tagLoving Wives'Notes' of Thanks

'Notes' of Thanks


She moaned as my member slipped into her wet and slippery tunnel of love. I looked at her face, her eyes looking up at the ceiling and beyond.

Beads of moisture exuded from her skin on her forehead, resembling the morning dew on a rose petal. A few moments of silence; then my ears adjusted to the sound of music on the stereo, the air-conditioner, and the fan. Then everything was still again. It looked like the silence before a storm.

She moved her bottom, while her hand clasped my buttocks and pulled on me as she spread her legs wider to accommodate more of me in her love box. This was followed by the slow rhythmic movement of her hips, her vaginal muscles clutching my member every time she pulled away. We continued with this till she suddenly started to push and grind her bottom at a frantic speed, moaning and groaning as though possessed by the devil and peaked to a rapturous climax. I was caught by surprise and failed to respond to her ecstasy, but was excited enough. So I stabbed her hot pot with my member and climaxed.

As I lay back after being spent, my mind flashed back to the few weeks before, when I had first met this girl, who now was lying next to me naked, consumed and spent. I pulled out a cigarette and remembered that it had all begun with my quest for this particular brand of cigarette. I was working for a construction company as a trainee engineer. As part of my academic requirement, I was to undergo training for a period of six months. Being a resident of proper Mumbai. I was 'in-planted' in one of the residential buildings coming up in the elite locality of the city.

Travelling by bus to this area was a pinch on my pocket allowance; secondly I was not even paid a stipend for my services. But, the worst was that from my place of work the nearest cigarette shop, which kept my brand of cigarette was a long walk and I hated it, especially so during the summer and the following rains. The best part was that my duty hours coincided with the college timings and hoards of those sexy nymphets in their minis, midis, jeans and other such revealing sexy attire was a pleasant and pleasing sight at the bus-stop, which was at close proximity to the cigarette shop. It was not that I had any desire to get acquainted with any, but then when you are young a chic is a chic and seeing her is all you are made for. But then, certain things are much a matter of fate; sometimes the unexpected drive you along in a frenzy of events.

Standing at the telephone booth was this superbly figured girl with her back to me, as I walked towards my 'cigarette walla' I calculated her fabulous figure with the manipulation method, with all the plans, drawing and surveying had taught me. I brought my cigarette and was just about to mouth it when she turned around, and what lay before my eyes was one of those beautiful faces you may ever find, with a low neck T-shirt over the hip hugging jeans. She had big and lovely tits and a wide span of hips. I was dumbstruck and went about the duty of lighting my cigarette while in a trance. She laughed. And I realised I had lit the filter end of the cigarette. While I was walking back, a sweet voice called out from behind me. "Hello!" It was the sexy nymphet. "Be careful next time, it could be your finger or your lip you may burn staring at women that way".

My eyes fell on the abundance of her tits that were exposed to my hungry eyes. Hungry, for I had the responding feeling when my jean front began to bulge. And she responded by giving me her phone number, written on a chit of paper. That day on I called her practically every day for a week and we would chat for long hours. The next week she insisted on meeting and there after we often met at a fast-food joint in that area. Later we went for a couple of and she would take the initiative with the caressing and petting. But things were not in my control.

She called one day and asked, "What do you feel about me"? I did not know how to answer, but before I could reply, prompt came her demand, "I want to make love to you!" I was dumbstruck. "Hey! Before you ask me again dear, here it is, I want to do it with you...I want you to fuck me baby!" I did not know how to respond to this, I was still wondering and she asked me..."How lucky...that's what you are thinking, right?" She continued "You muct be having a hardon right now that you want to put in me right now...right dear? Well, you want me don't you?"

"Yes! Yes very much." I murmered as she said a bye and put the phone down.

I did not know how to go about it, and the one person I could remember was Manoj who had promised that he would provide me with a room any time I needed it. Manoj worked in a suburban hotel, a four-star, as a receptionist. He was ready to help me. So I called her and we planned it for the next day. The next day, we went to the hotel where Manoj works. He slipped the key over the counter to me with a "Good evening sir". And I knew what the game was. He had made a fictitious entry in the log for Room 202. Once inside the room, Manoj called up from room service and told me that he was sending the room service guy with the usual beer and snack compliments of the hotel. Once the room service boy had left the room, Nita came to me, pulled me by the collar and kissed me full on the lips. Her tongue played with mine as her hand moved over my shirt button, opening them. She very expertly disrobed me till I was left stark naked. She looked down at my now hard member, which was standing like a pole from my body. She clasped it in her delicate soft hands and groaned "it's so hard I love it, give it to me please." She pulled me by my member to the, bed and pushed me on it. She then put on the music on the channelled stereo. Standing on the bed she started to disrobe, playfully, in tune with the music, and gave me a striptease show.

Nita was wearing some of the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen. Her full and fabulous figure oozed of sex. Her tits jutted out at me as if defying me to touch them. "How is that," she asked. I did not know what she was asking about, her strip tease, her sexy lingerie, her voluptuous tits or her wide curvy hips or the clean-shaven mount of Venus. Whatever, I looked all over and replied "It's 'really great." She sat besides me and caressed my member for a minute with her silken hair and then indicated that I take charge from there. I pushed her back on the bed and ran out to fetch my pants.

My mind reeled back to present when she pulled off the condom with her dainty fingers. I realised from her expert handling of the condom, and the care taken in disengaging it, from the now-semi-hard penis so, as not to spill its contents that Nita was not new to this game. After washing I filled a glass of beer for each of us. I moved with the tray towards the bed. She looked so very sexy and sensuous with her boobs standing out from her body and her long and lovely legs still intact in the stockings. After a sip or two of the beer she went to the bathroom with the glass in her hand, her buttocks joyfully jiggling. I gulped the rest of the beer from my glass and lit another cigarette.

She looked more sensuous then ever when she came out of the bathroom. Her stockings had disappeared and so had the glass of beer. She walked up to me with her breasts swinging on their own and her broad hips swaying in rhythm to her crotch, She stood right before me, her hands jutted out to pull me to her boobs which now looked like large mountains of love. She pulled my face there, "Lick it," she demanded and then I knew where the glass of beer bad gone. She was wet from had to toe. She moaned loudly and raised her boobs offering her nipples for me to savour. I licked her boobs dry. "Lick me all over," she cried. I did, as she stood before me with her legs apart. I knew she wanted me to lick her all the way to the mouth of love, between her thighs, for one look at that beer-dripping mouth was enough to know why. My love stick was now hard as it could be, with her moaning and groaning.

After she was satisfied that I had licked her dry, she pushed me back on the bed and herself sat down by my side. From nowhere appeared a condom in her hand. Pulling out the rubber she took my penis in her hand. Smoothening the bulb of the love pole with her thumb she bent her head and kissed it. She then put the condom over my penis and then herself sat on it letting it go deeper than it had been-before. She actively went up and down on the joystick and after a few jolting strokes - she came. She then put her head on my chest and rested for a while.

My member was still in her, and now semi-hard. When she woke up she grasped my member with her vaginal muscles and made it hard again and then riding the joystick she brought herself and me to yet another fantastic climax. For the next four hours we made love in the bathroom, on the floor, in the bathtub, under a warm shower till we were completely exhausted. Later, as I left her at her apartment, she paid for the cab and kissed me goodbye. I left the cab as I could not afford it and preferred to take the bus.

On the way to the bus-stand, I stopped at my 'cigarette wala' for a cigarette. When I opened my wallet to pay, neatly folded were ten 1000 rupee notes and a gift-voucher worth Rs.5000 from one of Bombay's prominent clothing stores. Besides the money and voucher, there was also a small memo page with the hotel mast on its head, probably the kind picked from the room, which read, "My dear, thank you for your company through the last three weeks. Please do not try to contact me henceforth, my husband will be back from his trip tomorrow. Please accept the humble token of appreciation from me for your kind co-operation and pleasant company." I tore the note, pocketed the ten 1000 rupee notes and the voucher, called for a cab and went home.

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