tagRomanceNot What It Seems Ch. 09

Not What It Seems Ch. 09



Yet again I want to apologise for the long wait but with exams and work, this obviously was not my top priority.

I want to thank two readers Fran who encourages me to keep on writing, even though I want to give up at times and to CVC who sends me very long suggestions, which have greatly improved this chapter. Most importantly Jim, who has yet again done a great job with this and made it that much better to read, so again any mistakes found in this chapter, is totally my fault.

This story is drawing to a close, it'll maybe be one or two more chapters before the end, and yes this is a long one, originally wanted to split it in two but since it's been nearly three months since I've posted...

Anyway don't forget to tell me what you think of this chapter, and before anyone asks, I'll try and post the next one very soon!



Alin had been thinking the whole morning of what she could do when Jared came home. The idea of dressing in sexy lingerie and lying in bed so that he could ravish her was something that didn't sound bad. After all, the phone interlude yesterday and his declaration of making love to her until she begged him to stop, lying in bed and playing the seductress would definitely be appreciated. She tingled slightly; secretly hoping Jared lived up to his declaration.

Strolling to the kitchen to grab something to eat, an idea suddenly struck.

She could cook for him!

Since moving in, Jared had always taken her out for meals and even with her privileged upbringing, her mom had never liked eating out in pretentious restaurants, and insisted on cooking wholesome home made meals. Though the idea of cooking for him was definitely not particularly original, it would be a pleasant surprise for him, and who knows she could definitely offer herself for dessert...

"What to do now?" Alin wondered out loud.

Without sounding arrogant, she was a damn good cook, but this was Jared's favourite meal she was trying to re-create. Something he had always told her, no one, absolutely no one could do better than his mom. The meal was stir fried lobster laid on top of crispy noodles, then finished off with dessert of dark chocolate cake with whipped cream. Since Jared had a humble upbringing this meal had always been reserved for special occasions. He often complained that he still hadn't had it anywhere close to his mom's cooking.

Deciding to accept his 'challenge' Alin picked up the ingredients and started to prepare, praying this wouldn't turn into a disaster. What Jared had described was a challenge for a master chef, (the timing for cooking the lobster had to be accurate, the vegetables had to be al dente and the chocolate cake, Jared had said he preferred it not too sweet, but not too bitter). If the top restaurants charging hundreds of dollars for a meal didn't impress him, she didn't know how she could. Still she had eight hours before he returned, which gave her more than enough time to do everything. Or so she thought...


"Is there anything else I can help you with, Mr Valentine?"

The blonde flight attendant's sultry voice drifted into Jared's trains of thoughts until he realized she was actually talking to him. It was the third time she had come and specifically asked him. Though he was in first class, this treatment led to very familiar territory.

"No..." he looked at her name tag, "Gina, it's okay. I don't think I'll need anything for the remainder of this flight. Thanks."

He watched as her expression became sullen but she composed herself quickly and leaned closer, "I understand Mr Valentine, but if there's anything at all you need, please don't hesitate to ask me, I'm willing to help you in any way."

"Thanks Gina." He turned back to the window subtlety dismissing her.

A few years back he would fuck her as soon as he got off the flight or worst fuck her inside the confinement of the cabin bathroom. Funny how money can turn one's eye away from when one's breaking the law. But now, women like the blonde didn't satisfy him. It wasn't because they weren't attractive but because there was someone he couldn't stop thinking about.

He had made a silent vow to himself he couldn't love her, but the more time he spent with her the more he knew his feelings towards her couldn't be controlled. And after these five days apart, Jared no longer wanted to live in denial. Staring out of the window, he couldn't wait to go home.


The messy kitchen, utensils, pots and pan strewn everywhere, Alin's optimism was diminishing more by the second. Her mom once told her confidence is good, too much confidence is arrogance. At the time, she had nodded her head but not truly understanding the meaning. Now she finally understood. Alin spent the past few hours lounging around and working on her latest proposal for a client, assuming that the meal tonight would be an easy enough task. Now looking around at the mess, half cooked food and then the clock, her mom's word really rang home.

Luckily, it wasn't as if she's messed anything up, it was the fact that nothing was going to plan and the workload was killing her. Not only had she been out of practice with cooking, the lobster was very nearly overcooked, and most importantly she nearly forgot to set the oven timer for the cake. Fortunately, she had checked before disaster struck.

Still she was worried. Jared was a perfectionist and she was worried he would be too critical. Even worse the uncertainty of him maybe just politely pushing the food around. Oh god what have I got myself into? Alin thought, mentally wondering if giving up now was an option. Staring at the rising cake in the oven and the cooked lobster, hands on her hips, Alin decided giving up now was definitely not on.

'Okay..." Alin looked around and mumbled out loud, slight panic settling in, "the whip cream's done." She dipped a finger into the soft fluffy cream and licked her fingers, nodding to herself how delicious it tasted, "Now the sauce for the lobster and noodles, then I'm pretty much done." She did a double take and mentally slapped herself, "Damn I haven't even showered or changed." She glanced at the clock, another hour or two before he came back. Deciding her appearance was probably the least important thing, Alin proceeded with the sauce, trying to make sure the consistency was right.

"Something smells nice"

Alin jumped at the sound, turned and was shocked to see Jared leaning against the kitchen counter top, a small smile on his lips.

"Wh-what?" She stuttered in shock, "W-when did you get back?"

Jared came back a good ten minutes ago to the sound of pots and pans clanging, and the delicious wafting smell of chocolate cake. He had proceeded to the kitchen and was taken aback by the sight. Alin dressed in a simple pair of tight fitted jeans and white tank top, bending over to tend the cake. It was a sight he could get used to. Then he heard her groaning as she tasted the whipped cream, it was too bad that she had her back to him, otherwise it was definitely a sight he could get used to.

"I got back ten minutes ago-"

"Oh!? You were standing here-" Alin blushed, if he got back ten minutes ago...he must have heard her checking things off her fingers and her fretting about everything going wrong. He must have thought she was a mad woman.

Jared continued to grin at her. She was so damn sexy and cute, especially since she had no idea she had two streaks of whipped cream on either side of her cheeks.

She folded her arms, somewhat frustrated, "Why are you smiling-"

He tried hard to contain his grin, "because you look so sexy with your hair all loose... and cute with two streak of whipped cream on your face and-"

Alin bit her bottom lip quickly touching her face, where indeed she could feel the wetness. How the hell did she not feel that? Without thinking, she scooped the cream from her face with her finger and licked it.

Talk about sexual innuendo- Jared had never seen anything so innocent yet so alluring-

"The sauce!" Alin exclaimed and turned back round, stirring the content quickly. To her relief, nothing was burnt and the consistent of the sauce was perfect. She was about to tell Jared what a disaster he would have caused, but before she could say anything, he wrapped one arm around her waist, while his other hand covered hers and they both stirred the sauce together.

"Hmm...I think I've got myself a sexy domestic goddess. This smells delicious. Just like mom's cooking... I can't believe you remembered." His hot whispers in her ear were making it hard to concentrate.

Jared started to kiss her neck sucking at the flesh tenderly. He used the distraction to switch the stove off.

"Stop, I need to..." her reluctance was weak and all coherent thoughts were out the window as Jared slid his hand over the apron and underneath her white vest top. She could feel his hardness and his increasingly seductive kisses on her neck.


He turned her round, and looked at her, all dishevelled and hazy eyed staring back at him. Jared brushed her hair away from her face.

"You did this all for me?" he whispered, touched at the effort she had gone to for him.

She nodded unable to speak.

He lifted his hands to circle her lips, "The cream... you left a spot..." and before Alin could do or say anything, he replaced his fingers with his tongue, licked the cream off her lips and kissed her.

Jared had started to untie the apron from her back and undid the button on her jeans. He needed her. He couldn't believe she still remembered, it seemed everything he had told her in the past she had remembered.

Before he could continue with his thoughts, she pushed him away, breaking away from the kiss. "Jared...no...this-" she gestured to the food on the stove "took me ages. We are going to eat it."

He laughed, "Okay, but... do I get to taste you later?"



The presentation of the food looked really good. It was how it tasted, which was the most important. Jared had always confessed his dislike of food that had a small piece of meat on a bed of minuscule salad drizzled with sauce. He had told her food like that was pretentious and pointless; it was home cooked and wholesome food he preferred.

"How is it?" Alin watched him eagerly, noting a small frown. That was definitely not good. It wasn't as if there was any way she could cook as good as his mom, but coming a close second was at least some sort of consolation. She tried to smile, "I didn't expect it to be good. I mean-"

"Try it first." His expression was neutral as he lifted his fork so that she could try. Alin tasted the content off his spoon. She didn't want to admit it, but it tasted pretty good. In fact without sounding arrogant, it was really good. But then again she knew it was Jared, and his unbearably high standards.

Jared scooped up a piece of lobster meat and tasted it. "You know, if I didn't know, I would have thought my mom was cooking for me right now. The lobster's not too stringy or flavourless, which is what you get if you overcook it." He tried the vegetables, "and this is done to perfection." He twirled the slightly crispy noodle with his fork and tasted it, "and this is still crispy and the flavour of the sauce complements the ingredients well. Seriously you're the perfect girl mom's been describing." Jared said teasingly and didn't fail to see the smile on Alin's face as she slightly blushed at his compliment.

Jared remembered when he was younger and his mom had cooked this meal for his birthday, he had simply asked her if anyone could cook as good as she did. She bent down to ruffle his hair and smiled while telling him: "You will. Of course you will honey, and when you find her, marry her."

"Now I think you're just exaggerating, this is my first time making this, how can I, in anyway compare to your mom?" She pouted, disappointed that Jared rather lie to her then tell her the truth.

Jared remembered when he was younger and his mom had cooked this meal for his birthday, he had simply asked her if anyone could cook as good as she did. She bent down to ruffle his hair and smiled while telling him: "You will. Of course you will honey, and when you find her, marry her."

"You're lying." She pouted, disappointed that Jared would rather lie to her then tell her the truth.

He held his hand up in the air innocently. It was by far the best he had tasted. He wasn't being bias, okay maybe a little, but it tasted exactly how mom used to make it. Everything was right. "It is nice! Why would I lie? And-" he held up a hand to stop her protests, "When I finish this meal...I'm going to ravish you for dessert. The chocolate cake can wait."


They both made light conversation during dinner, and from the appreciative noises Jared made whilst eating the meal, even asking her for seconds, Alin was pretty sure he did enjoy it. After he was finished, Alin cleared the plates and went inside the kitchen to prepare the cake. It was a rich slice of moist chocolate cake with whipped cream on the side.

"I said dessert can wait didn't I?" Jared had come up behind her prying the plate out of the hand and placed it on the kitchen top. He kissed her tenderly with a hint of urgency. In between kisses he whispered, "You know we've never christened every room..."

"Jared, we can't do it here!" Alin half protested but she was curious and excited about the idea.

"We sure can." He whispered back. "But before we go on..." he swept her hair to the side, "I've got a present for you."

"Jared, not another diamond necklace. I appreciate it, don't get me wrong. But-"

He laughed and put a chain round her neck. Alin looked down, expecting to see a sparkling pendant shining back at her, but it wasn't. It was a set of keys.

She turned back to him. Instead of his usual teasing looks, he looked at her with softness in his eyes.

"I remember when we first met, you asked me what my favourite season was. I thought it was such a...random question. But I answered summer. And the reason I gave you was because I get to see girls in next to nothing. You laughed, but disagreed with my reason. You said summer was your favourite because when the sun is shining, it made you happy. When you said that, I remember you smiling back at me. I'd never seen anything so beautiful. So, when I was in California I thought about taking you somewhere really hot, Maldives, Hawaii, South Africa, Egypt... but with our work schedule, I knew you wouldn't want to tear yourself away for a few days let alone for a week. Then I was in LA discussing the contract, not really paying attention, then while the man was talking, I looked at the window and thought, wouldn't it be great if we had a holiday home?" he picked up the set of keys that were around her neck. "This place is near the beach and it's yours. Just need you to sign the papers." He shrugged his shoulders, "from time to time you get your sunshine and I get to see you in a bikini and your smile- what's not to like-"

Her lips were on his before he could finish. It wasn't because he bought her an apartment, though that was pretty generous of him, but because he wanted her happy. He wanted to see her smile. With Hallie and Ryan being the exception, no one really cared whether she was happy or not. She could never tell him she loved him, because she feared it wouldn't be returned, so instead she poured everything in that kiss.

He lifted her up, placing her on the kitchen counter top while he continued to kiss her. He wanted her, wanted her so badly. "Alin, I want you; I want to hear you scream for me tonight. I couldn't stop thinking about you these five days. Do you have any idea how many times I've wanted to be inside you? To make love to you until you scream my name?"


"Let me love you."

She felt tears at his sweet words. How was it that four simple words can make her quiver and weak for him? Men say things in the throes of passion they don't mean, Alin knew this but still she hoped, really hoped she was as important to him as he was to her.

Ever so slowly he took off her tank top and then he unclasped her bra. He let his lips linger on hers, then slowly trailing his lips to her ear, "Do you have any idea..." his breathing became even more ragged as the softness of her skin touched his. "...I couldn't stop thinking about you. Alin, I need you...please, Alin tell me you need me too."

Alin "Yes...Jared...I need you."

He took a nipple in his mouth, groaning at what he had missed. How the hell did he even manage to survive five days? Taking the chance to undo her tight jeans, he impatiently tossed it aside, while his lips and tongue played havoc with both her nipples. Using his hand he lightly traced over every inch of her skin until he was close to her pussy. Feeling the front of her panties he could feel the moisture that gathered and the heat. Impatiently, he pulled her panties aside, he traced every fold of her wet pussy, as he fought to control himself at finding how wet she was for him.

Alin pulled him closer to her breasts as he continued to tease her nipples with his wicked tongue and his fingers lightly stroking her clit. She needed him, but it seemed he took greater pleasure in teasing her to the point of insanity than giving her what she wanted.

"Please-" she moaned breathlessly. "Jared...I n-need you...please."

Jared moved his kisses to her luscious lips, and removing his hand from her pussy reluctantly, he started to strip himself of his clothing. He was so hard it hurt. Five days- okay maybe four days after one solitary completion in the shower, the pent up sexual frustrations made his cock twitch as he released it from its confinement.

He held his erection in his hand and slowly stroked it, while teasing her with light kisses on the corner of her lips, "do you know how hard I've been for the past five days thinking of you spread out on the kitchen table." He started to trace his erection along her wet pussy and occasionally slipping the head of it inside of her before pulling out again, "do you have an idea what seeing you right now do to me" his breathing became erratic, he slowly inched his way into her before burying himself all the way to the hilt.

Feeling her tightness wrapped around him and the way she clenched and unclenched her muscles made him stop to compose himself. He bit his lip hard as the sensation of her pussy made it so painful not to pound into her and fuck her relentlessly. He spread her legs wider and leaned down to capture her lips. Slowly he started to thrust into her deep, his lips catching each moan she emitted. He was holding her close as if he never wanted to let her go.

That was it.

He stopped moving suddenly; still hard inside her. Alin looked up at him, wide innocent eyes staring up at him. She smiled mischievously at him.

His breath hitched.

"Alin... I l-love you."

He searched her expressions as she remained speechless. Jared wanted to die there and then, of course after making love; at least it was a good way to go. It might be obnoxious but he had never felt rejection before. Truthfully he had to be the one to stop women from throwing themselves at him. But now wasn't about his ego, it was the fact that she didn't feel the same for him. He buried his head into the crook of her neck so that he didn't further betray how much the unreturned love had hurt him. He started to push into her gently, as she opened her legs wider to accommodate him.

Alin remained speechless at his revelation. Instead she chose to fully compose herself before she answered him, because truthfully, the words could mean nothing to him. He started to thrust into her before she answered, and he buried his head in the crook of her neck. she shuddered as he touched her so intimately, the tense feeling in the pit of her stomach built up, Alin craved for the release- craved for him to take her faster, but he was going so slow that she could feel his hardness sliding in and out of her pleasurably.

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