tagInterracial LoveNot Your Average Girls' Night Out

Not Your Average Girls' Night Out


"Thanks again Mum." Kate was hugging her 5 year old son as she spoke to her Mum.

"That's ok dear, you go and have a good time. If John can have a week playing golf in Spain, the least you deserve is a night out with friends!"

"You be a good boy for Grandma" she said to her son.

"I will" came the reply.

At that Kate Stephens headed for her car and the short journey to Lucy's. If her Mum had known the truth about their plans for tonight there was no way she would have volunteered to babysit! Kate suppressed the feeling of guilt and concentrated on the drive. Twenty minutes later she pulled on to Lucy Taylor's drive. Kate and Lucy had been friends since college and they had enjoyed some wild nights out together before Kate had married her husband 6 years ago. Since then, Kate had played the role of devoted wife whilst Lucy's behaviour had become even wilder. Lucy was waiting at the door. At 28, she was virtually the same age as Kate and they looked similar enough for many to think they were sisters. Both had dark brown hair, full and of shoulder length. At 5ft 8, Kate was a little taller but both had slim, well toned bodies which they worked hard to keep at the local gym. If Kate had the height advantage, then Lucy won on the breast front, her full D-cup breasts always turning heads when she was out. Kate's were smaller but firm and impressive nevertheless.

"Hi Kate." Lucy's voice was deliberately slutty in tone, aiming to provoke a response from her nervous friend.

"Hi." Kate could feel her heart beating faster already. She could only imagine how she would be feeling come 8pm. She followed Lucy into the house, accepting a large glass of wine in the process.

"For your nerves" said Lucy. "The taxi is booked for quarter to eight. Did you bring the long coat?"

Kate lifted the coat by way of response.

"Great! Wait till you see what I've got for you to wear"

Kate took a seat as Lucy fetched her 'outfit' for the night. Lucy returned and handed Kate some black stiletto heeled shoes. Lucy knew Kate had good legs and these shoes would make them look great. Next came a new pair of black hold up stockings with lacy tops. Stockings were very popular at the club they were going to and Lucy would also be wearing a pair. To complete Kate's outfit she was given a lacy black bra, the type designed to push her breasts up and out, with matching thong panties.

"Go and get changed." At this point, Kate realised what she was planning to do. Going out, dressed like a slut, to a club where she would be used like a slut. Lucy saw the doubt and hesitation on her best friend's face and gave her a reassuring smile.

"Trust me Kate, we are going to have the best night ever! Now, go. Get changed!" Kate headed for the spare room and started to undress. She admired her own naked figure in the mirror, proud of how she had maintained her body, even after the birth of her son. The fact that she did not need to work and could go to the gym every day had obviously helped but she had always taken care over her diet too. She slid on the stockings, black and seamed until they were tight around her upper thighs. After pulling on the thong panties, she put on the bra, blushing at the way it emphasised her breasts. Finally she put on the heels. Again she looked in the mirror realising how much she looked like the girls in the porn magazines John had at home. She hoped the guys she would meet tonight would like the look too.

If Kate had thought she looked slutty nothing had prepared her for Lucy's outfit. Benefiting from a tan she had gained after a recent holiday in Greece, Lucy had gone for white high heels and white stockings which were held up by suspenders attached to a white basque. But it was no ordinary basque. It only had one quarter cups, and as a result Lucy's large breasts spilled over, her nipples proudly displayed. Kate also noticed that Lucy had chosen not to wear panties.

"You can't go like that!"

"Trust me honey, I can and I am. The guys will love this. Besides, how long to do you thing your tits and pussy will be hidden for?" Kate struggled for a reply but the silence was broken by the sound of the taxi pulling up outside. Both girls put on the long coats, and for the time being looked anything but the sluts they were going to be later.

"One for the road" said Lucy, handing Kate a glass of neat vodka. Both girls downed the drink in a single swallow and headed for the taxi. Neither girl spoke as the taxi headed into town. Kate though about her husband John. She should never have married him, she knew that now. But she was 22, young, impressionable. Ten years her senior he was a successful business director with an expensive car and a love of fine restaurants. After the birth of their son, John had seemed to lose interest in her preferring evenings out with work colleagues or golf. They still had sex, but it lacked the passion that Kate desired. Her solution to this problem had not been marriage counselling but instead to pour her heart out to her best friend Lucy, the single girl who persuaded her that a night at a swingers club was what she needed. It was madness of course but Kate felt that she could not back down after drunkenly agreeing and deep inside, part of her wanted this.

The car pulled up outside the discreet entrance to the club. Lucy paid the taxi and both girls walked up to the door. A doorman, tall and well built stood there.

"Are you members ladies?"

"I am" replied Lucy.

The doorman opened the heavy doors and Kate nervously followed Lucy inside. A woman in her forties stood behind a counter.

"Do you have your membership cards?" she asked.

Lucy handed over her card. "My friend is a guest, it's her first time."

The lady smiled. "She will need to sign in here, and there is an entry fee of £10."

Lucy handed over a twenty pound note as Kate signed in.

"You are aware that tonight is a theme night I take it?"

"Yes" replied Kate "in appreciation of black men!"

"You will need to leave your coats." Lucy casually slipped off her coat and handed it to the lady. Kate could not believe how easily Lucy could expose herself like that.

"Come on Kate, lets get inside" commanded Lucy.

Kate nervously slipped off her coat and meekly followed her friend through he double doors into the club. At first glance it appeared much like any other club Kate had been to. Neon coloured lights illuminated an empty dance floor, and way to the right was a bar. Many of the walls were mirrored, giving the impression that the club was larger than it was. There were lots of couches, and also large cushions scattered around the edges of the club. As her eyes grew accustomed to the dark, Kate began to notice other people in the club. Nearby sat a white couple, late thirties, early forties. He was dressed in smart shirt and trousers whereas she was completely naked except for her shoes. At the bar a younger lady, perhaps only mid twenties stood wearing just her underwear; stockings, panties and bra. She was wearing glasses, drinking a large glass of wine quite quickly and looking even more scared than Kate. It turned out that other than Kate and Lucy, the girl in glasses was the only single girl present. There were about a dozen women there with husbands or partners. Finally Kate noticed the many black guys who were there. She was surprised that most seemed older than her, some clearly in the late forties or even early fifties. There were a few guys younger than herself but she had expected more. Lucy later explained that good looking young black guys went to real clubs. The older guys here tended to be married and looking for no-strings sex.

Lucy led Kate to the bar and brought 2 large glasses of wine. Looks and smiles were exchanged with the young woman in glasses. After a few minutes 2 black guys approached them, Kate staring wide eyed. Neither wore clothes and between the legs of each of them hung a big cock. Both were easily bigger than John, her husband, and neither was hard yet. She guessed that the two men were aged about 35.

"Hi Girls, I'm Marlon and this is Mike."

Hi. I'm Lucy and my friend is Kate." Lucy smiled as Marlon moved closer. Mike came and stood next to Kate, each man casually drinking a cold beer.

"We noticed you two as soon as you came in" said Marlon. "Definitely the sexiest ladies here." Kate watched as Marlon's hand casually came to rest on Lucy's arse.

"You are too kind" replied Lucy, a smile spreading across her face as Marlon caressed her naked ass.

"We particularly liked your tits Lucy." It was the first time Mike had spoken and Kate became aware of how both men were looking intently at Lucy's bare breasts.

"Feel free to feel" said Lucy, giggling away. Marlon's left hand came round to hold Lucy's left breast whilst Mike leaned across to touch the other. Both men mauled and squeezed them, resulting in whimpers of pleasure from Lucy and a visible hardening of her nipples. Kate's heart was beating fast, shocked and turned on by her brazen hussy of a friend. She watched as Lucy slowly let go off her glass which was resting on the bar and allowed her hand to drop to Marlon's crotch. Kate watched as Lucy's fingers slowly grasped Marlon's hardening cock.

"Mike reckons that Kate's tits are just as nice but without seeing them it's difficult to tell" remarked Marlon.

"Take off your bra Kate" ordered Lucy. Kate found herself obeying without question, putting her drink down and reaching back to unclip the bra. She allowed the bra to fall forward, releasing her firm breasts.

"Looks like you were right Mike" said Marlon as both men let go of Lucy to feel Kate's breasts. Kate gasped quietly, it felt so wrong, she was a married woman but it felt so good too. Marlon let go of her breast, concentrating again on Lucy. Mike, now directly behind Kate, fondled both breasts, his breath hot on her neck, his stiffening cock digging into her back. Kate watched as Marlon gently pushed Lucy to her knees in front of him. His cock was now fully erect, thick and stiff and so black. Compared to John's it looked huge, twice as thick and nearly twice as long. Kate's heart felt like it would explode as she watched her friend take hold of Marlon's cock, her tummy alive with butterflies, her knees weak. Lucy stroked the black member lovingly, and then planted a tender kiss on the swollen head. She kissed all the way down the thick shaft to Marlon's balls, and then licked up his shaft till once again the knob was by her lips. Lucy opened her mouth and let about a quarter of Marlon's cock slide in. She eased off a little and then let it slide in again, this time further. She repeated the movement till well over half of Marlon's big cock was sliding into her mouth.

"What would your husband think of you watching your best friend suck off a big black man whilst another played with your tits?" Mike's question caught her off guard and she stammered a half reply.

"I..how..how..did you....."

"Know? I've had plenty of white married women Kate. You are easy to spot. Now, take off your knickers Kate." His voice carried such authority, how could she refuse. Her hands reached down and pushed her panties to her knees. They fell to her ankles and she stepped out of them. Mike slid one of his hands don her tummy to her wet pussy.

"Open your legs." Again Kate obeyed instinctively and for the first time in nearly seven years a man other than her husband touched her pussy. Mike's fingers lingered for a moment on her clit, teasing it, forcing Kate to moan in pleasure before advancing. Mike's middle finger then slid easily inside. Kate closed her eyes. There was no going back, this man could do anything he wanted with her and she would submit. A sudden loud moan from Lucy brought Kate momentarily back to her senses. She opened her eyes to see her best friend bent over a bar stool with Marlon behind her, his big cock sliding into her. Such was its length that Kate was able to see the shaft each time Marlon pulled out before slamming back hard and deep into Lucy's pussy.

"You want me to fuck you with my big black cock don't you Mrs Married White Woman?" Mike's provocative question and his skilful fingers playing with her pussy forced another louder moan. Kate knew that she was going to cum soon and when she did it would be like no other orgasm she had ever had.

"Yes Mike, yes I do."

"Then ask nicely."

"Please Mike, please fuck my white married pussy with your big black cock."

Mike led Kate to one of the nearby couches.

"Sit" he ordered.

Meekly Kate sat. Mike kneeled in front of her, his cock level with her pussy. Taking hold of her legs, Mike lifted them up and apart, Kate's pussy sliding closer to the ebony tool. Mike pushed his hips forward his cock right at the entrance to Kate's wet hole.

"Guide it home"

Kate took hold of Mike's cock and placed it between her wet lips. Mike pushed forward, slowly penetrating Kate's tight pussy. Ever so slowly his cock slid in.

"OOOHHHHHHHHHHH" Kate closed her eyes and moaned as she felt her pussy filled by Mike's cock. Mike eased out slightly before home again, a little more forcefully this time. Kate opened her eyes, looked down to see the huge black length sliding in and out of her. Her breathing increased, punctuated by moans and gasps. She saw Mike smiling, clearly he loved the power his cock gave him over white girls like Kate. But Kate didn't care now. All she cared about was how good it felt to be fucked, taken by this magnificent man. Mike was increasing his pace. Kate couldn't remember the last time she felt so horny. Moaning more, panting harder, Kate knew she would be cumming soon. Mike was now pumping hard into her pussy, his balls slapping into her.

"Ohhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhhhh"

"Yeah, you cum soon bitch." Mike's provocative words sent Kate over the edge.

"Aaarrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Kate was lost as her orgasm swept over her, the fire in her pussy spreading around her body. She had never cum so hard or for so long. She knew that Mike was still pumping into her, waves of pleasure still sweeping over her. She heard Mike grunt and then felt his cock twitch and finally felt his cum spurt deep inside her. He seemed to pump gallons into her. Finally Mike slowed and then withdrew his cock, a trail of cum dribbling from her pussy as he pulled out.

"You like that Missy?"

"Oh Mike. That was unbelievable."

"Your husband's cock will never be enough for you now Kate. So make sure you get your fill of black cock tonight." He laughed as he stood and walked away. Kate was left, naked except for her stockings and heels, legs apart and cum dribbling out of her aching pussy. She could barely move but after a minute or two she summoned her strength and got o her feet. She walked unsteadily back to the bar and picked up her drink, finishing it in one go.

"Oh my. No condom" Kate whispered to herself. Lucy also appeared not to have used protection, did anyone in this place use it? Lucy? Where was she? Kate looked round and saw the naked middle aged woman she had seen on the way in sat astride a large black cock, moving up and down, her moans muffled by the equally large cock in her mouth. Her husband sat opposite, playing with his small white cock. Would John do the same she wondered? Scanning round she saw another girl on all fours. She couldn't tell if it was Lucy because of the men who surrounded her. She walked closer, it wasn't Lucy but the girl with glasses. A black man lay beneath her, his cock buried in her pussy. Another kneeled behind, his cock sliding in and out of her ass. A Third had his cock in her mouth as she sucked greedily. Kate felt a man stand behind her. A hand caressed her bottom.

"Me and my friends want you young lady." Kate turned to see an older man, late forties she would have guessed. Shorter than Mike and with a pot belly he was not immediately attractive but a glance down between his legs confirmed that his most important feature was all that it needed to be. The man took her arm and led her to a cluster of sofas where 3 other black guys, all in their forties and fifties sat stroking their big black cocks.

"What's your name sweetie?" asked one of the men.

"Kate" came the nervous reply.

"Well me and my friends are all going to fuck you Kate. So come here and suck my cock." With a slight push Kate moved towards the man who had spoke to her, giving her orders to suck cock. She knelt quickly and reached for the stiff cock in front of her. She looked up at the man as she took hold of his cock, a man old enough to be her father, a man whose name she did not know. But he was a man who had made it clear that he intended to use Kate for his sexual pleasure along with his friends and that turned Kate on so much that there was no hesitation in following his commands. She placed her lips on the top of his cock and let it slide into her mouth. His smell filled her nostrils, the sweaty salty taste filled her mouth with bitter taste of piss just apparent. As she sucked his cock she heard another of the men comment on her ass – firm and shapely. One of them slapped her bottom, the sound ringing in her ears. Is hand remained there and then slid between her thighs to tease her pussy. Kate moaned, the sound muffled by cock.

"What do you think her husband would say if he could see her now" one of the men remarked to another. As the men laughed Kate pondered the question. She had become a slut, a lover of black cock. It would surely mean the end of her marriage.

"Service my friends Kate" ordered the man whose cock she was sucking. So that's what Kate did. She knelt in turn and sucked each of their cocks.

"Now for the main event gentleman" said the owner of the first cock and apparently the leader of the group. "Ron, you take her pussy and I'll fuck her ass."

'Ron' lay on the floor and the others manoeuvred Kate so that she was astride him, his fat cock sliding into her pussy. She gasped as it slid into her up to the hilt. The leader knelt behind her pushing her over so that her asshole was accessible. This was going to hurt thought Kate. John had fucked in her the ass but he was much smaller that any of these guys, and she had only used the dildo Lucy had lent her a few times to prepare for this moment. Fortunately one of the guys had brought some lube that was cruelly pushed into her ass by one of the leader's fingers.

"Get ready Kate" mocked the leader as he started to force his hard cock into her tight asshole. Kate felt her hole stretch painfully wide crying out in pain. The men laughed and the leader of the group continued pushing his cock into her bottom. Kate had never felt anything like it, the mix of pain and pleasure created by the 2 cocks deep inside her. Eventually the cock in her ass was fully in and Kate let of a moan of pleasure and pride.

"She loves it man. The dirty white whore."

The 2 men began thrusting into her making Kate moan over and over again. She was close to cumming again. She looked at the 2 other men. One was moving his cock close to her mouth, whilst the other was stroked his cock, enjoying the live sex show Kate was providing. Kate's second orgasm broke over her as black cock was forced into her mouth. The men fucking her continued regardless, her pleasure secondary to theirs. Laughter and crude comments about Kate's slutty behaviour were shared between the men until eventually the man fucking her pussy shot his cum deep inside her. Moments later Kate felt her ass filled with cum, the sensation making her cum for a third time. The two other men quickly took the places of the first two and once again Kate was filled with black cock. By the time they had added their spunk to that of their friends Kate had cum again. The leader of the group had also shot his cum for a second time; having enjoyed Kate's mouth he had pulled out and cum all over Kate's face and hair.

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