Not Sick Maid In Heaven


'Oh dear,' Mrs Swindale said. 'I do hope so. I hear there's a few tummy bugs doing the rounds at the moment. One of my poor lads from College is off today.'

My face reddened and I hoped she didn't recognise me.

Later with Mrs Swindale gone I jumped off the box. 'I can't believe you said that,' I said sticking my chin out dejectedly. 'How on earth can I go as a bridesmaid? Me a nineteen year old college lad.'

Auntie Rachel laughed and placed a bony hand on my satin covered shoulder and gently flicked a lock of my hair from my face. 'Oh my darling we had no choice besides you had her eating from the palm of your hand and that was before we make-up your face or style your hair.' She winks at Mum and I feel out of control. 'And,' she continued slyly, 'don't say you haven't enjoyed being our pretty bridesmaid this afternoon.'

I wanted to nod but I felt Mums eyes burning into me. 'Please, please.' I pleaded with a tear in my eye, 'don't make me go to the wedding I'll be so humiliated.' There I had said the words Mum wanted to hear and as I suspected Mum clapped joyfully and showed no remorse. 'Don't worry, my dear It will be our secret. No one outside of this room will ever know but be careful - you don't want to displease Mrs Swindale since you don't want her to know you prefer wearing dresses and being a girl to going to her College and doing dull accounts do you?'

I gulp nervously and knew I had no option... but then even though ecstatic I begin to panic. What will be expected of me? What duties do I have to perform. What do I say? Who will look after me? And what will I wear for the reception? My mind went into overdrive.

The women sensed my concern and laughed. 'Don't worry dear you won't be expected to do anything other than hold the brides train and you can do that can't you?'

'Y… Y… Yes,' I stutter wondering how I will be able to pull it off.

'You may have to stand in line and greet the guests.' Rachel chuckles. 'You'll have to curtsy and maybe hand out tiny slices of wedding cake to the guests.' She chuckles again and frowns in thought. 'You'll have to go shopping for something pretty to wear in the evening too but if it helps I might be able to persuade my daughter to take you into town.' Mum laughs as she unbuttons me from the dress pleased with how the day had worked out.

It was a dream come true even though I didn't know I had the dream until earlier that day. I still have the wedding photographs today hidden away with some confetti that stuck in my hair and some other old childhood mementoes. There is no mistaking I did look cute even sweet and no one ever did guess. The wedding photographer thought I even had model potential. Even Mrs eagle-eyed Swindale who knew me from College was none the wiser. I was so lucky - The weather was gorgeous and Mrs Swindales daughter had chosen a beautiful old English church deep in the countryside. I had such a lovely time. The dress was fabulous. The weather was ideal and the ceremony went like clockwork. And in case you're wondering I didn't trip over the brides train. And I even got to wear the bridesmaids dress a few more times before the event. We had a dress rehearsal. That was fun and I managed to sneakily try it on at home when my Mum popped to the shops. It was heaven though I couldn't contain my excitement this time and I made a frightful mess in my pants but hell it was a small price to pay. Oh and I just remembered there was even a cheeky young boy at the wedding who took quite a fancy to me and he seemed very forward. I even think he guessed I wasn't a real girl but… to be honest I was very flattered and it all added to the day's excitement. But you guessed it… I was terribly upset when I eventually had to take the dress and lingerie off. I think I even cried. Of course Mum knew by then. She could tell how much I loved the day and how I would have given anything to relive the experience. But I never did, not in front of her at least. It was funny but that afternoon in the wedding shop I gave Auntie Rachel quite a business proposition and after Mrs Swindale and her daughter gave such glowing praise of my performance she decided to offer a bridesmaids and pageboys service. Did she employ me again? Well that would be telling and involves quite a different story.

Mum - She got her wish. I never did lie about having stomach ache again. It wasn't because I was worried about wearing a bridesmaids dress again - Oh! I would have loved that. I was just terrified of my College friends finding out. That said I learnt a lot that week. I knew then what I wanted. Dresses, silk and lace was for me. That's why some years on, now in my own flat I type this in only my pretty lingerie and high heels. If only my Mum and Auntie Rachel could see me now. What would they think? And later tonight - when I'm done with this I'm going to slip into my sexy silk evening dress with a thigh length split, sheer stockings and what I call "fuck me" high-heeled shoes. I've got the romantic harp music playing in the background and I'm even screwing up my eyes just like I did all those years ago when standing on the wedding shop box and guess what? Yes I'm making another wish. What can it be? Perhaps if I'm lucky just like before it might come true. Shhh! Is that the doorbell I hear? Is it my handsome Prince on horseback? We shall see. But before I go ponder this - did I keep in contact with the cheeky boy I met at Mrs Swindales wedding? Oh! Wouldn't you like to know - that's my secret?

The End

How did I get on? What did I decide to wear at the evening reception? Did I go as a tart or a siren and did I help Auntie with her new pageboy and bridesmaids service and if so can you guess what I went as?

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