tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNot Until I Get Mine First

Not Until I Get Mine First


You're sitting alone and naked in your comfy chair, waiting for me to get back from the washroom. You've been anticipating seeing me all day and was please to find and I wanted to have sex right away, too. I walk into the room naked and smiling, and when I get within distance of you, you reach out to touch me, enjoying the feel of the soft skin of my thigh and the way you can feel my muscles move when I take a step closer to you.

I put my hands on the back of the chair and rest my weight on top of you, sitting myself down on your lap. Your hands slip up my thighs and around to hold the small of my back. Your hard cock is now squeezed between us, and you enjoy the sensation. But the heat you can feel from between my legs is driving your mind towards more intimate thoughts.

You can feel all my weight against your body and chest pushing you into the chair as I lean in for a kiss. You feel my round breasts flatten against your chest and you love the feel of the heat from my body against yours.

When I kiss you, you kiss me back, but harder and rougher then I expect.

I kiss and gently bite your lips as your fingers tighten into the skin of my back. I turn your head to the side and begin to kiss your ears and neck, making you moan as I do so.

While I'm kissing you, your hands are alternating between moving over my skin and grasping me tightly as the sensation on your neck changes from a kiss to a bite. You're so hard and ready, but you're still enjoying this, so you don't want to stop me in what I'm doing.

I can tell you're becoming distracted as you begin to move your hips ever so slightly in order to get some sort of stimulation. I giggle as I look down at your hard dick and say, "I guess you do deserve a little something. But not before I get mine first, okay?"

You smile back at me as I lift myself onto my knees. But my breasts are right in your face and you can't resist a little bite and kiss while they are there.

Your hand grabs my back to keep me at this level, and when I gasp as you bite down on my swollen nipple, your other hand comes around to firmly squeeze my other breast. Your mouth and tongue move from one nipple to the other and you can feel me react to even the minutest amount of sensation, including when your beard rubs against the tender skin you've just sucked on.

After a few good licks and one beginning of a hickey, you are content to move on and fuck me with your still painfully hard cock. But, when your hands leave my breasts, I look down at you, and with a little pout I joking declare, "I told you, 'not before I get mine first'!", and push my nipple back into your mouth.

You're happy to indulge me and begin to suck, tease and lick my hard nipples, pinching and twisting them roughly between your thumb and finger, then changing the sensation with a gentle kiss.

"Not before I get mine..." I remind you as I slide your hand down my back and between my legs.

You know you're going to have to do as I insist, so you don't try and resist my manipulations.

Before I even force your fingers inside of me, before you were even touching me, you could feel how wet I am.

From the way I moan as you roughly grab my breasts, and how I pushed your fingers inside me, you know I want it rough, hard and fast, and you know you want to give that to me.

Your fingers are dripping with my juices already and you haven't even begun yet.

You switch to using your thumb so you have better control and can push back against my g-spot.

You can feel me tighten around you while you slowly rub your thumb inside me. You gradually rub and stimulate my g-spot, pressing up and down, up and down, with your thumb, and in response I begin to grow hotter and wetter. My clit and lips are swollen, and you can feel my nipple become firmer inside your mouth as you diligently continue to bit and suck them.

Your thrusts with your thumb become increasingly harder and rougher and in response my breathing grows deeper and deeper. You feel my skin grow hot, and picture what I must look like; naked and straddling you in this chair, with my breasts in your face while you fuck me with your thumb.

The rest of your hand is hot and slick with my moisture, and as you push your thumb up inside me again and again, you start to feel me push down to meet you. I begin to move my body above you, and am moaning every time your thumb slams inside of me, rubbing against my g-spot.

At this point, you are fucking me so hard with your thumb that you're slightly afraid that you'll hurt me, but I'm moaning so loudly and fucking your thumb right back that you are only spurred on to continue. The hand that was holding my breast moves down to my waste to support me while I begin to shake.

"Please" I gasp as I begin to tense up

"Oh, God"



I'm moaning loudly and you're sure that everyone can hear me, but you don't really care.

"Please, fuck me harder!" I scream between gasps of breath and deep throaty moans.

These words work to make your cock even harder.

"I need it! PLEASE!"

I moan loudly and both my hands grip into your shoulders. I lean back on my arms while my fingers dig into your back, using you to support me as I move myself to a better position. I pull my hips forward so you can fuck me deeper with your thumb, and you are more then willing to oblige me.

Now you have a good view of me as I'm leaning back in front of you: My skin is hot and pink, and the colour in my cheeks tells you how close I am. You can see the places where your biting and sucking will produce two large hickeys on my breasts, and you smile to yourself knowing you've left your mark.

"fuck. oh god, fuck"

I'm nearly screaming as your thumb slams into me

"Christ, I'm so close!"

You're spurred on by this, and as I moan you begin to thrust your thumb into me as hard as you can, noticing how tight my pussy is and how much I'm enjoying this. You know you've done right when you see my head role back and my body start to shake.


I scream so loudly you know I'm right on the edge of cumming because I no longer care who hears me.

Two more hard thrusts and you feel my body go ridged as my breath catches inside me. My hips jerk slightly as your thumb's pressure against my g-spot brings me to the first wave of my orgasm.

You're so pleased with yourself and your cock twitches at the though that you can give me such pleasure. Looking up at my rigid body and enjoying the sight of me experiencing this orgasm. You know better than to stop until I've completely enjoyed it, so your thumb continues to move in and out, up and down, inside of me.

As I crest that first wave, you can just barely hear above my heavy breathing and the moans of my orgasm, that lightly moaned word, *fuck*, which seems to be the only thing I can say.

With the final shudder of my orgasm you feel the hot wet juices of my cum gush out of me and all over your thumb, hand and hard cock.

Your hand and throbbing dick are now covered in my wetness and you realize that you've made me squirt.

My body slowly relaxes and I begin to come back to myself.

I'm still all flushed and dazed as I pull myself back towards you, letting go of your back and holding onto the chair again. You can feel where my fingers had bitten in to your skin, and realize that you hadn't noticed while you were caught up in my orgasm.

I'm still sitting on top of you, unable to move or think. My body is warm and soft against your chest as I let my weight press against you again. I am breathing heavily and moaning slightly under my breath, and as I attempt to recover myself, you become almost painfully aware of how hard you are. Thinking about how hot I looked when you made me cum, and the knowledge that you've given me such a good orgasm that I squirted for you has made you fully aware of how horny you are and how much you need to cum, too.

The fact that your cock is now covered in my juices only makes you even more aroused and wanting to fuck me.

When I finally regain some self control, I sit up and look smilingly down at you. You gently kiss my nipple saying, "I guess I get mine now right?"

I giggle, and you see that mischievous grin on my face again. You groan inwardly knowing that that grin foreshadows only your frustration.

"Maybe" I say, "Take your hands off of me and place them on the arms of the chair." I instruct you. "Do not let go."

You do as you're told, and I move myself so that I am gripping your cock firmly with one hand in order to position you directly under my entrance.

I straddle you and you can feel the heat of my pussy right above the head of your cock. Agonizingly slowly, I move myself down, lowering myself onto your hard dick.

You let out a small moan as you feel yourself first start to enter me. Your head is just inside of me, and my lips are barely wrapping around it.

I lean in towards you and kiss your neck. You can smell me and feel my skin against yours, and everything inside you wants to reach out and touch me, but you know you can't and struggle to keep your hands held firmly on the chair.

"How does this feel?" I ask

In response you can only moan.

"How does this feel?" I ask again, squeezing the base of your cock with my hand for emphasis

"Good" is the only thing you can manage to say

"Good. How good do you think it would feel to be inside me?" I ask

Your mind is now caught up in that though; thinking about how wet I am and how smoothly you would be able to slip inside of me. You can remember the feeling of relief that comes with finally entering me, and now all you can think about is being inside me and filling me up so deeply that the head of your dick presses against the ridge of my cervix.

When you realize that I'm still waiting for a response you struggle to find words, and; "So good" is all you can manage to say.

"Do you want to be inside me?" I teasingly ask you

"God yes!" you gasp in exasperation.

"Fuck yes!" you moan again.

"Then push yourself inside me and feel how hot and wet I am. Feel how tight I can wrap around you"

You begin to try and lift your hips to force your cock further inside of me, but every time you thrust up I pull myself higher and away from you, so you sadly stay with only the tip of your cock inside my hot pussy. Still, your fruitless little thrusts provide some stimulation, and although it works to only further emphasis how frustrating this is for you, the feeling of my pussy gripping the tip of your cock feels so good, and the heat of me when you do gain some little ground spurs you on to try again and again.

After several tortuous moments of this I lean in and ask again, in a teasing little voice,

"Don't you want to fuck me?"

"YES!" you insist, and I giggle because I can hear the frustration building inside you

"Yes what?"

"Fuck! Yes, I want to fuck you!"

"You want to fuck me? You want to feel me wrap around you? You'd like me to allow you to push your hard dick all the way inside me so you can fill me? Is that what you want?"

You can only breathe in frustration, futilely trying to thrust your cock deeper inside me, but knowing that I won't let you.

Unthinking, one hand leaves the chair's arm, and grabs my waist to force me back down on to you. I'm caught unaware, and you succeed in pushing yourself in past the ridge of your head, revelling in the feeling of my hot pussy wrapped around you. But your satisfaction with finally gaining entrance to me is short lived, and I grab your hand and force it back to the chair's arm.

"I told you to keep your hands there! Now you've broken the rules and you don't get any anymore" I tease

But I do more then tease, and pull myself off of you until I'm sitting again with your dick squeezed between our bodies.

Your sex-hazed mind is reeling and your cock feels cold with all my wet juices drying in the air.

But your smile never leaves your face as you lean in to kiss me. You have a plan.

Caught unaware, your hand quickly leaves the chair's arm, and before I have time to catch it, you firmly grip the back of my neck, catching some of my hair. Your other hand moves to my hips and you scoop me up in your arms in a tight grip

"I won't get mine?!" you demand "We'll see."

Before I can think of a response you stand up with me in your arms and turn around to dump me into the chair. All this is happening too fast for me to follow or even act, and you take advantage of my confusion, positioning me facing away from you and forcefully moving me with your hands, pushing me into a position on all fours. You spread my pussy with one hand and roughly shove your cock inside me with the other.

"Fuck" you moan as you finally slip all the way inside me

"Fuck" I moan as I feel you fill my throbbing pussy

One of your hands is now on my back holding me down on the chair while your other is gripping my hip and pulling me onto your cock. I've been teasing you this whole time, and as soon as you pushed inside me your dick is nearly ready to explode. You're holding me down beneath you, pushing me into the chair as you fuck me harder and harder. You love to watch the way your cock looks as it disappears in side me with every thrust, and enjoy how good it feels to finally be able to fuck me.

You can feel your orgasm coming closer and closer as you fuck me hard from behind. You are so completely consumed with the intense feelings rushing through you that you are totally unaware of the moans I'm making with your every thrust. As you reach the brink of your orgasm, you switch your hands so you are no longer holding me down with them, but pulling me on to you. You grab onto both of my hips so you can fuck me as hard as possible, thrusting forward as you pull me back. Your rough forceful thrusting makes me moan louder as I can tell you're nearly ready to cum. But you don't notice or care and can only think about fucking me harder, bringing yourself to a deep orgasm and cumming inside of me. You're so close that all you can feel is my pussy wrapping around you as you slid in to me, and gripping you --trying to holding on to you-- as you slid out. I can hear your breathing quicken as you work hard at pumping into me, wanting and needing to cum so badly.

"I'm CUMMING!" you finally gasp as you can feel your orgasm rush through your dick. Your fingers are biting into my skin, but you can only thrust harder and harder, making me moan all the louder.



"Oh, God" you moan as you cum.

You can feel your self cumming inside of me and revel in the thought that you're fucking me now. All of your muscles are tight, and your body feels so good you want this to go on forever, but your thrusting begins to slow as you reach your climax and move away from your orgasm. Your breathing still comes heavy and you moan a little under your breath as you stand behind me regaining yourself.

After all your muscles have begun to un-tensed, the sounds of our breathing are the only things we can hear, and the soft relaxations of a good cum are all around us.

You realize how tightly you were holding my hips and you consciously have to loosen your fingers. You notice the hot red marks they left behind, and a few bite marks you weren't aware you had made begin to show on my back. You start to soften inside of me and can feel yourself slipping out of my wet pussy.

You back up and give me a hand to stand. Smiling and sweating you give me a big hug, putting your arms around me.

"Time for bed and a good cuddle?" I ask

You laugh into my hair, "Not until I get mine first" you tell me, and I begin to feel that you didn't really get all that soft this time. Before I can react, you push me roughly down onto the bed beside us, saying, "Now, it's your turn to lie perfectly still. I want you to beg me to fuck you before you get any relief"

You tie my hands up above my head and pull my lags apart, spreading me before you. Right before you start your administrations, I feel your tongue flick across my clit for the first (and not nearly the last) time that night, then hear;

"You're so going to hate me".

As I drift off into a tortuous haze of ropes and sex, I can hear my moans coming from far away and feel my body shake as you flick my clit with the tip of your tongue at the end of every long flat lick of my aching pussy.

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