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This story is a work of fiction that depicts sexual acts between consenting adults and deals with concepts such as First Time, Petting, and Vaginal Sex.

If any of these things will offend you or you are not of legal age in your area to read and/or possess this I recommend closing this document immediately

The people, places, and events in this story are strictly fictional, any and all likeness to actual people, places, or events are coincidental only

Even beside the boiler this place was cold. When I agreed to take this job they probably warned me about that but I was too busy dreaming of what I could do with the money. Five years worth of full time pay for 7 months of isolation, one very nice compensation.

I assumed that I would adapt to whatever the north pole would throw at me. I mean, at twenty five there is no man ever who thinks he can handle anything. This place was a whole different world than anything I ever saw. My job there was simple really, maintain the operating equipment and keep the place livable, building maintenance for short. Sure there were other things that came with the territory, like making the coffee in the morning and unloading and storing supplies, none of which I minded.

I even found myself taking care of the egg-head who worked there. She seemed nice enough to me despite barely acknowledging my existence. She barely ever spoke to me, but I am not sure she would ever have actually eaten if not for me. That woman worked late studying her samples every single night. She had all of three outfits she wore and rarely did anything more than tie her hair up. Her face was always over her microscope, so intensely involved in her work I barely knew what she looked like.

That seemed for the best anyways, a relationship up here with just the two of us, might get messy and not in the good way. Time came and went quickly if you didn't muddy the water i figured. Almost four months has passed since we came here and now that we were on the other side of the mountain it seemed wise to carry on as we were.

Today was just like any other day, I walked past the laboratory and things are as always, there she was hunched over her microscope with her samples stacked around her. I wonder to myself if she even knows what day it is.

Heh, I laugh out loud. 'day' was an abstract concept up here, another thing I ignored when they warned me about the place. The sun set for the last time months ago, and if it was ever coming back remained to be seen. I glanced back over and realize I had startled the lady in the lab. "Sorry about that miss, I remembered something funny, I didn't mean to disturb you."

She rubs her shoulders as she tries to wring out the obvious stiffness in them. "Is there any thing for sore muscles around?" She asks as she returns to her work.

"I have some cream for that if you like."

"Sure, yes, cream." she says as she looses her concentration on the conversation and gets lost in her work again.

This was the most I ever got out of her from any given day. Usually just a thank you for dinner and back at it.

I took my time to walk to the supplies section and rummage about for the cream I had seen when I stored it last month. I rarely ever needed anything like it, my job kept me relatively fit and in my down time I was getting plenty of exercise and always plenty of time to stretch, what else was I going to do.

I make my way back to her lab and knock on the door, startling her again. "Sorry miss, I found the cream you asked for."


"You said your shoulders hurt, you asked if I had anything to help, here you go."

"I did?" she asks as she returns to her work, "Fine, umm, just put it there and I will get to it shortly." she says pointing aimlessly at her desk.

I comply, but then speak up uncharacteristically. "Your probably not going to do it are you?"

"I will get to it in time like I get to the other samples."

"I can do it for you if you want, having sore muscles is probably a distraction from what you're doing anyways."

"Not as much as a talkative janitor I assure you!" she snaps angrily at me, then just as suddenly checks herself and turns to face me and softens her expression. "Sorry, that wasn't fair, I have so much work to do and so little time. I feel like I am way behind. What do you need me for?"

"I was bringing you the cream you asked for. I know you tend to put things off so I was offering to help you with it. I really don't recommend leaving your sore shoulders, they are just going to get worse."

"Oh, that's so kind of you, now I feel so terrible." She says frowning, "Can I impose on you to do it now? The shoulders are really hard to reach."

"Yeah, I will take care of it, turn around please."

She complies and I apply the cold smelly cream to my hands, then to her shoulders. Her skin felt like silk, and below she felt soft like she had no muscle definition. So she really did keep her figure by starving herself, at least it was not intentional.

"So, how long have you been here?" she asks in attempt to make small talk.

"Since September actually." I say as I press hard into her shoulder to work the cream in.

She moans gently, "Wow, six months? I barely noticed you around."

"So, you really don't know what day it is?" I say with a laugh.

"Yeah, of course I do it's like the end of February." she boasts falsely.


"March?" She asks nervously.

"More like December."

"So I am ahead of schedule for once?"

"That, I wouldn't know." I say as I lean into her other shoulder.

"That feels amazing Mr. Umm what is your name again." she asks realizing she didn't even know my name.

"Nick, ma'am, just call me Nick."

"Selena, my name that is; anyways, if your this good with your hands maybe I will keep you around."

"Just glad I can help."

"I haven't felt this good since, you know what? Never mind, would you be willing to rub down the rest of my back? Now that you made my shoulders feel better I can feel how bad the rest of it feels."

"Are you sure you don't have any work to get back to?"

"Are you kidding? I am taking a day off for once. I can afford it if i am that far ahead."

"You chose an excellent day to take off." I say as I spread more smelly cream on my hands.

"What do you mean?"

"It's Christmas eve. Umm, would you please adjust your uh, clothes, so I don't get any of this on your shirt?" I say holding my hands helplessly.

"Of course, hey, umm, would it make you uncomfortable if I just took it off? Don't worry I will stay covered up."

"We are both adults here, I can help you with muscle soreness without this being sexual. You can do as you need."

"In that case," She says as she lifts off her shirt and tosses it aside carelessly. "I am much more comfortable without clothes on."

I certainly didn't expect that, but here I was, this tiny girl with nerdy glasses was now top less in front of me. Sure her tits were out of sight, but here pale skin and slim figure was beginning to remind me how long it's been since I have been intimate with a woman myself.

Time to focus. I began to rub the cream over the rest of her back. I began with gently spreading it around, but as I finished that I began to work it in with stronger rubbing and putting my strength behind it. She moaned softly as my hands worked out all her soreness.

"Christmas eve eh? Wow, what a coincidence to be get to know each other today."

"You actually want to get to know me?" I say pausing.

"Well yeah, I mean we are the only ones here so I suppose it was kind of rude of me to ignore you for so long. I have a whole day of free time so we should probably make the best of it."

"Oh, sure, I must admit I am pretty curious about you so that works out."

"You're curious about me? There is not very much to me."

"Well, I mean I don't know how long in total you have been here, but you work relentlessly at your job. There is something more about this job that only you understand that has you passionate. You pour everything that you are into it without any consideration for yourself, I have come to have a lot of respect for you, it has even rubbed off on me a little."

"Wow, I mean, wow. In my fondest dreams I have never seen myself like you do. I just really want to do a good job, this is important work."

"I know, at least that you believe that to be true. I have no understanding of what it is you actually do."

"It's kind of complicated, just think of it as related to global warming."

"That is kind of important."

Suddenly her stomach speaks before she does. "Oh I must be hungry." she says sounding a little embarrassed.

"Yeah you didn't eat any of the food I brought for you yesterday."

"You bring me food?"

"Three times a day, and I make the coffee. I started when I realized that you never got up to eat."

She leapt up and gave me a huge hug. "Oh my God, I thought I was going crazy to be honest, every time I ate I could not remember going to get the food."

She backs away from the hug ignoring her toplessness and looks into my eyes. Her stunning brown eyes working to take me in. Looking into them I could see just how intelligent she was, it was amazing to see so much in these framed eyes. She was pretty too, her smooth complexion and soft features looked like a face made for the big screen, not some boring lab as far away from the world as possible. I forced myself to look at her eyes and resist the urge to check out her breasts that were just there in front of me, I did promise to be an adult.

"It won't offend me if you look."


"At my breasts silly, you're a guy it's not really natural for you to resist looking, but there really isn't anything remarkable about them I promise, it's part of the reason I am so comfortable nude."

"I was trying to be an adult."

"Just look so we can get rid of the awkwardness, I can see it stressing you out."

I look. She was clearly lying about her breasts. The beautiful mounds of flesh before me were pert and sexy. Her nipples swung upwards and we're encompassed by the largest areola I had ever seen, and trust me, since internet porn made nudes so accessible, I have seen a lot of breasts. She could enslave me with just those two supple mounds and I would never complain.

"Feel better?"

"Umm, no."


"No. You keep talking down about yourself, and so far you have been wrong every time."

"Me? Wrong? I doubt it." She says crossing her arms under her breasts.

"First you said there was not much to you, but that was wrong, and I explained to you what I saw that you have failed to see in yourself. You may be unassuming in stature, but anyone who takes a moment to look into your eyes can see the brilliance inside of you. Then you tell me that your breasts are nothing special-" she interrupted me.

"Half the population of the planet has breasts, mine are neither big nor perfectly formed."

"There are three and a half billion pairs of breasts out there and the internet gives anyone who wants it, access to about a third of those. So if a guy, who has browsed porn since he was fourteen, decides you have remarkable breasts, you simply can only accept that the stunning globes that you sport so freely are indeed remarkable. Stop telling me you're not special, I may have not known you were as special as you actually are but I knew you were more than the average ditz."

She stares at me angrily for a moment, frozen in place.

"I guess I owe you lunch." she said dismissing my rant out of hand. With that she walked off, topless, on her way to make lunch for us.

Making lunch is an operative term really. All she really had to do was fetch the ration packs and add water. She did do it all, and with this stubborn look about her like there was nothing to be done but let her. All this without bothering to put her top back on.

"Are you not cold?" I ask as she sits down.

"Nope." she says stubbornly.

"I always find this place cold."

"My lab or the building?"

"The building."

"Nope, just right for me. Is this some subtle way of asking me to cover up?"

"Hell no!" I exclaim, a little more enthusiastically then intended. I was still enjoying the view of those pert tits of hers and I wanted to keep them out as long as possible.

"I don't know, maybe these things are making it a little awkward around here." She says as she begins to stand up. "I wouldn't want to create a hostile work environment." As she speaks she starts to walk towards me and where she had discarded her shirt.

Inexplicably, I leap to me feet and stand between her and her blouse, finding myself towering over her tiny figure and almost intimately close to her. "Look, you said your most comfortable like this. I don't want you to be uncomfortable, so if you want your shirt off, then keep it off."

She looks up at me from where she stood. In her eyes I could see a hint of nervousness but I felt drawn to her at the same time. "If your sure."

"I am sure, take a seat and eat please."

"Okay." she says with a girlish tone and hops back to her seat.

I watched as she ate every morsel of her rations like a ravenous animal, 'maybe I should get her some more' I thought to myself. As if hearing my thoughts she bounces up from the table before I could, her mesmerizing breasts bouncing with her, and skipped off to get more.

This gave me a moment to take this all in. This eccentric woman was very quickly becoming a potential lover. I usually avoid workplace romance, but, it was beginning to look like we were not going to be able to avoid this. Stranger still was how different she was from a girl I might normally date. I was used to dating woman from the same part of town as me, we all were a little tight for money, but we got along fine. Usually a girl for me was not skinny but also not fat, and I preferred a round ass to bigger breasts any day of the week but push comes to shove, if their inviting me I will take my chances.

This woman however was drastically different. She was slim in figure, with pale skin like she never goes outdoors. Her breasts were amazing of course but if I was being completely honest with myself they were a bit small for what I liked in a woman. Her brown hair was unremarkable, especially tied up in her ponytail, but it fit for her and all her eccentricities. Her most outstanding difference was her eyes. Infinitely complex, her eyes seemed to take in and understand everything they see. She was such a smart woman, maybe a little too smart for an average Joe like me.

She returns and takes her seat leaping into another rations set. In between mouthfuls she finally speaks again. "Hey Nick? Do you want to watch a movie?"

"That sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon."

"I did not bring any Christmas movies, but I have a few others around."

"Well, we will just have to make due."

We both finished our lunch and made our way to the lounge area outside the bedrooms.

"Blankets are necessary for watching movies, I hope it doesn't bother you if I cover up now."

"Cover up or don't cover up, it's just nice to finally get to know you."

"In that case," she says taking a seat directly beside me, she leans in and rests her head on my upper arm "Let's start the movie."

"What are we watching?"

"Jerry McGuire."

"Ah, I see, well in that case maybe we can share this blanket." I might fall asleep watching this one.

"Only if you take your shirt off too."

"Why is that?"

"Because this blankie is very warm. You will end up sweating all over the place."

Seemed like excuse enough for me. Things were getting heated between us and I was going to play her game, but in the mean time I figured a few games of my own might be worth while. I take my shirt off and settle into the blanket with her and my arm around her waist.

She settles in nicely, resting her head against my chest. I start to gently caress her waist with my hand, each time moving closer to her breasts. I was nervous to make a move in case it was not welcome. Once I finally brush up against her breast and she did not react I decided to get a little more daring. I slide my hand upwards and onto her breast and cup it gently. With my finger and thumb I start to massage her stiff nipples and watch for a reaction from her.

Without a reaction it was definately clear she was into what I was offering so I caressed and massage her breast while continuing to stimulate her nipple. Her breasts barely spilled out of my hands as I rubbed and squeezed them, barely handfuls, but they did fit nicely. I take my other hand from beside me and reached under her arm to find her other breast to give it the same treatment.

After a short time of this free groping I felt her tiny hand grab mine and gently pull it away from her breast. I followed her guidance and she lead me to the top of her jeans and opened her legs for me. I took the hint and unbuttoned the top of her jeans and ease the zipper apart. I could barely wait to find what was waiting for me as I slid my hand inside her tiny little pants. First I leave her panties as they are and just move to cup her sweltering mound, giving it a snug squeeze to start things out. It felt so small in my hands i could barely imagine this poor thing taking what was coming next. I heard her gasp as my strong hands touched her for the first time.

Eager, and now further spurred by her reaction, I neglected to play there any longer and pulled the soft cotton panties aside and slid my fingers into the tangled mess of coarse hair. I expertly found her slit and rubbed my finger down its length following the radiating heat. With a bend of my finger I found her waiting cavity soaked with juices and eager to swallow up any offering. I scooped up some of the gooey fluid I slid my finger back to the top of her slit in search of her clit.

I found the hood with ease and left as much lubricant there as possible and returned my finger to her heated depths. My thumb took over for the finger at her hood and began to rub at her pleasure button making it start to swell. My own swelling had now neared a raging, mass of blood and flesh. I already could barely resist taking her right this second and impale her on it. I knew I had to resist though, I wanted this to be really good for her.

The combination of my thumb and finger quickly effected her. I listened to her moan softly as I caressed her in the way she had obviously denied herself for so long. Her clit swelled rapidly under my thumb and her excitement rose alongside mine. Her legs spread wider and she moves so her head is on my leg making access much easier, the movie already forgotten.

With then increased freedom I began to attack her climax with renewed speed. I could feel her start to buck her hips to my hand as I pushed her closer. Her moans grew in intensity and her breath quickened. She was getting close so I pressed on, determined.

Finally, after all that, I felt her body clinch and her legs close tightly around my hand. I pressed on as every muscle in her body clinched through her climax. She moaned loudly as she gave herself over to it and her orgasm consumed her. I waited for her to settle down from it and her body to relax before determining that it is time to take this onward. Getting up, I moved to get between her legs. I raised up her hips and pulled her pants down past her hips and then finally up off her legs.

"Wait a second." she said between gasps.

I paused and lean closer to listen

"I really want this, but" she catches her breath "I need to tell you something."

"There is nothing you can say to change how much I want you right now." I assured her.

"Good, but, umm, I have never actually, uhh, you know."

"Oh God, you're a virgin?"

"Yeah, could you maybe be a little gentle for me?"

"Umm sure, I can do that. You sure your ready?"

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