tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNot Such a Bad Job

Not Such a Bad Job


"Come on Ronald!" Shouted the officer in charge. "Get this bloody mop and bucket out of the way will you!"

"Oh s...sorry sir," answered the timid little man, "s....so sorry."

"Yes, well, just think will you, someone could have an accident with that thing there, not only that but it looks unsightly too."

"Y...yes of course, I....I'll move it right away sir s...sorry."

Poor old Ronald did as he was told and moved the heavy bucket over to one side and continued to wash down the corridor floor. The balding little man was the caretaker at the local police station, very quiet and meek and with an inability to stand up for himself. He was fast approaching retirement age and with his lack of any qualifications he knew he would find it hard to ever find another job.

It was as if the officers in charge knew this which was why they all seemed to treat him like dirt. He really didn't mind though, after all it was how he had been treated pretty much his whole life. Ever since he could remember he had been bullied and picked on for being such a whimpering little weakling, and now at the age of 59 he had come to just accept it. Although many would sympathise with someone in this situation Ronald wasn't really the nicest of people himself to be fair. Given the opportunity he would quite happily treat someone else in exactly the same way, a typical symptom of "small man syndrome". Luckily he was hardly ever in a position to bully anyone and so his nasty streak would rarely be seen.

Having been doing the same job for the last 4 years he was now very much in a routine. Some would say it was boring, but he knew no different, and it was that routine that made him feel at least secure if nothing else. You see prior to getting this job he had spent a large part of his adult life homeless and unemployed. He only got the job as part of an initiative by the former police chief to help some of the less fortunate people in the local area, so he knew that this job was something that he was lucky to have.

It had given him the opportunity to do some things in life he thought he would never be able to do, like learning to drive for example. Not many wait until they're in their late 50's but for Ronald it only made it even more of an achievement, and one that he was quietly very proud of.

It proved useful too. He would often be asked to wash the police cars as part of his duties and as a little perk of the job he would get to drive them from the station to the workshop where all the cleaning equipment was. It was a distance of just a couple of miles but none the less it seemed to give him some enjoyment . Obviously he was under strict instructions to behave himself while out in them, no racing, no road rage, and definitely no turning on the blue lights. Of course he did as he was told, he wouldn't dare do anything else.

Living in a tiny room at the homeless shelter the poor sad old boy spent most of his evenings with only himself for company. Every now and again he would take himself off down to the local pub for an hour or so just to have a drink and watch the world go by. Sitting on his usual stool at one end of the bar he would always keep himself pretty much to himself, the only person he would speak to would be the bar maid. She knew what he drank and most times when he would walk in she would be pouring his usual beer out for him before he had even sat down.

She was a rather plump but very shapely and buxom woman and Ronald would often steal crafty looks at the vast bosom that she often liked to display in a number of low cut tops. He knew very little about her except that she was married because her husband would often come and pick her up. He often thought how lucky her husband was, Ronald would have given anything to have a woman like that to go home to every night. The thought that the lucky bastard was probably shooting his load up her while feasting on those huge tits every night filled him with such envy, (and more than just a little excitement).

Obviously his living situation together with the fact that he wasn't a particularly attractive man meant his luck on the female front was poor to say the least, in fact it was non-existent. The only companion he ever had in his bed at night was his trusty old right hand, and as he grew older he found his need to use it became more and more frequent.

Having been his only real form of release he had always loved masturbating ever since he could remember. In recent years however he had become more and more sexually frustrated resulting in the need to expel his seed pretty much every night. But then so what, he wasn't hurting anyone and to be honest it was the only thing that got him through the long lonely nights.

But luck would occasionally favour the downtrodden and sometimes something happens that can change everything when you least expect it. Just such a thing occurred one sunny day when he was out taking one of the police cars to be cleaned. He had been looking forward to it because it was one of the fast traffic cars, he always loved to drive those. Nothing on this day seemed out of the ordinary and the sad little man could have had no idea what was about to happen.

On a quiet road heading out of town he had stopped suddenly as a cat ran across in front of him. As he did he felt a bump and quickly realised someone had hit him from behind. Without a thought he pulled over to the side of the road and leapt from the car in something of a panic to inspect the damage. He knew his head would be on the block for this and if the damage was bad then it would be just his luck to lose his job over it. As he went to the back of the car he noticed the other car had stopped and as the door swung open a rather attractive young mixed race woman stepped out also in a bit of a panic.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" She shrieked. "I...I don't know what happened, one minute you....."

"Oh my God! What have you done," said a worried Ronald butting in on her attempted explanation. She was clearly in a bit of a state and the old boy quickly realised it had to be because the car she had hit was a police car. He was about to calm her fears and tell her he wasn't actually a police officer himself when his words were suddenly taken away by the sight of her womanly curves.

Standing there in painted on black leggings and black ribbed sweater the old boy found it hard to concentrate on what she was saying. As he tried to focus on her face rather than her body he couldn't help but take the occasional quick glance down at her rather impressive chest.

For a moment he was completely tongue tied and just let her continue with her explanation and apology. He always felt awkward and uncomfortable around women because they often looked down at him with distain. But for once he had the undivided attention of a gorgeous young woman and wanted to make the most of it.

Pretending to be concerned about the damage to the police car he walked around the back and took a closer look. Not really knowing what to say he just rubbed his chin and muttered, "oh dear, oh dear."

The concerned young woman came to have a look too, her perfume filling the air around him. Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity like this he stepped back just behind her to get a crafty look at her rear as she bent over to see how bad it was. His eyes widened at the glorious sight of her generously proportioned cheeks stretching the tight black leggings. From the lack of any visible panty line he knew this gorgeous dark skinned woman had to be wearing some sort of thong and he could instantly feel his neglected old cock begin to swell.

Turning back to again explain how sorry she was Ronald reached out and touched her arm with his clammy hand in a sort of comforting gesture.

"Oh don't worry," he said enjoying the rare feeling of power, "I can just say it happened while I was parked somewhere and no one need be any the wiser."

"Oh thank you, I don't know what to say, thank you so much!"

In an instant and before the old man could realise what was happening she threw her arms around him and gave him a huge hug. It took him completely by surprise, the young woman was clearly so happy at his kindness that she was overcome with the urge to demonstrate her immense gratitude.

It lasted a good 10 seconds or so and all Ronald could feel was her bust squashing against his chest. His already stirring cock now began to really harden, he couldn't remember the last time he had felt the warmth of a female body against his as he instinctively slipped his hands around her to hug her back. As she enthusiastically continued to blurt out her thanks he couldn't resist holding her tightly. His head was in a spin as he wallowed in the moment. Then, it was either instinct or more likely just seizing this most rare of experiences, he couldn't resist moving his hands downwards to rest just below her waist on the slope at the top of her perfectly formed ass.

The smooth tight feel of her leggings was just incredible for the sexually frustrated old boy, to most it would have been nothing more than what it was, a simple friendly hug. But for Ronald it was an opportunity to enjoy more close contact than he had had with a female for longer than he cared to remember. It was a true sexual experience and one that was turning him on greatly. As the hug came to an end and she began to step back he had to take the chance, it knew he would never get another, and so as casually as he could make it appear he allowed his hands to fall away and "accidentally" touch those two beautifully rounded cheeks.

Luckily she said nothing, either she hadn't noticed or she didn't mind. Then, getting back into her car, Ronald was left in stunned silence as he watched her drive away.

He too got back in his car and as he started the engine he just sat there a few minutes recounting what had just happened. He couldn't quite believe it, the whole experience would mean nothing to most people, but to him it was just an incredible moment, one that had left him with a serious bulge in his trousers that was going to require attention sooner rather than later!

Over the next few days he couldn't get what had happened out of his mind. The more he thought about it the more he came to realise he could fairly easily fool people into thinking he was a police officer for his own pleasure. As the days went by he just kept on coming up with more and more imaginative ways that he could satisfy his desperate need for female contact.

Soon he came to the decision that he would prepare himself in case an opportunity arose again. Working in a police station gives you access to all sorts of things, like a police mans hat for example. Something that, when worn with a white shirt and black trousers, could look fairly convincing. The icing on the cake was of course the use of a police car, with all these things put together people would surely be in no doubt he had to be a police officer......

It took several weeks for him to slowly conquer his nerves, but after a few trial runs stopping women driving alone just to see what reaction he would get he began to see that he was onto something. All it took was a quick flash of the blue lights and they would instantly pull over to the side of the road. All he had done so far was just talk to them, even that gave him a kick. But of course after a very short while he wanted more. He could see that they were nervous of him and it was something that he knew he had to somehow summon up the courage to exploit.

Then an opportunity arose as he was taking one of the unmarked police cars to the garage. As he sat in a queue at some traffic lights he saw a woman come out of a shop and hop into her little sports car. She caught his eye instantly in her tight black business skirt white blouse and black jacket. She must have been in her early twenties and with her long dark wavy brown hair and incredibly sexy figure it would have been hard not to notice her. It was a look he loved, the sexy secretary look, her skirt came to just above the knee giving a good display of her legs sheathed in sheer black nylon and although her jacket was buttoned up he could tell she was hiding an impressive bust.

In rather a cheeky move she pulled out in her car and joined the queue as close to the front as she could. Obviously a cute smile at some sad guy was going to get her in without any bother.

As they all moved off he kept her in his sights as he fumbled in the old shopping bag he carried everywhere for the stolen police hat and clip on black tie that formed his disguise. He knew he had some spare time as he was dropping the car off at the start of his lunch hour.

It was all luck that he relied on rather than any skill, and today luck seemed to be on his side as she pulled off the main road and headed off into the countryside. Old Ronald was nervous as always as he switched on the blue flashing light and signalled for her to pull over. He had a plan in his mind that he had thought through many times, and as she pulled off the road into the gateway to a field he decided to give it a try and see what happened.

As he approached the car with his hat under his arm for effect the young lady wound the window down and asked him what the problem was. The poor old boy was momentarily struck dumb as he looked down through the opened window. Her skirt was stretched tightly across her lap showing a good deal of leg sheathed in fine black nylon.

"Could you step out of the car for a moment?" Ronald asked trying to sound as authoritative as he possibly could.

"Y...yes sure, er...what seems to be the trouble?" The young woman asked rather nervously.

Again Ronald struggled to speak as she went to step out from the car. She was absolutely gorgeous, and as she put one foot out her tight black skirt rode even higher showing him a little bit more of her very luscious thighs than she would have probably intended.

She was by far the most attractive and definitely the sexiest woman he had spoken to in a very long time. He could feel his mouth salivate as he began to explain why he had stopped her.

"Your car registration plate came up on my computer," he said gesturing back towards his police car. "This car and it's driver have previously been found to be carrying drugs."

"W...What!" Cried the shocked young woman. "But I've never, I....I mean I don't do...erm .."

Ronald could see she was starting to panic and decided to calm her by explaining that sometimes it happens when people put false plates on an identical vehicle and use it for drug dealing and such like.

"So don't panic," he continued, "but I do have to do a quick search."

Seeming a little calmer the pretty young woman stepped back while he did a very quick search of the car, in all it took him less than a minute.

"Now, here's the tricky bit," he said as he seemed to nervously rub his chin. This was his chance, he was indeed nervous but determined to give his sneaky little plan a try. "Unfortunately you have to be searched too, it only takes a minute but because I'm a male officer I will need to arrest you and take you back to the station where one of the female officers can carry it out." There, he couldn't quite believe it but he had said it, there was no turning back now.

"What?" Asked the surprised young woman, "but you said not to worry and it was all probably a mistake."

He glanced up and down the quiet country lane, there was nothing about, no cars no people nothing, it was a golden opportunity.

"Well yes, and it probably is, but I'm afraid I can't let you go until I know that for sure." He paused a moment as he watched the expression on her face change, she looked about to cry. "It'll only take a couple of hours I expect."

"What? A couple of hours!"

Now he could see his chance, a chance to do something he had so longed to do. Again he explained that he couldn't search her, even though it would only take a few minutes, and so she would have to come back to the station and wait for an available female officer to do it.

"Well can't you just do it here and now?" She asked rather desperately. The mention that he could do it in a couple of minutes rather than hours seemingly having had the desired effect.

"Well I could," he said pretending to appear unsure, "but it's not really proper, and I'm sure you would rather be searched by a woman. The last thing I want is to be accused of doing something that I shouldn't, especially something of, you know, this nature."

"Oh no no, it's okay," she quickly replied seeing a chance of avoiding this nightmare scenario of being arrested for what could be hours and hours. "It would be my choice, and I wouldn't tell a soul....honest!"

"Well....I don't know," he said appearing unsure, while all the time seeing the look of hope in her eyes. "I suppose it would save me a whole lot of paperwork too."

"Of course it would, come on let's just get it over with, do what you have to do then we can both be on our way," she answered clearly desperate for him to agree.

Old Ronald couldn't believe his luck, it seemed to have worked, she was not only going to let him search her, he had made it so it was her idea. He paused a moment as if unsure what to do next, this was all new territory for him and he didn't want to appear too eager.

After an awkward few moments he led her behind the car away from the road and asked her to remove her jacket so he could check the pockets. She did as he asked without hesitation and Ronald quickly searched the pockets trying to look like a real policeman doing a thorough job. He tried not to make it too obvious but he couldn't help taking quick glances at the firm young bust that filled her blouse.

Next he lay the jacket across the car and told her to stand at arms length from it with her hands on the roof. Again she did as she was told without question. The old man could feel his cock begin to swell as he stood behind her and took in the sight of her ass jutting out towards him in that tight black skirt.

Sweating and trembling with excitement Ronald struggled to control his excitement as he placed his hands on her shoulders and began to feel his way slowly down her back. Of course she would have had no idea of the thoughts and feelings rushing through his old body, or of the pulsating erection that was already straining against his underpants. As far as she was concerned he was a police officer doing his job, someone she trusted and someone she was still grateful to for his leniency in not forcing her to go to the police station.

Her long flowing hair fell softly over the backs of his hands as he felt his way down her back and sides, her bra strap obvious beneath his fingertips. He had to gulp back the saliva that was flooding his mouth as his hands went lower and took hold of her slender waist. This was it, his eyes bulged as she stood motionless clearly waiting for him to continue. There was no objection, no sign that she was about to tell him to stop, nothing. He could barely control himself as he began to feel his way down over her hips. The smooth tightness of her skirt just felt incredible and he couldn't resist bringing his palms together across her gorgeous shapely ass while his fingers slowly worked down the tops of her thighs.

He was really struggling to keep the balance between making the most of this incredible opportunity and trying to act like a professional just doing his job. To be touching such a lovely ass was a dream come true for the sexually deprived old boy. It was so firm and he couldn't resist allowing his hands to rest a moment on it before giving it the most subtle of squeezes. God it felt awesome, but just then he noticed her head turn and he thought she was about to question what he was doing. Luckily she said nothing as he quickly moved his hands off, it looked like he had got away with it.

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