tagInterracial LoveNot What I'd Expected

Not What I'd Expected


Let me tell you about my week. It's been so busy this week that my husband and I haven't been able to have any quiet time together. Seems every time we had the chance to make love this week, something else would pop up. Which really sucks, because I'm horney as hell.

And what a day today has been! Between a grumpy 4 year old, a classroom full of rowdy kids the Friday before Thanksgiving, or the half dozen errands that I have to run for a dinner tomorrow night, I'm fried! Add to that a drive to Lakeland that I didn't want to make, all the while still being so freakin' horney I could bust. And there is no end in sight.

Then the thought crossed my mind...why not just take the time to get myself off between destinations! After all, things weren't gonna slow down any before Sunday and I really needed some relief. The only obstacle seems to be the fact that I'm still on the road. Oh, what the hell...no one will see me.

I'll just unbutton the top of my jeans, wiggle my them down a little, and move my underwear to the side a bit... Ahhh, there it is, my clit is as hard a Jim's dick usually is. Now to get the rhythm down to that orgasm building rhythm I've mastered over the years! God it feels good to get some relief.

Damn, red light! Too close to stop now, gotta keep the rhythm going. Shit...is that black guy watching me. Dumb ass, you didn't think about being next to someone at a light. Damn truck is so high he can see right in. Wow, he's really staring at me...is that hot or what? Should I stop? I don't think so...homeboy will just have to enjoy the show, I'm too close to stop.

Damn, green light...gotta move....so close. Ha, he's right beside me, matching my speed exactly. I'm there....oooooohhh god it feels sooo good! Keep driving...keep your eyes open stupid! Shit...he's still watching. Fuck him! This feels too good to worry about some nigger watching me finger fuck myself.

FUCK HIM? Hey, now that's thought I probably shouldn't be having. But man is it starting to get me going again. Wonder if he'd follow me if I turned up here. I must be crazy to even think about it...crazy horney! Let me move in front of him and see if he follows me. He won't, I'm just dreaming. Put the turn signal on dummy or he'll pass you.

Shit, am I really serious about this? Am I gonna go through with it if he does follow me? He was kind of good looking, and his truck was sweet! Oh god, he's turning too. What now Connie... what are you gonna do? Keep driving...maybe there's a parking lot that's by an empty strip mall. This is silly...it's just a fantasy.

There...no one parked there, and the lot goes around behind that building! Turn left. You gonna follow me black boy? This could be your lucky day! What am I thinking????

There he is. Right behind me. OK, keep following me. Over there, pull up next to that fence. Where are you...there you are. He's pulling up next to me...what do I do? I'll just sit here. He's watching...should I motion him over? Oh god, he's getting out. What now?

I must be crazy! Are the doors locked? Just one touch and they're unlocked...fuck it...push the button! There, they're unlocked now and he heard me unlock them. He knows I want him.

He's at the passenger door....opening the door. He's looking at me with a huge grin on his face. Well hell, of course he is, you never buttoned your jeans and your pussy is showing you slut. Look at the way he's looking at you, pure animal passion.

He's climbing in now, not saying a word. Thank god...I don't want to know anything about you. He's reaching for my crotch. What do I do? Spread your legs girl...you know you want this. He's touching my pussy now, god his fingers are warm. Working one between my pussy lips. I don't think it's ever been this wet before. His finger is pretty well into me now, and it feels amazing. I could cum right now... NO, too soon, don't want this to end yet.

He's looking at me with that, "you want more don't you bitch" look. Yes, I want more you dumb shit! I want that black cock in me! What am I thinking??? Jim

said that if "IT" happened he wanted to be there. Damn that finger feels good. Sorry sweetie, but you're gonna miss it.

Ease the chair-back down. He's moving now, working on his pants. Gotta get mine down far enough to get a leg out. There, ready to spread my legs, my pussy's ready to explode again!.

Oh my god! Look at the size of his dick! It's huge...Jim wasn't shitting about nigger dicks being huge. Gotta touch it. MMMM it's hard and ready. Look how the skin moves back and forth over the head. It's like playing hide and seek with his cock head. Girl, you spend too much time around kids!

Lie back now, move you legs apart further, let him in. There he's between your legs, move you hips, make it easy for him to get that ebony rod in your cunt. Oh god, the heads going in. More, give me more...what are you waiting on you son of a bitch. Shit, just grab his ass and pull. You'd think you've never fucked anyone before.

Oh yes, that's it. Pushing more inside now...almost to the bottom. Fuck, he's so big...stretching me open. Clamp down now, don't let him get away. Get your legs around his waist, tilt your hips, give him all the room he needs.

Move your hips girl, show him you know what you're doing. Set the rhythm, in and out...god this is amazing! What am I doing???? Your fucking your first black cock, that's what you're doing...and loving it!

He's really getting into it now... kissing my neck, face, do I kiss him? Why not, you're fucking him you idiot! Soft lips, long tongue, sweet taste, great kiss. He's getting more insistent now, starting to moan. Move your hips girl, don't forget what you're doing. Take him deeper in to you pussy.

Oh....it's getting close...your first orgasm form someone's cock other than Jim's. He's getting close too, I can tell...his breathing is ragged and he's picking up the pace. He's really pounding you now girl, move with him, rub that clit against his pubic bone...feel that huge clack cock sliding in and out of your wet pussy. Amazing....it feel so fucking amazing!

Almost there....going over the edge....AHHHHHH. Grab his ass Connie, pull him further inside. Hit bottom, nigger. Pound me....Cumming hard now. Oh shit, my eyebrow's cramping. Rub it...but don't stop fucking him. He's pounding me like crazy man now, fucking me like the slut I am... he's gotta be close. There! He's stiffened up. He's cumming in my pussy just like I wanted him to do. I can almost feel his cum hitting the back wall of my pussy. Nigger sperm filling me, damn...it's a lot. It's dripping down my ass crack. It sure is making a lot of slurping sounds as he hammers me.

Exhausted. He's just laying there now. What do I do? Move him dummy, someone could come by any minute... get him up. Wait...I want one more kiss. I'm such a slut. But such a sweet tongue.

He's pulling out of me now, look at all the sperm still on his cock. Oh hell, just do it, you know you want to. Grab his cock, pull it to your lips you fucking slut. Taste it. Salty, thick, sweet. Take it all in your mouth, give him something to tell his friends. Lick it clean for him.

OK, he's done and so are you. Smile at him, but motion him out of the van. Good he's moving. Look at him one last time, memorize his features. They'll come in handy some night when Jim's away.

Pull up your pant dumb shit. Time to go. He's started the truck. He's driving away. Wave at him...throw a kiss. He's gone. Start the van, lock the doors again, back up and get the hell outta here. Damn...that was amazing! What just happened???? I fucked my first black cock, that's what happened!

OK, get back on the right road and pick up the baby. BABY?...BABY!!!!!... You fuckin' idiot! You should have made him wear a rubber! What a stupid fucking thing to think...you don't carry rubbers with you...and you know deep down inside you didn't want him to wear one anyway. Well, you're not on birth control anymore ... Now, how will I explain that if it happens???

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