tagRomanceNot What It Seems Ch. 01

Not What It Seems Ch. 01


This is my first attempt at writing and I really would appreciate constructive feedback. The idea of the story has been in my head for a while and this took me quite a while to write. I'm not the best at spotting grammatical errors, so I apologize in advance for that. Please do point them out though as I would like to improve. There's a build up to the story and no immediate sex.


February 2010 – Present

"I love her so much. I can't imagine a day without her... will you marry me Alin"

Given a different situation a girl would love the fact that her boyfriend had just proposed to her on the front page of the NYC Post. However, Alin was both furious and upset. She had told John a million times she didn't like to declare her public life for the world to see, yet he had gone ahead with the one thing she hated.

In a way, she knew it wasn't fair on John. He had declared his love for her openly, yet she had never acknowledged it. His proposal came at a right time and it would save her from ruining her life, but she didn't love him. Never had and never will.

Alin made a mistake in the past, loving and trusting a man she shouldn't have. She vowed she would never make that mistake again.


Jared Valentine sat on his balcony in his presidential suite, sipping red wine and chain smoking while reading the front page of the newspaper. It was early morning but his lifestyle had always been a rather unhealthy one. Actually, he changed for one woman at one point in his life. His partying and womanizing ways had changed for her.

Now at the age of 35, Jared was respected by many as a self-made millionaire. Life for him was never an easy ride and when both his parents died in a car crash, he had lived on a bad estate with his grandmother. It took a lot of hard work and gamble to get to where he was today.

Apart from financial success he was an incredibly attractive man; with his 6ft 2 physique broad shoulders, defined muscles and slightly tanned skin tone. His dark chocolate coloured bedroom eyes framed with thick dark eyelashes, defined cheekbones and slight stubble, the maturity and masculinity driving many women crazy.

He had only ever loved one woman in his life; she had thrown it back in his face by betraying him in the most unforgivable way. Thanks to her, he had gain even more financial success.

It was time to cause havoc in good old New York City where he had carefully avoided going for the past years. When Jared Valentine wants to ruin someone completely, ruin is usually an understatement. Revenge is sweet.

With that thought, Jared tossed the newspaper away and called his secretary to book a flight immediately to New York...


Meanwhile in Spain, a Spanish beauty who John Haltor met in a club the previous night was currently under the covers sucking his cock. He was on the verge of coming, but he wasn't thinking of the woman sucking him. John was imagining Alin's luscious lips wrapped around his cock; just the thought made him come.

The proposal he knew was going to be the talk of the city. Alin would be so happy. A proposal for the whole world to see - damn, any girl would want that level of attention. Due to business arrangements he wouldn't be able to see his soon-to-be-wife until the coming weekend, but John could wait.

He had waited forever to finally have her, five years and counting, to be exact. Although he hadn't actually proposed to her in person, he knew she would say yes. No she had to say yes. Who wouldn't want to be his woman? He was one of the most eligible bachelors in New York with a trust fund big enough to feed the whole country. John Haltor was just-above average looking man. With his short blonde slightly curly hair, baby blue eye and 6ft physique, he was used to getting any women that caught his attention – except Alin.

John liked the chase, and Alin proved to be such a thrill and a little bruise to his ego, but eventually after four years of remaining "sort of friend" she had finally chosen to be with him. Unfortunately, after almost a year of dating Alin still remained distant to John. He knew she had trust issues, but she had blamed it on her studies and now her career. Why would you need a career when you were dating me, he thought.

In the beginning, John was understanding, gave her time and space, but by the third month of their sexless relationship John had stopped staying faithful and fucked every woman he had come across.

He longed for her but she kept pushing him away, if it was another woman John would have told her to fuck off. Alin was different, she was naturally beautiful and although she portrayed herself as strong and independent, she was in fact vulnerable and naive. It differs from the other social-climbing and money grabbing whores.

John knew Alin still had feelings for that bastard Valentine, so staying faithful to Alin was out of the question. Sex with other women was his form of revenge. However disaster struck when one of the bitches he fucked sold a story on him. John was convinced Alin would definitely leave him, but surprisingly she forgave him and didn't even confront him about it.

After that incident more women sold their stories to newspapers and magazines. John never denied the fact that he had cheated on her, and she had never asked, so he thought that she must love him too much to lose him. This was his free pass to fuck all he wanted.

He hated the fact that his relationship with Alin always had obstacles. First Valentine, now that bitch Hallie. He knew she constantly tells Alin that she deserves better and all other shit. The thing that fuels his ego is that no matter what he does, Alin still remains faithful to him. In his social circle every man desires to be in his position. He had everything he wanted in a woman: beautiful, intelligent and accepts infidelity, who wouldn't want that?

He knew a lot of other eligible bachelors like himself were after Alin, he has to declare to the whole world that she belongs to him. He felt fucking great with the fact that she is a virgin and he will be the first man to take her. The thought of possessing Alin's mind and soul made him thrust further down the woman's throat. "Oh shit...baby.... oh yeah...I'm coming... bitch swallow that...don't waste a drop."

After the woman had licked him clean, he pushed her away and strolled towards the bathroom to shower. With the public announcement of their engagement, John knew that Alin can finally be his...


It was the eighth time Hallie rang Alin, she prayed she would pick up.

"Hallie I-"

"Listen to me A, where are you now. I assume you've read the newspaper right?" She continued without waiting for an answer. "I'll come over to your work place okay?"

Alin wanted to thank her lucky stars. Over the past years, Hallie had been such a rock to her. An older sister she never had. Shakily, Alin replied, "Hallie, why is my life a constant mess?"


February 2005

"Hallie it's such a big event I don't think I can handle this. You said it was going to be a small affair...but-"

"Alin you can't miss my wedding. Look how many times do I have to persuade you? I don't care what you-"

Alin sighed and explained, "I just...you know how much I hate these high profile events. Jack's dad deals business with him which means, he'll be invited to the wedding. I don't want to see him there!"

Ever since the death of her beloved mother four years ago, Alin had cut almost all ties with her father. The late Anna Serano was a renowned photography and darling of the fashion world. All the major fashion house needed to book appointments months in advance, as demand for Anna was overwhelming.

She met wealthy businessman Timothy Fanning when she was the photography for his sister's wedding. They fell in love instantly and had a whirlwind romance before marrying three months later. Two years later Anna had given birth to Alin.

Timothy Fanning was not a settle down man and after playing the devoted husband for the past three years he started to cast Anna aside. Anna loved her husband very much and instead of confronting his affairs, which were plastered on the front page of gossip magazines and newspapers on a regular basis, she had remained quiet, and had hoped he would change one day. That day never came.

One month before Alin's fifteenth birthday, her father had told Anna that he wanted a divorce, the reason, which Alin knew later, he and a twenty-something aspiring actress was about to have a baby. He had attended a high profile event with the woman, even though Anna was still married to him and they were yet to announce to the public about their divorce. This had caused a huge controversy. To make the situation worse and more humiliating for Anna it was reported on every single newspaper and magazines. The day before Alin's birthday, her mother committed suicide.

To this day, Alin vowed that she would never give herself completely to a man unless they both loved and trusted each other. She promised she would stay a virgin until marriage and would never accept infidelity like her mother.

Last year, on her eighteen birthday, Alin's father had made a huge investment in opening a health food store, Acai, and had begged Alin to be the owner of the store. This was his way of making amends alongside 40% of the profit. Without a lawyer present, she had signed the contract as a sleeping partner, hoping her father would leave her alone due to his insistent. Timothy had made a wise investment and the store proved to be profitable in the first year. To anger her father, Alin donated her 40% to charities.

"Look your father will be there. Unavoidable. Just ignore him as if you don't know him! I'm not defending him but he has tried his best to make amends. I mean the store he opened...look this is his way of making it up to you- money."

"Hallie throwing money in my face is not making amends. I just don't want to make you upset on your wedding day seeing as I'll be so miserable and-"

"Please ... Alin you are like my sister, and YOU CANNOT and I MEAN CANNOT miss my wedding. End of discussion!"

Defeated Alin replied, "Hmm...I'll attend but let me ask you one thin-"

"What is it? AT this point I would tell you anything, even if you want to know every sordid detail of my sex life in the future!"

"Ok! Gross I don't want to know THAT!" Alin sighed, and paused for a few seconds. It was hard to ask Hallie, but she had to warn her.

"Look all jokes aside, I know your wedding is literally next week, but are you sure about marrying Jack? He's not a bad guy, but there's something about him I'm not sure about...I just want you to be 100% comfortable with him before you marry him..."

Alin stopped talking when she realized Hallie's expressionless face. After a significant pause, Hallie's face switched from expressionless, to full on laughter.

"Oh Alin, Alin! This man...I'm going to marry in a week. The man I've been dating for the past year. The man who makes my toe curls when he kisses me. The man, who is going to take my virginity and give me the best orgasm on my wedding night and-"

"Okay okay Hallie I get you! TMI TMI! Fine I'm just concerned about you. We're both nearly 19, and in college. I just don't want you to regret it."

"I know your concern. I love him and he feels the same. Jack is amazing. He might be eight years older than me...but he would never mistreat me. Trust me A, he's definitely the one I want to spend the rest of my life with."


One week later...

"You may now kiss the bride"

After the church ceremony, the wedding celebration continued at a beautiful mansion, where champagnes were flowing and the rich and famous carried on talking about themselves.

Alin attended the wedding with her other best friend Michelle, but she found herself alone when Michelle went off with the best man.

"Hallie you look fabulous I know I said that a million times...but you look...I'm just...so emotional....can't believe you're married!

"Honey, stop it! Stop crying. Your make up is going to run! Gosh I bet Michelle has left you...again!"

Both Alin and Hallie burst out laughing, knowing full well that Michelle has gone and tried to bag herself an eligible bachelor. Hallie suddenly stopped laughing and said, "I know you're not having a good time, truth be told I wanted it small and intimate rather than this...but Jack likes it. I guess to make a relationship work it's all about compromise eh? Hmm anyway, Earlier when we were taking photos, I happen to see a VERY hot guy checking you out!

Alin burst out laughing. It was always a habit between the two friends; Hallie would spot out eligible guys for her, while she would constantly dismiss them, thinking every man was exactly like her father.

When Alin didn't respond, Hallie continued saying, "Well I know why miss studious is not interested in other guys, she's in love with that stupid John Haltor! Gosh, give it a break girl, he's such a jerk! Look if you want him, he's over there. That man would not stop staring at you! Gesturing towards him Hallie hissed, "see?!"

John Haltor was the grandson of the HALTOR Corporation Empire. He never had to work a single day of hard work in his life. His grandfather owned multiple international firms, one being the InteriorD LTD, where Alin worked as an internship outside of her studies.

Alin was shocked; since Hallie was not keeping her voice down she said quietly, "I do not like him! He's technically my boss! I have a lot of respect for him, so stop making assumptions!"

"Hmmm...whatever you say honey...but check out Mr hot guy over there he keeps looking at you, hmm and he's talking to Jack, so I assume they know each other, but he does look familiar though...gosh if I wasn't a taken woman..." Nodding to where 'Mr hot guy' was standing, Alin turned to see a very handsome man and they were immediately locked into eye contact, while he continued to share a conversation with Jack.

Instead of feeling embarrassed about being caught staring the man continued to look and even smiled at her. Alin turned, feeling her cheeks heat up. The conversation between the two men finally ended and Jack was strolling towards his new wife.

"Hey Alin mind if I steal my wife for a bit. I need to introduce her to my father's business partners."

"Jack, who was that guy you were talking to?"

"Him? That's Jared Valentine over there... have you not heard of him, he was the founder of BankSafe.com, and that prick who graces the page of every business. He's one of dad's business associate. That guy has made a name for himself and he's only thirty."

Jack continued talking to himself rather than Hallie and Alin about Jared Valentine in both admiration and jealousy, "I mean the guy doesn't even seek attention, there's hardly any picture of him in the magazine, and yet women still find him. That guy is the definition of an arrogant bastard!"

Hallie had never seen Jack react like this before. He seemed like a different person. Shaking the thought out of her head, she turned to Alin and lowered her voice, "Sorry Alin I'll be back in a bit." With a wink, Hallie left with Jack, leaving Alin on her own.

There were so many celebrities at the wedding, which weren't exactly a surprise seeing as Jack's father owned a law firm, representing many A-Listers, and Hallie's parents were both in the filming industry.

Many young, rich and famous bachelors' had approached Alin and tried their idea of seduction on her, however she wasn't interested. If it wasn't for Hallie she would avoid these kinds of events like the plague. Everyone in the room was in a different world than she was. Growing up she was used to living a modest lifestyle due to her mother's influence, which her father hated.

Being in this mansion reminded her of her father's pretentious attitude towards life and the way he treated people who weren't as well off as him- like shit. After her mother's death she decided to never rely on her father's money again, instead lived a modest allowance given from her mother's inheritance. Alin let out a sigh and walked into the balcony. It was a cold evening but it was what she needed to get away from the overpowering smell of perfume, alcohol and cigarettes. At least it saves her form bumping into her father and John.

John had earlier in the week asked if she was doing anything next weekend and Alin had replied that she was busy with college work, not wanting to go with him and confuse their relationship. She knew he had wanted so badly to talk to her this evening but luckily he had been occupied all evening. She never saw him as more than a brother, but in the work place he had treated her so obviously different from the other interns. Already rumors were starting about her 'servicing the boss' and 'doing over time.' Avoiding him was necessary.

It was a cold evening, so after staying outside for twenty minutes, Alin decided to go back inside. Suddenly she felt someone wrap a jacket around her shoulders. Alin turned, and those seductive chocolate brown eyes staring back down at her was dark and sexy...and oh-so-familiar. Jared Valentine.

She looked simply stunning: her natural beauty aside, she was wearing a full length red gown with a plunging neckline, which displayed her pert and perfect sized breasts. She was slim but had curves in all the right places; her medium length hair was loosely curled while her full seductive pink lips were begging to be kissed. Alin's big brown eyes were looking up at him in surprise and confusion. He was baffled as to how she genuinely didn't know how much she affected every male in the room.

Jared knew that she was a generous and kind person; she was an active volunteer at many children hospices and charities. Most socialites would donate money to get in newspapers and show how charitable they are, but this girl, Jared thought would devote her energy and time for people who needed help- he had witnessed it himself.

Alin felt really uncomfortable under Jared's intense gaze, "um... I was actually about to go back inside" indicating the jacket, she continued, "I don't need this, but thank you-"

Never in his life had a woman not flirt with him when he had made the first move, this had surely knocked him back a little. This was going to be interesting.

"You don't want to go back inside." Jared said bluntly, "I've noticed apart from talking to Jack's wife, you don't associate yourself with anyone else here. I'm only here because of Jack and a few business arrangements; you're only here because of his wife. We both hate this place and most of the people here. Why don't you stay here a lil' longer so we don't have to face the people we don't want to?"


As the evening progressed, Alin felt more comfortable in Jared's company. She was glad she stayed; he was charming, humorous and handsome. Alin knew he was the type to have women falling at his feet. She had vaguely heard of his name and assumed that he was one of those men, but she felt guilty that she had judged and categorized him as her 'father's heartless type'.

Alin was even more surprised that he was down-to-earth and talking to a girl like her, instead of some beautiful supermodel. It was getting late, and she had a presentation to prepare for the next day for her assignment.

"Um – Mr- Um... Valentine, it's getting late, I'm afraid after congratulating Jack and Hallie I'll need to go. It was nice meeting you-"

Jared burst into fits of laughter, "after spending a whole evening with me, you still call me Mr. Valentine? Call me Jared. Mr. Valentine makes me feel so old. Do you want me to take you home?"

Alin was a little disappointed to go. In the beginning as much as she said she didn't like the man she felt that maybe he was different from how the media portrayed him. The charities and hospice that Alin volunteers for, many projects that needed financing were financed by Jared, which he reluctantly acknowledged. The look in his face when she found out it was him sincerely showed that he wished to stay anonymous. It was perhaps fate bringing her to finally meet the person she always wanted to thank.

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