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Not So Innocent


Bella was a popular girl in her high school. She was a straight A student, leader of the student council, a top athlete and a member of several academic clubs. She'd won a scholarship to spend the summer as an exchange student in Italy and now that the new academic year was in full swing, her fellow students had heard all about how much Bella had loved Italy.

Well, almost all. What she didn't tell anyone was the education she'd received from the son in her host family. Having turned 18 just before she left for Italy, Bella had been keen to be treated as an adult when she was overseas. She'd drunk the local wine and then she'd fucked the local cock. She hadn't meant to lose her virginity, but Bruno was such a charmer and, with his tongue up her cunt, he'd persuaded her to fuck him. And they'd fucked a lot. Bella had been surprised at how she'd managed to walk at all by the end of the summer.

Now that she was back in her old routine she was finding that her pussy was aching for a cock. Before she lost her virginity she'd never been bothered by the lack of boys at her school, but now it was killing her. She was desperate for a fuck, but she didn't want to date anyone.

One day she'd been rehearsing a play and was late leaving school. The other students were picked up by their parents, but Bella's mother was working late and her father was at a conference. There was nowhere to park at her city centre school and she'd spent her bus fare on a snack. She waved at her principal and started walking home. The school was located in a part of town that had been very respectable 100 years ago, but that was now bordering fairly seedy areas. Bella had walked through the seedy parts of town before, but always during the day. Now it was getting late and it seemed as though a whole new world had opened up.

There were hookers out on the street and the sex shops were doing great business. She walked past a couple of strip clubs and a movie theatre. A lot of sounds were coming out of the bars and she thought longingly that if she were old enough to get in she was sure to be able to pick up a one night stand.

"Hey! Schoolgirl!" someone shouted and Bella looked around.

"Yeah, you in the school uniform. I'm over here!"

Bella looked across the street and saw a woman holding up a shop door. She motioned for Bella to come over and she crossed the street.

"You're a pretty girl," said the woman when Bella entered her shop. It was a lingerie shop with some very revealing outfits. "Do you need some extra cash?"

"What do you mean?" Bella was confused.

"I mean, I run an escort business and one of my clients has requested a catholic schoolgirl. Would you be interested?"

"What does it involve?" Bella started feeling excited by what was unfolding.

"Well, it means that the next time he's in town he'd like you to go over to his hotel while still in your school uniform, tell reception that you're his niece, they'll let you into his room and then you let him take you to dinner, for which he'll pay me a fee, half of which I give to you."

"Oh," Bella was disappointed. "Is that it?"

"It is as far as I'm concerned. I don't condone anyone turning tricks. But if he wants to fuck you, and you want to fuck him, and he wants to give you pocket money... Who am I to complain?"

"Oh," Bella was contemplating what she'd been told. "How much pocket money do you think that he might want to give me?"

"It depends on whether you're a good girl. You see, girls who suck their uncles' cocks will get a certain amount, whereas girls who stay and fuck their uncles all night get a lot more."

The woman started mentioning some sums to Bella who felt her smile growing. This was exactly what she needed. She'd get cock, as much cock as she wanted by the sounds of it, and she'd be able to save up for the expensive university education that she was hoping to be accepted into. Things could hardly get better.

"So, when does my uncle want to see me?" she asked.

"He's in town tomorrow, if that's OK with you."

"That sounds great."

She gave the woman her phone number and got the details of where the man who wanted the schoolgirl would be staying. The woman then asked if she could have some photos of Bella in case anyone else was interested so she took a couple of photos of Bella in her uniform and then a few in various states of undress. She lent her a sexy set of white lace underwear for the last photo.

The next day Bella couldn't contain her excitement. She was uncharacteristically day dreaming her way through her classes and then she called her mother and told her that she'd stay the night at her friend Gillian's house. She knew her parents never checked up on her and it took a load off her mother's mind since she was having to work late again.

With the details on a piece of paper she headed to the five star hotel where the man was staying. She walked up to reception and was greeted with a smile.

"Hi, can you call Mr Barnes in room 438 and tell him that his niece Bella is waiting in reception."

"Certainly, miss."

She was soon shown to the elevators and headed up to the fourth floor. The door was open and she walked in. She was greeted by a middle-aged man in a suit.

"Bella..." he sounded as though he was tasting her name. "Rita really outdid herself this time. You're gorgeous."

"Thank you, sir."

"Please, call me Albie. I think we should be on a first name basis, don't you?"

"Sure, Albie."

"You have magnificent tits. They're not wonderbra-d, are they?"

"No, they're all mine."

"What cup size?"

"I'm C-cup."

"Oh, delicious. You know, I know I'm supposed to take you out for a meal, but I've had a hell of a day, would you mind getting room service here instead?"

"Not at all. I'm not very hungry, anyway." This was true, she had far too many butterflies in her stomach at the moment.

"You're not hungry? I thought I'd be able to tempt you with a few extras for dessert."

"Maybe we should skip the meal and go straight for dessert." Bella couldn't believe how confident she was sounding.

"A girl after my own heart. How much pocket money did Rita promise you?"

Bella mentioned the amount and he handed her a wad of cash, which she put in her schoolbag. When she turned around he'd let his pants fall onto the floor and stood with his semi-erect cock in his hand. He looked like he'd get very big once he was hard and Bella couldn't help smiling. She took off her cardigan and threw it on a chair and then she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing the sexy underwear she'd ended up buying from Rita the previous day.

"Take off your underwear, but leave your blouse and skirt on for the time being."

She did as she was told and then she kneeled in front of his cock. She took him into her mouth and he sighed with pleasure as she teased him with her tongue. Bella had learnt a lot about cock sucking during the summer. Bruno had taught her well and, judging by his moans, Albie was more than happy with her skills. After a while he grabbed a tight hold on her head and started fucking her mouth, forcing his hard 8 inches down her throat. Bella's throat was tight around his cock head when he exploded and started shooting his load into her mouth. He pulled out and finished with a squirt in her face and one on her tits.

"Mmmm baby," he smiled. "You are one hell of a cock sucker. Now, will you let me taste some of your teenage pussy?"

"Be my guest," Bella smiled seductively, catching sight of herself in the mirror, wearing nothing more than a checked skirt and a white blouse with her firm tits in full view.

"Excellent, now sit up there on the bed with your legs parted wide and your skirt pulled up. That's it. Now use your fingers to part your pussy lips for me. I want to see your cunt open wide."

He watched as Bella did as she was told and she was aware of how wet she was. He buried his finger in her cunt, stirred it around and pulled it out, covered with her juice. He licked his finger and smiled. Then he repeated the action and fed his finger to Bella who lapped up her juices. Finally he dove in with his tongue, first teasing her clit and then tongue fucking her. She'd already cum once by the time he started finger fucking her. He started with two fingers and ended up with four, his tongue licking her clit and rubbing it sensually. Bella's pants got louder and louder and she came again, showering his hand with her sweet nectar. He pulled away and licked his hand with a smile.

"You're so sexy, Bella. See how hard I am again. Why don't you put on the condom so that we can fuck?"

She did as she was told and soon he'd pinned her underneath his body and he held her legs up high as he buried his shaft in her tight cunt. He started fucking her with long, deliberate strokes. Each time he buried his cock deep inside her cunt he grinded himself against her clit, making her moan louder and louder. He knew exactly what he was doing and it wasn't long before he made her cum again. He then lay on his back and made her ride him while he toyed with her tits. Her skirt covered her cunt and his cock and he made her hold it up so that he could see his cock sliding into her schoolgirl cunt as she rode him.

He kneaded her tits harder and harder, squeezed her nipples hard and then he started rubbing her clit. They were both ready this time. When she came again, the convulsions of her cunt sent him over the edge and he let go with a loud groan, shooting his second big load of the night.

When they'd recovered they ordered room service and they ate with Bella still in her uniform blouse and skirt, with her tits hanging out. Then he finally let her undress and they had another fuck marathon before they fell asleep together. In the morning he had her suck him off for a final time before she showered and dressed for school. He gave her a generous tip as she left his room.

Bella was on cloud nine for the next couple of days. It had felt so naughty to fuck Albie and it had been more erotic than anything she'd done with Bruno. The idea of doing it again made her hornier than she'd ever been before. It wasn't long before she heard from Rita.

"I got a very good report on you," Rita said. "I have some money that's yours. I've also had a request from another man who would like a young girl by his side. He won't want you in your school uniform, but he would like a date with you on Saturday and he wants you to stay the night. Is that going to be a problem?"

"Not a problem," Bella replied, feeling a tingle in her pussy as Rita explained the situation. As far as Bella was concerned, Saturday couldn't come soon enough.

On the Saturday Bella explained to her parents that she and her girlfriends were going to rehearse for a school talent show. She let them drop her off outside her friend Katie's house, knowing that Katie and her parents had gone away for the weekend. As soon as her parents drove off she called a cab and went behind some bushes to change. Rita had been very clear. The man Bella was meeting tonight liked the slutty look so Bella wore a black push-up bra and matching thong. She wore the shortest black skirt she could find and a transparent black blouse with only two front buttons. On her feet she wore knee high black leather boots with 3 inch heels. The boots had cost a bundle, but she'd had plenty of cash after her meeting with Albie and she figured they were a good investment.

When she was dropped off at the hotel she called Mr Turner and told him that she was in reception, reading a magazine by the fish tank. She didn't have to wait long for him to appear and he had no problems making her out. He grabbed her hand and led her through to the restaurant next door without a word. Dinner was pleasant. Mr Turner didn't spare any expenses. They were seated in a private booth and his hands kept fondling Bella's thigh. Ever so often he caressed her pussy through the lace of her thong and she knew that he must be able to feel how wet she was getting.

Neither one of them was interested in dessert. He fondled her tits on the way to his room and by the time they reached his door she was braless and the buttons of her blouse were already undone. He pressed her against the wall and kissed her passionately as he closed the door behind him. Then he reached into his pocket and handed her some cash.

"Put this money somewhere safe, baby," he said between kisses, letting her go just long enough to stuff the money in her bag. "Now I'm gonna fuck your horny little cunt."

He ripped her clothes off, but left her boots on. Then he tore his own clothes off. Soon they were naked and he placed kisses on her smooth pussy and then he bit her nipples while putting on his condom. Finally he pushed her forward and made her bend over the bed and he entered her from behind. He slid deep inside her and came to rest just long enough for her to get used to the massive girth of his 6 inches of meat. He fondled her tits roughly and then he started fucking her.

He moved slowly at first, making sure she felt every inch of his cock every time he impaled her. Then he picked up the pace and she panted wildly every time he slammed into her, his hips slapping against her ass. Her moans got uncontrollable as his fucking intensified. Then she reached down for her clit and started massaging it. She couldn't wait much longer and came right then, squeezing his cock hard. The minute she was done cumming he pulled out, pushed her onto the bed and turned her over. He grabbed her ankles and used them to push her ass up in the air, giving him deep access to her battered cunt once again. Her tits bounced with each thrust and she lay below him, impaled on his cock and kneading her tits.

When she noticed that he was about to cum she teased her clit again and they came together. They both caught their breath before he pulled his cock out of her shivering cunt and kneeled next to her face.

"Lick my cock, slut," he commanded her and she was happy to oblige. He was soon hard again and fucked her face as she sucked on his shaft. Just as he was about to cum he pulled her face off his cock by her hair and squirted his cum all over her face and tits. He lay spent next to her and watched her scoop up his milk with her finger and licking it off.

He turned over and called room service and ordered chocolate spread. He didn't bother dressing for the delivery and the guy couldn't be in any doubt as to the use of the spread as Mr Turner had asked Bella to spread her legs as he went up and opened the door. He opened the lid and started smearing the chocolate all over Bella's pussy and tits. What followed was the most erotic hour in Bella's life as he used his skilful tongue to lap it all up. Bella had stopped counting her orgasms as he finished lapping up her pussy juices and turned the lights out.

Bella was awoken early the next morning by the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt. By the time she realised what was going on there was a finger on her clit and she came. Mr Turner then turned her over and placed his full weight on her body and fucked her again. This time she didn't need to tease her clit as his full weight slammed into it with each thrust. They were bathing in sweat as they came for the final time.

"You better get dressed and get yourself out of here," he said as he pulled his cock out of her cunt. "My wife will be here in half an hour."

Bella jumped into her outfit and left. It was still too early to go home, so she spent some of the money she'd made last night in a diner, treating herself to a breakfast.

A few days later Bella received another call from Rita.

"You gotta help me, Bella," Rita begged her. "One of my girls has let me down and she was supposed to attend a business meeting with one of my biggest clients tonight. You gotta do it for me."

It was no problem for Bella. It was a busy time of the year for her parents so they didn't question her wanting to stay overnight at her friends' houses. She stopped by Rita's on the way home from school and picked up an evening dress. It was a long red skirt with two strips of material that locked behind the neck, leaving the back bare and most of her tits exposed. There was no way of hiding them in a bra and her hard nipples poked through the material like needles. She had no tit tape so she knew that she'd have to sit straight all night or her tits would be on full display.

She took a cab to the restaurant and was showed into a private dining room. A man that she recognised as Ralph Hornby by Rita's description stood up and greeted her.

"You must be Bella," he smiled and squeezed her ass as he kissed her cheeks. "You're even sexier than Rita said."

He introduced her to his two associates and as soon as she sat down dinner was served. The men discussed a deal during the meal and Bella was bored out of her mind. All men had their eyes fixed at her cleavage and she struggled not to show more than she was supposed to. As their dessert plates had been cleared Mr Hornby's hand moved up Bella's spine to her neck where he released the button of her dress and the two fabric strips fell down, revealing Bella's firm tits.

"Wow," Ralph Hornby said. "Those tits are beauties. I hope you boys don't mind if I watch?"

The two men shook their heads no as they started stroking their budding erections. They each started fondling a tit, pinching and tweaking Bella's nipples. Then they asked her to stand up and let her clothes off. When she was naked one man started fondling her pussy while the other guy stood behind her, his erection against her ass as he kneaded her tits. The men both pulled their pants off and Bella knew that it was time for her to get to work. She got on her hands and knees and sucked one cock into her mouth while Ralph handed the other guy a condom. He soon buried his meat in Bella's cunt and started fucking her, forcing her to take his friend's cock deeper into her throat with each thrust.

When Bella came they made her turn around and she was now sucking the cock that had been in her cunt and the other cock, longer and thicker, was now pumping in and out of her hungry hole. She came one more time before the guy in her mouth fed her a mouthful of cum and as she swallowed it the other guy groaned and shot his load. They'd only just pulled out of her when Ralph tossed Bella's clothes to her.

"Come on Bella," he said impatiently. "Get dressed. I don't want to wait any longer to fuck you. I'll speak with you two tomorrow, but I trust we've agreed on a deal?"

The two men laughed and nodded with satisfaction in their eyes, but still looked longingly at Bella's ass as she exited the room with Ralph. His erection was building a tent in his trousers and in the limo back to his apartment he snuck his hands inside her dress and fondled her tits.

"Did you enjoy being fucked by two men at once?" he whispered in her ear. "I loved watching your tits sway as they fucked you. When I fuck you I'll make sure to grab hold of them. You're a very sexy girl. I hope you're still horny because we've got all night."

They only just made it into his apartment when he tore his clothes off and pushed Bella against a table. With a swift move her dress came off and since he'd taken care of her thong for the ride to his place there was nothing more for him to remove. With an experienced hand he slipped into a condom before he penetrated her dripping cunt. As promised, he grabbed her tits as he started slamming into her. He fucked her fast and hard. There was raw animal lust in the air and Bella could feel her pussy juices running down the insides of her thighs as he kept fucking her. When they came at last they'd worked themselves up to such a frenzy that they both screamed out with relief.

Next Ralph ate Bella's pussy before making her ride him so that he could once more pay attention to her tits. Then he spent what seemed like an eternity on fucking her tits. She was red and sore all over after his manhandling and happy to let him finger her to sleep. The next morning he fucked her against the cold tiles in the shower, bringing her to more orgasms. She received a hefty sum of pocket money when she left a happy Ralph to get ready for his business meeting that morning. He watched appreciatively as she got into her school uniform and told her that he would have to fuck her once when she wore it. She knew that he would.

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