Nothing Between Us


Thuy turned around to face me, straddling my body, her eyes shimmering in the flickering light of the TV. She placed two soft lips on my forehead, kissing slowly. She pulled up from this kiss and came back for another. Then she started to move her light kisses around my face, kissing my hair, my forehead, my eyes, each in turn. "Oh, Thuy," I moaned softly, as my heart began to race. My hands suddenly found themselves on her sides where the shirt had ridden up. Not under my control, they slid along her body, roughly moving up her back, dragging the shirt with them. I pulled her small body against mine, harder than I intended. We weren't supposed to do this, but I wanted it so much. So much. My lips went to her neck and I heard her gasp. I started kissing up and down her neck while her hands tugged at the fabric on my shirt. I didn't want to stop.

I hugged her as fiercely as I could, kissing the top of her head over and over, unable to prevent myself. My fingers kept sliding up and down her smooth torso, feeling the slender fabric of her bra on the sides. Her tongue found my skin and I felt my will crumbling, forgetting everything but her touch and smell. The world was disappearing around us, falling away like the meteors we used to watch together. All I could see, feel, smell was her. Her. I wanted her so badly. Now. Before it was too late. "Please, please," I almost growled into her ear, trying to get it out before I was lost to my desire. "Please don't let this ruin anything. Please tell me. Anything. If I go too far." I felt incoherent. "This feels too good. My mind is going...."

She pushed away from me enough to look into my eyes. I quickly turned to hide whatever had just happened to me, but Thuy simply said, "Then let it go."

I pulled her face to mine and our lips met. Oh, our lips met for the first time in all these years. I heard something getting knocked off the coffee table as our lips pushed together. I quickly realized I was pushing too hard and eased up just barely. Her mouth tasted so sweet and my heart turned over each time I felt her lips push back against mine with as much desire as I felt. It's Thuy. It's Thuy, I thought over and over. I slowly sucked her lower lip into my mouth and then licked it with my tongue.

Thuy giggled and moved backwards. "Tickles," she explained, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. I touched her sides again. She wiggled. "That does too." I stopped. "No, just not so light."

I moved my hands around to her lower back and my fingers pushed harder, kneading her muscles. "Better?"

"Oh yeah," she said collapsing back into my body, chest to chest. I worked my hands slowly up her body, massaging and touching as I went. The cloth of her shirt kept riding up as I moved, exposing more and more of her. As I was kneading just below her bra strap, I felt her hands move up to the top button of my shirt, unfastening it. Without a word, she moved to the next one, releasing it as well. She moved to the third button in the middle of my chest but her hands were trapped between our bodies. After fumbling for a bit, she asked, "Can you?"

"Only if you do, too," I said and grinned.

She gave me a pretend tsk-tsk and then pulled herself up to a sitting position, her knees folded under, between my legs. Without a delay, she grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, tossing it away. She looked like a dream come to life. Her black hair cascaded over her shoulders and down her back with a few stray strands peeking out from the sides. Her trademark smile adorned her flushed cheeks. My eyes traced along the lines of her long neck and over her slender collarbone. She wore a charcoal gray cotton bra over her round breasts, those breasts that she had caught me staring at in the driveway the night before and so long ago. My eyes followed down her torso as it slipped inwards at the side with just the smallest of dimples at the bottom. It was like a dream come real, but as I looked at her, I heard a voice in the back of my head, "Does she look like your dream, or has your dream always looked like her?"

"Ahem," I heard and woke from my thoughts. Thuy was pointing at my own chest. Did she bite her lip just a little as my shirt slipped from my shoulders? As the shirt fell away, Thuy's hands fell on my body, sliding up my stomach, over my chest, and through the dark hairs there. Her body slid down onto mine until we were bare skin on bare skin with her arms draped around my neck. I wrapped my arms around her, just feeling the touch of our skin together for the first time. We lay there with me kissing her hair, trying to stop and be still, but failing and kissing her again. She lay upon me, her head to one side, while her hands moved up and down my bare abdomen.

"I love that you have no idea how sexy you are," she said and laid a kiss upon my chest.

"I love our skin together."

I felt her nod and then start to squirm against me. She was slipping her arms through her bra straps, pulling it over her head and away. My heart, which had finally started to calm just a little, increased its pace again. She nestled her now bare chest against mine, and I could feel her hardened nipples pressing into my skin.

"Now, it's right," Thuy said simply.

"Do you feel your heart? I can feel it beating against me."

"That's 'cause I'm about to have a heart attack," she said.

"Not if I beat you to it."

She laid a couple kisses on my chest and lay back down, caressing me. I ran my hands down her hair to her back again. I could just see her soft skin from my angle and I imagined laying a thousand kisses there. I teased her skin with my hands, since my lips couldn't. My fingers went tickling down her sides and I was rewarded with a small catch of her breath. I then pressed my hands firmly against her, circling up and down her body, moving briefly under her shorts. As my fingers slid just under the blue fabric down around her hips and to the front, her whole body twitched and leapt.

"Not good?"

"No, really good," she said a bit breathless. "Sensitive there."

"Where? Here?" I asked running a finger along the side of her hips.

"No, further forward."

My fingers slipped more to the front to a spot right where her legs merged with her abs, and as my fingers touched it, she leapt again. "I think we found a spot, Ms. Nguyen."

"It doesn't feel like that when I touch there."

The image of Thuy touching herself there popped into my head. Maybe we hadn't discussed exactly everything in the past.

"Sensitive spots are good," I told her.

She rose up from my chest straddling my thighs looking at me. "I want to find one of your spots now." She placed two fingers on my lips where I kissed them once, then twice. I then ran my tongue along each one before opening my mouth and taking the tips of both in. "Jake, baby, if you keep that up, we will never find your spots."

Truth was, at that moment, I didn't care. Doing this felt fantastic. But as I was about to take a third finger in my mouth, she did it. She placed her free hand right on the bulge in my pants.

I had been hard for as long as I could remember tonight, but this was a whole 'nother level. I felt each throb as I grew bigger and bigger in her hand. She looked at me so seriously. I was unable to do anything and her wet fingers, fallen from my mouth, were caressing my cheek.

"Does this feel good?" she asked without a trace of teasing.

I could only nod stupidly. It wasn't good; it was overwhelming. It was all I could do to not jump in the air. I tried to divert my mind away from what was happening. Oh, happening so quickly. Feelings building so fast. She didn't even have to move. Just knowing it was her. It wouldn't take long. I was gonna cum.... When I realized what was happening, I jumped up and tried to separate that part of my body from Thuy. My mind raced trying to think of anything other than where I was so that it wouldn't happen. I felt a pulse but managed to hold back anything else.

"You OK?"

"Yeah, yeah," I replied. "It was just.. uh... really good. A little too good, you know?"

"Oh," she said, and I saw her examining my jeans. "Did you?"

"No, just close. If I didn't stop."

"It's OK with me if you did. If you do."

I tried to smile but I felt the old cheeks flushing. "It's just, you know, I guess I'm kinda new at this. So...."

"Don't be embarrassed, Jake. You're probably gonna hafta have a million miles of patience with me when you go inside. It's supposed to hurt like hell."

I could only stare at her. "Would you-- do you--" I stumbled.

"Yeah, maybe. I don't know. I haven't thought about it. The thought just sorta popped out. This whole weekend has been this way. It's freaky."

"I know what you mean." It was like someone else was controlling my mind and I had no idea what it would do next. Everything was being drawn out into the light now; things I hadn't known were hidden.

I felt Thuy take my hand and I lifted my head to look at her. To look into her deep brown eyes. I knew what I wanted. I didn't want anything between us anymore. I wanted to feel her soft skin on mine and nothing else. I heard myself swallowing hard and then my index finger pointed towards her waistband.

She said nothing but stood up and, still holding my hand, guided me back to her bedroom. She had been changing her bedroom every year since I could remember, but it hadn't changed much since college started. There were a couple Vietnamese and Singaporean movie posters in the corner, a huge Gone with the Wind one covering the closet doors, stacks of books in French, German, and Vietnamese littering the place, and a little group of fresh-looking Economics books sitting neatly arranged on the desk. A hundred fragrant shampoos and conditioners peeked out from her shower stall in the bathroom. She moved past all of this to her bed, where she peeled back the black sheets. Then she turned to face me and after just a thought or two placed her thumbs inside her shorts, pushing them and her panties to the ground before me. It was just her now.

I followed suit, pulling my jeans down my body and pushing them away. I looked down to find my cock poking from the top of my boxers, covered in precum. I pushed the boxers away as well and the two of us stood looking at each other. She took my hand and started onto the bed, but that suddenly felt it would take too long. I pulled her back to me so that we were face-to-face, bodies pressed together. I bent down and moved my lips straight to hers. It was magic.

Her lips moved against mine and soon our tongues were dancing together. I felt her tongue so wet and strong bend up behind my teeth, licking back and forth. I sucked it into my mouth until she somehow reversed it and I felt her sucking my own tongue into her. Her nipples pressed into the bottom of my chest, moving back and forth as we kissed. The tip of my cock was lodged against her stomach, wet against her skin. Our legs slid against one another, and I could not fathom how smooth and soft she felt. I moved my hands down her body and squeezed her bare bottom in my hands. She did the same to me and I felt that smile forming against my lips. I growled against her mouth.

Thuy suddenly broke the kiss and began to rub her body against mine in earnest. I felt her nipples sliding up and down my body. I heard her whisper, "So good," as she moved back up my body. Then she was kissing along my lips, chin, and neck as she moved down again. My fingers pressed hard sliding up her back, while I kissed anything in sight. I suddenly caught a glimpse of her ear and slid to the side to get at it. As I did so, something happened and my leg slipped between her thighs. I could feel her, warm and moist, against my skin. It was the most erotic sensation I had ever felt.

I licked up her long neck to the ear lobe which I pulled into my mouth. She moaned ever so slightly as I nibbled. Her body started to move and the warm soft spot was sliding against my thigh, leaving a damp trail. I moaned against her in excitement.

"You ever done this?" I asked.

"No," she said back and slid her wetness down my thigh. "You?"

"Uh-uh," I answered and ran my tongue in a circle along the edge of her ear.

She suddenly grabbed my cock in her hand and began to rub it. She was moving her hand in rhythm with her mound against my leg. I felt her thumb wrapping over the head, rubbing my precum all around. Through the haze in my mind, I felt a drop of moisture running down my leg from her. I was beginning to smell new scents floating around us, from her, from me, from the sweat that was forming on our naked bodies. I wanted to taste her, taste all of her, before the night was done.

My tongue traveled down Thuy's neck, licking in broad, wet strokes under her chin. Next it was the collarbone, which changed our angle and I felt her slip off of my leg. I bent over further and kissed down her chest. It was different here than everywhere else. Her breast was soft, giving as I pressed with my lips, but springing back as I let go. I could imagine spending an hour here, exploring. My eyes fell on her nipples. The areolas were much darker than any other skin on her, almost a chocolate color. They were marked with reddish nipples that seemed very wide. Each was erect and pointed outward. I moved to one nipple and laid a soft kiss on it. Then another. I ran my tongue over it and discovered she wasn't fully erect yet as the dark skin began to tighten and the nipple grew. It was fascinating.

Somehow I could feel a grin above me, so I looked up to Thuy. She looked like she was about to laugh. "What?" I asked.

"Jake, they are for kissing. You can take notes later."

I smiled back at her. "Then, let's kiss them a little more." I stood up and began pushing her back to the bed. She backed up step for step with me until she was trapped against the bed. I gave a playful shove and she collapsed backwards and wiggled her perfect little body backwards giving me room to join. Was everything she did the most beautiful thing ever? Straddling her thighs, I leaned over and drew a nipple straight into my mouth.

I heard her say something like, "Now, there we go," to herself and her legs moved up and down under mine. I just did whatever I could think of, sucking on each nipple, soft, then hard, then soft. I ran my tongue in circles around those dark areolas while my fingers teased on the other side. I then licked back and forth quickly, and her body squirmed under mine as I kissed. She squirmed against me so much that I had to move my pelvis away from her to prevent a repeat of earlier.

As I moved, my tongue slid down her breast onto her stomach. I suddenly breathed in that intoxicating smell that I had noticed before. My eye fell down her stomach, past her pinched navel, to a layer of curly black hair. That was something to discover. I kissed down her stomach ever so slowly, making sure nothing escaped my lips. I could feel my excitement building as I moved lower. She also began to shudder and catch her breath and I was already in danger of cumming without anything touching me. I changed from kissing to licking up and down the sides of her belly.

She jumped immediately, the way she had before when I touched her hip area. I looked down to the spot that made her fly. There was nothing special to see, just a slight fall where hips met pelvis. I moved my body down to kiss the area. I blew a cool stream of air across her skin and her pelvis lifted slightly into the air. I licked back and forth as fast as I could and heard my name.

"Jake, Jake."

She must really like this.

"Not so soft," she finished.

Oh. I pressed my tongue harder on the dimple and licked. This time, I got "Jaaaakkkke." Now I knew what I was after.

She was beginning to wiggle all around the bed, so I took her thighs firmly in my hands pushing down so that I could continue, licking along her stomach, over her breasts, down her navel, down her hips, up to her thighs. Thuy's hands clutched at the sheets as my tongue passed over the inside of her thighs. I placed my mouth over the top of her leg to suck on her, and my cheek grazed the soft curly hair of her muff next to me. I froze.

I wanted to kiss it so bad.

I turned my head slightly to look at her mound, seeing the hair fall down the top disappearing between her closed legs. I freed her thighs and moved my head up a little to kiss the soft black hairs. I could feel my heart pounding and the scents just a couple inches away. I kissed the hair again a little lower. Thuy's legs moved apart for just a second and then closed again.

Her hand was on my shoulder and I looked up to see her propped up on an elbow. My lips were still nestled in her curls. She gazed at me with a ferocity I had never seen before. I took her hand in mine, our fingers intertwining. She shook beneath me.

"I'm scared," she said.

"Me, too. But different probably."

"Why are you?"

"It's new for me, too. I want you to feel good."

"You're doing great. You have no idea."

"Then why scared?"

"No one's done this before, Jake."

"We can stop."

"I don't wanna. I'm just scared is all. No one's seen... me there."

"I'll close my eyes," I said and did so.

She giggled nervously. "That's stupid."

I kept my eyes closed. "Yeah, but if it makes you more comfortable, who cares?"

I felt a slight movement.

"Open your eyes."

I opened them to discover Thuy's legs spread open before me. The black hair thinned between her legs to just wisps around labia that were as dark as her nipples. A small bit of pink peeked out from deep inside and moisture was all around in the form of little drops of dew at the edges and matted hair closer in.

I placed my mouth on the dark lips of this woman and felt Thuy squeezing my hand tightly. I kissed up and down slowly. Truth was, this was a little different for me, too.

Trying something, I flicked my tongue between the labia quickly. Wow. Wow. I licked again a little deeper. The taste was something I could never have predicted. A mixture of sour and sweet that was incredibly intense. Thuy's grip was growing stronger as my tongue moved. So this was what my Thuy tasted like.

I moved my mouth completely against the opening. In the movies of this that I had seen, everything seemed really easy, but now that I was there, between someone's legs, I could barely see anything. I had no idea exactly where my mouth was. I just did the best I could.

With my mouth pressed against Thuy, my tongue moved up and down in some very wet and soft area. I moved down towards where I remembered the pink color and could feel Thuy's wetness entering my mouth, mingling with my own saliva. As I pushed my tongue inward, it felt like Thuy was about to squeeze my hand off. I moved towards where I believed her tunnel to be, keeping my tongue moving. Thuy was moaning now above me, just saying my name and syllables that I couldn't understand. My tongue never stopped. If I could make her feel like this, I never wanted to stop. Thuy's legs began clinching around my head, pressing inward and then releasing. Omigod, I loved it. I suddenly remembered her clitoris. It was somewhere towards the top, I knew, so I just moved up and licked as much area as I could. "Aahhhhh!!" She leaped into the air, squeezing me hard.

This was out of control.

I kept licking at this area where her clit was, but Thuy was starting to buck her whole body underneath me, making it next to impossible. I licked and she gasped and jumped, making me lose the little nub I was now feeling. I had an idea. I got my hand away from Thuy and brought it down to my face. Moving my head back to see, I slipped a finger inside her slit and moved it up and down the length of her mound. Everything was so moist and wonderful. I moved up my fingers to the top, hitting the nub, and Thuy screamed. My quiet, smart, sarcastic Thuy screamed in passion. I would never give this up. Thuy's noises were muffled suddenly by a pillow she was pushing into her face. I moved my fingers back down and pushed forward a little. There was a little give, so I pushed again and suddenly my finger was entering the woman I loved.

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