tagRomanceNothing Underneath

Nothing Underneath

byTom Soup©

It is morning. The sun is shining brightly, it's path broken up by the summer leaves on the trees and the shadows dancing merrily on the ground. The morning air is slightly crisp and the dew sparkles in the sun's warming rays, casting light in unperceivable patterns on the eye. The light breeze blows in through the open window and over your beautiful naked sleeping form. As the breeze plays with the

edge of the sheet, flipping it softly and letting it slide back into place, you roll over and put your arm out to wrap it around me. Your arm falls to the pillow and you notice that I am not there. You raise your head slightly and look around the room trying to see where I went. As you do, you see a note attached to my pillow with a safety pin and a single red rose through the pin. You take the rose in your hand and inhale deeply, letting the fragrance fill you with delight. You reach out again and pluck the note from my pillow, lying back in the bed as you read it. The note says....

"My Darling Maya,

I love you so very much. I want to give you something very special to show you how much I love you. Look in the living room on the couch. You will find a box. I want you to put on what's in the box, but don't put on anything underneath it. I will be back about midmorning to pick you up and you will see why I don't want anything underneath.

Keeping you in my heart always, Love, Steve."

Puzzled, and more than a little curious, you swing your legs over the edge of the bed, standing and enjoying the feeling of being naked so early in the morning. On bare feet, you pad down the hall and peek into the living room hoping I might still be there. But, I'm not. As you look around the room, you see a curious box propped up on the dark black couch we've made love on so many times in the past. The box leans against the center back cushion. It is the very same cushion you leaned against last night. The same cushion you pressed against, while I licked your pussy during the movie, until you had so many orgasms, you lost count. With a small sound of excitement, you cross the living room carpet and pick up the box. The box is a light cream color and has a pale red bow wrapped around it. Very carefully, you unwrap the bow and let it fall to the fall to the carpet. You lift the lid of the box and peer inside. At first, you see only tissue-type paper, but digging further, you spy a white soft fabric with violet and red orchids patterned. Grasping the fabric, you pull it free from the under the paper and see it is a summer dress made of a light flowing cotton. You gasp in surprise and pleasure. Standing up, you hold the dress against your body to see how well it will fit. You needn't worry. We know each other's bodies so well. Your nude body is perfectly ready to slip the dress on. You hold it against your body, your arm hugging the dress under your breasts. You can already foresee how deliciously it will conform to the curves of your body. You notice the bottom hem falls to mid thigh. The length is the perfect length I like to see on you. When you bend, you know I will be watching to see the tiny evidence of your panties. As you smooth the dress against your body, a scrap of paper attached to the front of the dress catches your eye and you reach up to pull it off. It is another note, this one saying,

"Just remember my love, nothing underneath......I love you."

After you read the note, you hurry to the bedroom and before the floor length mirror, you slip the dress over your head. As you pull the dress down over yourself, you feel the smooth cotton running over your breasts, your stomach, and your thighs. The dress swishes around your thighs. You pull it down lower and notice that it is just a bit tight around the bust, pushing your breasts together and up. The material rubs softly against your breasts and makes your nipples awaken and stiffen, poking forward through the cotton.

You spin your body around in front on the mirror, seeing the dress flare and expose your firm legs up to about mid-thigh. You feel yourself start to get a bit excited and run your hands up and down your sides, wishing I was there to do it for you. You slide one hand down a little lower to caress your inner thigh. The tiny skin bumps rise at the same pace your excitement, as you wonder what I have in store for you.

you come back to earth a little bit and walk back out to the living room. You debate running your fingers over the cloth and pressing it tighter against your thinly covered pussy but you are already getting aroused and wetness could easily begin to soak through the material. You know I wouldn't mind. In fact I would probably be pleased to see my baby with a wet spot on her new dress, but you are patient this morning. You want to know what I have planned.

You return back into the living room, sit down on the couch and lean back against the cushions. A pair of sandals you left last night still lie on the floor at the end of the couch. You see them, and put them on then wait. Wait and try to imagine what I have in store for us. "You don't have long to wait. After just a few moments you hear a motor engine grow louder in the driveway outside. You stand and come to the front door, opening it slightly and see me sitting outside on a motorcycle. I am wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt with a leather jacket over it. I have my sunglasses on and a big smile on my face.

You grin widely as you step out of the door, come over to me and place your arms around my neck, kissing me. I return your kiss with a passion that surprises you momentarily. After our lips break their contact, I motion for you to get on the bike. You swing your legs over the back of the bike, pressing your body against mine and pull the dress down in front so no one else will know that you are wearing nothing underneath. I start the bike again and pull out of the driveway onto the road. You lean forward and put your chin on my shoulder, looking forward as we ride.

After a few minutes, you realize we are heading up into the mountains and away from the city. The vibrations from the bike are getting you even more excited than before and you can feel your snatch juices flowing. We round curve after curve as we steadily climb into the mountains and the suns ascends into the sky. It seems like such a short way to ride away from the crowded city into virtual isolation in less than half an hour of time. I finally slow the bike and turn off onto a little dirt trail winding it's way back into the woods. The bumps cause the bike to grind into your pelvis giving you shudders as the sensations run up and down your spine. After traveling over a couple of miles on the seldom used road, I turn off once more into a little private field, steering across it to the far side, where I stop the bike and turn off the engine.

You climb off the bike and stretch your legs as you look around. The sun is slanting through the maple trees and you can hear a little stream running in the background. Birds sing random notes and the wind is still just a light breeze playing with the hem of your dress, blowing up it and across your very sensitive genitals. The feeling is delicious and you lose yourself in it for just a moment. Then you hear me say your name and look over at me. I take your hand and lead you through the field into the woods. Fallen leaves announce our arrival toward where the sound of the stream is.

We work our way through the woods holding hands as the trees thin. Soon we come to a small clearing next to a small bubbling brook of clear water. A grassy knoll trimmed neatly like a suburban lawn is next to the water's edge. You look around the clearing and see I have already been there and prepared a little surprise for you. A blanket is spread out and on top, there is a bucket of ice with a bottle of light white wine with two wineglasses. A small picnic basket rests along side of the bucket. I move to it and lift the top, revealing a checkered red and white cloth. It covers something inside that you can't see just yet.

We walk over to the blanket, step onto it, and as you sit down, I settle myself beside you. The blue sky above us doesn't have a cloud in sight. I take off my jacket and boots, getting myself comfortable. I reach out and pick up the wine, popping the cork and pouring it into the glasses, holding one up for you to take as I take the other one and we tap the edges together in a silent toast to each other and our love.

I reach into the basket and start pulling the things inside, out. I place them on the blanket next to us. First I take out a loaf of bread, then some Fresh delI meats, a bag of thinly sliced sharp cheese, and a bunch of seedless juicy lime green grapes. Finally, I remove a red cylinder you recognize immediately as a can of spray whipped cream. When you give me a puzzled glance, I simply reply with, "later" and you realize what the instant whipped cream is for. A brief smile crosses your face as you lean back on the blanket and I fix us lunch. As you lean back, you use your arms to brace your body and tilt your face to collect the warmth from the sun. The cotton dress contours around your soft breasts and I can see one of the printed flowers being pushed forward by the shape of your nipple. You look beautiful to me at that moment, but you always do.

"Steve, do you think birds do it while they fly?" You ask jokingly.

"I bet the fun ones do." You laugh at my answer and take the sandwich I have made for you. I think how lucky the bread is to touch your lips. "Would you like to be a bird?" I ask.

You ponder the question as you swallow a bite of your sandwich. "Maybe if I was a love bird in a cage with you."

"Oh really?" I reach for my wine and take a sip.

"Yeah, I'd wrap my little wings around the bars of the birdcage, push my ass out and wait for your feathery touch all day long." You giggle again.

I laugh again and look at your legs. So lovely and smooth they are because I just shaved them for you yesterday. I notice a little spot I missed but see no more. I hope those are the only tiny hairs I left besides the ones I shaved into the shape of a heart around your pussy.

I watch you finish your sandwich and take one last bite, but I'm not really hungry for anything but you. I scoot over beside and slightly behind you. Taking your shoulders in my hands, I guide you down until your head is lying in my lap. I reach out and take the bunch of grapes in my right hand, plucking one off and place it against your soft lips. You open your mouth and your tongue snakes out to pull it in. Your teeth flash in the sunlight as you bite down on the grape. The sweet juice runs over your tongue and you tip your head back just a little to enjoy the sensation. I feed you several more grapes like that, plucking them one at a time and placing them in your mouth.

Then I change my approach, place the grape between my lips, and lean over your face. You reach up with your mouth and take the grape from my lips and trying to brush your lips against mine, but I'm just a little too quick and my lips dart out of range. Again I place a grape in my lips and lean over you passing the grape, but dancing out of range once more as you try for a kiss. A smile appears on my face as you settle back into my lap. The next grape I take, I put completely into my mouth and lean over you. Placing my mouth upon yours, I pass the grape to you with just my tongue. Your tongue slides against mine as you take the grape and bite into it. With out mouths still connected, you pass half of the grape back into my mouth.

We both eat our halves of the grape then our tongues come together again and lock against each other. You are playful and so am I. As our tongues slide against each other, your breath gets deeper. You put one hand on the back of my head and pull me down slightly, forcing our lips together even harder. Our noses press against each other. After our long kiss, I raise my head again and smiling at you, take another grape in hand and draw around your face with it. You feel the grape sliding down your cheek, your jaw line, across your chin, until I finally come to your mouth again and dip it in. You take it in your teeth and bite down, chewing thoughtfully and looking into my eyes, seeing the love there within. You reach up with one hand and run it through my hair as I continue to feed you grapes. Finally you have had enough grapes and pull my head down to kiss you again. When I lean over, I put the rest of the grapes down and place my left hand on your belly. We kiss again and I can taste the sweet grapes on your lips.

Our lips slide over each other lightly at first, but then get more passionate as we probe deeper with our longing for each other. Our tongues meet again and push against each other and my left hand slides up the soft cotton until it is cupping the bottom of your breast through the fabric. My thumb slides all around your nipple but teasingly never touches it. My other hand slides around the back of your shoulders and pulls you up slightly and your hand slides down from the back of my head, tracing my face down to my chest. You feel the thumb of the hand that cups your breast moving slowly higher until it is scraping your nipple ever so gently. I can feel as I rub it how erect it is getting and how hard it begins to get under my light pressure. Your hand comes up to take my hand and guide it downward as we break the kiss and you look me in the eye saying, "I want you to feel how wet I am."

I allow you to guide my hand down your belly and past your thigh until it reaches the short hem of your dress. I let your hand guide mine under your dress and the dress edge lifts and climbs your thigh until it is bunched at your hip and my hand touches the soft heat where your legs join. Instinctively, I kiss you as my hand caresses your lips and I can feel the warmth emanating from you and the wetness seeping from inside. You moan slightly and breaking our kiss, bury your head in my chest as I slide my middle finger into you. Because you are so aroused and wet, my finger slips between your lips and finds your tight tunnel easily. Slowly and gently, taking my time I push my finger fully inside you and hold it still. Pushing under your hood and placing my thumb on your clitoris, I give it just a quick couple of rubs before I pull completely out of you and bring my wet finger to my lips. You watch as I inhale your scent deeply and slowly lick the taste of you off before I return my hand between your legs and slide my finger inside you again. My thumb finds your clit again and begins to rub it vigorously but gently, just the way your body has taught me you like to be touched. You moan again, pressing your face harder into my chest, smelling my cologne and light sweat. The manly smell makes you even more excited and your hips begin to buck slightly as I slide my finger in and out. I let my little finger drift down to your asshole and lightly caress the wetness from your pussy into it as my thumb runs circles around your engorged clit. You are rising to my finger thrusts faster and faster. Your breathing is growing rapid and erratic. Our tongues swipe at each other's mouths. My finger moves faster as I plunge it in and out, curling the tip. I love it when you moan my name as you are coming darling. And all alone out in the open field, your moans become louder in the forest air. I wouldn't care if anyone is watching. I wouldn't stop. I wouldn't tell you to be quiet. I just want you to cum. Your arms grip me tightly as the orgasm rolls through you, obliterating all thought as your body shudders and shakes.

Soon you begin coming down from this orgasm, the aftershocks still causing you to stiffen and loosen in a pattern only your body can understand. Your body relaxes and you lean against me for a few moments trying to catch your breath. I slide my finger out of you and sit you up, as you watch me lick my finger of your taste. Your head spins slightly as I take the hem of your dress and pull it upward over your hips, your stomach, and your breasts, finally taking it completely off and tossing it into the open picnic basket. An amusing thought strikes you. The knowledge you've only worn clothes for a few hours all weekend and now you're naked again seems so wonderful. And now you're totally naked in the out doors. It's one of our favorite little pleasures. Even the fact, I still have my clothes on makes your pussy ache. You love to be naked before me. You are my princess of pleasure and I love you naked all the time.

I gently move forward as you lay back on the tablecloth-covered ground. A yellow butterfly bounces by on an airwave as I straddle you, exhaling my breath all over your body and watching the way your body is rises and falls as your orgasm tapers off. After a few moments, I reach out and retrieve the can of whipped cream. I give it a good shake and pop the top off, looking you in the eyes the entire time. I turn the bottle over and start spraying the whipped cream around your right breast, ending with a tight spiral around your nipple. I quickly move over to the left breast and prepare it with the whipped cream also. After I have covered both breasts, I lean over and begin licking the whipped cream off by sticking my tongue out and lapping at it like kitten does milk. I move my tongue all over your breasts, saving your nipples for last. When I reach the nipple on your left breast, I form my lips in a circle right above the nipple and suck in hard, causing the whipped cream to fly into my mouth without actually touching your nipple. Before you can say anything, I move over to the right nipple and do the same thing. You look up at me and say, "Oh darling, you tease!" with a happy smile on your face. Your eyes sparkle.

I reply with a grin on my face, "Would it help if I did this?" I lower my head again, sucking the nipple on your right breast into my mouth and flicking it lightly with my tongue.

"Very much," you say with a sigh as you lean back against the blanket and let the sensations wash over you. I suckle your nipple and stroke it with my mouth and tongue as you squirm in delight. I move over to your left nipple, take it in my mouth and give it the same treatment. You reach down and pull my shirt out of my pants, letting your hands go under my shirt to roam over my chest. I continue licking and sucking your nipples until they are as hard as pebbles. You reach down and pull up on the bottom of my shirt, tugging it off of me. My lips break contact with your nipples just long enough for you to pull my shirt completely off, then my lips dive down again to wrap around one stiff nipple. I feel you glide your hands over my chest, sliding them downward across my stomach and finally to my pants. You unbuckle my belt slowly and pull it completely off, letting it drop to the side. You reach for me again and unbutton my pants, sliding the zipper down firmly as I continue to work my tongue over your breasts. My zipper travels down almost to the bottom and you reach inside to pull my penis out, stroking it softly. I cannot help myself and moan softly from your touch. The vibrations from my moan are going through your titty and making you shiver with pleasure.

I start to work my way down your body from your breasts. I trail my kisses and licks across your belly, down to your belly button where I stop for a few moments to dip my tongue in and out. You giggle softly when I do this because it tickles slightly. I move further down to where your legs meet your hips and that little line between your legs. The heart I shaved your pubic hair in looks so sexy. I lick it so all the tiny hairs fold together. I kiss my way up and down your pussy slit before moving down your inner thigh. I lift your leg and kiss that sensitive spot just under your ass cheek and you gasp as the feeling shoots through your body. I continue kissing all the way down your inner thigh until I reach your knee. I can feel my exposed erection in your hand as you slide your fingers along my slickened shaft. The outside air cools my precum and makes your hand sticky.

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