tagBDSMNow a Slave Ch. 07

Now a Slave Ch. 07


This chapter also has the downstairs in it, more of Chase and starting to meet the slaves that Nathaniel refers to as being there.

This is also continuing the transition of the slave to going downstairs.

* * * * *

The following week when I went to the club, I was not feeling like being there. I had left the previous week unsatisfied. Not sexually, but mentally. The slave I had allowed to wear a choker of mine had not performed to where I expected, and I had allowed my Mistress's image to colour my experience with the human.

That left me wanting to beat her, but not fuck her. As a sex slave, that was not good for her.

Finding her waiting in the room, I walked past her and sat down in the chair. She immediately came over to service, but paused when she saw my hand come up.

"Sir?" her voice was a little scared.


"I'm sorry Sir, have I displeased you?"

"No. I am just uninspired this evening." I told her. "I am going to take you downstairs to Chase."

Her eyes flew wide and she shook her head. "Please Sir, no. I'm sorry, Sir..." she babbled as tears started down her cheek.

"No, girl, not like that. I am giving you more time with the new resident. I'm sure there are many things he needs to learn."

She collapsed at my feet, hugging my ankles. "Thank you, Sir. I'm sorry I thought I had angered you so much."

"I would never leave you with him. The people down there are there for a reason. If I was unhappy or angry with you I would just send you away." I told her, rising from the chair. "Dress."

She quickly put her clothes back on, against without underwear and followed me out into the club. Down into the dungeon I heard noises that told me Chase was having his fun.

"Chase?" I spoke when we entered his domain, warning him we were here.

"Nathaniel! What brings you here?" Chase stopped what he was doing and walked over to me. He held a strap in his hand, sweat glistening off his shirtless chest.

"I want her to use the newest addition again." I started, then switched to a language only Chase would understand. "And I want to use one of your females. I want to beat them."

"Of course. Perfect timing. I was told I could have another male captive down here as early as next week. I have to step up my training for the first one before then." Chase explained, sending a glace to Madeline. "May I?"

"Be gentler than normal." I told him, switching languages again. "She is just a human." I walked to Madeline, changing back to English. "Be a good girl. Please whoever you are asked."

"Yes, Sir." she replied, looking somewhat concerned at Chase.

"Take Worthless. It has been here the shortest." Chase pointed to a dark haired girl. I nodded and went to her cage. When I got within twenty feet of her, she knelt, bending over at the waist, breasts on the cold floor, her eyes looking at the ground, head between her outstretched arms.

Hanging outside the door to her cage were chains used to bind, a leash long enough to double as a lash, clamps for both her cunt and nipples, and a collection of gags.

I opened the unlocked door to her cage, grabbing a leash as I entered. She didn't move until I was next to her, leash snapped into place. Once that happened, she sat up to her kneel, hands behind her back. Her gaze was straight ahead.

Now that I could see her, she was a thin brunette with dark eyes that focused on nothing. Her nipples were pierced and a thick collar around her neck. I knew the reason Chase needed no locks on the doors of his harem. If they went near the stairs upstairs it would notify him and shock whoever it was into unconsciousness, promising much more pain when they came awake.

I tugged on the girl's leash leading her from her cell. She walked at a quick pace to stay just behind me as I led her to a sawhorse looking table. Pointing to it, she moved to where her shins were against the wood. I took the straps located there and buckled her legs to the legs of the table. She spread her arms for me to take rope to spread her arms wide.

By the time I was done she was nearly on her tiptoes with her arms spread which shoved her chest out. The girl never made a single sound from when I approached. Chase ran a extreme discipline regime, unloading his sadistic side forcing his slaves to comply. He had no qualms to beat, or torture them to get what he expected. His results were always impressive.

I picked up a cane in a container located in the corner of the small room. Off in the distance I heard Madeline moan as whatever was administered to her. I swished the cane in the air to get its feeling.


I landed a strike on the slave in front of me. I knew this girl was a thrall, but only for necessity. We could not torture her for hundreds of years if she could not live that long. My strength was stronger when striking the thrall than I had with Madeline.


The next three were in rapid succession, each leaving a dark welt where it struck flesh. Still the girl made no sound. Her eyes remained straight ahead, expression unchanged.

"You can't break her." Chase explained as he moved closer. I heard that Madeline was otherwise occupied

"That sounds like a challenge." I replied to the other thrall.

"Perhaps. Think of it as pride in my work."

"My position on pride is well known."

"Good luck." Chase gave as his parting remark.

Taking his challenge I left the slave displayed and collected other things in which to use on the woman I had strung up.

I fastened chains around the slave's ankles to use later and set a weight on both of her nipple piercings.


I spaced my strikes moving down from her shoulders. Still no reaction.


My blows continued down to just under her ass leaving only an inch between welts from shoulders to her ass.


Having gone down, I now landed my blows crossing other blows. I saw her lips purse, but still did not utter a sound.

I took a chain from her ankle, hooking each to her nipple clamps while taking out slack. Any movement on her part would pull at her piercings.


Focusing on her legs now, the last landing on the back of her knees. I saw her bend her knees before going back to where I had put her.

I walked around to her front, seeing her eyes staring out past me, but I saw tears pooling in the corner of her eyes. I pinched one nipple, followed by the other, twisting the rings there. She winced, but kept her silence.


The strike hit her knees, causing them to buckle and her to immediately rebound to standing due to her hands.


The next blows were rapid fire ending with one just under her breasts. Her eyes closed and a year fell from either eye.


These three were on top of her breasts, sending the weights in motion. I watched her struggle for control. She was a thrall, I was a thrall...she could take my higher strength and I had been giving it to her.

"Ahhhhhhhhh...nooooo." came a voice just over a whisper. Even that small noise triggered her shock collar. "AAAaaahhhhHHHAHHHHHHHH!!" her scream followed as she shook from the correction.


I continued to beat her through the shock, her head moving back and forth, which made the weights move, which made her continue to make noise. Her scream was ear-piercing by the time I finished.

She slumped in her restraints, sobbing. When they got too loud, it would trigger her collar again and the cycle would start over.

"I am glad I did not bet against you now." I heard Chase comment, pressing a button at the door. He walked forward and undid the straps holding her against the wood. Once free she fell to the floor, still sobbing. "You have to show me your technique sometime."

"How is mine doing?" I asked.

"Not too bad. She might be ready for you now. How are you?"

I nodded. "Ready now."

"She's over in the male cells." Chase pointed. He strode forward and grabbed the girl on the floor by her long ponytail. "You worthless whore. Had to open your mouth, did you? Couldn't even keep quiet for an hour?"

She continued to sob as he dragged her by her hair out of the cell and in the direction of hers. He reached against the wall and selected a cattle prod hanging there.

He released the girl's hair, allowing her to slump on the floor. "You have until the count of two to get going to your cell, Worthless...Two."

The cattle prod touched the girl's back, arcing a shock through her. She screamed and scrambled to her feet, but not quick enough. A second shock caught her on the leg, but she didn't pause. I watched her sprint back to the cell she had come out of, falling to a kneel in the middle of the cell. She prostrated herself, breasts and face on the floor, shaking.

Chase led me back through the maze of cells to where Madeline was kneeling. Seeing me enter, her eyes lit up, but she kept silent. I motioned for her to rise and come to me, she did without hesitation.

"You have to come back and test my others. I like to know when they are not up to standards." Chase requested of me. I motioned that I would at a later time before walking out of his dungeon and up to the club.

We made it back to our room, seeing other girls go into the other numbered rooms. Once back in the security of our room, Madeline quickly stripped and fell to her knees.

"Were you a good girl down there?"

"Yes, Sir. Not without permission." she agreed. "Will you please beat me so I can, Sir?"

"I see, Another break, and you are demanding things?"

"No, Sir. Never. I want to please you."


She returned in an instance, leather held over her head to me. I unbuckled my pants and she eagerly took my erect cock into her hands, lapping at the tip with her tongue.


The three blows to her back were considerably lighter than what I had been giving the woman earlier, but the woman on my cock appreciated them, moaning in response.

I could tell she was sorry for how she sounded earlier, and trying to show that she missed me. As for myself, her technique was working and I was building to a climax.


I felt her hands grasp the base of my cock and cup my balls. I moaned and resisted taking control and just letting her pleasure me. A few more minutes of her sucking and I grabbed her head, thrusting it onto my cock as I climaxed.

Once she finished licking me clean she leaned back, chest out and waited. She trembled in need. Her nipples were erect and stiff to the touch, her breath shuttering as I ran my fingers over them. She thrust forward to get more sensation but I moved away just as much.

She moved back to where she started, waiting for my direction or command. Her hands were clasped behind her back, hands clutched with each other to keep her from using them.

"You are just a bundle of lust right now, aren't you?" I asked her. She smiled and nodded her head. "Did you see me with the other girl?"

"Yes, Sir." I could hear the jealousy in her voice.

"What did you think?" Her mouth twisted and I could almost read her thoughts. I was sure I had ones very similar when asked the question by my vampire.

"I wanted to kill her." Madeline muttered. In the interest of keeping her self-esteem intact, I refrained from laughing.

"That girl would have destroyed you." I tried to tell her softly. I decided to give her a modified version of the truth. "Think where she is. What does she have to lose?"

I saw her give my words some thought. "Yes, Sir."

"If you feel it necessary, I can let you experience those shock collars." I offered and saw her face change to terrified. "Only of you wanted. Calm."

She tried to fulfill my request, but was struggling. I moved a step closer and rubbed gently on her nipples. Jolted back to the present, she moaned.

"Bring me something." I encouraged her. She rose and returned a moment later with a long rattan cane. "Finding you like this?"

"Yes, Sir." her hands came up to her head, much like the first few sessions we had. I moved around, looking her over. Around her neck was the choker I gave her but the anklet was missing.

"Where is your other jewelry?" I questioned, tapping her ankle with the cane.

"I don't need it anymore, Sir."


The tip of the cane snapped on her ankle causing an immediate welt. She squealed and lifted her leg.


Another welt started on her hip as I brought it around. She immediately put the foot back down.

"I'm sorry Sir." she spoke.

"Are you getting what you need here?" I asked, partially putting my own thoughts into words.

"Oh yes, Sir. I have never been happier." She nodded with a smile on her face. Then, thinking about the question she looked down. "Are you, Sir?"

"I don't know."

Her face was panicked. She looked like she wanted to speak, but was afraid of what else I would say. Finally her fear won out.

"Oh Sir, please Sir. I will do anything you want. Please do not send me away."


She moaned as the thin cane lashed her thigh. "Thank you, Sir."

"Next time things will be changing. It will depends on what I want each week."

"Yes, Sir. Whatever you want."


She squealed as the cane blows were stronger. "I do not need to ask for your approval."

"No, Sir. I'm sorry Sir."

"I will find out how much you want to be a slave from now on. Maybe you will find out you like the treatment of Chase downstairs."

"Yes, Sir." she responded. "I will accept anything you wish."

"We will see." I told her. My hands came up and grabbed both of her breasts. She closed her eyes, feeling the sensation. Moving to her nipples she moaned. "Now."

The word had the desired effect. She immediately began to shudder, pleasure washing over her. My fingers still pinching her nipples brought out her release in a long moan. As she moved my grip on her nipples became tighter which sent her into another wave of sensation.

Finally I released her and she slumped to the floor.

"Next week, have clamps, a strap, a cane and vibrator ready." I told her.

She got back to her knees and nodded. "Yes, Sir."

Not waiting for her to dress, I left the room.

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by NScioli12/07/18

Your thoughts

I appreciate your thoughts on my character and I'll admit you don't get to see alot of his reasons, but this series is just a starter, and my first foray into erotica. I refuse to not be true to the charactermore...

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by Anonymous12/07/18

Nathanial isn't very original. He's the same in every chapter. I already know what he's going to do before I open the next one.

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