I couldn't believe I was doing this. Karen said it would turn Ben on. She should know. She was married to him for 2 years. Was it weird to be friends with your ex-wife? I guess no weirder than being friends with your boyfriends' ex-wife.

So here I was wearing nothing but a blindfold hanging from the ceiling in this sex sling thing. I was hanging face up with my legs strapped wide open. My hands were strapped to my sides. There was a little board that was supporting my head. I wasn't uncomfortable. I just felt a little ridiculous. Ben had better appreciate this.

Karen said he would. She showed me the hooks in the ceiling installed just for the swing. She had strapped me up and suspended me just a few minutes before Ben was due home from work then left so he and I could.... What? Fuck like mink? Play games? I don't know.

As I hung there waiting a new thought worried me. The last thing Karen had done before she left was to pour a healthy dose of lube on my pussy. She said it was just in case Ben was a little late. Didn't want me to dry out. Then she slipped a finger between my lips and spread it around. Spread it around so well she was just shy of finger fucking me.

I was still wondering what that was about when the door opened. I didn't want to hang here all night. If he thought I wasn't home he might go out for a beer or something. "I'm in here Ben."

I heard footsteps stop in the doorway or close to it. He was looking directly into my spread and lubed pussy.

"Hmm" was all I heard.

"Like what you see baby? It's all yours."

My only answer was the sound of a zipper.

A second later I felt his thumb slide through my pussy lips. He caressed my clit gently for a moment before sliding two fingers into my opening.

"Oh, baby. All lubed up and ready for you."

He was doing a good job with fingers and thumb. I could feel my orgasm building and my own juices washing away the lube. Then the fingers were gone and I felt the head of his cock sliding between my lips; collecting lube for fucking.

Ben has a respectable cock, not huge, but thick enough to be interesting. He slid it into me gently, gentlemanly. I like that usually. I thought today's game called for a little more.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me hard."

He paused inside me, then grabbed my thighs for leverage as he began to pound into me. Getting into the game I spewed out a never-ending string of sex talk urging him on. I came once and was on my way to my second orgasm when he paused and I felt his add his seed to my juices.

After his spasms passed he slid out of me and stepped around to my head. I felt the first trickle of his cum dribble out and past my asshole to drip on the floor. It tickled a bit. Spread out as I was I couldn't even clinch my ass cheeks to relieve the tickle.

Ben rubbed the head of his cock against my mouth lips the same as he had done with my pussy lips. I stuck my tongue out and circled the head, tasting myself and his salty cum. He pushed forward into my mouth his cock only half hard now. I continued the circling action as he returned to full hardness. My head was turned on the board to give him full access to my mouth and he was. Then I noticed two odd things.

There was no notch. Ben had a notch in the crown of his cock, the work of a young doctor doing his first circumcision. I made one more careful inspection with my tongue.

No notch.

Not Ben!

Then I realized what the other thing I was hearing was. Breathing. Deep and rattling. Like asthma. Or someone who has just run a marathon.

NotBen knew I had caught on. He slapped my face and began thrusting harder into my mouth as I felt another cock begin to push into me. I thought briefly about the only weapons at my disposal, my teeth; but the truth of my situation stopped my from snapping NotBen in half. I was alone with these two. I was totally bound up, totally in their control. The best I could hope for was that this was brief and that I survived.

The other thing that convinced me was the size of the new cock. I'm no virgin by a long shot and he was stretching me, badly, painfully. Unless he was some kind of carnival freak, this was a big man; not the kind you want to piss off in this situation.

Tears began to leak from my eyes. It was a combination of pain and fear. The tears from my right eye rolled across my left eye before dropping to the floor. Another slap reminded me to get my tongue in motion. I think that's what it was about.

I didn't have time to think about it. The cock stretching my pussy reached bottom, the mushroom head bouncing painfully off my cervix. He also grabbed my thighs for leverage and began pounding himself into me. I would have screamed but my mouth was full of cock and he was pounding my tonsils.

It must be punishment for something I'd done, but I couldn't think of what. That bitch Karen! Did she think I had stolen Ben? They had divorced two years before I met any of them. But she had to be in on it somehow.

I was distracted from solving the riddle as I felt the Punisher between my legs stop his thrusting to pump his cum into me. Even before he pulled out I could feel it squeezing around his cock to dribble down my ass. More mess on the floor. We would have to have the carpets done.

Another slap to the face caught my attention just as NotBen began filling my mouth with his second load. He left his cock in me mouth and suddenly pinched my nose closed. I swallowed. I had no choice.

I thought I knew what to expect next. I was half right. The Punisher came around and pushed that huge thing into my mouth, but what pushed into my pussy next was not NotBen.

This cock was long, as long as the Punisher, but it was skinny. He must be pissed to get the Punishers leftovers. I was so stretched I could barely feel him. The Punisher was using my mouth the same way he had used my pussy. Like I was a plastic doll with no feelings. I worked hard to fight my gag reflex as stroke after stroke he pushed into my throat. I could breathe every other stroke.

PencilDick was stroking in and out slowly, stirring the Punishers cum. More and more was dibbling out across my asshole. The tickling didn't bother me anymore. I couldn't imagine he was getting enough friction to enjoy it when he surprised me. He pulled out of my pussy and shoved himself into my ass.

I don't do anal, goddamit! I let one boyfriend try years ago. I didn't like it. End of story. Now I couldn't even say no. My mouth was full of cock. PencilDick was shoving himself deeper and deeper into my ass and I couldn't even tell him what an asshole he was. My tears were flowing as these two assholes shoved themselves into opposite ends of my digestive system.

I began to drift away from myself. There was nothing I could do after all. Where was Ben? Why did Karen set me up for this? The thought of payback was there but nothing solid yet. More like a spider web in the morning. The dew let you see it but touching it destroyed it.

My mind barely registered as PencilDick came in my ass. The Punisher used the nose pinch to make me swallow. I wasn't sure whether that was a coordinated move or instinctual. Is that what they teach guys during that special class when they took us aside to explain about our periods? I was a just a little thankful that it was his second load.

I was vaguely interested in how many cocks they had lined up to abuse my when the next shift stepped into place. I knew it was PencilDick inserting his cock in my mouth both from the size and the faint smell of my own ass. How sad is it that the cock raping your mouth only faintly smells of your ass?

The one pushing into my pussy was what surprised me. It was cool. Not cool as in I liked it, it was cooler than a human being.

I swirled my tongue around PencilDick and thought about how a cock could be cool to the touch and hard enough to penetrate me. Then I felt the straps. I felt them on the backs of my thighs as she penetrated to the fullest. It was a woman wearing a strap-on cock.

PencilDick slapped me and woke me from my epiphany. I started my tongue twirling around his skinny cock. It had to be that bitch Karen.

Then she began alternating from my pussy to my ass. I didn't understand. What did she get out of abusing me like this? A power thing might explain it. So might a double headed dong of some sort. Did they make strap-ons that penetrated both "partners"? What the fuck was up with this bitch?

PencilDick finished in my mouth and did the nose trick. I was sure now that that was an agreed upon technique. I had no idea what to expect next. I could hear the Punisher still in the room, over in the corner I thought; his ragged breathing giving him away.

Was 'Karen' going to make me suck her plastic cock while the next guy played 'pick an orifice'?

I caught a brake as the next in line stepped up to fuck me. Nobody replaced the dick in my mouth.

Yep a real break.

With only my pussy being violated I could pay attention to one portion of my body.

NotBen must have come back for seconds. The size felt right, though after the stretching I had received from the punisher it was hard to tell. He alternated speeds and angles as if he were trying to get me off. Yeah right.

The truth came out in endurance. NotBen had cum once in my pussy and once in my mouth. After what seemed like a minute the new cock trembled and spasmed as it released its seed inside me.

I said nothing. What was I supposed to say? I was still utterly in their power and hoping that I would not have my throat slashed as the finale to this bizarre opera.

NewCock switched from my pussy to my ass. There was not really enough time between his pulling out of my bruised and cum-soaked pussy and when he began to push into my ass for it to be anyone else.

The size was right. At least no one was cramming a dick down my throat again. Shut the hell up and hope they let you go soon.

I don't know whether not yelling was the right call or not. I rarely hear neighbors. Would they have heard me? In time to stop worse abuses than I had suffered? I didn't think so. What would they have done if I had yelled? Three assholes and the bitch Karen?

After about three or four minutes I felt NewCock add his deposit to PencilDicks in my ass. Maybe this was almost over.

My optimism died a heartbeat later. They had the benefit of light; I was still blindfolded.

At the same instant I felt NewCock press himself into my mouth I realized the Punisher was again between my legs. This would go on for another round at least.

I tried to steel myself for his second round and what that meant when he stabbed himself into my ass. The Punishers cock, designed for horses, and that had stretched its way into my pussy, was busy forcing its way into my ass.

I screamed. Cock in my mouth or no, I was being violated as I never could have expected.

I felt my face being slapped. I continued screaming.

I don't know how long it took. I stopped screaming and hung there. The huge cock of the Punisher slamming in and out of my ass. I felt the smaller cock sliding across my tongue and decided again to cooperate.

Then I felt it.

The notch.

NewCock was Ben.

I hung there trying to comprehend this. It wasn't just the Bitch and her helpers.

Ben released his third batch into my mouth three strokes before the Punisher added to the mess in my ass. They both withdrew and I was left hanging, literally wondering what to expect next.

Minutes passed and I heard the front door opening and closing. My answer was a surprise; the sound of the ratchet lowering my lower half to the floor.

I couldn't stand well. The blood had gone out of my legs.

Ben held me up while he unstrapped me from the harness. I could feel the fluids leaking out of my ass and my pussy as he unfastened me. He removed the blindfold last. I looked down at myself, still leaning against him. Streaks of cum trailed down my legs to combine with the puddle on the carpet. Red was mingled with the cum.

I looked up at Ben wondering. I saw no concern, no amusement, no apology.

"Go get cleaned up." He said.

I staggered toward the door, my mind a flurry of unanswered questions.

"Then get your stuff and get out."

I hesitated, my last question answered, then staggered into the bathroom, mentally adding him to the payback list.

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