tagGay MaleNot So Unrequited, Maybe? Ch. 03

Not So Unrequited, Maybe? Ch. 03


Ashley waited by the entrance to the cinema, trying but failing not to fidget. He still could not help pinching himself that Josh wanted to be with him. He had woken up a couple of times scared because he dreamt that Josh had made a bet with his rugby friends to fuck Ashley then dump him. He knew he was being irrational because Josh had not yet given him any cause to doubt him, however he could not help himself.

He looked at his watch again to see what time it was and when Josh was getting there. He had gotten to the cinema in the city centre a few minutes earlier than they planned. Josh had wanted to pick him up from his house but Ashley had disagreed, calling it pointless since Josh was coming from the city centre anyway. As he looked up, he saw Josh's familiar, sexy figure walking towards him. The smile on Josh's face lit a fire in Ashley's belly.

'Hey, Ash.' Josh smiled as he stopped directly in front of Ashley then bent to place a quick kiss on his lips. Ashley's lips parted in shock and pleasure and Josh could not help but kiss him again, this time a lingering one. 'I hope you didn't need to wait too long. I came as fast as I could.'

Ashley shook his head as they began walking into the cinema. 'Not really. Anyway, I've got the tickets. Didn't know what it was you wanted exactly, so I didn't get any popcorn or sweets.'

'That's fine. I wanted to get here early enough to get the tickets anyway. I wish you hadn't got them.' Josh grumbled, making Ashley laugh.

'I'm not your 'girl', Josh. You don't have to pay for everything all the time. I wanted to get the tickets.'

'You're not my girl, yes. But you're my man. And I'm trying to court you, okay?' Josh muttered then started walking faster to get some popcorn for them, leaving Ashley to stare agape at Josh's rapidly receding red face.

Did Josh just claim Ashley? Were they officially in a relationship? Had Josh just BLUSHED!? Ashley hurried after him. 'Hey, you can't drop that and just scurry off. Your man? Are you saying...do you mean...'

'Yes. Yeah, I do. I know it seems fast as fuck but, I don't see the point in dicking around. You're mine and I'm yours, okay?' Josh said, pinning Ashley with a stern face.

Ashley bit back a smile, 'Sure. We're together.'

Josh looked visibly relieved. He pulled Ashley closer to him and dropped a kiss on his forehead. 'Well...great. Okay, sweet or salty popcorn?'


Deadpool was a trip from the moment they began watching. Ashley could not believe how funny it was! As he laughed and chewed away, he almost forgot about his boyfriend (BOYFRIEND!) next to him. That is, until Josh started playing with his right ear. Ashley gasped silently, his mind suddenly switching from sexy Ryan Reynold on the screen to the even sexier Josh trailing a finger lightly up and down his ear.

'Josh...' Ashley whispered with a groan but was shushed by the devil-incarnate with a smirk.

'Hush! People are trying to watch a movie here.' Was the gleeful retort.

Ashley tried his hardest not to squirm as Josh moved from his ear to the back of his sensitive neck - his finger constantly trailing from side to side, up and down. He'd stop trailing and just leave his hands there, then suddenly start playing with the back of Ashley's hair. Ashley could barely concentrate on the movie. He missed the jokes. He missed the sarcastic comments. He could hardly see the amazing fighting scenes. His whole being was concentrated on Josh's hand and fingers.

Then suddenly, Josh removed his hand and Ashley did not know whether to be disappointed or relieved... till Josh placed it on Ashley's right thigh.

'Don't you even dare!' Ashley hissed quietly.

Josh shot him an innocent look, 'dare what? So, I can't rest my aching hand on your thigh? Get your depraved mind out of the gutter, Ash.'

Ashley mock-scowled at Josh as he left his hand there. Not moving, not stroking. Just limply on his thigh. Ashley's breathing calmed and he turned to the screen to catch the rest of it...then Josh began trailing again. Fingers going each and everywhere on Ashley's thigh.

'You're killing me, Joshua.' Ashley panted, as quietly as he could. He could feel his cock rising and he was so grateful the cinema was dark.

Josh ignored him, using one hand to put more popcorn in his mouth while playing with Ashley's increasingly tense thigh.

Then something sparked in Ashley's head. He had no idea what pushed him, a usually submissive and shy mouse to do it, but he grabbed Josh's hand and placed it directly on his cock.

Josh shot a glance at Ashley in surprise. Then he smiled so evilly, his eyes becoming hooded.

'Oh, baby. Big mistake,' he breathed.

Then his hands began stroking. Sliding up and down. Grasping firmly then gently. Ashley could only grip the sides of his seat tightly as Josh masturbated him, his breath hitching with each upward stroke. Josh kept on stroking up and down, looking round to make sure no one was paying them any attention.

Ashley began taking in deep breaths, trying to control the climax building inside him. Then Josh began focusing on just his cockhead, rubbing and stroking and playing with the underhead. Ashley gasped out loud, then bit his bottom lip, his eyes squeezed shut.

'I'm gonna cum, Josh.' He whispered.

Josh stopped immediately making Ashley whimper.


'We aren't doing this in here. Plus I said we're going to wait till the third date and this is just the second.' Was Josh's simple reply.

Ashley's eyes nearly bulged out as far as his cock was tenting. 'You've got to be fucking kidding me.' He whispered furiously. 'You are going to fuck me once we leave this place or I swear to God, you will never touch me again.'

Josh's head swivelled to him in shock. Ashley looked back steadily. He was dead serious.

Then Josh smiled. 'Well, well. Look who's out of his shell. If that's what you want, then that's what you'll get. My place now, or after this movie.'



Immediately they stepped into the flat, Ashley was pushed against the door as Josh kissed him furiously, his tongue plunging into his mouth and thrusting like a cock.

'Fuck, I've wanted to do this since Andrea told me you liked me.' Josh said between kisses. He kissed his lips, sucked on them. Trailed kisses up and down his cheek and ears then down to his neck and Adam's apple.

Ashley groaned out loud, 'Oh my God, Josh. Fuck...maybe we should go to your room. Don't you have a flatmate?'

'He's out drinking and won't be back till late. I need to make you cum here then take you to my room and fuck you properly. Will you let me, baby? Will you let me make you cum? Will you cum down my throat, Ash?' Josh whispered this as he sucked on Ashley's neck while fumbling with his belt and zippers.

Ashley felt his cock lurch at Josh's words. He could only hold unto Josh's head and shoulders as Josh unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out through the hole in his boxers.

'Jesuuuuuuuuuuus,' He groaned as Josh stroked him up and down forcefully. He was being rough as fuck but Ashley didn't mind. Hell, he wanted rough! The precum spilling nonstop from his cock was enough lube and wetness for Josh to wank him. He pulled Josh's face up to his and began kissing him again as Josh stroked and jerked his cock.

'I'm so fucking turned on right now knowing I'm the one doing this to you. Knowing I've got your cock in my hand.' Josh whispered against his lips. Ashley nodded and sucked on Josh's lower lip hard. Josh let out a hiss and pulled back before staring deeply into Ashley's eyes.

'You're mine. You know this, don't you?' Josh said flatly.

Ashley nodded then croaked out, 'I'm yours.'


Then he dropped to his knees, pushed Ashley's jeans and boxers down in one swoop and sucked him into his mouth and down his throat.

'FUCK ME!' Ashley screamed, his fists pounding the door behind him.

'Soon, baby.' Josh mumbled around his cock. He sucked and swallowed then pulled back, his hand going to the hard, angry looking, pink cock. He wrapped his fingers round and began wanking Ashley's cock into his mouth, his lips sucking and his tongue flicking round the purple cockhead.

Ashley tentatively put his hands on Josh's head and Josh hummed his approval, causing a spike of pleasure to go up his spine. Soon, he was holding Josh's face steady and fucking into his mouth, his head faced to the ceiling as he stared blankly at it. All he could focus on were the lips and tongue and fingers wrapped around his cock. The pleasure emanating from his length up to his brain.

'I'm gonna cum,' Ashley nearly wailed as he fucked Josh's face harder and harder. Josh began a steady hum around his cock, one hand going to his own jeans to palm his cock and the other rolling and gently squeezing Ashley's balls.

'Oh baby, fuck!' Ashley gasped, feeling his cum churning and building. Feeling it rise.

Josh strove to suck even harder, eagerly waiting for his lover's sperm.

'I'm gonna cum in your mouth, Josh. I'm going to fucking bathe your throat with my cum' Ashley said through gritted teeth. He was practically bouncing on his tip-toes as he fucked Josh's face. Then he gasped once. Twice. And held Josh's face tightly as he spurted his thick cum into his mouth.

Swallow. Swallow. He chanted in his head.

He absently felt Josh nod between his hands and realised he had been chanting out loud.

He weakly spurted one last time then sank back against the door, his legs trembling with the force of his cum.

'Are you okay?' He stuttered out, still stuck in the bliss that had been his orgasm. He looked down to see Josh's red face and scattered hair. A trail of cum going down his chin.

Josh looked up at him with watery eyes and smiled. 'I didn't know you had it in you, kitten. Or should I call you tiger?'

'I'm so sorry...' Ashley began and Josh shook his head, getting to his feet. 'Don't be. I wanted it. I wanted you wild. Fucking you is going to be absolutely beautiful. Let's go to my room.'

Ashley nodded before putting his hand in Josh's and walking with him to his room.

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by Anonymous09/06/17

I give you credit for picking it up after so long and working on it so if pov is ur big mistake.... no big deal. To many stories are left unfinished so cheers for you for picking it back up after somore...

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by Anonymous08/30/17

This was good, fun and playful. I'm going to check for more :)

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by OEdward08/25/17

To Anonymous - Switch

Oh wow! I didn't realise I switched! Wrote the first 2 chapters a long time ago and just wrote this fairly recently. Huge mistake.

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by Anonymous08/25/17


What's with the switch from 1st person to 3rd?

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