tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNot What Was Planned Ch. 03

Not What Was Planned Ch. 03


Once autumn came, Jimmy and Maggie were reunited and headed to college together. The small liberal arts school had a program that was especially attractive to them, a small Honors dorm. Given that they were on scholarships and in the program, the school gave them the privilege of choosing that dorm as a couple.

Not that they would share a room, but they would be in an uncrowded setting with five other undergraduate couples, overseen by resident advisors, an older couple who were graduate students at the university across town. The dorm was a remodeled older home that once must have been practically a mansion for a single family. Now, it was three rooms for men on the first floor and three rooms for women on the second. The couple who acted as advisors had a two-room apartment on the first floor, and each floor also featured bathrooms and showers. The downstairs bath had sinks and private toilets and an open shower room with four showers, and the one upstairs was similar except that it had two shower stalls with curtains and two tubs with curtains. In the basement, there was a kitchen and a large rec room that was also used for residents' meetings.

Without financial aid to a larger school, both Maggie and Jimmy saw this college as a great place to start, figuring that they could transfer elsewhere in a couple of years. Jimmy and Maggie shared a desire to work as physical or occupational therapists, they hadn't decided which, but the programs would be similar.

They left their homes, as well as Josh and Bonnie, behind and drove to the campus in a tightly packed car the Friday before classes were to begin. Of course, they looked forward to being in the same house together and they had plans of being able to share even more togetherness there on occasion, once they knew their roommates and their roommates' schedules better. Their introduction to those roommates suggested how their plans might change.

At the house, Laura and Jack, the resident advisors met them right away. Laura was a slender woman, nearly 30, and already with a few gray streaks in her long, braided black hair, making her look the part for the research librarian she was working on becoming. Jack, the same age, had a softer looking physique and a beard, almost exactly what you'd expect a psychology PhD student to look like. Both wore denim-colored shirts, and his jeans were matched by her long denim skirt, a style that showed the influence of their hippie parents. Naturally, Jack and Laura were very friendly and gave the newcomers pamphlets to look at later and keys to their rooms.

They unloaded Maggie's stuff first. Maggie carried a suitcase and her laptop up the steps, while Jimmy followed with a box of books and supplies. No one was in the room when she entered, but they both saw Jimmy's roommate immediately. A framed pair of pictures of a young man, obviously a boyfriend, sat on one of the desks. He appeared to be about 5' 6" and had a nice smile. In one of the pictures, the young man was leaning against a doorway in full sunlight, and in the other, he was walking into a lake. In both, he was nude.

Jimmy said, "I think your roommate may be a free spirit. Just a hunch."

Maggie laughed and said, "I hope when I meet her boyfriend that I can look him in the face." She still looked closely enough to note how his penis seemed smaller than Jimmy's.

A few more trips back and forth to the car was all they needed to get Maggie's belongings into her room. Jimmy asked, "Can you think of anything else you need that we should get?"

"Maybe some picture frames," she said, and they laughed.

Within moments, Jimmy was thinking he might like to get some frames too. His roommate's desk had a similarly hinged frame with two pictures of a young woman posed in the same settings and also nude. She had sandy blond hair, tea-cup breasts with dark nipples, and no pubic hair hiding the straight line of her vagina.

Maggie remarked, "She must be my roommate, and the guy in the pictures upstairs must be your roommate. So we're both with free spirits, I guess."

"Do you think you can get along with free spirits?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeah, but I'll have to come down here a lot to make sure you don't forget what I look like."

"I couldn't forget that sight," Jimmy said.

"But a picture would help, is that what you're thinking?" They both laughed, and they finished unloading the car in a more romantic mood than they'd expected for the task.

That evening when they finally did meet their roommates, Kristina and Justin, Jimmy and Maggie both noticed that neither commented at all about the pictures. No explaining, no bragging. It was if the pictures were just part of the usual stuff anybody might have on their desk.

Anyway, Jimmy and Maggie liked them both on first impressions. Kristina was from the suburbs, showed an interest in Maggie and Jimmy's hometown right away, and had an easy laugh. Justin, when introduced to Maggie said, "Hey, Red." Maggie had certainly heard that before, but she could tell that Justin had a way of giving his friends nicknames, and regular names were for strangers and people he didn't like, so she accepted his gesture readily. Besides, laughing along with him helped her take her mind off of thinking about what he looked like nude. Jimmy, or "Hey, Slim," liked both of them too, but he worried a bit about not appearing to be always thinking of Kristina's lack of pubic hair.

By Sunday, everyone had moved in and could get together in the basement for an orientation dinner and party. Jimmy and Maggie told the group about their hopes to become physical or occupational therapists. Kristina said she wanted to study English and then enter Law school, while Justin was interested in photojournalism. Of course, Jimmy and Maggie already knew about the interest in photography.

Among the others, Jen, whose parents were Chinese, also thought she might get into physical therapy, and her boyfriend, Lee, wanted to pursue a business career. Jen joked that her father would have preferred he spelled it L-I, but Lee was close enough. Carter and Janet were a black couple from Chicago, northern suburbs as he emphasized, not the north side. He was going to go to med school and become a dietician, and she liked hospitality management and could cook well enough to run a restaurant. Alexandra, or Alex, was majoring in dance, and Sean shared her interest the musical arts, but as a cellist. Finally, Katie thought she would wind up in the fashion business somehow, and Jon just said he hoped he would wind up with Katie because he didn't know what field he wanted to pursue yet.

Maggie and Jimmy liked all their housemates, as well as Laura and Jack, who didn't seem to be emphasizing the rules in any strict way. When Jen asked Maggie, "Does Kristina really have a nude photo of Justin on her desk?" Laura was easily within earshot and didn't appear to mind if Kristina did have such a photo.

Maggie learned more about the relaxed attitude within the first week of school. As is often the case in the Midwest in September, the summer heat was not gone. Outside the second floor window at the end of the hall, the roof above the rear entrance had a deck that some of the girls used for sunbathing. Putting towels over the railings ensured that, if they stayed down, no one would see them.

Kristina invited Maggie to come out for a break from school work, and with all the guys gone to the basketball courts, she joined her. Even Janet came, although she laughed that she didn't think she'd be getting any tanner. Her skin was a lovely deep brown, and her white one-piece swimsuit made an attractive contrast. Kristina and Alex removed their tops as soon as they sat down, while Jen and Katie kept their tops on.

Maggie, whose fair skin easily burned, didn't expect to get a tan and stayed closer to the side of the deck that was shaded. She lay on her stomach and talked with the others. Eventually, Katie was persuaded by Kristina's teasing to remove her top, and then they turned to Jen, Janet and Maggie. Janet said, "I don't need to worry about tan lines, so don't give me that story you told Katie." Jen was clearly not going to join them, but Maggie figured they'd be satisfied if she loosened her top and remained on her stomach.

The talk changed to other subjects, and Maggie did not pay attention when Kristina and Alex were passing a cell phone back and forth. That night, she learned that all the guys were sharing emails of pictures taken on the deck. Jimmy showed her the photos on his computer. One showed Janet and Jen, another showed Kristina and Katie, topless. And the last showed Alex, topless, talking to Maggie. Maggie was embarrassed to see that she was raised up on her elbows just enough to expose a nipple just grazing her towel.

Jimmy liked the picture, and she knew that the others were aware of the camera and blamed herself for not paying attention. At least her breasts were not as openly on display as some others were. None of the guys made a big deal of it either, and Jack and Laura never talked to anybody about misbehaving. When she thought about the fact that her male housemates had seen her that way, she reminded herself that she had a more explicit picture of one of them to look at.

And she did have to admit that she liked the way Jimmy reacted. They had a romantic evening planned soon after. Maggie had heard Kristina say that she and Justin were going to stay over night someplace. She didn't know where or why, but it didn't matter. What mattered was that she and Jimmy would have a room to themselves for a Saturday night. Those plans would have worked out better if Maggie had realized that Stay Over Night was the name of a dance club.

Jimmy came up to Maggie's room for the night. They did not rush into bed, but they had their clothes off and were lying there together by 7. At first, they enjoyed just the sweet sensations of their bodies against one another's. Jimmy liked the softness of her breasts on his chest, and Maggie liked the firmness of his penis between their stomachs. She had a specific desire this night, though. When they were in the tent, Jimmy had kissed her body all over, and now she wanted to return the favor, and more.

Jimmy was more than willing to rest on his back when she pushed him back and started to play with his nipples, and he wasn't going to interrupt her once her kisses began trailing down his stomach. He loved the gentle feel of her tongue on his testicles and penis as she licked every inch of his manhood. Maggie took her time in getting his penis wet and slick because she wanted it to slide smoothly between her lips when she was ready to try sucking him for the first time. Her patience worked well, and Jimmy's satisfied moans told her she was good at it, which only made her suck with more vigor.

She was unsure about his orgasm and whether or not to hold his penis in her mouth, but the moment never came. Sounds near the door, then keys in the lock preceded Justin and Kristina, who entered the room before Maggie could gather the sheet all the way around her and Jimmy. Justin saw Maggie's breast from the side as she struggled with the sheet she had pulled over her shoulders before trying to lie next to Jimmy and arrange it over them, and Kristina saw Jimmy's nude body for the moment it took for Maggie to get the sheet in place.

Justin was taken aback, but said, "Hey, Slim. Hey, Red."

Kristina said, "Slim? More like Stretch, I'd say. Sorry, I couldn't help noticing."

In the next few minutes, they cleared up the confusion about where Kristina and Justin had been, and Justin said with a wink that "We pretty much had the same idea you two had."

"And we pretty much agree with you guys that Jimmy and Justin's room is too hot and stuffy," Kristina added as she sat on the other bed.

No one said anything for a moment, and then Kristina shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, there's a bed not being used, and roommates are all about sharing, right?" With that, she pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a red bra that pushed her breasts together. Behind her, Justin took her action as a cue to begin undressing too. Kristina unfastened her bra and tossed it aside. Jimmy couldn't believe she was stripping right there and couldn't take his eyes off the scene either. In profile, her breasts appeared more pointy, tipped with deep rosy nipples. Justin already had his shirt and jeans off, pausing only a second to see that Maggie too was looking surprised, but also looking at him as he pulled his boxers down and off. His penis stood out about 5 inches.

Kristina, who now had her jeans at her ankles and was pulling them free, noticed Maggie's stare. "Don't feel sorry for me, Maggie. It isn't as big as Jimmy's, but I can't get enough of it."

Maggie was struggling to find words to get out of this predicament, but said only, "I wasn't thinking that. I like the way it looks." And then she felt embarrassed again for having commented on Justin's penis.

Kristina's matching red panties held Jimmy's attention, and she did not keep him waiting long. With her jeans tossed aside, Kristina stood up and eased her panties down without turning away from them as they hid under the sheet in the other bed. The reality matched the picture. Jimmy was looking at a smooth, hairless vagina. Even Maggie had to stare a bit. Kristina gave them wink, and climbed on the bed, saying, "Don't let us stop you from doing what you were doing."

Justin had laid on his back, and now Kristina was over him on her hands and knees facing his feet. Scooting back, she brought her vagina to his upturned mouth and found his penis with her mouth. They licked and sucked each other for a few minutes before allowing themselves occasional glances over at Jimmy and Maggie. Maggie had remained on the other side of Jimmy, away from the other couple, but she was watching as she held herself against him. "What should we do?" she whispered.

She meant it as a question about how to get out of the way, but he took her hand and guided it down to his penis. Maggie felt it and was astounded to find it even harder than before, maybe longer. She remembered how he seemed to like being seen at the campground and understood his silent request now.

Carefully, Maggie moved down his body, keeping the sheet around her shoulders as best she could. Jimmy lay flat on his back, turning his head to watch Kristina on Justin and then back to watch Maggie. Maggie knelt between his legs, necessarily uncovering Jimmy's body and giving Kristina a clear view of his penis. Jimmy smiled at Maggie, and she knew he was excited, which excited her.

Taking his penis back in her mouth, she moved her mouth up and down on it, pausing sometimes to stroke its wet length in her hand.

"That's so beautiful," Kristina said, and Maggie looked over to see her doing much the same to Justin's penis.

Returning her loving attention to Jimmy's penis, Maggie moved up and down on it more urgently. The sheet slid from her shoulders and fell back around her waist, and this time, she let it go. Maggie had her arms in front of her as she played with Jimmy's penis, covering herself a little, but Jimmy could still see her breasts and turned to see whether Justin was looking. He was. Jimmy's orgasm bolted through him, and Maggie held his penis in her mouth until the final throb.

Maggie sat back, keeping part of the sheet around her middle, but otherwise making no effort to cover herself, allowing them all to see her breasts. She used another part of the sheet to wipe Jimmy's penis down, and then turned just in time see Kristina moan in ecstasy, simultaneously tugging on Justin's penis and causing it to shoot semen several inches into the air.

Maggie gathered herself after a moment and lay back down next to Jimmy again. She pulled the sheet up to her waist and put her body against his, hiding her breasts again. She did not cover Jimmy, feeling that he could pull the sheet over if he wanted. He left the sheet where it was.

As for Kristina, she turned around and finally put her head on the pillow next to Justin's. No one spoke. For that reason, the sound of the phone was all the more startling. Kristina pulled herself out of bed to answer it. Standing at the foot of the beds, she seemed completely comfortable in her nudity, unconcerned about facing Jimmy or not.

From what they heard her say, it was apparent that Maggie's mom was calling. After a little small talk, Kristina said, "Sure, she's here. I'll hand her the phone."

But the phone didn't have that kind of cord, and Maggie would have to get up. Her clothes were on a chair on the other side of the other bed. If she wanted the sheet, she'd practically have to strip the bed. Reluctantly, because she didn't want to keep her mom waiting and because she knew Justin was watching, she got out of bed and kept herself turned away from him. There was a mirror over the desk, and she could see Jimmy smiling at her as she bared her bottom to them all. Seeing Justin's smile reminded her that he could see her breasts again in the mirror, but it was too high to show anything else.

Her modesty was making Kristina and Justin giggle, though, and Jimmy was fighting the giggles too. Maggie looked over her shoulder to shush the boys so as to keep her mom from hearing them. Then her mom gave her some addresses Maggie had asked for, and Maggie needed her notebook from the nightstand between the beds. The thought that flashed through her mind was of her letting Josh see her naked while they were camping, but that Josh had been a friend for years by then, while Justin was someone she had met only days ago. Still, here she was, already naked in front of Justin, just not facing him yet. So Maggie looked in the mirror again at the boys and braced herself, knowing that Jimmy would enjoy the sight as much as Justin would.

"Hang on a sec while I get a paper and pencil, mom," and Maggie put down the phone. Nervous, but determined, she turned to step between the beds, getting very close to Justin and Jimmy as she retrieved her notebook. Back on the phone, Maggie gave up any sense of modesty and remained facing the others, turning only to write something down now and again.

Still stifling his giggles, Justin got a piece of paper, wrote something on it, and held it up for Maggie to read. It said, "Hey! It's Red!" Maggie felt all the more self-conscious at the thought of everyone looking between her legs and being so fascinated with her pubic hair. Justin held up another note, reading, "Always that red or just in the Fall?" Now Maggie stifled her own giggle. The thought that occurred to her then was that, even if it was embarrassing to have Justin commenting on her pubic hair, it was also a little flattering to attract such attention from a guy whose girlfriend shaved hers.

Off the phone, Maggie returned to bed and tossed the sheet back rather than get under it. Jimmy had an erection back, and looking over, she saw Justin was similarly hard. "Nothing to hide this time," Maggie said, and she climbed on top of Jimmy, rubbing her body over him, and then rising up to push his penis up into her. She rocked up and down on him, dimly aware that Kristina was shadowing her movements the whole time. As Maggie neared her orgasm, she arched her back and put her hands on Jimmy's knees, pushing her breasts up and out and pushing her red-tufted mound forward. At the last moment, she turned to watch the other two, and it seemed like she and Kristina climaxed at the same moment. Coming down from her high, she looked at Jimmy, and his face showed more satisfaction and pride than she'd ever seen. Almost involuntarily, her vagina gave his penis one more squeeze, and then she collapsed next to him to rest.

Justin and Kristina got up to move about the room before Maggie or Jimmy did. Jimmy, of course, remained exposed, stretched out on his back, but this time, Maggie did not retrieve the sheet and lay next to him on her back, legs parted, unashamed of her exposed and messy vagina. She heard Kristina say something about a shower. Maggie did not stir, but whispered into Jimmy's ear, "I wonder what it would be like to make love to you without other people around to watch."

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