Not What I Expected

byDG Hear©

The next thing I heard was Alex's voice. I had her accent embedded in my mind. "Tom, it's so good to hear from you. How is everything going?"

"I miss you and just thought I'd give you a call. Sorry to interrupt your study session."

"Tom, I hear jealousy in your voice. I've told you Lance is just a friend and we aren't alone, two of my girlfriends are here also and want to meet you."

We talked for about twenty minutes before she had to get back to studying. I told her I would try calling again the following week. The last thing she said to me was, "I really do love you Tom."

I worked through the next week and did my best to work through my thoughts. I had decided that I really did love Alex for who she was. I had a long talk with my parents and did my best to explain to them my true feelings. They told me to give it a little more time but I told them I would be leaving the following week and I might not be back.

When I called Alex on Saturday Bob answered the phone and was glad to hear from me. He said Alex was out on the tractor so I told him not to bother her. I did tell him I would be down the following Friday for Alex's graduation on Sunday. He was happy to hear that. He said Alex had really missed me. I asked him not to tell Alex I would be down on Friday. I wanted to surprise her.

Bob did tell me that her finals would be over by Wednesday and that she would be going to a couple of her classmates graduation parties. I knew by my silence that Bob knew it bothered me. "Don't worry Tom; believe me when I tell you that she's in love with you. We will be throwing her a big party on Sunday after the graduation. I expect the whole community will be here."

I was hoping I was making the right decision; I was truly following my heart. I let my employer know that I would be leaving the company at the end of the week. They seemed surprised by my decision when I told them I was moving to Kentucky.

When I was talking with my parents they had asked me, what was the big rush, I had a whole life ahead of me and that I really was only with Alex for a week. I knew they were just being concerned parents even though I was twenty five years old.

"I thought I had a lifetime with Lexi but fate stepped in and I lost her. I have to do this or at least try."

I let my parents know that I had talked with Mrs. Henry, the accountant's wife and I'll be purchasing their accounting business. I would be using up some of my savings to purchase the business. I had the business checked out the first week I was home and stayed in contact with Mrs. Henry. She promised not to say anything to the Smith's especially Alex.

I would be purchasing the business but not the building. We would be setting up a rental agreement. The nice part was there was an apartment above the office. Mr. Henry used it when he would work late on some nights. It was pretty much fully furnished and I would be living there. There was no way I could live in the same house with Alex. At least not until I asked her to marry me.

I hoped I wasn't getting too far ahead of myself. I was making all these plans hoping Alex felt the same way I did. If for some reason it didn't work out I would just own an accounting business in Kentucky. I would be signing a one year lease with the Henry's for the building.

Mrs. Henry said it would give them a monthly check along with Social Security to live on. Her husband had done well in his business over the years and they had put away a nice nest egg.


On Friday I left for Kentucky the first thing in the morning. I knew Alex was expecting me to call but I would be there to surprise her. I really felt good about my decision. I had packed up most of my clothes but not much else.

When I arrived at the farm Alice greeted me giving me a big hug. She said Alex and her brothers (that's what she called them) were out working in the fields. She would call them on the walkie-talkie. I asked her not to because I wanted to surprise her.

Alice mentioned that they would be in for lunch in a few minutes. I headed out to my favorite spot, the barn loft. I could see Alex coming in on the tractor. I waited till she pulled up in front of the barn and turned off the engine. She was right under the loft door when I yelled down to her.

"Hey, Lady, got a minute."

She looked up and saw me. "Tom, oh my God! No one told me you were coming today. I must look a site." She jumped off the tractor and came up to the loft and laid a kiss on me like she hadn't seen me for years. She felt so good as I hugged her as tight as I possibly could. "Why are you here so soon? The graduation isn't till Sunday."

"Before I answer that question I need for you to answer a couple for me," I replied.

"Anything Tom, what is it you need to know?" asked Alex.

"Do you believe you really love me and do you think of us as long term? It's really important I know what you believe."

"Yes I do believe I love you and I want us to be together forever. Does that answer your question? Is there anything else you want to know?"

I smiled at her. "Yes, can you go into town with me today? I have a surprise for you."

"What is it?" she asked. "Ok, I know it wouldn't be a surprise if you told me. I'll ask Jerry and Larry to cover for me till we get back. Give me a few minutes to clean up." She gave me a quick peck and headed into the house.

On the way to see Mrs. Henry, Alex said she had a couple of parties to go to that night and one the following day. She also mentioned that her parents (that's what she considered Bob and Alice) were throwing her a big celebration on Sunday after the graduation. They told her because they knew they couldn't keep it from her.

I told her I would wait up for her till she returned from her parties. She looked at me and said, "Are you crazy? You're going to these parties with me. I'm tired of trying to explain you to my friends. We are a couple now whether you like it or not." She was smiling at me and I was about as happy as I could be.

I pulled up in front of the Henry's building. Ellie greeted me at the door, smiling. "What's going on?" asked Alex.

"I came to sign the papers. This is my business starting Monday. I needed to know that you expected to be with me, long term before I signed the final papers. Just so you know, I renting the building and there is an apartment upstairs for me to live in but I expect to be seeing you a lot."

"I love you so much," said Alex as she kissed me.

We toured the office and the apartment. We then signed the papers. I now had my own business and a file full of potential clients. I knew Mrs. Henry would promote my taking over her husband's business. She was such a nice lady.

I had to answer a hundred questions from Alex on how I was able to buy a business and rent a building without her finding out. When we got back to her house she told her parents the whole story. They were happy for me.


That evening we went to two parties. She told me her friends would be so surprised. In fact she said that Mark and Will thought that I wasn't really her boyfriend since I hadn't been around. They started to harass her a little but were still a bit leery.

I dropped her off at the door at the first party and went to park the car. She was waiting on the front porch for me. I saw Mark and Will come up and talk to her. I could hear them teasing her about her boyfriend as I approached the house.

"Look Guys, he is my boyfriend and if he finds out you are bothering me again I'm afraid he'll keep his promise to you." They laughed at Alex until she said, "Oh, here he comes now." I was approaching the porch.

They changed their tune very quickly and told Alex it was nice seeing her and congratulated her. They said they wished her the best. She thanked them and smiled at me. No other action was necessary.

I met so many of her friends both male and female. A lot of her friends said they really wondered if I existed. I assured them I did. Alex told everyone I was a CPA and taking over the Henry Agency. She was already promoting my business. We only had a couple of drinks seeing as we had another party to go to.

After a few dances we headed to the other party. It was just like the first one and I met dozens of Alex's friends. She let everyone know she was my girlfriend. She even told her girlfriends that I was hands off material. She smiled when she said it but I believe she meant it and got the point across to her friends.

On the way home I asked her about Lance and she told me that she explained to him that she loved me and that he should find another girl to be close friends with. She even told him that she thought I had a jealous streak and didn't want to see him get hurt.

We did see him at one of the parties and he was dancing pretty close with a cute blonde. Alex told me that her name was Marie and she had a crush on Lance. When Marie found out that Alex was taken she went after Lance.

We returned to the house and I mentioned to Alex that it was such a beautiful night and that I was going to sleep in the loft. She kissed me goodnight and I headed to the barn. It was warm and I took off my jeans and shirt. There were always blankets in the loft and I spread one over the hay and looked outside at the beautiful sky.

I thought about how my day went and I was extremely happy. I heard a noise and Alex was standing there in baby doll pajamas. She looked so cute.

"Last time I asked you to make love to me you said you had to get your head on straight. This time I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. Tom Davis, make love to me." She lay down next to me and leaned over and kissed me.

We must have necked for a good fifteen minutes before I unbuttoned her top and began to kiss her breasts. I sucked and squeezed them to her accompanying moans and groans. I slipped my hand down over her tummy and into her pj bottoms. I felt her trimmed bush and continued on to her wet pussy.

I began kissing down her belly and even licked her belly button. I pulled her bottoms off her ankles and got between her legs and buried my face in a very wet pussy. When I say wet, I mean WET! She came while I was eating her pussy. I kissed, tongued and licked her pussy for all I was worth.

She asked me to make love to her. "Tom, I want to feel you in me. I don't usually talk like this but please fuck me. I want you so much."

"Alex, I don't have any condoms with me up here. I wasn't expecting this to happen."

"It's ok, Alice put me on the pill when I was sixteen. I do have to tell you something."

"What is it?" I asked.

"My hymen broke years ago while I was riding a horse. Otherwise I'm still a virgin. I know that's crazy for a woman twenty-three but it's true. I always said I would wait for the right man and I believe with all my heart that you are him."

I leaned up taking my lips off her pussy and began kissing her passionately. "I love you so much," I said. I got between her legs and began rubbing my cock up and down across her slit. It was so wet and opened up every time I rubbed against it.

I wanted to go slow and not hurt her. I didn't know if it would hurt or not without a hymen. My cock found her opening and I slowly slid in. First the head and then continued pushing the rest of my cock into her.

"Oh God, I love it, I love you, please promise me you'll never stop." She was talking a blue streak on how good it felt and how much she loved me.

She had at least two more orgasms before I told her I couldn't hold back any longer. I asked her if she wanted me to pull out.

"God no! I want to feel you come in me and then stay in me till it gets soft."

I came hard. It felt so damn good. I found myself starting to pump in her again. She smiled at me when she felt I was going again. After I came the second time I pulled out and lay next to her. We fell asleep and woke up at daybreak when the roosters crowed.

We got up and cleaned up as best we could. They had running water in the barn but it was cold. I notice that Alex had brought a small suitcase with some clothes in it. She told me that we would be walking into the kitchen and she wasn't about to do it in her jammies.

She stored her pj's in the case and hid it in the barn. We walked together into the house. Alice looked at us, "I hope you two slept good." I don't think we hid anything from her.

Bob came in and we all had breakfast. Alex told me I had to help her with her chores since we had another party to go to that night. To be honest I was glad to get out of the kitchen. Bob and Alice didn't talk much that morning and even Alex was lost for words.

We worked the farm and latter that night we had a repeat of the parties. A lot of the people I met the night before said hi to me. It was known by everyone I talked to that Alex and I were a couple. Many had asked how we met and I told them it was a long story but that I stopped by her house to drop off some things and it was pretty much love at first sight.

Her friends told me that Alex was always a happy girl but she now seemed happier than ever. She even had a glow about her. When she heard that she burst out laughing stating to me that was how Alice noticed the difference.

We had a repeat of the previous night after returning from the party. After we finished making love Alex didn't stay but went in the house so she would wake up in her own bed.

I knew I loved her but felt a bit guilty making love to her at her house. We were sitting in the kitchen having breakfast with Bob and Alice discussing the day's planned activities. Alice asked me if I wanted to go to church with the family. I didn't go to church very often but I did believe in a deity.

I said I would go and it put a smile on Alex's face. Later she would be going to her graduation and we would attend an hour or so later. There was a lot of setting up to do for her party afterwards.

I sat through the church service holding onto Alex's hand for nearly the whole service. She was honored along with a lot of other graduates. I was so proud of her. When we returned from church we were all sitting in the living room discussing the set up for the party.

I asked Alex if I could give her a graduation present now. It just seemed like the right time.

"Tom, you didn't have to buy me anything," she smiled at me.

"Don't say that till after you open it. You may not want it," I replied.

I handed her a small wrapped package with a tiny bow on it.

"Oh my God! Is this what I think it is?" she looked at me while opening it up.

"If you thought it was an engagement ring then you're correct," I said as she looked at it.

"Alex I know we haven't known each other that long but I know I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. We don't have to get married right away, I can wait till you're ready. I just want to know that we will be together. Will you marry me?"

"Yes! Yes! Of course I'll marry you. I'd marry you today if I didn't have my graduation to go to." She kissed me as Bob and Alice looked on smiling at us.

"Wow, today, I wasn't expecting that," I smiled. Can we wait at least a month so my family can make plans to attend?"

We set a date right then and there. It would be two months. I was as happy as could be and called my parents to give them the good news and the date of our wedding. They were surprised but happy. I told them that Alex and I would make a trip to Michigan so they could meet each other before the wedding.

The graduation was wonderful watching Alex cross the stage. We all stood up and clapped for her as she crossed the stage. Larry, Jerry and their families all attended. They were all proud of their sister/cousin.

The graduation party was wonderful. The whole community attended not just the college students. It appeared the Smith's were a very well liked family. I saw Ellie and Ray Moore, Alex's aunt and uncle had drove down for the graduation. They were surprised to see that Alex and I were getting married but were happy for us.

Alex invited everyone at her graduation to her wedding which would be in two months. I looked over at Bob and he just shook his head. He figured it wouldn't be cheap. Alex had glanced at Bob and smiled. Later I heard her tell him that she was going to use all the money she received for graduation for her wedding.

"No way Honey, it's the fathers job to pay for their daughter's wedding and make no mistake, you are my daughter. Save your money and by a new tractor or something," Bob laughed.

"I love you Daddy," she said to Bob. You could tell that she melted Big Bob's heart.


We did get married two months later. When my mom and dad met Alex they fell in love with her immediately. My brother and sister were happy for me.

Alex wrote a long and beautiful letter to the Johnson's thanking them for sending her Lexi's things . She told them the diary answered many questions that she felt over the years. I could tell everything she wrote was from her heart.

She didn't mention me or the fact that she was getting married. She said the Johnson's went through enough sorrow and pain with the loss of their daughter.

For a wedding gift Bob and Alice gave Alex and me five acres of land to build a house on. It was right next door to them so we could go in the barn loft anytime we wanted.

My parents gave us a check for fifty thousand dollars toward the house. Alex was a bit surprised but knew my family was wealthy when we visited my parents a couple of weeks after her graduation.

I moved out of my apartment and we lived with Bob and Alice till our house was finished. It took about six months. We still go over for dinner just about every day. One day I asked Alex if she could cook. She just laughed at me.

Everyone in the community attended our wedding and my business is booming. Mr. and Mrs. Henry attended our wedding also. He is coming along fine and enjoying his retirement. He thanked me for taking over his business. He had made a lot of friends over the years and did their taxes.

Alex used her education to help improve the farm and she works for and belongs to the Farm Bureau helping other farmers. She is no longer on the pill and we're expecting our first child. We're wondering if it might be born on April 22, Earth Day, it would be so fitting.


Thank you for reading my story

All comments are welcome and appreciated

DG Hear

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