Nothing Else To Give


"Mmm hmm, very sure."

What a revelation, but I was now hotter for this than ever. It had been a long time since I popped a cherry but I was definately looking forward to this one. I grabbed her by the hips and turned her over, she was so light in my arms that it was easy. I lifted her hips in the air leaving her face to to lounger.

I took a good look at her waiting pussy. The heat radiated like an oven and her hair was soaked with her juices flowing everywhere. I was going to have to be careful, with that much lubrication I was going to slide in very quickly. Above the juices and her waiting hole was another delight. Her cute little starfish was sitting there winking at me.

I have never been one too interested with anal, but this thing looked incredible. Without thinking I put my face down and lap my tongue around her little pucker stirring a gasp from her. Without resistance, I continued, slipping my tongue gently into her hole until I could not reach any further. Swirling my tongue around for a moment I tease her with it before getting back up again. It was time.

I lined my swollen cock up to her hole and feel a moment of concern for her. I was swollen harder and larger then I could ever recall being, this might really hurt her at first. I then realize that I had never heard a woman complain about a man being too big. Forgetting that business I ease inside her slowly feeling my head get soaked immediatly and the tender flesh rub up against it. Carefully I eased in further until I feel the resistance of her barrier. I waited patiently for her nerves to relax before I press forward. I could feel the barrier resist then nothing as I broke through.

Below me I hear her gasp as it breaks and the tension return to her body. I gave her the moment she needed before returning to the plunge. I slid the rest of the way inside her with ease and when our hips finally met I took a moment to prepare her for the rest. I leaned over her and slide my right hand down the front of her hips to her pussy, my finger searched for her swollen clit. My left hand grasped her breast and gently lift her up to a proper doggy style.

Finally ready to make this great for her I started to ease myself out until I felt my tip at her entrance then eased it all the way back inside nice and slow. A soft moan from her told me she was liking it so I allowed my finger to do its work. Sliding myself out again I penetrated her a slightly faster that time still rubbing her clit.

Each thrust into her was faster as we continued onwards, I knew she is going to climax from my finger long before I released so I planned for two. The pace increased to a steady in and out while I furiously tapped her clit. "Cum on my cock for me" I whispered in her ear. As if that was all it would take for he she did exactly that. She grunts hard and all her muscles tense up. Her pussy clamped down on my cock making her feel much tighter then before. I slowed for a second with my thrusts until her orgasm passed and resumed my thrusting.

"That feels so much better then I ever dreamed it would, don't stop, don't ever stop, oh god" she said finally vocalizing her sensation.

I could barely believe my ears, this girl was already half way to her next orgasm and she just finished one. Determined to be close when this next one happened I abandoned careful thrusting and began to drive myself wildly into her. With reckless abandon I pounded into her pussy and rapidly fingered her clit. Her moans grew louder and the sound of my balls clapping against her thighs could be heard over even that.

Months of repressed sexual urges was about to explode into this poor virgin. I could feel my orgasm nearing, hers was right behind it. Hungry for my own climax I gave everything I have to pounding her pussy until I finally came. I thrust myself hard into her one last time and released torrent after steaming hot torrent of hot cum into her waiting hole. My senses went blind as I was overcome with pleasure and I allowed it to happen.

My senses returned after what feels like hours of bliss only to find my semi hard cock still embedded in her. Her body shivered as the remnants of her own orgasm wreaked over her body. I carefully pull my now over sensitive cock out of her and sit back onto the lounger. I could hear somebody shouting "Show me the money." in the background somewhere. Oh right the movie, 'well I have news for you buddy, money can't buy something like what just happened here I promise you that.' I thought to myself.

Still breathing heavy I watched as she crawls over to me and rested her body against mine, her breasts pressed against my stomach. She stared up at me with those brilliant eyes of hers and sweat beading on her skin. "I don't even know where to begin to describe how good that felt."

"That was probably the best I have ever had."

"Really? So it's not always that good?"

"Well that depends on your partner really."

"So, how long are you going to be here for?"

"About three more months."

"Then what?"

"That Is going to depend on if I get another offer here or not."

"Do you want to come back?"

"I have grown to like it here, and since it is now a little less lonely here I think I do why?"

"Well since we are going to do this again there I'd going to have to be rules."

"We are?"

"Obviously, so, here is how this works. I am going to keep working like I have been, because the work is so important; but, I can't have you distracting me all day."


"So during the day you are not allowed in my lab, no exceptions. If you insist on bringing food then you can leave it at the door, clear?"


"At supper time you can come get me and we will eat together. I can't promise any riviting conversations buy we can spend the time eating together. After dinner we can figure out what we want to do that night, including if we do or do not want to do that."

"Sounds like a plan."

"This is not a relationship alright? It is a friendship, with benifits as they say. If you can follow the rules then I will hire you on as your own contractor and pay you what I paid your boss to provide you."

"To work here with you longer?"

"As long as I am here."

"That's a fantastic plan."

"Only if you follow the rules." she says with a fake stern look on her face. "Now that I know what you can do with this thing I am going to be distracted with you in my office."

"I will be good."

"Well not all the time I hope." she says smirking.

With that she turned around and laid back against my chest to watch to movie. It was the most comfortable I have ever been. That night we ended up sleeping like that, but as I drifted off I swear I heard bells jingle from a distance.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/29/17


A great little Christmas story- lots of stories need more editing- it didnt stop me from enjoying the “tail”.

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by Many_Memories11/28/17

I am just wondering---

Sunrise/sunset up there in the north on the first few days of December is about 12 minutes apart. Three days after that there is no sunrise until after the first week of January. That is down about 70more...

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by Anonymous11/28/17

Try harder next time

Lacks editing- punctuation and grammar- specially during the introductory first few paragraphs. I lost track and interest too soon. It could have been a much more appealing story with a bit more proofreading.more...

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by Angelpheonix11/27/17


I agree that there is some room to improve on grammar errors, I actually did not polish this as much as I usually do I was already way behind my writing goals on this. I am very happy that this had themore...

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by Anonymous11/27/17

Loved the story, but . . .T

In chapter two you’ll have to explain how they’re going to deal with her having gotten knocked up at the pole.

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