tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNothing Worse Than A Welcher

Nothing Worse Than A Welcher


In some ways, I regret the game I lost against my best friend Dave. But then, in some ways, I don't. I'm not all too certain just how my wife, Denise, feels about it...but I have a pretty good idea after what happened.

See, Dave, me and Denise play poker every Monday night. Last Monday, I was down and out of money, but I had what I thought was a sure-fire winner...straight flush, all spades.

I asked Dave for credit.

Laying his cards face-down on the table a moment, he scratched his chin, then smiled. "Tell ya what," he said.

"You seem pretty convinced here, so I'll extend ya the credit on one condition."

"Shoot," I grinned.

"You take the pot, I'll cover you."

"Okay," I smiled.

"But if you don't, I get to choose my winnings."

"And what would that be?" I said, curious.

With a glance at Denise, he smiled and pointed.

I shook my head, not understanding.

Dave stabbed a finger in the air at my wife again.

"You want my wife?" I said, surprised. Denis looked worried.

"Well, no not exactly," Dave explained.

Denise leaned forward over the table interested.

"If you lose, Rick, then Denise has to perform a dare of my choosing...that's it." Picking up his cards again, he smiled behind them.

"No way man," I chuckled, placing my cards face-down in front of me. "I guess I'm out."

"No, wait honey," Denis said, sounding intrigued. "What's this dare Dave?"

Dave smiled at her over his cards.

"Well, it's nothing too hard really," he said.

"Go on," she said.

"Well, you and me and Rick run together right?"

"Yeah, so," my wife said. "Get to the point."

"Well, I thought maybe if Rick needed credit, and he's so certain that his hand will win...then no problem. I'll cover it. But, if he loses, see...well...I wanted something different."

"Dave," I said, "we know that...what is it you want if you win? What do you want Denise to do?"

"I want her to go for a run with me."

"That's it?" I said, surprised. "Just go for a run with you?"

"Well, a long run," he went on, shyly.

Denise furrowed her brow.

"A long run." She repeated.

"Yep." Dave said. "Naked."

"What? Naked?" I chuckled. "That's not gonna happen bud," I said, with a defensive glance towards my wife.

Inwardly, though, I had to admit that it sounded exciting.

"And where do you propose this naked run Dave," Denise interjected, cutting me off.

"Denis," I said, she couldn't really be considering it, I thought.

"Well, I was thinking down the street here to the patch of woods...around the lake and back."

"That's five miles," I said, knowing it well. "You want my wife to run bare assed out in public for five miles..."

"I'm out buddy," I said again, chuckling at my friend's boldness.

"We could go early," he offered, "before anyone is really out."

"Forget it my friend," I said, patting his arm, smiling at my wife.

"No, wait," Denise said.

We all fell silent.

"Dave," she said, "if I fold, can I look at Rick's hand?"

"Sure," he said.

After her throwing her cards in, Denise scooted her chair next to mind and peered at my hand.

"So, uhm, how early would this be?" she grinned at Dave.

"I dunno...4 a.m? Would that be early enough?"

Glancing at my hand again, Denise squeezed my arm.

"Let's up it a little," she said, coyly.

"Okay?" Dave chuckled, surprised at her boldness.

"If Dave's hand wins, then you double the pot and cover it for him with no payback."

"Woa," Dave said, whistling through his teeth at the pile of bills on the table. "That's quite a chunk of change."

"And if you win, you choose the time for the run."

"Hmmm," Dave pondered it a moment, stroking his chin again.

"You sound pretty sure there," he said finally.

"Well, these are some high stakes don't ya think?" Denise said.

They certainly were. I was sure he couldn't beat a straight flush. But the idea of my wife having to go for a run totally naked in public with him had my cock thickening in my jeans.

In some weird way, Denise seemed okay with it...maybe it was because of my hand, but I found that somehow exciting as well.

Studying his cards, Dave exhaled.

"Okay," he said at last. "Rick wins, I double the pot and he goes scot-free. He loses...well, Denis, you get to go for a five-mile run with me, completely naked...in broad daylight."

Denise chuckled, squeezing my arm reassuringly. "Not gonna happen," she said.

"Do we have a bet?" Dave looked at me across the table.

Shrugging, I looked at Denise. She smiled.

"We have a bet buddy," I said.

Throwing in for both of us, Dave smiled. "I call," he said.

One by one, I laid my cards out in order...straight flush.

"Wow," Dave said with another whistle.

"Straight flush. Well played. Only one thing that can beat that," he frowned.

Reaching the pot, I grinned.

"A royal flush," Dave finished.

Laying his cards face up on the table, I saw to my incredulous horror that Dave had a royal flush.

Denise and I looked at each other in disbelief.

"Read 'em and weep buddy," Dave chuckled, proud of himself.

"So then," he said. "Shall we meet out front here at say, 10 a.m.?"

"Bring your runnin' clothes Rick," he smiled at me. "And Denise bring your...shoes."

My wife and I sat in shock. We'd been had.

Rising, Dave gathered the bills from the table. Then, as if re-thinking it, he pushed them towards me.

"Keep it," he smiled.

With that, he made his way to the door, grinning at his stunned friends.

"See ya in the morning," he said, closing the door behind him.

Later that night, we lay in bed. I couldn't sleep and neither could Denise.

"Babe, you don't have to go through with it," I said. "It's insane. He can't expect you to run around naked in public."

Lying on her side, propped up on one elbow, Denis was naked. I noticed her nipples stiffen slightly.

"He's probably joking anyway," she said.

The more I thought about, I realized she was probably right...he had to be kidding.

"Well, get some sleep babe," my wife said, kissing me on the lips. "Either way, we're going for a run tomorrow."

Denise turned out the light. But I couldn't sleep. The image of her running naked next to Dave conjured in my mind again and again, until my cock stiffened under the blankets.

Before long, I heard my wife's regular breathing indicating that she was asleep. Some time later, I must have nodded off as well.

The next thing I knew, she was standing next to the bed dressed for a run.

"Come on babe," she said, nudging me. "It's late; Dave will be here any time now."

I'd overslept.

Denise seemed agitated.

I immediately noticed how her nipples hardened under the tank top stretched taught across her large breasts. She'd chosen a pair of yellow shorts and her runners, from which her white booty socks peeked out. Her dirty-blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail for running.

Was she excited at the idea of running around in the nude?

I shook my head at what had transpired last night. In the light of day, I realized that Dave had to have been joking.

Several minutes later, as I finished pulling on my shorts, t-shirt and runners, Dave's car appeared on the street in front of the house.

Pushing his door open, he stood on the sidewalk and waved at us through the window.

Taking a deep breath, Denise exhaled.

"Well, let's go," she said, sounding somewhat resigned.

"He's just kidding babe," I said.

Once outside, Dave smiled.

"Wait, Denise," he said, "aren't you overdressed?"

"Dave...you can't be serious..." I said.

"Why not? You were pretty serious last night."

Scanning the street I took stock. There were several cars parked in the driveways of the houses that lined both sides of the street to the woods at the end of the block.

There was nobody else on the street at that moment, but that it didn't mean that there wouldn't be.

Denise glanced around nervously.

"So are you gonna welch on me?" Dave said, crossing his arms in front of him.

There's nothing worse than a welcher.

"NO." Denise stated flatly. "We are not welching. But, well, I mean, Dave...do we have to start right here?" Her toned changed gradually to one of worry.

Dave softened.

"Tell ya what," he said. "Let's start running here, but Denise, you can keep your clothes on till we get to the woods. Fair enough?"

"Okay, fair enough," she nodded.

I was shocked.

"And Rick," Dave said, "as part of the deal, you have to stay at least a hundred yards back. Got it?"

"Wait! You didn't say that last night!" I protested.

"Just do it babe," Denise said, exhaling.

A hundred yards? What the fuck? That was a football field.

"No way," I said.

"Babe, just do it, it'll be fine...let's just get this over with," Denise looked at me.

Dave grinned.

"Ready?" he said at my wife.

She nodded.

Side by side, Dave and my wife trotted off down the sidewalk, warming up, towards the woods.

I waited until they were what I estimated to be a football field away, then I set off behind them, maintaining the distance.

This was fucking insane, I thought, watching them jog together down the sidewalk.

A few minutes later, they turned left and disappeared into the patch of trees at the edge of the woods.

By the time I got there, they were nowhere in sight.

Jogging in place, I searched area...finally spotting Denise's tank top on the ground. Snatching it up, I ran in the direction of the park around the lake, increasing my pace.

Finally, as I rounded the bend, I spotted them. My heart stopped in my chest as I realized that I was seeing my wife's bare back. She was topless, running next to Dave through the park.

Suddenly, they slowed pace and stopped.

Bending over Denise grabbed at the waistband of her shorts and pulled them away from her, sliding them down over her hips. My cock threatened to rise as I spied the whiteness of her bare ass come into view.

She continued to pull them down past her hips to her knees, revealing her thick, neatly trimmed bush to Dave. I saw her large, bare breasts hanging in front of her as she let her shorts fall to her ankles.

Finally, holding on to Dave's shoulder for support, she straightened and stepped out of them.

Now completely naked in the park in broad daylight, wearing only her runners, my wife stood merely a foot from my friend, exposing her entire naked body to him and to anyone who might happen along.

Then, they turned and jogged on ahead, leaving her shorts on the ground behind them.

By the time I reached her shorts and snatched them, they were around the bend and out of sight again.

This hundred yards behind crap was bullshit.

I sped up.

Rounding the bend, I caught sight of them again. They were still running side by side next to the lake.

Watching my wife jog in nothing but her runners next to Dave, I couldn't believe what I was seeing...and yet...my cock thickened, rising in my shorts at it.

My wife was stark naked in public with my best friend...it was incredible...unbelievable...scary, and so fucking hot.

As they reached the open edge of the lake on their left, the path widened into the park on the right. A group of people some distance away in the park turned and gaped in shock at the naked woman as they passed, pointing at her.

Dave waived at them.

"DENISE!" I called out closing behind them, running as fast I could.

Turning at her name, Denise spotted me, slowing her pace, she jogged backwards. I watched incredulous and excited as her big bare boobs bounced free in front of her. The patch between her thighs was exposed for all to see.

She waved at me.

Then Dave turned and jogged backwards beside her.

"A HUNDRED YARDS RICK!" he called, motioning me back.


But Denise motioned for me to slow down.


I slowed.

Helpless, I jogged in place, watching my totally bare naked wife jog through the park with my best friend. Suddenly, two joggers, both men, appeared around the bend ahead of them and nearly tripped over themselves.

As my wife passed them, they gaped wide-eyed stopping in place.

I could only imagine the sight they were treated too as Denise went right by them.

Holding my wife's shorts and tank top, I counted off what I thought was a hundred yards and picked up the pace again.

Once more, they had rounded a bend and were lost from sight.

Finally I came around the same bend moments later and spotted them ahead on the straight portion of the path. A group of three joggers, two men and a woman, had stepped in behind them and were following them, gawking and whistling at Denise's naked backside.

Her ass jiggled and bounced, teasing them as she ran in front of them.

Her pony tail bounced behind her and I wished with all my might that I could see her front side. My cock ached at the mental image.

We were about halfway into the run now as a pair of bicyclists, both men, approached them from the front. Both of them stared in utter disbelief at the gorgeous, naked woman jogging through the park. One of them nearly ran right into the lake.

As they approached me, they slowed to a stop.

"Dude! You fuckin' see that?" One said to the other.

"God jeezus did you see those big fuckin' titties?"

"Man I'd like to fuck that," the other answered back. Both of them still gawking backwards at my wife.

"God yes, I'd put my dick between those things and eat that pussy all damn day!"

"Whoever that dude is with her, he's one lucky fucker!"

"Hey man," the second said to me as I passed him. "That chick up there's fuckin naked!"

Without a word, I passed, staring straight ahead at my wife, mortified and embarrassed, yet, finding my stiff cock in my shorts disagreeing with me.

Just then, my wife, Dave and the group following them disappeared around the final bend of the lake.

"Fuck this!" I said aloud, losing sight of them again.

Stepping it up, I increased my pace.

Coming around the bend, I expected to see them...but what I saw instead was nothing.

They had disappeared.

Terrified, I spun, trying to see everywhere at once. There was no sign of them.

Stopping, I scanned the lake. Nothing.

"What the fuck?" I said aloud, incredulous, worried.

They couldn't have simply vanished.

"DENISE!" placing my hands to my mouth I formed a cone and yelled.


Still nothing.

Walking now, I searched the brush, and the water next to me, not wanting to miss anything in case I passed them by.

"DENISE! DAVE!" I called out as loud as I could, perplexed and worried.


Suddenly I heard a lewd sounding male voice to my right.


Leaving the path, I followed the voice to a clump of bushes just off to the right and ahead of me.

As I approached, I spotted Denise's blonde head above the line of the bushes. She was surrounded by a group of male joggers and two more men I had not seen before. Dave stood next to her.

"Jeezus that's hot...yeah...rub that pussy..." one of the men whom I did not seen before said, gesturing lewdly at the front of his crotch in a jerk-off motion.

Upon hearing that, my heart stopped in my chest and my breath caught in my throat. Creeping around the edge of the bushes, I stopped...dead in my tracks...and nearly fainted.

There, in the small circle of bushes beneath a crop of trees stood my wife, my Denise, completely naked, save for one booty sock.

Totally surrounded by men making rude remarks, catcalls and gestures, she braced herself against a tree and spread her legs wide. I could see the excitement seeping from her crotch and slickening her bare inner thighs as she furiously rubbed over her clitoris with her other booty sock.

Her runners were gone. I assumed someone had taken them.

My wife's large breasts swayed, jiggled and bounced with her masturbating. Her nipples formed thick points, jutting away from her, and her aureole were swollen circles of excitement...something I've only see on a few occasions before when Denise was extremely excited.

Judging by the look on her face, she was more excited than I could remember seeing. The men around her behaved like starved animals in a meat show...swarming around her, raving and pumping their fists, they slowly closed on her, drawing closer as if in some kind of connected, carnal consciousness.

"BEAT THAT LITTLE PUSSY!" A dark-haired, biker-looking guy called out. Holding his fingers to his face, he stuck his tongue between them in the universal "eat pussy" gesture.

Another reached into his shorts and stroked at himself.

My friend Dave stood right beside her, gorging on her with his eyes. It appeared that he too had fallen victim to the swirling, crazy lust-madness descending on the group...of which my naked wife was the driving force.

Lolling her head on her left shoulder, Denise lifted her face and half-opened her eyes at me. From beneath her eyelids, she peered at me...I saw that she was there, but not there. She was all feeling...the horny, excited-beyond-reason feeling that came straight from her sopping cunt.

Moaning loudly, she grabbed at a swinging tit and pulled it hard out in front of her, shaking it by the nipple.

The entire scene was foreign to me...insane...and...at the same time, incredibly, indescribably hot.

My wife thrust her hips forwards, biting her bottom lip and moaning like a lost soul in a darkened monastery as she rubbed herself raw with the sock.

I was shocked, mortified, scared, confused and unbelievably aroused all at the same time.

My heart thudded with fear and my cock throbbed with lust for this incredibly gorgeous, naked woman at the center of some kind of dark, hot, sexual ritual in the park. She was my wife. But this was a side of her I would never have fathomed.

Glancing around the group, I saw that two of them men had their hard cocks in hand, stroking quickly as they leered at my now slut-wife masturbating in the open, with total abandon, against the tree. She was beyond caring...in fact, I saw that the group's lust, aimed at her...only fed hers.

"Denise..." I whispered...totally lost.

Stepping closer, Dave pulled his cock from his shorts and stroked it at her bare thigh.

"Oh god, Denise..." he groaned, fisting himself merely inches from my wife. "I've always wanted to see you like this...god you're so hot...so fucking hot..."

Suddenly two more men jogged over from the path. Then three more, then four. They came and gathered around me wife, pushing and shoving for a glimpse of the naked woman fingering her hot cunt in the park.

As they drew closer, I found myself struggling to keep my place. Denise spread her legs wider and slid slowly down the tree. I saw the bark dig into the flesh of her back.

Squatting on her heels, she widened her legs as far as possible, spreading herself before the group. A hand appeared and snatched her other sock away from her foot. Now at eye level with Dave's cock, she turned her face up and stared at him through half open, glazed eyes as she rubbed herself between her thighs.

Releasing the sock, she let it fall to the ground beneath her. Opening herself with one hand she spread her swollen, blood engorged lips and slapped at her throbbing clitoris with the other.

More of the men had taken their cocks out now and stood stroking at her. One man even had his jeans and underwear around his ankles.

No longer able to stop myself, I reached into my shorts and produced my own steel erection. It throbbed and pounded at the scene in front of me.

All around me the sounds of groaning...mixed with Denise's whimpers and moans, filled the air. It was thick with the odor of excited, wet pussy and testosterone. My wife's slapping sounds as her hand met her clitoris over and over were plainly audible.

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