tagSci-Fi & FantasyNot So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 01

Not So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 01


"What do you mean it's too small?" The Queen asked. "Thou must be telling untruths."

"Uh uh, mother." Replied the Princess Joy. "And why are you talking in such old language?"

"The Westernmarches are coming. You know how much of a stickler they are for the old ways. Me and your father the king decided to learn to talk like them." Her mother put her hand to her face. "You mean to say that thoust dress is too small?"

"'Thine', mother, and yes."

"I don't believe it. Couldst thou not have tried it on a little earlier?"

"Well, you see mother, I kinda forgot. I've been so busy studying recently that I find it hard to keep an eye on our social calendar. So this has all come up a little quickly. My boobs have grown a lot over the winter, and they keep trying to burst out of all my dresses. I guess that this was just a little too small. Are you sure I have to go to the banquet?"

The Queen pursed her lips. "You have been studying very hard darling. I'm glad we got that Elven tutor in for you. He certainly seems to have focused your mind." She looked at her daughter standing there with the ties of her dress open, her big boobs bursting out. Her jaw dropped. "Wow, I don't know where you got your genes from madam, but those things are huge!"

The Princess gave her a crooked smile. "Thank you mother."

"I'll have to loan you one of my own dresses. Maybe from when I was pregnant with your youngest brother. My boobs sure got big then."

"Wasn't that when you were cursed by the witch?" The Princess asked. "Mary, you can undo my dress now."

"Yes, and my body grew to twice its normal size. Your father certainly enjoyed that though. We had to employ a special Royal Corset Maker."

"I always wondered how that title came about." Mary the maid said as she unlaced the far too tight garment.

Prince Malcom, youngest son of the Westernmarches, did not know where to look. The dinner that was laid out in front of him was sumptuous. Breast of duck. Breast of pidgin. Breast of chicken stuffed with cheese. Breast of Princess...

The latter was certainly not for his consumption but he wished vehemently otherwise. The plump, firm, swelling breasts of the Princess of the Eastern Realm was laid out in front of him like her hill filled kingdom had been from the top of the tower that afternoon. Large peaks held within a wispy bit of thread that seemed to enhance rather than hide her bounteous lands. A cleavage so tight that one would be hard pressed to ride along the base of it.

Malcom shifted awkwardly and turned his face back from the Princesses fine form to the fork in his hand. He wished that he had been sat slightly further down the table, but court etiquette seemed to demand that table placings were decided by drawing lots. Malcom had drawn to sit between his older brother, who was next to the head of the table, and his eldest sister, who was to his own right. Further down was his mother, then his father, then his youngest sister.

The Princess also seemed to delight in teasing him, despite the fact that she was to be married to his eldest brother someday. The Prince turned his head to look at the King sitting at the head of the table. He was giving the usual official royal welcome speech. "Welcome, cousins of the Westernmarches, to our humble kingdom. We place at thine disposal our castle and the fruits of our bounteous lands. Please feel free to enjoy them as thou wish. If there is anything that thou wishest then thou must only ask and it will be provided."

"We thank thou, King Richard." Replied Malcom's father, a large booming man with a shock of red hair and arms the size of tree trunks. "Thine graciousness is most welcome in these dark days." He raised his mug to toast his opposite member. "To happier times once more."

They all raised their goblets, Malcom blushing as he heard the squeaking of the Princess' breasts in the entirely too tight dress. "To future alliances."

"To future alliances!" They all joined in.

After they had all drunk a fair swig from their goblets, the Princess set hers down and clapped her hands together in wild joy.

Later that night, Joy crept along the corridor. She had replaced her formal gown with a simple negligee that fell from shoulder straps straight to her enormous breasts and then flared out, falling to just below her hips. Her long and strong legs, shaped by many years of horse riding, carried her swiftly as the silk of her gown billowed out behind her.

The door came open easily under her hand and after looking around the corridor she slipped right inside.

The room was dark, lit only by a candle next to the bed. A form was laying beneath the sheets and she could hear a rather fervent activity from within. A crooked smile crept across her face. She padded across the carpeted floor and jumped onto the bed, bouncing on her knees.

"Whatcha doing!?" She asked.

The covers flew back and a pair of wide eyes were visible. "Princess Joy! I was just... erm..." He spluttered. "Doing my nightly exercises.

"Nightly exercises? Oh, those sound good." She smiled, clapping her hands. "I am glad you are a very diligent Prince. I am sure that you look after the needs of your people."

"Yes, thou wouldst be correct." The young man nodded, trying to recover his composure.

"Do you use any equipment for these exercises?" The Princess asked, batting her long black eyelashes at him. In this moment all he could stupidly think of was whether she used Kohl. He gulped.

Her hand roamed down over his naked body, pushing the heavy covers down with it. She hissed as his hardness popped out into the night air, big and strong. "Oh Gods!" She cried out. "Now that looks tasty!"

Malcom could not quite believe what he was hearing or experiencing. The hot, big breasted future wife of his brother was here in bed with him. She wanted him. "Oh Gods!" He echoed. "I want to fuck you so bad!"

He rolled over on top of her and pushed her strong young legs right apart.

"Then just do it, Malcom!" She begged, hunching her hips up at him in an obscene display of shameless list. "Fuck me! Fuck my slippery cunt! Fill me up with your cock!"

Joy was loving it. She could never get enough attention from men. Her Elven tutor had been screwing her since she turned 18, the age of majority. That was how he kept her attention so well in lessons. He would tutor her as his long thin cock pushed at her insides. Joy longed for a human cock though and one that was given hotly and given to her out of pure lust.

She loved that she had gotten the young man so worked up that he could not wait to plow her inky furrow.

Malcom was snorting in excitement as he lay atop her. He mounted her properly while mashing her lips with his own. She had beautiful, big, swollen lips and he loved the taste of them. Being no novice to bedroom games, as most Princes are not, he slid down between her eagrely parted thighs and slid his broad cock into her hot, sloppy box.

Joy felt her pussy stretch around the gorgeous fuck meat of his dick. It was young and stiff and oh so filling. She bore down onto him as he rudely ferried open her pussy and pushed right deeply in. His pubic bone ground against her clit and she almost came right away.

"Oh Gods, you hot little stud, fuck my brains out!" She cried, tangling her hands into his hair and biting at his lips.

"Okay, take this you little slut princess!" He grinned. Her nightgown was thrown up around her hips and their legs intertwined. Malcom slid his hands around her fleshy ass cheeks and plunged into her well juiced tightness.

Sliding back and forth like two wild crazed animals, Malcom fucked her ferociously. Joy was loving how he stretched her out. She fucked back at his pounding dick as her nails lacerated his back. Her mouth was full of his tongue but still she begged him to fuck her more, harder, deeper. Soon they were fucking so hard she could feel the wetness of her pussy begin to froth like egg whites. She reached her arms up and gripped the top of the bed with her hands. Her back arched and her big breasts burst free of the flimsy material with a rip, groaning as they fell out.

Malcom moaned as he saw the massive chunks of tit flesh presented for his very eyes. They were big, and firm, and tipped with nipples so pink they made his mouth water. Hunching his head down he began to suck and nibble on the perfect mounds. The nipples were about the shape and size of the tip of his small finger. He wrapped his lips around them and suckled, brining groans and moans of passion from the girl as her fingers gouged at his thrusting buttocks.

As far as Joy was concerned it was not possible to be fucked too hard. After the gentle treatment of her elven lover it was wonderful to have a real man. She had been craving a good hard fucking. Gentleness was not what she wanted at all, not tonight. She needed a fucking that would rattle her teeth out. She clung to the young man, pushing her hips at him with each of his own powerful thrusts. Her cunt was drenching his pounding cock with endless amounts of clear, frothy creamy. "Ohhhh... let me have iiiit! Fuck it to me! Fuck it!" The Princess, raised to the fineness of life, cried out.

Malcom was doing that all right. Pile driving his thick cock into her squirming body. It was amazing how turned on she was. He had never known a girl be like this before. The servant girls he had been pounding since he reached his majority were simple, dead eyed creatures. This was a real sexy woman. She was squealing and groaning with delight. They infected each other and their voices lifted higher and higher, obscenities drifting from their lips as their bodies slapped together roughly. Like a stallion and a mare in a field, they went at it with bared teeth and yells and bites, totally carried away in their wild pleasure.

Joy knew that she could not take it any longer, and sure enough her body responded to his even as it shuddered with his wild impacts. As his sword piled in and out of her well oiled scabbard, she flooded with cream and arched towards him, her teeth finding his shoulder with a ferocious bite. She was crying in ecstasy as the amazing spasms of her milking cunt dragged at his cock flesh and she felt the first spurts of his own orgasm filling her. Locking her legs around his buttocks she held him close as he flooded her passage with his sizzling, burning cum.

Collapsing on her the Prince rested his head on her giant boobs. His fingers pressed and squeezed at the tit flesh as he remembered their mesmeric fucking.

When she got her voice back Joy asked. "Prince Malcolm... do you think that your brother will fuck me like that?"

He coughed deep in his throat. The rumours doing the rounds at the palace of the Westernmarches indicated that his brother would have this girl pregnant by the end of the first week. Apparently his schlong was so long that many of the serving girls had problems walking the day after he had taken his pleasure. And then there were the rumours from the village that several of the young bastards were indeed filled with royal blood. Being an honest sort Malcom told Joy all this, much to her sounds of delight. Her hand was caressing and idly stroking his buttocks and he felt himself beginning to get hard once more.

"It sounds like I am going to be having a lot of fun at your castle, Prince Malcom..." She whispered happily.

They both jumped when the voice came from the doorway. "I am sure you will..."

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