tagMatureNot Your Typical Friends w/Benefits Ch. 02

Not Your Typical Friends w/Benefits Ch. 02


Four months had passed. Sarah and John were back to their old selves. A few times a week, once all the kids were in bed, the two of them would quickly and quietly get to their bedroom and play hide and seek with John's cock. Sarah was still having some discomfort when pleasuring John, but each time got a little easier. There were the times when each of them were so horny that it was kind of surprising that the kids didn't wake up and interrupt them.

Janet had been on cloud nine for a few weeks after her night spent with John. Eventually, the thrill wore off and she was back to fantasying about men that were out of her reach while she played with her vibrator. One day her vibrator quit working. New batteries were not able to fix the vibrator and after a week of no substantial satisfaction Janet decided that may be contacting Sarah and John might be worth a shot.

Later that week, Janet got the nerve to finally call Sarah and John's house. Three rings later, Sarah picked up the line, "Hello?"

"Hi Sarah," Janet started off. After she introduced herself and the two shared some small talk, Janet asked how John was doing.

"He is doing pretty well," Sarah responded. "He isn't at home right now, is there something either of us can do for you?" Sarah recalled that it had already been a few months since Janet and Sarah had planned John's fantasy evening at Janet's house. When John had returned from that fantasy-filled night, Sarah and he spent most of the next evening talking about what all John and Janet had done. Sarah didn't know what to think when her pussy started to moisten during their conversation. To be honest, she didn't think much of it until Janet's telephone call.

Janet had become much more confident in knowing what she wanted and asking for it since her evening with John. And now that she was without any good way of getting some release, she was definitely needing and wanting some time with John. The question would be if Sarah was going to be willing or not. Janet knew they had a good marriage and certainly didn't want to mess that up. Yet, she couldn't think of a better time she had had than when she spent the evening with John. Instead of beating around the bush, Janet got right to the point.

"Well, Sarah, I never had a time as enjoyable as I did with John a few months ago, and I know that the two of you are happy together, but I was just asking if occasionally John would come by my house and spend some time with me?" Both ladies knew exactly what was being asked. Janet was hoping for a yes. Sarah thought about it for a minute before responding.

"I know that John would be more than interested. It was easy to see how much he enjoyed spending time with you." Sarah paused before continuing. "Do you think...," she hesitated, "I could join the two of you?"

Janet's mind began racing. She had never participated in a threesome. And she never would have thought that Sarah would be interested in one. Janet didn't want this opportunity to get away from her. She quickly responded, "Absolutely! Has John ever expressed interest in a threesome?"

Sarah responded, "He hasn't mentioned it to me, but I don't know of any guy who wouldn't be interested in being pleasured by two women at one time."

"When do you want to do this?" Janet asked.

"I need to get the kids a babysitter. Once I do that, all we need to decide is your place or ours." Sarah answered. They left it at that. Sarah would get the babysitter lined up and then call Janet back to decide all the other details.

That evening, Sarah rode John's cock with frenzy. She was actually quite turned on by the idea of sharing John with Janet in the same bed.

Later that week, Sarah called Janet to let her know that the babysitter was all set for Saturday. Normally, John would try to get some work done in the yard, but the weather forecasted for that day was nothing but rain and more rain. Sarah would drop off the kids at the babysitter at 1pm. She suggested to Janet that she should show up at the house at that time. Then, if Janet wanted to have some 'alone' time with John, she could. Once Sarah returned to the house, she would simply join in on the fun.

Janet decided to go shopping before Saturday. She wanted to wear something that would leave very little to John's imagination. After visiting four different stores, she found exactly what she was looking for. The whole lacey outfit could have fit into a change purse. It barely covered her nipples and her pussy. A G-string would have been more material than what she had just purchased.

Saturday morning arrived. Sarah and John were still in bed. Luckily, the kids were still asleep. Sarah rolled over and kissed John. When her lips left his, her left hand felt its way into his boxers. John's cock began to stiffen with an influx of blood. He moaned and began grinding himself against her hand. Sarah whispered in his ear "I've got a surprise for you this afternoon."

John responded, "I hope it involves you in bed here with me."

Sarah laughed quietly and smiled. "That is only part of the surprise."

John was intrigued. He asked for more details but Sarah was not very forthcoming. She was still very turned on and stripped off all that she was wearing in bed. John knew exactly what that meant; he was getting lucky early in the morning, somewhat of a rarity.

Sarah sprawled out on the bed and begged John to ravage her body right here and right now. She wasn't interested in any foreplay, she wanted him hard and fast and deep. "Don't hold anything back there, big fella," she said with a very mischievous grin. John slowly slid his cock into her waiting pussy. Once completely in he just waited as his cock twitched and her pussy walls clinched tightly. John started with sucking each nipple. Sarah tried not to moan too loudly, but John was making it quite difficult for her to not wake up the kids. When John began kissing her neck, Sarah started breathing heavily into his ear as she nibbled his earlobe. She knew exactly what to do to John to drive him over the edge. As she concentrated on his ear, John couldn't hold himself back anymore and drove all seven inches of his cock in and out, back and forth. With each re-entry, Sarah moaned as John would speed up his thrusts...rubbing every inch of her pussy. When Sarah could not take any more teasing and waiting, she grabbed at his nipples and pulled him down so she could flick them with her tongue. Finally, she blurted, "Come on and fuck me hard!" John had never heard Sarah use that word before. But, it was all that he needed to nearly pile-drive her into the mattress.

After what seemed like ten minutes, but was more like two, John crawled off of Sarah and they both laid there trying to catch their breath. Both knew the kids would be awake and bouncing around the house at any minute. Sarah jumped up and headed to the shower while mentioning to John, "That should hold you until this afternoon."

John got up and dressed as the kids started running around the house. Before long, after breakfasts and playtime and naps and then lunches, Sarah got the kids into the car to take them to the babysitters. As she left, she gave John a passionate kiss and grabbed at his cock through his jeans. "I hope it stays hard this afternoon," she whispered. As she walked away she said, "If Janet drops by, go ahead and spend some time with her, just the two of you...I'll join in when I back."

Sarah got into the car and took off. As the garage door lowered itself back down, John still couldn't believe his ears. Whispering to himself, "I'll join in when I get back?" Was she really talking about the three of them in bed together, he thought? His mind began thinking of all the things that could happen over the next few hours.

John quickly made his way back to the main part of the house and tidied up a bit here and there. He made his way to their bedroom to see if there was any cleaning there to do before Janet or Sarah got to the house. Really, what he was doing was trying to think of anything to do to pass the time.

Janet was already on her way. She figured that if she got to the house a few minutes early, it wouldn't be a bad thing. As long as Sarah was delivering the kids to the babysitters, that meant that John was in the house alone and thus ready for a visitor.

The clock read ten till one as Janet pulled up to the house. While it was raining, it was also rather warm outside. She was dressed in nothing but the lacey, barely there, lingerie, under a not so inconspicuous trench coat. Anyone who saw her get out of the car and come to the door would know that something was up. Very few women wear trench coats. And even less wear them in early June. She quickly got out of her car and walked to the front porch. She rang the doorbell three times. Waited a few seconds and then rang twice again. What material was covering her pussy was already wet and the breeze that found its way up the trench coat hit every nerve ending on her clit.

John opened the door to find Janet smiling and inviting herself in. The two of them walked to the living room and Janet asked John to sit down on the couch, apparently she had a surprise for him. Once he was seated, Janet stood right in front of him and dropped the trench coat. Before his eyes was all of Janet's incredible body he had enjoyed a few months ago. Janet asked if he would like to show her around the house, particularly where the bedroom is located. John sprang up from the couch and pulled Janet to him. They passionately kissed as his hands grabbed both asschecks. Janet moaned as his cock was pressed up against her pussy's opening. She whispered, "I desperately need you. Can we hurry to the bedroom?" The two of them raced up to the second floor and quickly removed John's clothes. John laid down on the bed as Janet climbed on top. She shifted the small amount of material covering her pussy to the side and slid John's erect cock into her wet opening. No teasing, no holding back, Janet started raising and lowering herself as both of them grabbed for each other's bodies. John started with Janet's nipples and then moved back to her ass, occasionally spanking her. Janet, on the other hand, pulled at John's hair and would occasionally fall on him allowing him to quicken the pace of penetration. John's mind thought of what Sarah had said to him when she left... I'll join in when I back. It was that thought that drove John to the brink of ejaculation.

Janet rolled off of John's frame and the two of them laid there quietly. Janet began rubbing her clit as John's cum continued to ooze out of her pussy. John was nearly asleep when Sarah opened the door to see Janet and John resting. Sarah saw that the two of them had already completed the first round of the afternoon. She also knew that the next round would be starting soon so she removed her clothes and climbed in the bed.

John began caressing Janet on his left and Sarah on his right. In turn, Sarah and Janet began concentrating their efforts on John's body. Janet started by tea-bagging John, as well as occasionally licking up and down his cock. Sarah watched and then began passionately French kissing her husband. Sarah had not figured that watching another woman with her husband would be such a huge turn-on for her. Her pussy continued to dampen as she rubbed her fingertips across his chest.

Janet, while still concentrating her efforts on John's cock, noticed how large and bouncy Sarah's D-cups were. Janet was a little taken aback, considering her breasts were only B cups. Why would have John spent so much time with her breasts at her house during their first evening together if he had those huge boulders to come home to. He must be a breast man, she thought to herself.

John laid Janet back down on the bed and positioned Sarah so that she was crouching down and licking Janet's breasts. With Sarah pussy opening sticking straight up in the air, John stood behind her and began fingering her opening, causing her to moan and she took more of Janet's nipples into her mouth. Once John's cock was back to attention, he placed his hands upon each of Sarah's hips and slowly pushed himself inside. Janet wanted to watch has John penetrated Sarah, but she also wanted to close her eyes and enjoy Sarah's tongue flicking across her nipples.

It was Sarah's first time with another woman. Even though, John was a part of the action, Sarah's heart raced at the realization that she was sucking on another woman's tits. Janet alternated between watching John thrust his cock into Sarah and watching Sarah's D-cups swaying and bouncing into each other. She raised her right hand and began to fondle Sarah's breasts, amazed and how heavy they were. The new attention to her breasts took Sarah by surprise. It was at that time that John hit that spot that she couldn't get enough of. Her body was on complete overload...she sucking Janet's nipples, Janet groping her breasts, and John assaulting her pussy. She continued to build toward her greatest orgasm yet. What sent her over the top was when John, while pumping her, bent over and began nibbling on her shoulder blades. Sarah's body began shaking uncontrollably; she took her lips off of Janet's breasts. Janet in turn, shifted her body so her face was just under Sarah's bouncing breasts. First Janet would suck on Sarah's left breast, while groping the right breast. Then she would switch. Back and forth, as Sarah began screaming out in ecstasy at the growth of her orgasm. John slapped her ass in between thrusts as Sarah lost all control. As her body fell to the bed, Janet moved out of the way and rubbed herself as Sarah laid shaking on the bed. John continued to thrust Sarah's pussy as Sarah screamed out "Don't stop!" John could feel her pussy's wall contract as his cock shot out another load of semen into her convulsing vagina. Breathing heavily, John pulled out right away and stood there to watch his wife enjoy her orgasm. Janet, too, watched and hoped that the positions could be switched so she could experience what Sarah was enjoying at the moment.

As her body slowly returned to its exhausted, but enjoyed, state, Sarah began to breathe normally again. Her body continued to lie on the bed as John and Janet looked on. Eventually, Sarah rolled over onto her back and said, "I can't believe how incredible that felt. I've never experienced anything that strong and overwhelming before. And I can't wait to experience it again."

John was ready for a rest before fulfilling another fantasy. Sarah and Janet decided to wash up in the shower while John waited for them. The two ladies left the door open as John couldn't believe his eyes. Janet and Sarah were washing each other in the shower. Gingerly cupping her Janet's breasts, Sarah soaped each one up and rinsed them. After each one was washed, Sarah began gently sucking on each nipple, bringing them to a hardened state. Janet, in turn, buried her face between Sarah's D-cups while the warm water continued to shower down on both of them. John did everything he could to not blink. He didn't want to miss a second of this very erotic shower. And while he wasn't quite ready for the next round of fucking, he knew that these images that he was memorizing would be thought of many times in the future.

When the hot water was gone, Janet began rubbing herself in the shower as Sarah stepped out to grab a towel. John called out to the two of them, making sure that they knew to keep their hair wet. He didn't know why, but a woman with wet hair was a huge turn-on for him. Sarah was getting hungry and told the other two that she would get some food and bring it up for the three of them. In the mean time, Janet dried off, leaving her hair wet, and walked seductively back to the bed where John was still lying. She got on all fours as she crawled on the mattress and went straight to sucking his cock back to life. Groping at his balls, her tongue darted hitting every nerve on his cock. It didn't take too long before she was filling her mouth with all seven rigid inches. Janet crawled around on the bed until she was able to whisper in John's ear, "I want you to fuck me with no restraint. Whatever you want, however you want it; just take complete and total control of me. But I want it hard and I want to feel attacked and helpless." John positioned her on all fours, forcing her head down to the mattress. After guiding his cock into her pussy, from behind, he pinned her arms behind her back and grabbed her hair. Forcing her back down and pulling her head up, he thrust himself into her pussy. As she whimpered, he continued the onslaught until he could feel his balls start to move and his cock began to get that feeling of another ejaculation coming. Quickly, he turned Janet around and had her lay on her back, with her legs resting on his shoulders. He pinned her arms to her sides as he reentered her. Already having neared his climax, it didn't take long for his vicious thrusts to bring him back to his fourth ejaculation of the day. How he wasn't shooting blanks by now momentarily crossed his mind.

Sarah had gotten the chance to watch the last few minutes after John had moved Janet to lying on her back. She had never seen John as forceful before. She was hoping that he would try that on her some day. She thought to herself, "That is a fantasy I'll have to keep in the back of my mind for later when it is just the two of us again."

The three of them spent the next hour taking turns between eating and groping each other. Janet, again, took an interest in Sarah's D-cups. It wasn't enough to spend some time with them earlier in the shower, she needed more time with these boulders that Sarah carried around with her. Sarah, on the other hand, was getting more comfortable with the small group setting. Did that mean she was interested in swinging with other females and couples? It was one thing to have an afternoon like this with someone she knew pretty well, but could she see herself doing this with folks that are closer to strangers than friends? All of these thoughts continued to cloud her mind as Janet lay down on the mattress and asked her to lie on top of her so that her breasts would hang above Janet's waiting mouth. John decided it would be a good show to simply watch the two of them for a while and continue to recharge. He wasn't sure how much he had left in him. He wished he could go on for days, but that just wasn't possible. But, he figured he could summon one more erection before collapsing with exhaustion.

John watched as Janet sucked and fondled Sarah's breasts. Sarah's nipples continued to become more and more raw with all the attention they were getting that afternoon. Soon, the two ladies were alternating positions, sometimes Janet on the bottom sucking on Sarah's nipples, and sometimes Sarah on the bottom sucking on Janet's nipples. All the while, John stroking himself back to one more erection that he hoped to use on both of the ladies.

Once John's cock was 'back to attention', he crawled onto the mattress and whispered seductively into Sarah's, and then Janet's ear. Each lady smiled when they heard John's idea. Both ladies then laid down on the bed, beside each other. They spread their legs open and John moved in front on his wife's body. Slowly he spread apart her pussy's lips and entered her completely. Thrusting slowly for just a minute, and then leaving her wanting more as he moved over to Janet, doing the same thing, entering her completely and thrusting for just a minute. Back and forth between Sarah's and Janet's pussies, John gave each woman the same amount of attention. When each lady wasn't being thrust by John, she was rubbing herself. The only question the three of them had was which woman would get the final ejaculation of the afternoon.

With each change in partner, John would increase the speed and depth of his thrusting. And each time he would leave one of the ladies to return to the other, they felt rather empty, physically and otherwise.

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