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Not Quite Sex


Watching you sleep: one of my secret, guilty pleasures. You are so beautiful there, lying naked, innocent, unafraid of the world around you. I wish that I did not have to disturb you, that I could let you lay like this forever, but I know I can't. Or rather I won't, for there are other desires greater and more powerful and no matter how I fight it, I always give in. I move closer to you and wrap my arm around your middle. I whisper you name as I kiss your shoulder up to your neck because I know that is one of your favorite spots. I can feel you smile without even looking, as your mind slowly wakes up and you realize and accept what I am offering you. You haven't opened your eyes yet, but as I stop to look at you they drift open and you softly say good morning. I smile and say the same back as we kiss and I roll on top of you.

As we continue our lovemaking, my hands drift down to you your chest, naturally finding their way to your dark areolas. You know what I'm going to do before I do it and break our oral embrace to moan and catch your breath as I begin to tease your nipples, rubbing, pinching, and pulling the sensitive skin on your plentiful cleavage. I move down to kiss your neck and increase your pleasure, but you stop me and bring me back up to kiss again. I always forget too much, too fast, too soon, will drive you over the edge you are trying to slowly make your way to.

By now your breasts are painfully aroused and in need of soothing attention, so I end my digital torture to replace it with my mouth, kissing down your sensual neck to have some fun of my own with you bountiful female globes. I adore them, kissing and licking them all over, sucking on the teats and flicking them with my tongue to make them more erect, making you breathe a little harder, a little faster. I am almost satisfied after groping and showing such affection to each of your ample mounds, but I cannot forget the titillation we share. I kiss a path to the valley between your generosities, licking where your unique territory of pleasure is. You sigh deeply and moan softly now, for this is not an erogenous zone, but just one of the more sensitive and arousing areas on your body. You do not forget your part either, for me, and once you relax enough to stop clenching the bed sheets, you squeeze my face between your supple breasts, shaking them to massage my face. We both laugh and I move up and we kiss again.

We roll over and now you are on top telling me it is your turn. I smile and say go ahead, Darling, do whatever you want. You kiss me but not for long: the rest of me is begging attention and you don't like making it wait. Your kisses lead down to me neck, your first station on your trail of gratification. Your kisses are tender and sweet, and I sigh from the affection and tenderness you are showing. But you know that that is not what you came to do, and after a brief pause you open your mouth and bite down. Hard. I gasp and then moan, my hips undulating just a little as my own arousal rises. You smile inwardly, naughtily to yourself as you stretch the skin painfully away from my body, knowing that you are driving me sexually mad. You happily see my hands clenching the bed sheets, just as you had done in the throes of arousal, relishing the fact that that it is all because of you. You finally release me and lick and kiss the tortured skin, allowing me to lower my arousal some be you are nowhere near done with me. You kiss and nibble your way down to my nipple, which you bite and pull tenderly.

You don't stay long, though; you can feel my need rising beneath you. You have decided to not fill it today. Again. But you have your reasons, and you know that I accept your decision and will take whatever you offer me. You bite my neck again, but the effect is not the same: it works best the first time around, so you do not bother to stick around. Your hand snakes down to that other part of me and grabs hold of it as your head shifts to whisper in my ear and you raise your body above mine. I gasp as you take it in your hand and moan as you begin to slowly stroke it, up and down, your delicate fingers wrapped firmly around my shaft

You like this, you ask and I can only nod my head as you smile. You want it, don't you, though, your cock inside me, inside my vagina, my pussy, you say erotically, dirtily stressing the pronunciation of each organ. Yes, oh please, yes, is all I can manage between intakes of breath and moans of erotic pleasure from you. Not yet, Sweetie, not today, you say sweetly. But I will give you something, as you press my penis, onto my chest and then proceed to sit on it, spreading your vulva on the underside of my shaft. You are already very wet inside and your juices leak out onto me as lubrication as you drag yourself up and down along my penis.

How does this feel, you ask, looking down at me, sexily, glorious and conquering despite your nakedness. Don't stop. You place your hands flat on my chest for support as you grind down harder and harder on my cock, willing me to cum. I hold back, not wanting this to end. You smile devilishly seeing this, your effect on me, and with one had rake you nails down my chest. My penis throbs with excitement, and you think you have done it, but I manage to stay my orgasm. Disappointed, you go in to bite my neck again, thinking that should be enough to finish me.

Instead, I find you lips and press mine to them, as my hands reach down and grab your ass. You are a little startled, but you continue and I slowly join you in undulating my hips. Soon we are humping each other wildly as my tip stimulates your clitoris and your vulva strokes the sensitive side of my cock. We give up our liplock, our breathing too hard and too fast to continue, in favor of occasional attacks at each other's necks, both of us wanting the other to come first. I give in and my cock spasms repeatedly, ejecting my hot cum between us. You keep going and make me cum again during which your orgasm begins as well. You bite down hard on my neck as it wracks your insides with almost unbearable pleasure, making me scream in pain and ecstasy.

When it is over, you fall on top of me, forgetting the cum all over my chest and moaning your disgust from forgetting, you roll off of me. Thank you. You're welcome. I love you, Darling, I really do. I love you too. But sometimes, I think to myself, I love you too much.

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