda pop can on my back, which in-turn I scream words I don't remember, but my mother would of washed my mouth out with soap for saying them.

"How much longer you planning on playing with her? Remember, we're supposed to go out for a night on the town with friends." I ask after the shock has worn off.

"If you would turn over it wouldn't be much longer!" he replied laughingly with a devilish grin, as he walked back to the truck.

By this time I've roasted and toasted both sides several times and really need to go inside, knowing too much sun is bad. Hubby now finished playing with her, the truck mind you, has drove her into the back yard.

Plopping down in the chair beside me, that look of love only a man can get from an automobile beams, "Just look at that truck, would you!"

I've got to agree she is a looker. Yep, she's like my fuck me shoes, she's a fuck me truck. All hot fiery red, midnight black, chrome and let's not forget that tailgate, a sexy redhead, nude except for that small yellow polka dotted thong, and that saying "Born to Ride". A good line, you know, one that can be taken several ways just depends on the mind of the reader.

"You going to give her a bath?" teasingly I say with that unspoken joke about him giving her a bath more than he gives me one.

"No just going to sit here and admire my two ladies..." his reply said with a wink.

Me, still tanning and singing off key, stop long enough to ask, "Did you see the horse drinking out of my koi pond?" as I pass him my cell so he can view the pictures I took.

"Hope he didn't suck up one of your fish while he quenched his thirst! Speaking of being thirsty, you care for something? I need another cold one." grinning as he joked, passing back the cell phone.

"Sure, would love a cold one." I say, as I place my head down on the towel going back to sunbathing.

Now keep in mind, I've got the radio cranked and really can't hear that much outside of my little world I've created, when all of a sudden I hear a click. This sound so sharp, sharp enough to be heard over the radio. I'm not totally sure what it is, then I hear another click turn my head to see hubby not in his chair, but my drink is waiting for me on the side table. Turning more I search for him, but I still can't find him. Now I hear another click and it dawns on me he's taking pictures. I pay him no mind thinking he's taking them of the truck, the horse, or even the hummingbirds at one of my feeders, never even dawning on me he's taking them of me.

After the forth or fifth click, I yell to him, "Just what the hell are you taking pictures of."

"You of course!" his voice dripping with sexual desire.

God, when those words come out of his mouth I get so turned on I can't believe it. With each click I get more aroused. It's like the sound of the click penetrates my body sending waves through me, vibrating my soul, seducing my being. My mind is swirling with ecstasy. My whole self is in seventh heaven. My mind, body and soul, my being, react as if in a trance being controlled and charmed by a snake charmer and his Pungi (flute).

Eyes closed, breath deepens and slows, muscles contract and distend, hips ascent and descent. With every click I go further, deeper into that escalation of pure, raw, sheer unadulterated pleasure. Not one hand, hubby's or mine, not one physical touch was bestowed to my body. It was never needed or wanted. Only that clicking sound my body craved.

As the camera clicked, I could feel myself become wet, wetter with each click. My nipples hardened as each deep breath was drawn. My mind raced with frenzied impulses from those clicks, I knew I had to surrender. I knew I had to cum. I could feel it as it intensified, as it strengthened, every nerve of my feminine being was alive and on fire. Consumed with indulgence by those clicks. My G-spot titillated with excitement as the cum pasted. Elation as I felt it cover my clit. Exhilaration as it ran down to the front of my pussy. And pure delight as I felt the droplets of cum as they rolled off my lips falling to that beach towel below. This was a tantric orgasm, an orgasm unlike no other.

Sexual ecstasy, spiritual, divine, transcendent, were your mind, body, and soul are one. Made whole by just those clicks. This was sexual pleasure at it's grandest. .....and I've got the pictures to prove it.

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