tagMatureNothing in Common Ch. 01

Nothing in Common Ch. 01


Thank you amerks29hockey for editing this story for me!


I had just finished bringing in the last of the boxes went I felt the sense of relief wash over me. I had finally moved into my own place. It was a nice little quiet townhouse that a friend of mine was renting out to me at a great price. I was lucky.

Since returning to the town where I had originally obtained my undergrad degree, I knew the place quite well. I was also equally excited that I would be teaching high school students at Edison High. I had volunteered there a lot while working on my degree. It was all last minute, so I was also nervous that I would step on campus as one of the new math teachers. But I was up for the challenge.

The only challenge that I was not up for was working at unpacking more boxes after moving all day. Each box stared at me with warning that they would only make me more weary. That was the resulting fact in my decision to change and head to the local pub across the street. One I had frequented occasionally during college.

I redressed instantly in jeans and a simple button up, grabbed my purse, and headed out the door. The place wasn't as packed as it normally would have been on a Friday night. Probably because all the college students weren't supposed to return for another two weeks.

I took a seat at the bar and ordered a beer. Nothing too fancy since it was just me. The bartender brought me my drink and just as I was handing him some cash, a hand was suddenly on mine, pushing it down onto the counter.

"Jerry, put it on my tab." He was so matter of fact that I swung a little harder in my chair than normal from the irritation surging through me. It quickly subsided when I came face to face with the man standing behind me. There was John Davis, my history professor from college. He was giving me a crooked sweet grin.

"Professor Davis," I shouted as I immediately jumped from my chair and wrapped my arms around him to give him a hug. John Davis was one of my favorite professors that I had taken while in college. While I was a Math and Education major, I had taken a couple of his classes to fulfill requirements for my general courses. He was probably one of the best teachers that I had ever had. Of course, it also helped that he was gorgeous with a well-built body, wavy brown hair, and big brown eyes. It made it easier to pay attention in class whenever I did get bored.

"Charlotte Thomas, aren't you a sight for sore eyes! What brings you back?"

"I have a new job and a new home. I live here now." And the idea of me permanently moving back had just gotten better.

"Come sit with me. I want to hear how you've been."

I followed him to his booth. He explained he was just having a drink with a friend and was about to leave when he noticed me sitting at the bar. We caught up on the things we had missed when I was an undergrad. I talked about my two years in grad school and he spoke of his divorce and how he was working at a high school now. He also told me to call him John.

As beer after beer was served, we both became more relaxed with each other, laughing and joking. I propped my feet next to him on his side of the booth and every once in awhile, his hand would brush up against them. What started as simple banter seemed to turn into flirtation. I would lean forward and place my hand on his whenever I made a joke. He never pulled away and each time, my hand would linger longer. All he would do was smirk at me with what I hoped was approval. I had always been attracted to John. I couldn't tell if the alcohol was helping me loosen up to show this or making me look like a fool.

When the waitress came over once more, he paid out both our tabs. I thanked him, which he replied with a 'You're welcome' and the same time he placed his left hand directly on my ankles and started to rub them. I immediately looked at him, unsure of how to respond. I had been flirting with him but this was the first time he had actually responded. The only thing I knew was that I wasn't going to pull my legs away.

He gripped on tighter when the waitress returned with his card and I felt my insides tightened. He gave the waitress a polite thank you but never let his eyes leave mine. Had he been flirting this entire time too?

"Does this bother you?" He hesitated in his question but kept his eyes fierce on me.

"No." In fact, I wanted him to grip tighter.

He leaned towards me almost as if whispering would be better in a bar than shouting. "Let's disappear."

I didn't even nod my head to respond when he was already out of the booth and motioning me to follow him. We walked to his car and once we got there, he grabbed me by the wrist and shoved me up against it. Without warning, he quickly shoved his hands down my pants, under my underwear and into my pussy forcing my legs apart. When I opened my mouth to yelp, he bent down and placed his mouth on mine.

His lips were hard while he roughly fingered me. I grabbed on to his arms to catch myself from falling and held myself up against the car. This was the last thing that I would expect from him. His hand was hard against me and it turned me on even more. I was up for playing that way.

I immediately grabbed his cock through his jeans and squeezed hard. He broke his lips and moaned slowly. Removing his hand from my pants, he leaned himself into me.

"I'm going to ravage you. Get in the car." I smiled. It was commanding and hot and making myself wetter by the minute.

He quickly drove to his house, ignoring practically all rules of the road. We both jumped out of his car, rushing to get inside. I already knew what I wanted first.

As soon as he got us in and turned from shutting the door I threw him up against it and dropped to my knees. Not hearing any protest, I immediately undid his jeans and yanked them down with his boxers. His cock sprang towards me and without skipping a beat I took the head into my mouth. Wanting to show him how up I was for ravaging, I quickly forced him completely down my throat, sucking him for a couple of seconds and then returning to his head. A loud groan erupted from him as I saw his hand clasped on to the doorknob. I continued my routine, sucking on his head and then engulfing him once more. I gripped onto his thighs to hold my balance, digging my fingers deeper every time I swallowed him.

It wasn't long before his hands found the back of my head and started pushing and pulling me through the motions. Whenever he held me so that he was completely in my mouth, I would suction at his cock and play with his balls, causing his moans to get louder. He started to buck his hips and I knew he was near. I went faster, meeting the rhythm of his hips. And one swift move, he held my head in place, pushed forward, and unloaded his come into my mouth and down my throat. Eagerly, I swallowed everything, making sure not to miss a drop.

I pulled myself away from him and noticed that his cock was semi-hard even after unloading into my mouth. It shocked me how he still had anything left in him. He must have read the expression on my face.


I smiled in response. I was surprised. Surprised and very happy.

He grabbed me by the arms and pulled me up to him. What would have caused most women pain in his grip made the wetness dribble down my leg even more. How did he know I wanted to be touched like this? To be roughed with? "I hope you have enough energy, Charlotte. You're not going anywhere tonight." Not letting go of my arms, he pulled me into him and kissed me with such force and passion, my legs weakened.

"You better keep your balance," he remarked as he let go of me and bent down to remove his pants and shoes. When he stood back up, he immediately stripped off his shirt and threw it to the side. His entire being was beautiful. While not huge, muscles still rippled throughout every inch of his body. I was ecstatic that his body would be mine for the rest of the evening. I never really realized that he was intending for my body to be his.

Without warning, he placed his hands on the middle of my button up shirt and pulled it apart. Buttons flew everywhere. Normally I would have been upset that he had just destroyed my shirt, but at that moment I didn't care. And it was a good thing too since he quickly tore the button off my jeans to get them open, forcing them down my legs. As I tugged my feet out of them, he ripped my bra in the front. But it was how he pushed me up against the wall and yanked my panties off that caused me to moan loudly. The tear was hard enough that I felt it burn.

After removing my bra from my back he pushed his body up against mine, my breasts squeezing against the wall. He began to grind his cock into my ass and lowered his mouth to my ear. "God, you make me horny." Next I knew, his mouth met my shoulder and he drew his tongue from the corner of my shoulder to the center of my neck. He kissed me softly and sweetly and then bit me. There was no way that I would have been able to control the moan that erupted from my mouth even if I have wanted to.

"Good," he whispered once more, flipping me back around and picking me up so that my legs were around his body.

I felt his cock pressing against my pussy as he carried me to his bedroom. I wiggled my body to try and get him in me, wanting him right there. I was losing my patience. But once I wiggled, his grip got really firm on me and he immediately bit me on my other shoulder. My body jumped up against him as I moaned into the ceiling. His bites felt so good.

"No, no, Charlotte. Not yet."

"Fine then," I retorted, smirking and bending my head down to bite him hard in his shoulder. He stopped dead in his tracks and gripped me harder as he moaned into my chest. I recognized we were in the bedroom and when he did, he dropped me to the bed. I reached forward to grab his cock but his hand swung forward and caught my wrist before I could.

"No Charlotte." He was commanding again. "It's my turn."

He held me by my wrist and slowly lowered my hand to the bed. Using his right hand, he forcefully pushed me back until I was lying down. I giggled. His force was such a turn on and I don't know how I missed it before.

He gripped my knees and forced my legs apart, pulling me down to the edge of the bed. His head disappeared between my legs and I felt a nibble on my left knee. And then a bigger bite higher up. And a gnaw higher than that. Continuous bites traveled upwards, getting harder and rougher. He was maiming my legs and it was perfect.

When he reached my pussy, the breath from his mouth was practically intoxicating. But not as intoxicating as when he pulled apart my lips and placed his mouth on my clit, sucking gently. Or how he slowly worked two fingers in me, reaching in to rub my g-spot causing me to lift my butt off the bed and push my pussy further into his mouth. He sucked harder and I could feel my body began to convulse. I pushed myself further towards him and he removed his fingers to grip harder on my knees. There were going to be marks there when he was done.

He held me there as my orgasm passed, continuously licking me and sucking my clit. When I had dropped myself, he pulled away and stood. Not giving me anytime to breath, he grabbed me by the waist and flipped me over, bringing my butt higher off the bed. I held myself up towards him and felt the head of his cock rub the entrance to my pussy. He bent over me and bit my back before shoving himself forward into me.

My body arched and curved, my hands dug forward into the bed, and my hips bucked backwards towards him. The solidity of him inside me was marvelous. He filled with me such power from his cock and the force that he used to push it into me. He made me want nothing more than to stay there.

His movements weren't kind either. They were rough and hard-hitting and his grip was resilient and firm around my waist, moving me towards him. I wanted nothing more than to add to the sensations by playing with myself but I knew if I tried to lift my hand, I would immediately fall forward and away from him. Something I would not have.

After what seemed like a blissful eternity, he did push me forward so that I was lying on the bed. When I tried to turn over to face him, he held my hips down once more, keeping me from shifting. He was already on the bed behind me. He moved his hands to my knees and pried me apart. I felt his legs on the outside of mine as he pushed his cock back into me. Using his legs, he closed mine so that I was laying straight on the bed, my thighs and pussy squeezing his cock. He immediately began pushing himself into me once more, the sensations from the arrangement exhilarating for both of us. He laid his lips on me and began to nibble and bite my back shoulders between each of his moans. I took this opportune time to add to the sensations and place my hand under me to fuel my oncoming orgasm. I rubbed furiously against my clit as he kept pushing and pulling his cock into my body. Before I knew it, I was convulsing once more against the bed and my muscles squeezed his cock hard as my orgasm erupted from my body.

I was somewhat shocked at how he still had all this vigor in him and had yet to come. He obviously wasn't kidding early when he told me that I better have enough energy. He had more than enough for both of us.

A couple of more pushes and he pulled out. A little confused, I turned my head over to look at him.

"Turn around."

I did and placed my legs around him. I figured he was about to return to a more traditional approach when he grabbed my legs and brought them up in the air. He slid his cock in once more and then threw my legs onto his shoulders, bringing my butt into the air and onto his lap. His hands curved around the front of my thighs to hold me near him and began to take no mercy. He pounded me furiously, gripping tighter and tighter with every push.

I brought my hands to my body once more, placing my left hand on my breast and my right on my clit. The sight of me touching myself must have aroused him even more because his movements became faster as he moaned through his grunts. I flexed my muscles around him, causing more moans to not only escape his lips, but mine.

I felt like his hands were going to rip my legs apart when he started to come. The feeling from his hands and mine was so gratifying that I brought myself to a climax with him. His body arched into my legs as mine pushed towards the ceiling. For a moment, you could hear us both stop breathing as we released ourselves. And once the moment surpassed, he pulled himself out and collapsed next to me, bringing me into him and breathing heavily into my ear. When our breathing subsided, I heard him go into a calming light snore. The last thing I noticed was the clock next to the bed before I feel asleep. It was 4 am.

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