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Not What It Seems Ch. 11


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Happy Christmas and New Year!



"Twenty five minutes..."

Jared dropped the phone on the floor. He paused and looked down to see the screen on his cell phone shatter. He froze on the spot, just staring at the smashed phone. She'd left him. He knew he deserved it after the callous way he had treated her, but it hurt so much.

Was she that repulsed by him? Did she regret last night? Or was this a final goodbye? A closure to their relationship?


He couldn't leave so many things unsaid. Maybe he was selfish, but he needed answers, he'd rather she told him directly that she hated him and would never see him again than let her leave him like this. Jared knew he had to make things right, which meant starting off with 'mending', his relationship with the Haltor Corporation...


Martin Haltor clenched his fist in anger as he tried hard to digest the news. "No! We were about to sign the contract! What the fuck happened? They can't do that?" He shouted down the phone as his attorney delivered the news. It was a stupid question really, but receiving the news that he would lose a few $100 million dollars' worth of contracts' to an amateur would make any sane and smart man angry and slightly off-balanced.

Just what the hell did Valentine do?

"Okay, fine." Martin huffed down the phone, suddenly feeling light headed, "Tell those bastards, whatever Valentine offered, I'll offer 15% more." It was beyond desperate, the board would likely put pressure for him to quit.

The other end was silent for a moment as his lawyer tried the most diplomatic way to deliver the news to the domineering man. "Mr Haltor, a week ago Mr John Haltor contacted me about withdrawing the initial offer for the contract. I had advised him against it, but he insisted that the offer for Mr. Petrov was too generous. Mr Petrov's team said they'd consider it. I'm afraid, this morning they withdrew the offer and had signed with BankSafe, since the offer offered by the Haltor Corporation was too low.

I contacted you about it, but you were on vacation. Mr John Haltor insisted that it was your wish..." He didn't bother to mention that John's attitude towards the Russians and Chinese was nothing short of obnoxious- even with the extra 15% they wouldn't have got the contract anyway.

Martin was seething.

His grandson- time and time again, has somehow got a kick out of humiliating him, not only that, but also cost him a hell of a lot of money. His personal life was chaotic, with his inability to choose suitable women, Martin thought, as he stifled through the daily antics of his embarrassing grandson plastered again on the front pages of every paper, his arms around two dirty whores.

He wasn't sure what was wrong with his grandson. It seemed he just loved to associate shit with the family name. Martin had thought putting his grandson in charge with some of their major clients would finally give him some sense of responsibility, but how wrong he was to think for one second his grandson wouldn't fuck up.

However, this time, even Martin knew his grandson wasn't that stupid to interfere with those contracts. It must have been Valentine's manipulative ways and, if his intuition was right, it was obvious Jared had some kind of hold on his grandson. Martin scoffed; it wasn't that hard to find skeletons in his grandson's cupboard, since he'd probably be happy to direct you to it.

With the lost contracts he didn't know how he could face the board and shareholders. It was no secret that those greedy fuckers wanted to kick his grandson out.

He sincerely hoped his intuition was wrong. On the other hand, familiar with his grandson's stupidity, it was likely he had got himself into a lot of trouble. It was about time he gave him an ultimatum, maybe even a hard lesson.

Unbeknownst to Martin, things were going to get a lot worst.


John felt his hand sweat as he held on to the remote control. He switched on his 3D 60inch TV and swallowed hard.

This morning at five he was woken up by the constant ringing of his cell phone. At first he had ignored it. He was tired as hell after rounds of fucking with the two girls who were currently fast asleep on either side of him. He smiled smugly as he remembered the way both girls dropped to their knees and-

"Fuck!" he muttered as his phone rang again. He reached across the girl on his left hand side and picked up the phone from the bed side table. It was Perry Anderson, the senior executive at Haltor Corporation who had been helping him.

"What?" He growled down the phone. The girls was woken up by his harsh tone, but realising his anger was not directed at them, both smiled at him and let their hands wander to his cock. Using one hand, he fondled the blonde's breast leisurely, waiting for Perry to explain why he had decided to call him at this ridiculous time.

John wasn't concentrating on what Perry was talking about. He let him drone on and on whilst one of the girls crawled under the covers and started to tease his cock with her warm lips.

Even through his hazy pleasure state, John did manage to catch a few words. After taking some time to process he asked for Perry to repeat what he had just said. It took all his strength to push those hungry bitches off of him, when reality slapped him hard in his face. Sensing his sudden anger, the girls quickly dressed and left.

"Fuck!" John growled.

Perry had tried hard to explain to him about the shit they were in. His voice shaking he explained that news were already circulating of their involvement personally with Charles and his 'sad' attempt at getting back with Alin. This was going to be the breaking news due to be broadcasted in every major TV network.

After hanging up on Perry in shock, John took a deep breath. Cell phone still in his hand, he tried to control his shaking. Sweat was already gathering on his forehead.

Money can fix this, money can fix this. I'm John Haltor, for fuck sakes! John chanted to himself and felt his heart beat ease a little.

His mind returning to a more rational state, John thought about why his grandfather hadn't contacted him yet. Yeah it was early and US markets may not have fully opened yet, but surly his grandfather would know by now? Though, John knew the old man well, which did not make his situation any better.

His grandfather was a silent killer and believed the best way was to let his preys have their guard down. He knew he was in shit, because by now his grandfather would know that Valentine had got the contracts. But the news today was on a totally different level. He was no better than a dead man.

John crept across his large bedroom and lifted the corners of the blinds. There were a few reporters already lurking around, trying to pretend to be passers-by. John was used to their ways so could spot one a mile away.

John felt the anger in him rise. He clenched his fists so hard that his nails dug into his skin painfully. But he felt nothing but anger.

He was going to kill Jared Valentine- hire someone to put a bullet through his head. They had a fucking agreement and he had broken that. John couldn't believe Jared Valentine would dare do this shit.

But he wasn't worried, money could fix everything, he reminded himself.

After all, he was the only son to carry the bloodline. He was confident his grandfather would somehow help him sweep all this under the rug, of course, after lecturing him.

John was confident his grandfather would never leave him in the gutter.


Martin Haltor massaged his temples. Three days ago he was optimistic, even with having to explain to the board why he (and his grandson) had lost hundreds of millions of dollars, he didn't think it could get much worst. Maybe this was karma. After fucking so many people to get to where he was today, he had to pay back, in the form of his idiotic grandson. His long time friend and The Haltor's Corporation attorney had informed him of the news this morning at the crack of dawn.

At first he thought it was a joke. His grandson might have more money than sense but he really thought it was maybe a late April's Fool joke, because truthfully who could be that stupid?

Then his friend forwarded the front page of every single newspaper and magazine that were due to print the stories of his grandson. Eleven of the most influential newspapers and magazines were plastered with shocking headlines associated with his grandson and would be sold today when markets resumed its activities.

"Can we stop it from printing? Gag those fuckers?"

"Martin," he heard his friend sigh, "There's no way we can gag the media."

"Can we take legal action once it's printed then?!"

Even as the words left his mouth he knew clearly how it worked. Freedom of the press meant there was no way they could sue. Even if there was a case, it would take months, which by the time his grandson's character would've been blackened, dragging the family name into the equation. Even if they eventually did win, they'd be compensated with loose change.

But the worst news was hearing his attorney tell him that the reasons why those influential papers would dare print about his grandson were due to the compelling evidence alleging John's involvement. Also between Martin and his attorney, everyone knew it was true anyway. His grandson was capable of many stupid things; he wasn't surprise to add this to the list.

The truth was, Martin, for sometime had been aware that John had done a lot of shit to ruin Valentine and his company. He was also sure that the E-bid contract they got five years ago was because his grandson hadn't done anything by the book. Though well aware it may have been pretty much illegal, Martin didn't give a shit as long as it made him money.

Martin swept everything off his desk in anger. Slamming his fist on the desk hard, he couldn't comprehend why his incompetent son and his wife only produced one heir to carry on the family name. Sure, Martin did have two daughters who both had sons. His daughters' sons were promising young men, who graduated top in class and have achieved greatly in the Haltor Corporation. However with all their achievements, they weren't a Haltor.

He didn't build his empire to give to other people who didn't carry his surname. All these years they had dotted on John. Years of spoiling him had turned him arrogant, incompetent and foolish.

Martin was always a selfish man. Even if he had to betray his own parents to save himself, he would. He pondered his options and decided if the worst situation was to play out, he would definitely not be the one to pay.


John underestimated the amount of dogs outside The Haltor Corporation. This morning after kicking the two women out of his bed, he had reassured himself a thousand times that money could fix everything, so had decided to go back to bed, since Perry Anderson woke him up at some ungodly hour.

When he woke up about three hours later, he had hoped everything was just a nightmare. However, when he crept across the room to look outside the window, the amount of reporters' outside, it confirmed that this indeed was not a bad dream.

He began frantically making calls to his attorney 'friend' to see if there was anything he could do to repair the damage. However, there was one very important thing he learnt. When you're down, no one wanted to be associated with you- no one. It was as if he was an incurable contagious disease. All the people that were his so-called friends, who would lick his ass, didn't return any of his calls. He was desperate and his grandfather still hadn't called him. He wasn't sure what the hell was going on, but he could feel something sinister lurking around.

It didn't help with the statement Jared released this morning either.

He peeked outside the window once again and saw the growing numbers of reporters and paparazzi hanging outside his lush penthouse. Fucking dogs, he thought. He had to get to the office and see his grandfather and their attorney and see if there was anything he could do. His grandfather was a powerful man. There must be a way, John reassured himself, and with the help of his assistants they left his penthouse via the back.

But now as he arrived at the building he didn't know how to get out of his car. He had already informed security to guard outside so that he could get to the top floor quickly. He took a deep breath and exited the car. Even with his sunglasses on, of course they were able to spot him. The crowd of paparazzi and reporters were all over him.

"John, John..."

"John is it true about the allegations that you were the one behind the release of the pictures with Alin?"

"Charles Francis was arrested last week for fraud and selling company secrets to The Haltor Corporation and according to the NY Daily Times you were involved. Do you have any comments to make?"

"This morning Jared Valentine, who hardly releases personal press statement expressed that whoever was involved in these scandals, he'd see to receiving justice. What do you have to say to this?"

"Shut the fuck up." John screamed at the paparazzi as they tried to get the best picture of him.

"The Haltor Corporation's shares dropped 19% today. Is there pressure for you to resign?" They continued further provoking him.

"Many sources claimed Alin Fanning refused to marry you in the past because she found out you were the one behind her split with Jared Valentine five years ago. According to MT.COM you orchestrated the whole thing. Is that true?"

"John, here, John, John..."


Jared read the morning newspaper with his feet on the desk. He was a professional and normally this sort of posture and behaviour wouldn't be seen dead on him, but this place wasn't his- yet. Besides, remaining professional, was definitely not on his agenda today.

"Jenny, Jenny!" John shouted as he got out of the elevator. "Where is my grandfather? Fucking dogs! I want to see no one reading any papers today with my face on it or anyone surfing the web with any news associated with me, okay? Make sure IT monitors the web and informs me so I can personally fire their fucking ass. Make sure no one is here. Make sure no one enters this floor! Do you understand?"

Jenny looked at John fearfully.

"Are you stupid? I said do you fucking understand me?

She nodded but was about to speak when he cut her off. "Also, make sure security get those dogs away."

"Mr Haltor-"

"Are you listening to anything I'm saying, you stupid bitch?"

She gasped in shock, as tears formed in her eyes. Before she could protest, Jared came strolling out of the office. "John, seriously manners and respect for those who work for you don't cost." He turned to Jenny, "Jenny, it's okay, have an early day. Go home and get refreshed, okay?"


Four hours before...

"Mr Valentine, reception just called up... Martin Haltor's PA informed that he's waiting outside in his car. He's requesting to see you."

Jared got into his office at four this morning. He couldn't sleep and he knew if he didn't get in extra early this morning, there was no way in hell he could with the amount of reporters and paparazzi ready to pounce on him.

Besides, today Jared knew Martin would come to see him. Damage control was definitely needed at The Haltor Corporation. Jared knew he had the upper hand in the situation but seeing as the old man was a cunning fox, he knew he had to prepare himself mentally, if he was to bargain with the old man.

Jared knew exactly what he wanted and no matter what he'd definitely be getting it by the end of today.

Jared smiled slowly, "Sara, do you mind escorting him up?"

She nodded in understanding, used to her boss's way. She too had to come in at some ludicrous time today, but the pros far outweighed the cons, and besides he was too generous to her, so it really didn't matter to Sara too much, "Of course, Mr Valentine.

Martin Haltor with his sunglasses on entered the building, greeted by Valentine's PA. As they arrived on the top floor, Martin knew the games have officially begun. Valentine was devious, but he forgot he was still an amateur at this. If he thought he could fuck up an empire he built when he was still in his diapers, he had another thing coming.

"Martin," Jared said as he got up to shake his hand. "Sara, please get us some refreshments."

The old man did not extend his hand, "No it's okay. This won't take long." Martin said impatiently, noting Jared's smirk. He couldn't wait to wipe that grin off of the kid's face.

Jared nodded to Sara, indicting she could leave and go about her usual work. "Only if you're sure, Martin," he retorted, "Anyway, to what do I owe this honour of you visiting my humble office?"

"Valentine, cut the bull crap, you know why I'm here!"

Jared shook his head and went around his large desk and sat on his chair. He had always somewhat admired Martin Haltor. The old man was a pioneer of modern financial and communication services and a respected figure in the business world. When he was a teenager, he aspired to be just like Martin Haltor, with his business acumen and cool persona. Now, watching the old man clench his fist in anger and talking to him in that tone, Jared never would have guessed him to be so blatant.

His lips curled. "Martin, take a seat, please, I insist." He gestured to the chair.

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