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Everyone froze. The whirl of activity that had ruled this nightmare came to a screeching halt.


The roars had come from me. Everyone looked shocked. My voice had a volume and command I had just not been able to muster during the events of the last hour. But it was there now, and I was the center of attention, once again.

Directly in front of me on the patio table, my "darling" wife Cindy was being pressed under the body of Monica's husband Jake. Just moments ago he had entered her with his enormous cock, sliding in ever so slowly, splitting her to her obvious delight. Over to the left, bent over a patio love seat, his wife Janet and their other good friend Maria stared at me incredulously. Joe, Cindy's husband who had a cock at least the equal of Jake's buried in Janet's pussy from behind, while Cindy was eagerly guiding and stimulating the action orally, licking Joe's shaft on his out thrusts and growling lusty words of encouragement on the way in. Monica and Teddy were directly to my left, where they had placed themselves right by my ear, so I could hear what I was missing. Teddy was also incredibly well-endowed.

So you might wonder how I got into this predicament. Here were four couples at a dinner party, seven people immersed in an orgy revolving around 3 massive cocks, and me.

I was the odd man out. No booty for me tonight, as I kneeled in the water, bound to a railing in the pool stairs, welts and bruises on my face and body. A camcorder was aimed squarely at me recording each reaction for entertainment at a later date, with a male chastity device firmly clamped to my penis. My penis. That was the flashpoint for this entire mess I was in.

Let me bring you up to date.

Cindy and I have been married for 6 years. We settled in her hometown, and lived in the house her Grandparents had built and called home until they passed, just before we married.

We're both 32, but she was born a month earlier than me. When we were dating, she used to make fun of this, playfully calling me "little boy," telling me to behave or act my age, and remarking how she has to teach me everything. It was all in fun. We were soulmates. We would finished each others sentences and the sex was great. I always made sure to be gentle, but firm in my touch, kept myself well-manicured and groomed so that she would never have a reason to refuse me. She did the same for me, and we were very happy. We lived the American dream, down to the white picket fence.

I didn't care much for her friends, Monica, Cindy and Janet. They had all known each other from high school, and by coincidence the three of them and their husbands had all recently moved back to our town. I was made to feel like the outsider.

Cindy's friends were hot. I used to get excited when they would first come to our house. They were voluptuous, thin waisted, with "touch me" skin, long legs and heart shaped butts. Always a shy guy around pretty women, they would compete to see who could get me to blush or stammer first. Once they had, Cindy would send me off to my day with one of her "little boy" comments.

When Monica invited us to a pool-side barbecue, I was hesitant. What I knew of their husbands was unpleasant as well. Joe and Teddy were salesmen and spent long stretches of time on the road. Jake worked for a construction company as a job-site manager. The few times I had met them they had impressed me as arrogant, and way too full of themselves for my taste. Cindy really wanted me to go, to be one of the guys so her little quartet of friends from HS would be together again, with their families.

On the day of the party, she donned a black sundress that looked so hot, when she came downstairs I couldn't keep my hands off her.

"Let's just go a little late!" I said as I took her into my arms. I slowly pulled the back of her slinky little sundress up to her ass, where I discovered a very sexy satin thong.

"Oh my!" I said as a felt a hard on rapidly build.

"Now, now, now, Sonny Boy, you know the rules. First you have to eat all your dinner, then you get dessert."

"Nah!" I joked. "I'm putting my hand right in the cookie jar."

With that I slid my hand into her plunging neckline. Her breast was so warm to the touch, and her nipples already hard. The back of my hand could feel a satiny material of her bra. "Matching?" I teased as I pulled her neckline away from her delicious chest. I didn't need the visual confirmation to know the bra was just as sexy as the thong, but it was fun getting it.

"Later little boy" she giggled. "You be good for me at the party and I'll be baaad for you later."

"I can live with that" I said as we went to the car, knowing she had sex on her mind.

The party was predictable. The guys went to high school with the girls, but made some attempts to include me. Indeed, they were very full of themselves and carried themselves smugly. After dinner we sat by the pool, and the seven old friends caught up. The wine flowed and the conversation loosened up. As it did, the explanations about the inside jokes to me, the outsider, became more and more rare. A little more wine and no one noticed I was totally bored.

The conversation became had taken a "can you top this" turn. I didn't notice, because I was too busy listening to the grass grow.

"Do it Tim!" It was Cindy urging me on. I looked blankly at her.

"Did you really miss that whole dare? I was telling them all how well you swim and dive," She explained..

"Yeah, I guess I missed it." I said sheepishly. "I guess I had a bit too much wine and zoned out. I'm sorry guys, bring me into the present and I'll take any dare you've got!"

"Ooooooh" cooed Monica sarcastically, again humbling me even in my moment of bravado.

"I just meant I'll go with the flow, I didn't mean to be cocky!" I blurted out.

"Well then, we're about to find out just how 'cocky' you are. Cindy was bragging about your prowess in the water. She told us that you were a competitive swimmer and diver through college, so our dare to you is to show us something dazzling off the board and prove your worth." Monica thought she had me on the spot.

Swimmers can lose their muscle tone when they cease racing and divers lose their sense of just where the water is as they twist and flip if they don't practice every day. But I had never totally stopped working out, so my butterfly still had the form (if not the speed) of my racing days, and a twisting flip off the board would be no big deal to achieve.

"I'll take the dare, but you'll have to wait until a time when I've brought a suit." I said smugly.

"Naked." Janet chimed in.

I just laughed.

"No thanks. I'm already the odd man out, I'm not too anxious to parade around nude while you all sit here clothed cracking jokes. "

"Now I guess I know why Cindy calls you 'Little Boy'" laughed Maria. Everyone roared at my expense, and I indeed felt "small."

Cindy jumped to my defense,"Oh no you don't, Tim is a marvelous lover, and he does just fine in the size department. He is a friggin gym rat and works out all the time."

I needed that boost. Emboldened by Cindy's pep talk, I kicked of my sandals, stood and peeled off my shirt and unbuckled my belt as I approached the board. Catcalls and whistles erupted from the girls. My workouts had left me trim and in shape, with washboard abs, strong arms and the Y shaped frame that labels you a swimmer. As I dropped my pants the oohs and ahs continued as my legs were hardened and my ass was tight. I hopped up on the board and executed a perfect twisting one and a half in a layout position. As I ripped into the water I knew I nailed it. So I was confused as I surfaced to laughter and jeers of "little boy."

"Cindy, if you think he does fine in the size department, you've got to get out more!" Maria roared.

Joe, Jake and Teddy all stood and stripped. Cindy's eyes grew huge at the sight of their massive cocks. Joe got on the board, and held his arms out. He had a monster, much larger flaccid than mine erect. Joe was in good shape, though his dive stunk. Unfortunately no one was watching the dive.

Teddy was terribly out of shape, but his cock was his equal in length to Joes, and thicker. He covered his lack of skill by executing a ridiculous cannonball, but again, it wasn't the trick or his flabby belly that caught attention.

Jake turned towards the water and didn't bother diving. He was massive. He actually looked deformed to me, and I wondered how he could walk toting that load of meat around everywhere he went.

"Keep him busy for a minute boys, I want to show Cindy what a real man looks like up close.

"Real man." Why did those words sting so? I was a quiet person, but never doubted myself in any way. I earned a good living, had excellent health, got along with everyone I met...until now.

Jake walked over to Cindy and she just stared at his hardening dick, watching it grow. The other 3 wives giggled as he drew within inches of her face. Her jaw dropped open, and visions of her going "cock-wild" and fucking all three of them blazed through my mind. I raced for the pool steps. Joe and Teddy caught me there and held me. Monica raced into the house and came back with a small bag. As Joe and Teddy wrestled me to the railing on the steps, Monica pulled several rubber restraints from her bag and secured my hands behind my back and then to the railing. In the meantime Janet set up a video camera.

"Let's capture this all so we can watch it later. Again and again," she said deviously.

My feet were pinned behind me and trussed up in a way that had me kneeling in the water but looking straight ahead where my wife was hypnotized by the biggest cock either of us had ever seen. She looked up at me and suddenly scurried over.

"Tim, I have to do this. This has always been my fantasy, to be filled with a huge cock. I thought they were phony when you'd see them in the movies but look! I love you and can't live without you, but I have to do this. Our worlds are both going to change, but I promise you'll be Ok. I'm going to fuck some big cocks tonight, baby."

I could barely recognize her. There was a wildness in her eyes that reminded me of, well, Monique! She looked as if any moment she would sprout fangs and pounce on the enormous male organs surrounding her.

"You can't love me and treat me like this!" I cried to her. "You are cheating! It's cruel and humiliating! I can't believe you've let them tie me like this and are going to be unfaithful right in my face, then sit around later and watch the tape like it's a prime time comedy."

Cindy pouted "I need this Tim. Love me enough to let me have it"

Monique had worked her way around to whisper in my other ear as the women removed their clothing "I know your type Tiny Tim. You are Cindy's "little boy" with an ineffective little cock. I can't believe Cindy thought you were satisfying before tonight. But you know, if you accept your role, and serve us as your masters, you may become useful and find some contentment." She reached around my waist, and before I knew it clamped a tube around my cock and balls. I felt her cinch a strap behind me and pull it tight under my balls as she secured it.. "No cumming for you little boy. You don't get to feel anything with that useless thing. Just relax and accept your new role as our servant."

Cindy giggled, and retreated to the chair in front of Jake, "C'mon Timmy, we're just going to have some fun. Can't you just play along?" She reached out and massaged Jake's big cock and began to lick it gently. Jake's groan was a signal to the other party goers. Janet and Maria began to work in tandem on Teddy. Joe had crept up behind Monique.

"Cuck, cuck, cuck..." I heard him approach, mocking me with a chicken's call and that filthy word. Joe wrapped his arms around the Monique pressing her naked chest against my back and poked my sides in rhythm with his chant "cuck, cuck, cuck..."

Enjoy feeling my naked breasts against you now Tiny Tim. "Monique whispered in my ear "It may be all the action we let you have."

"Cindy...." My voice was barely a squeak. Monique looked back at me and kicked the side of my jaw, spinning my head around.

"That's Mistress Cindy to you, Tiny Tim. You will address us all as either Mistress, or Master, especially our newest toy, your wife."

Teddy slapped my head on the other side as he ascended the stairs, took Monique and began to fuck her before she even had the chance to spread her legs on the pool deck. "We'll make this a complete sensory experience for you Timmy. Teddy and I will fuck and suck her by your right ear so you can hear every smack of lips, every slurp on the cock, and every moan as a real man fucks your mistress so close that you can feel her heat and smell her wet sex."

The couples had all shifted to positions where the men could absolutely plow their partner's pussies. It would have made a great fuck film, except the star center stage was my beloved Cindy.

"Wait a minute," I thought, Fuck film....there's something I can use." The red recording light on the camera caught my eye. Fuck film indeed! My manhood came rushing back to me. They had taken my wife but they had given me all I would need. There would be no cuckhold here tonight.

Jake had been slowly working himself into my wife, and by now he was beginning to pound her pussy. She was in a sexual trance, moaning and begging him for more.

"Yeah baby, I got what you need. Your pussy is so tight, your like a virgin. Hey Tiny Tim, you were never in here were you? C'mon lift your eyes and watch your wife love a real man! C'mon bitch! Take it all."

"Cindy, Please stop!" I whimpered.

Slap. "No one told you to speak, and you had better never order her again" scolded Monique.

"Cindy," my voice bolder, "think what you're doing."

Joes fist smashed the side of my head, "Shut the fuck up asshole, if you're good we'll let you lick our cum out of these juicy cunts.

"Cindy..." more laughter.

But that was it for me. I had hit the bottom and was on my way up.


That's when they froze.


"Cindy, one way or another this is over. CHOOSE!"

"Timmy.....just wait." She said. "Let Jake fill me with what I want, and I'll come over there and let you clean it out of me with that talented tongue of yours. You can make me all clean and fresh," Then she broke into laughter and said "and I can start over with Teddy there."

I found a solid footing beneath me, wedged my back up against the railing, and exploded up against it. The entire pipe ripped from its anchors and I flung it my head. The move broke the restraints on my feet and put enough slack in my hands that I slipped out easily.

"Sit back down little boy!" Monique bellowed. She stood and wound up to slap me again. She found her mark but I had my feet, my balance and was prepared for them this time. She however was unprepared for my backhand. I caught her solidly and she flew into the pool.

"You hit my wife you little wimp!" Jake pulled his mass of meat out of Cindy, and charged me. He looked ridiculous again, with that long erection preceeding him. It made him move so awkwardly, when he got close he was totally exposed and I hit him square in the face with a hard left and he went down like a little girl. Blood rushed from his obviously broken nose. The "real man" broke into tears and writhed bleeding on the deck.

Teddy, the second "real man" intended to sneak up on me but he was a bit less than graceful and since he was right beside me was easy prey. I pivoted just as Teddy got to his feet and his roundhouse right dropped dead mid-air when my knee crashed into his groin. He doubled over and I dropped him with an elbow to the back of the head.

By then, Joe had extricated himself from his threesome and also charged, but found his place in the row of broken, bloodied "real men." Again, an erect monster cock did nothing to help compensate for neglected fitness, and actually was difficult to maneuver with, especially erect.

"You asshole!" Maria yelped at me. "You realize you are wearing your punishment. None of your masters will release your penis from its prison now until you've made amends for what you've done. Get over here and lick my ass, and maybe I'll let you take it off to pee."

I walked over to her and grabbed her earlobe. I took the back off her earring and used the post to pick the cheap-assed lock on the cheesy gadget.

"Hope you didn't spend much on this" I said. "It doesn't work."

I got dressed as Maria and Janet tended to the "real men" wimpering on the blood stained pool deck. I didn't say a word as I went to the camera and collected the memory chip holding my "Fuck Flic." I paused as I passed Cindy on my way out, "Don't come home." I muttered and walked out, never looking at her.

The next afternoon Cindy's parents and I were on my front porch. We had talked a great deal since he arrived early that morning, and I was feeling better about my role in the evening's debacle. I had become very close to Cindy's dad, closer than I felt towards my own father, an Cindy's mom was just the definition of a saint. They were truly disturbed about the events of the night before, and had come over to pack her personal things.

Cindy's things were neatly boxed and already packed into her car. I had laid the photo Albums we had amassed during our marriage, and left the wedding album on the top of the stack, with our now torn in half marriage license on top of that. I had just fired up the grill to cook dinner for my guests when the moment of truth rolled around.

Jake's large SUV rolled up and seven weary, battered people slowly emerged. Teddy wasn't walking very well. Jake and Joe looked like they had been through a war with everything that was bandaged. Monica's face was swollen and she sported a shiner. She looked neither pretty, nor like a dominant mistress now. As a matter of fact, the only one in reasonably good shape was yours truly, Tiny Tim, the alpha dog.

"Tim, we have to talk" started Cindy.

"That's 'Little Boy' to you Cindy" I responded.

"I guess I deserved that," She contined. "But you really over reacted. Do you see what you've done to these friends of mine?"

"Friends?" her mom asked incredulously. "They treat your husband like an outsider, ridicule him, gang up on him, restrain him naked, while they turn his wife...my daughter into a crazed whore. You side with them, telling him to sit back and enjoy it, you'll let him lick you clean. I see no friends here. I can't believe I saw my daughter in that! I'm so ashamed."

"Mom," Cindy tried to defend herself "are you going to take his word over mine?"

"Cindy," her mom responded "I've watched the video!"

"Now wait a minute, we can work this out. We have to work this out!" said Monique. "I misread Tim and thought he was submissive. No one really did him any harm. Tim loves Cindy and Cindy loves Tim. No one harmed him enough for him to turn Cindy out on the street, and we have certainly paid for what we did."

"Actually, you are quite wrong." Cindy's father was a well respected lawyer. He had a reputation for the wisdom of Solomon and he was the fairest man I'd ever met. "When you physically restrained him against his will you committed assault. When you refused to let him go as he struggled, it became illegal restraint. Filming him without his consent in an exposed maner was a sexual assault."

"When you clamped that contraption on his privates in spite of his very vocal objections and subsequent requests and demands to remove it, you committed a second sexual assault. Every time one of you struck him was assault and battery. Pressing your bare chest against him while he was restrained is another sexual assault charge, and threatening to leave that device locked on him indefinitely is another. The criminal warrants have been already been filed with Judge Thompson, who watched the evidence in chambers this morning. As far as civil action, you all may be paying Tim a great deal of restitution."

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