tagBDSMNow a Slave Ch. 08

Now a Slave Ch. 08


At this point, things are getting more severe. Chase is more active, and if people like him I will post his series here. If not, he's there as an oddity.

The vampires are mentioned in this chapter saying that Chase's slaves are fed from only in an emergency of vampires being low on meals. I repeat, I do not see the vampires will ever show up, they are there for background.

Nathaniel is also getting more severe, or at least to slaves that are not his.

* * * * *

It was around three when I went to the club, hours before I was supposed to meet Madeline. The feeling of abusing Chase's toys gave me the release that I had gotten from Madeline in the beginning. I wanted it again, and had been invited by Chase to come test the rest of his harem.

"Good to see you again, Nathaniel." Chase greeted me. "I have another one for you to try out, see how it does. It's not my best, but I think better than the one you had last time."

Looking around his domain there were four females sitting in the middle of their cells and now two men. One of the men was the bouncer that had assaulted Madeline. I would get to him, but for now, I wanted someone trained, not a new toy.

"Useless," Chase pointed to another brunette in the cell next to the previous girl, "is waiting for you. Well, it doesn't know it yet, but I look forward to what you can draw out."

I gave him a smile. "As do I."

I went to the cell seeing the same accessories hanging outside the door. I saw that the girl, Useless as Chase had called her, was blindfolded. She sat on her knees, head turning at the slightest sound. With Chase, I could only imagine what she might be waiting for.

I plucked the leash off the hook along with a set of harsh nipple clamps. The door was unlocked, none of Chase's property would make it to the steps before being incapacitated by the collar around her neck.

My footsteps were light, making noise only when I wanted, as I circled the slave on the floor. I took the end of the leash and slashed it forward catching the slave on the back. Immediately she threw herself on the floor, face resting on the cold concrete, arms outstretched.

"Feet." I commanded and saw her comply as soon as the word was out of my mouth. Now she stood, blindfold still on feet apart and arms outstretched, awaiting my next command. I snapped the leash onto a clasp on her collar and walked past her. As soon as she felt me move, she followed, trying to keep slack on the leash.

I took her to one of Chase's playrooms. It was outfitted with benches, large frames for strapping someone in to, a small dog kennel and hooks hanging from the ceiling to suspend someone.

I tugged her to the middle of the room, letting the leather fall to the floor. Once I moved away she returned to the same position she had in her cell. Feet apart, arms outstretched, looking straight ahead, but blindfolded.

I waited a good ten minutes, seeing if she would crack, but she remained in position. Her breathing was slow but her head moved slightly every once in awhile, trying to feel her surroundings through sound.

Moving behind her I yanked off the blindfold, watching her immediately drop to the ground, prostate as she was in her cell. She was naked, as Chase's females always were, and her body held scars from his 'corrections'. Around her neck was the thick shock collar they wore that kept them in line. Not only were they triggered by sound, there was a remote and a proximity correction. If they got within ten feet of the staircase leading upstairs, it would shock her unconscious.

"Up!" I commanded and she scurried to stand, hands out, legs apart, eyes forward. I walked in front of her, but she didn't look at me.


My hand connected with her left breast. The action made her nipple immediately stiff. I brushed my hand over it, seeing if she would give in to pleasure yet instead of pain, but got no response. I opened a clamp and put it around her nipple. I paused, increasing her anticipation before closing it and pinching the nub of flesh nearly in half. Her eyes closed for a moment, but then reopened with no further expression.


I repeated the procedure with her other nipple seeing her once again close her eyes before returning to her non-expression.


The first lash of the cane was across her ass. She didn't shift, just waited for more. I ran my hand down her side, fingering the welt I had just made.


Seeing her not react to the first I decided to step it up a bit. The next three were in succession continuing down her legs. I watched her lips part in almost a pant.


My next three landed with different pauses between them to not let her get too comfortable with the strikes.

"You seem to be enjoying the pain." I told her, seeing her nod ever-so-slightly. If I wanted to break her, I needed something she wouldn't enjoy so much. "Kneel."

The girl flew to her knees, chest resting on the floor, ass in the air. I could see a few welts that I had laid down on her, but not as much as I think she wanted. She didn't speak, the collar around her neck keeping her tongue quiet.

I left the cell, returning with the largest vibrator I could find in Chass's collection. I went to a knee beside the woman, keeping the device just our of her view. She was aroused, I could smell her desire. Without preparation, I shoved the vibrator into her cunt.

She let out a gasp, just barely audible, and shifted on her knees. I reached down and turned the dial to low. As it started to hum, I saw her eyes close, trying to keep control of herself.

"Up!" I barked and she immediately moved to obey. Now that the angle was different, her legs closed pushed the device deeper into her. Her lips parted in a silent scream, not wanting to activate her collar. "Now, let's try this again."


I landed the strike on the front side of her legs, above her knees, but below her cunt. Her legs bent slightly before returning to a standing position.


The next two were on her breasts, above the clamps. Her body shivered, but still made no sound.

I paused in my assault, letting the toy inside her do some of its work. She shifted from foot to foot trying to find a comfortable position to get away from the buzzing annoyance, but couldn't.


One strike on her back, from shoulder to hip, crossing some of the others I had made. Her breath came in pants, or gasps, trying to maintain control.


"You will scream for me." I assured her. She shook her head, trying to deny it. Her hands clutched trying to control her body's response.

I let her withstand the intrusion a few more minutes, seeing her struggle. Her hands were in clenched fists at her side.

"Scream for me." I suggested and was rewarded by a shake of her head, getting more fierce as it continued. I reached down and upped the vibration on the toy in her cunt. Her mouth opened in denial. Her legs came together trying to stop the sensation, but only worked to make it more intense.


"No, no, no, no." came her barely audible whisper as I laid two more stripes on her legs. I smiled. One more and I had her.


My blows were fast and hard. Three over her breasts, and three on her cunt.

Her scream echoed in the dungeon as she succumbed to her climax. Soon after her first scream started, it changed pitch as her collar activated and ran a massive shock through her. She continued to wail, loud and long, as both the shock and her pleasure continued.

"Damn." a voice caused me to turn. Chase was standing there, arms crossed over his chest. "You even got to her."

He walked outside the cage and pushed a button. Moments later the girl quieted. Her breath was still coming in pants. She struggled to get back to her knees, trying to retain some of the 'training' Chase had given her.

"Damn, Useless." Chase circled the naked girl sitting with the clamps still on her nipples, vibrator still humming loudly in her cunt. "I thought you were better than that."

The girl hung her head, trying to show her owner remorse. Chase put a hand on her back, having her bend over to remove the vibrator from her cunt. He grabbed her hair, pulling her back to her feet.

"You know what this means, don't you." Chase released her hair. She straightened, her hands going behind her head. "Your collar is off, Useless. I expect you to answer."

"Yes, Lord and Master. Your Useless whore understands what this means." Even after her assurance, her voice was low.

Chase motioned to me. "Tell him what that means, Useless."

"Your Useless whore will undergo the most severe training possible for failure to follow her Lord and Master's laws."

"I should let my friend watch. Maybe even participate." he snapped at her. "Go back to your cell, get ready and pray I forget you for awhile."

She knelt at Chase's feet, kissing them furiously. "Yes, Lord and Master."

The girl scrambled to her feet, taking off at nearly a sprint. Chase strolled to the control panel, flipping a switch. She was nearly to her ten foot by ten foot space when she collapsed to the floor her hands on her collar, sobbing. I watched as she tried to crawl the short distance, but also saw Chase turning a dial up slowly. The higher he turned, the slower she moved until her neck was over the threshold.

Seeing her there Chase turned the dial back off and she scooted fully into her cell. Once there she curled up and silently sobbed.

He turned to me nonchalant. "You have to come test my last one. The males are barely coming along. Even the girls are getting frustrated. Perhaps you could beat some sense into one of them. All of my technique involves varying degrees of pain."

"Pain is a good motivator." I agreed. "If you need someone to make the life of the rapist hell, I would help."

"I was hoping you would say that. Now I don't have to ask."

"No rules here, right?" I asked.

His smile gave me more pleasure than his words. "Only if I want them. Usually, no. None of them touch me, and I will only stop with them when I decide. If I have to strangle one again and again to make my point? Or if someone comes down that wants to see a little blood..."

"They are fed from?"

"Only in extreme emergencies. I like to keep them isolated. Most of them don't know how long they have been here. I tell them different times, some true, some not. Having a population that doesn't age around helps a great deal in reprogramming someone. I can tell them that the torture they just endured that went on for over a week, was only a day. No sun light gets down here and only rarely do they actually see the sun. The lights in their cells are Sun Lights. I mean, how the hell did someone come up with getting sunlight without actually having to see the sun? Brilliant."

I looked at my watch, seeing the time. It was ten till six, and I needed to get upstairs. "I'll be back for your last one. But now I need to tend to my own slave." I told Chase.

He smiled. "If you ever want her broken in by anyone else, I'm happy to assist. Oh what I could do to someone that young."

"I'll keep that in mind." I told him as I walked through the door. The lights upstairs were low but the music was loud. As I made my way through the crowd one of the bouncers met my eyes and gave a nod. Madeline was waiting for me.

She was kneeling on the floor, head down, waiting. Her nipples were pinched between a pair of clamps and she shifted every few minutes, when she did once I heard the hum of the vibrator inside her. When I entered she didn't look at me, trying to ignore the steady sensation within her. Setting in front of her was the strap I favoured sitting next to a thin rattan cane.

"What are you doing?" I asked the slave girl in front of me. "What were the commands I gave you?"

"You said to have these items ready, Sir." she replied.

"Did I tell you to have them in use?" I circled her picking up the cane.

"No, Sir. I thought..."


"Well, I'm glad that I have nothing to do today." I brought the cane down across her back. She let out a cry for each blow I landed. "I know I didn't hear that word again. Do you know what word I am talking about?"

"Yes, Sir."


"This is tiresome. What word, girl?"

I said I thought, Sir."

"I think it's time I get that word out of your vocabulary." I said grabbing her by the hair and roughly taking her to the bed. I pushed her down on the bed and grabbed one wrist. I secured her to the bedpost with one wrist, then the other. She looked at me, a mix between lust and fear. Next I secured her ankles to the bottom posts.

"This is your only chance to safe word before I come back. If you do not, you will not be released until I decide. Do you wish to use it?"

"No, Sir. I need to not know that word. I'm sorry, Sir."


I striped her body, from her breasts, stomach and legs, taking care to avoid her cunt. It would need no help when I was done.

"Oooohhh, Sir. Thank you, Sir."

Deciding I needed this lesson to work completely, and thinking that she would eventually go to Chase, I wanted to instill part of his regime. I moved from the side of the bed and got a gag from the items in the dresser.

"You will only speak when I allow it, or want to hear it. You have gotten too mouthy, leading to thinking and other things." I placed the ball gag in her mouth, pulling her hair to lift her head and fasten it behind her head. Her eyes looked for comfort in mine, but found none.

I continued to stripe her for another fifteen minutes, seeing her squirm in pleasure. I moved to the vibrator between her legs and set it for the slowest settings. Sounds came from around the gag, I assumed begging me to turn it back up, to allow her release.

One final thing was needed before I left. I slipped a blindfold over her eyes, turned off the light, closed and locked the door. Outside the room, especially over the music, I could not hear anything from the room.

I went to the bouncers, told them what was happening, they nodded and marked room five as off limits.

After my treatment of Chase's slave, and them having to discipline mine, my cock ached. That found me back in Chase's domain.

The girl I had last broken was in the middle of the floor, lewdly bent over a bench her cunt and ass spread wide open. Her hands were behind her back at the elbows, unable to move even if she wanted to. In the same area was the other two females wielding strap-on cocks, and the two males ready to perform.

Chase saw me and barked a word, sending the four slaves prostrate on the floor as he came to me.

"Hello, friend. I didn't expect you back, especially not so soon." he greeted me. "We are starting Useless's punishment. Would you care to participate?"

"Absolutely." I agreed walking back to the bound slave.

"First pick, my friend." he gestured to the girl. "The only thing I ask, is make it brutal and painful."

I dropped my jeans and boxers to my ankles and with no preparation, sunk myself fully in the slave's cunt. The first thrust was dry, causing her pain as she squirmed, but every following thrusts her body was eager to accommodate me.

Chase lashed her back on my third thrust with a cane. She was bound too tight to move very far and the gag made it impossible for her to speak, not to mention the collar around her neck.

Feeling my release coming forward I smacked her leg with my hand, leaving clear hand prints. The strongest blow landed as I emptied my climax into her.

I pulled away from her, seeing the first girl I broke on her knees, taking my semi-stiff cock into her mouth and making it clean. Once done, I redressed, moving back from the situation.

"Better?" Chase asked me, knowing only I could understand him. "What happened to your toy?"

I chuckled. "She used the word "thought" for the fourth time. I decided to break her of that word."

"Thinking slaves are the worst kind." Chase agreed.

"I figure she will be down here soon. Consider her a gift."

"A gift for me?" he seemed surprised.

"And a willing one. She likes the beatings."

I saw Chase's eyes lust over, a smile on his lips. "Willing."

I saw him motion to Worthless, the first girl I broke, forward. She sank the dildo around her waist into the female slave. I saw it was double sided, one for the slave, one for the punished. The harder she rode the one being punished, the more pleasure she got.

"I'll be by tomorrow to see how my slave is doing." I told Chase.

"Please, Lord and Master. May your Worthless Whore have pleasure?" the girl whispered, barely loud enough to be audible.

Chase slapped her across her face. "No."

The girl continued her assault on the bound slave for another five minutes before her whispers request again. Chase once again denied her. By the third time, the request was more begging than asking permission. As Chase gave her permission she tensed, mouth opening in a silent scream of ecstasy.

Chase dragged her hair mid climax and pushed her to the floor, pushing a button on a remote. The slave on the floor once again tensed, another climax overcoming her. With a gesture the first other male came forward and took the female's place.

I turned and left Chase's dungeon.

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by Anonymous

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by NScioli12/08/18

Thanks for your comment!

Well, since you have read so far to "know" what is going on, I don't see your complaint. Also, look at you being all anonymous.. How brave. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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by Anonymous12/08/18

Is there going to be a plot someday or is this just an excuse to write chapter after chapter of beating on women?

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