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Not Part of the Contract


–Due to the multi-faceted nature of this one, I chose to put it in this category. However.. It may not be precisely what you're expecting. If you happen to dislike reading of a male on male rape scene, then.. Stop reading now, or don't say I didn't warn you.. And now back to the show–


I had been working as a bodyguard for a rather wealthy bloke by the name of Jason Redford, no relation, a sharp business tycoon who owned a small part of a lot of businesses, a large part of quite a few, and the controlling share of a few more.

Though at the time I didn't notice these things, Jason was a fine looking man too, a bit older than I was at the time, 23 if memory serves. He stood a hair over 6' in height, weighed approximately 210 pounds, the weight entirely from chiseled and defined muscle, he had long black hair, usually tied back in a ponytail, soft blue eyes, and the kind of smile that says 'I know something you don't know'. And, he was hung, not as well as me, but that's beside the point.

At this point in time I'd been working for him for about 2 months now, in that time he'd had numerous female companions spend the night, to put it softly. To put in not so softly, he fucked a different woman almost every night, while I was in the room watching for anything to go awry (of course, you can imagine how this made me feel). He was one of the most eligible bachelors in the U.S. at the time.

I was showering after a long day, he spent the day with a girl, taking her shopping, to the zoo, on a nice long walk, leading her on that she might mean something to him, I knew the routine though, he wanted her to spread her legs and fake an orgasm while he got his rocks off. To his surprise, she turned him down. Of course him going all over meant I went all over.

He came in to the bathroom as I was showering, this in of itself was not uncommon, usually it was to talk though, this time he had something else in mind, he pulled open he shower curtain, standing there butt naked, his cock sticking out before him, fully erect at 7", shining with a coat of oil. I stared in shock for a moment and started to say something, probably something brilliant like "what..?", but he cut me off grabbing me by the shoulder, he spun me around, pushing me against the shower wall, normally this wouldn't happen, but I was caught off guard.

"Relax, you'll love it." he whispered in my ear, I knew what was coming, but he had me held down and too shocked to react as the head of his cock pushed its way in to my ass hole, the sensation was odd, and painful, my virgin ass being stretched wide enough to admit his cock, and it only got worse, once he got the first inch in, he drove the other 6" in a solid thrust. I screamed like a little girl, and he grunted with pleasure at the tightness of his bitch as he started fucking me.

I don't know how to describe the sensation of him fucking me, if you've never had a cock in your ass, you really can't understand the feeling of it slamming in to you, and sliding back out, hammering back and forth in a one-way hole. His cock felt almost cool to the heat inside of me, and seemed twice as large as it really was as I involuntarily clenched on him.

The minutes crawled by like hours as he fucked me like a bitch, moaning in ecstasy, as I did my best to ignore it, and the fact that I had a boner, soon enough though he let out a loud grunt of satisfaction, hammering his cock in to me one final time, as it jerked against my insides, spraying his hot seed in to my bowels, my knees nearly buckled and I envisioned white seed shooting inside of me, I wanted to vomit. Once, I can live with once.. I told myself.

He couldn't however, before he even stopped shooting seed in to me, he started to fuck again, spreading his cum within me, and some sick part of me enjoyed it. He spewed his seed in to me twice more that evening before pulling out, leaving me vacant inside and leaking his cum from my ass, threatening to kill him if he ever thought about doing that again.

The next two nights I was safe. He acted like nothing had happened. Me however? That night wouldn't leave my mind, I kept feeling it, seeing it in my dreams, the most prominent dream was that I'd somehow grown a cunt, and before I even knew it, he was on me, popping my cherry with a monstrously huge cock.

The morning after the second night though, I woke up not in my bed, but naked, suspended in mid air by leather straps, arms secured up behind me and legs secured spread wide, I knew exactly was what going to happen, I'd seen him with girls hanging in this same position, right down to the brace in my mouth that kept me from closing it. And I was staring right at a 7" cock, not an inch from my nose.

That cock then slid in to my mouth, pressing down against my tongue, I could taste it... It tasted good, I wanted it, and I had no idea why. I felt his cock press against my throat, causing me to gag reflexively, even as he forced it further, I held back the need to vomit, telling myself he'd do worse if I did. I think really, I didn't because I didn't want him to stop.

He groaned, gripping my head as he fucked my face, leaving trails of salty pre-cum in my mouth, forcing his length down my throat every thrust. I found myself working my tongue over his shaft, savoring the taste, and wishing I had someone doing the same for me. As much as I would have hated to admit it at the time, I was erect, painfully so, my cock throbbing in need.

He worked himself fast and hard in my mouth, aiming entirely to make himself cum. It took too long, or not nearly long enough, depending on how you looked at it, but cum he did, shooting his salty seed in to my mouth, he pulled his cock from my mouth, and took the brace with it, and then forced my mouth shut, holding my jaws closed with a leather strap and my lips with duct tape, leaving me no choice but to swallow my mouthful of cum, which the only reason I hesitate on it was because I loved the taste..

He then left my view, I couldn't turn my head to watch him, so all I had to go on was the sounds, his footsteps going away from me, something opening, a lathering of hands, and his footsteps coming back too me. Then I felt one of his fingers slide in to my ass, greased up with something that was cold, I shivered, wether from the cold or anticipation I couldn't say. His finger slid slowly in and out of me, and was joined by another, inciting me to moan against my gag and press back against his hand.

Then his fingers left me, only to be replaced in an instant by his cock, slamming in to my greased ass, sinking the entire seven inches in one stroke, his balls slapping against me. Due to the restraints, my scream of rage and agony was muffled to a pitiful strangled whimper, and my fighting him off was reduced to seductive squirming.

He took his time fucking me, working in a slow soft pace. I closed my eyes, trying to close out my mind.. Instead, all I felt was that huge cock pistoning in my tight asshole, involuntarily I moaned, if felt incredible, I was this man's bitch, and I loved every second of his fucking. He seemed to sense this, as he reached his right hand down, encompassing my painfully erect cock for just a moment before moving to massage my balls.

I began to hump back against his thrusts, without even realizing it, I was as eager as a cheap whore.. Really I was a very expensive whore, and he seemed to think I was worth every penny of it as he came inside me, shooting is hot seed in to my bowels, only this time, it felt exquisite, I moaned in ecstasy through my gag, and felt so empty when he pulled his cock out of me.

The next thing he did though, surprised me. He slid down beneath me on his knees and took my cock in his hand, stroking it softly, then I felt his lips close over my cock as he sucked me in to his mouth, taking my entire length, I let out a muffled groan feeling my cock slide down his throat, I'd been blown by plenty of women... But this was somehow far more arousing, his tongue worked over the length of my cock in his mouth expertly as he bobbed his head sucking on my cock. As aroused and worked up as I was from his prior ministrations, it didn't take long at all for me to cum, and I came hard, filling his mouth with my hot seed, he swallowed what he could, letting the rest run over his face.

He rose from beneath me and chuckled, moving around in front of me to undo the bindings on my mouth, and brought his cock up to my lips. I opened my mouth willingly, I wanted that cock in my mouth again, I didn't try to hide that from myself, or him. I met the cock with my tongue, savoring the taste of his flesh, and the taste of my own asshole. I closed my lips around the shaft of flesh and began to suck, as he placed his hands on my head and groaned.

But he didn't fuck my face, his cock just rested on my tongue. I was confused for a moment, then I got the shock of why, I felt it hit my throat, a strong stream of piss rapidly filling my mouth, I gagged with a sputter, but.. I couldn't explain it, it tasted good, the taste and thought of my mouth being filled with piss turned my on as much as everything else he had done to me.. I swallowed what I could as the rest spilled past my lips dribbling on to the floor. He held his cock hin my mouth even after he'd finished, and so I sucked him dry, working every last bit of piss out of his cock.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and kneeled in front of me, "Now Alex, there's to be some changes to your duties." he said with a smirk "You are now my bitch and sex toy, and I will use you whenever and however I please. Are we on the same page?"

I nodded doing my best to seem annoyed, though in truth I was ecstatic and aroused by the thought.

"Now, there's just one last thing I need of you while you're like this." He said as he rose, turning his back to me, his hands sliding to his ass he spread his cheeks apart, backing in to my face, I knew what he wanted and didn't hesitate, something that would have sickened me not three days earlier now enticed me. My tongue slid past my lips to lick at his tight asshole, the taste and scent driving me wild, he let out a deep moan as I pushed my tongue in to him, his hole clenching over my tongue as I worked it in to him, and then slid it back, licking his insides. He pressed back against my face, I drove my tongue further in to him, licking, twists, and thrusting, literally fucking his asshole with my tongue.

His right hand moved down to his cock, he began to jerk himself, groaning with pleasure as I diligently worked my tongue inside of him, and around the opening. My cock was throbbing beneath me, dripping with pre-cum, the only thing I could think of is what I would do if I weren't chained up. Desires raced through my mind as I worked, his muscles tensed, his asshole squeezing my tongue as he came, shooting wads of pearly white fluid across the room, his right hand left his cock, leaving it to just spasm and drips what was left on to the floor.

A moment later, he pulled away from me, and walk out of the room, breathing hard, and leaving me hanging there helpless.

Fini, for now... Maybe another time I'll write a continuation of it.

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