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Now Eat It


A while ago my Husband Bob made the mistake of telling me that he loved to be forced to eat his own cum.

At first I thought it would be gross but I went along with it and after having sex I would have him lick his cum off of various body parts of mine. I actually really enjoyed this.

Then one day I caught him jacking off and instead of stopping when he saw me he just kept going while I watched. I loved the show and I especially loved to watch his cock as it shot his load onto his belly and chest. To my surprise he then scooped it up with his own fingers and ate it in front of me. It was such a turn on!

I told him how much I enjoyed this and he told me anytime I wanted to see more he was happy to give me a show.

About a week later we went out on a date for dinner and a movie.

The restaurant was nice nothing real fancy but not fast food either. We ate our dinner and where chatting. The chatting ended up about sex and I again told him that I loved to see him shot his load and eat it as I reach under the table and stroked his cock thru his pants. Nobody can see because the tables have nice long table clothes on them.

Just then our waitress brought or sundae that we were going to split. My husband is trying to keep a straight face as I unzip his pants while the waitress is talking to us. As I reach in his pants and pull his cock free under the table he tells the waitress that everything is great and could she bring him a glass of water. She leaves and he turns to me and kisses me as I stroke him.

The waitress comes back and drops off the water and says she will check on us in a bit. As she walks away Bob says he is going to cum if I don't stop. I look around and nobody has a direct view at us so I grab the Sunday and pull his cock out just this side of the table cloth and hold the sundae to the tip of his cock, if he overshoots it his shirt will be a mess. Within seconds I can feel his cock pulsing as he shoots his load on the sundae! A good 8 shots of cum across the top and then I stroke and squeeze a couple more from him and then tuck him back under the table and set the Sunday on the table between us.

After a few more seconds he must have softened enough he puts himself back in his pants and zips up.

The cherry on top of the sundae is just covered in his seed, I pick it up by the stem and rub it on my lips and tongue it for a second then I eat it as I tell him to dig in!

Bob just stares at me as he scoops a big spoon full of the ice cream covered in fudge and his own topping and shoves it in his mouth. That's when to both to our surprise hear the waitress say "that sundae really looks yummy today!"

"Oh it is!"

Bob ate most of that Sundae.

Another time we went thru Sonic drive thru and ordered food to take home and I ordered an extra hotdog, plain. Bob didn't even pay any attention to it. But as we pulled out I told Bob he should pull his cock out for me and stroke it and that I want him to make him cum before we get home.

He immediately pulled his cock out spit in his hand and jacked it for me! We only had a couple miles so he was stroking fast and hard. About a half mile from our house he said he was going to cum. I quickly reached into the bag and pulled out the plain hot dog and told him to cum across this for me. He shot his load all over that hot dog; luckily we were stopped at a light because I couldn't take my eyes off of him when he was Cumming.

Then I told him to eat it and he did just in time for us to pull in the driveway.

Another time, I went to our local donut shop by myself in the morning and got some donuts. I noticed they had these really big éclairs and got an idea. So I bought 1 for Bob.

When I got home Bob was still sleeping. I pulled back the sheets and Bob had a typical morning hard-on so I carefully pulled his boxers down and his cock sprung straight up. I took the éclair and the end that they filed it at had a small hole so with my fingers I pulled that hole open more then I slide the éclair right down the length of Bob's cock! Waking him. At first he seemed to panic but once he saw me and what I was doing he just laid there.

I wrapped my hand around the éclair tightly enough to make sure it didn't fall apart and with about 2" strokes I jacked Bob off with this éclair. I think he liked it because it only took a couple minutes before I could moaned and I could feel his cock pulse as he filled the éclair. I carefully slide it off of him and placed it on a plate for him on his nightstand right next to a cup of coffee I made for him and told him to enjoy the rest of his breakfast. And he did!

Let's see, there was the time we were at a party. We went into the bathroom and I made him jerk off into his own beer bottle, and then told him to drink it as he walked around the party talking to everyone. That was fun.

There was a one time that it went wrong but it was still fun. We had a party at our place and for desert we served a scoop of ice cream with a brownie on top. I slide one to Bob and whispered to him to go somewhere private and glaze it for me. Bob knew exactly what I meant and took it to our bedroom so he could jack off and glaze it.

In the meantime I was handing out desert to other guests. Bob came back with the special desert and handed it to me. I was about to hand it back to him and tell him it was actually for him when a friend of mine Sabrina walked up and grabbed it from me and said thanks and walked away!

Bob and I just looked at each other until Bob says" You better go get that back"

But we could see her across the room already eating it. We just laughed and watched as she ate it all.

Later Sabrina told me that the desert was delicious, especially that glaze across the top! And then she asked for the recipe. I told her I would have to think about sharing it with her because it was a family secret recipe.

I wanted to see more! I wanted to watch Bob eat more cum. So I got an idea.

The next weekend I took Bob out to for dinner and drinks and more drinks. As we left the Bar and grill I told Bob I wanted to check out a club on the way home. Bob didn't know until we got there that it was a swing Club.

We went in and browsed. We got to watch a couple thru a glass window going at it with each other. Back in the main bar area we saw lots of naked body parts, a few girls making out and at one point a woman was blowing a guy right there at their table. It was a good night to stop at this club.

But at this point I still did not know how I was going to get to see Bob eating more come.

Then Bob and I decided to walk again. We went directly into the Porn room. We just stood by the door at first watching the porn playing on the big screen and letting our eyes adjust to the darker room.

After a couple minutes I looked around the room and saw there were 3 single guys watching the porn and already stroking their own cocks. 1 was sitting in a recliner and the other two were on opposite ends of a sofa. On the other sofa was a couple and the woman was lightly rubbing her man's cock thru his shorts.

There was an open recliner so I pulled Bob over to it and I sat on his lap and we watched more of the porn. Well, he did. I was busy watching these other guys stroking there big cocks!

I finished my drink and set the empty clear plastic cup on the arm of the chair.

I couldn't help wanting something in my mouth watching all these big cocks being stroked and I remembered I had a lollipop in my pocket. I pulled it out and unwrapped it. It was Cherry.

I started to lick and suck the lollipop as I watched one of the guys and I was sliding the lollipop in and out of my mouth at the same pace as he stroked. I guess he noticed because I looked up at his face and he was looking right at me and smiling. I smiled back.

Then I did the same for each of the other guys until they all wanted me to watch. At which point I got up from Bob's lap gave him a kiss and told him I was going to get a refill as I held up my glass.

I walked over to the sofa and sat between the two gentlemen and whispered to them that I wanted their loads in my cup. I pull down my top to prop up and expose my tits and shove the cup between them. The guy on my right immediately got on his knees on the sofa and kept stroking his 8"cock as he rubbed the head of it on my tit. The guy on the left liked the idea and did the same; his cock was about 7".

I leaned back and enjoyed the show and looked over and saw Bob was enjoying it as well. Bob pulled his cock out and was stroking it also.

I looked over at the couple and they were watching me as well and the wife had her husband's 8"cock in her hand stroking it.

The other single guy was pounding his 9" cock furiously as well. So I finger gestured to him to come over. He got up and walked right up in front of me and kept stroking! Wow this was fucking hot! All these big cocks being stroked for me, so they thought!

The guy on the left started moaning and shot his load across my tit and in the cup, a nice big load. Then the guy on right unloads across both tits with the first shot followed by about 6 more shots right into the cup.

Now the guy in front of me is looking at all this mess and pounding his cock like mad and then shoots his first shot missing the cup completely and hits me in the chin, but it drips down to my chest and funnels into the cup. Followed by 8 more shots right into the cup!

Watching these big cocks shoot and ooze cum is such a turn on!

Then Bob walks over and says "May I unload?"

Before I can even agree he shoots his load on my tits and into the cup! Then he goes back and sits back down.

Just then the wife asks if would like some more?

I agree and both her and her husband walk over and she rubs his cock on my cum covered tits and strokes him for about a minute until he shoots his load on my tits and into the cup!

The wife thanks me and they sit back down.

The two guys from the sofa thank me as they leave the room. I tell Bob to come over to the sofa and he sits next to me.

I take my Cherry lollipop and I stir the mixture in my cup. There is so much, the cup is like half full!

I tell Bob my chest is a mess and that he needs to clean it so I can pull my shirt back up. He immediately licks the cum from my chest. Making sure to get every drop. The other couple is watching all of this and enjoying it. The single guy left in the room is enjoying this also and is already hard again and stroking!

Once my tits are cum free Bob sits back down and I pull my top back in place.

I then stir my cup some more with the lollipop and slowly lift the lollipop out of the cup and you can barely see the red color thru all the cum stuck to it. I rub the lollipop across Bob's lips and tell him to clean up my Lollipop so I can taste it again.

Bob opens his mouth as I shove the lollipop into his mouth and he lick and sucks it clean.

I pull the lollipop from Bob's mouth and look at it and thank him for cleaning it before sucking on it myself.

Then I again dip it in the cup and stir and slowly lift the lollipop out of the cup and again you can barely see the red color thru all the cum stuck to it. I tell Bob to clean up my Lollipop so I can taste it again. He does it without question.

I pull the lollipop from Bob's mouth again and pop it in my mouth and suck on it "mmmm!"

The wife from the couple then tells her husband "we got to try this sometime!"

At that point I tell Bob "Now you get to drink all this for me!"

And I put the cup to his lips and tilt it and he opens his mouth wide so I can see the cum pouring across his tongue. Once his mouth looks full I let him swallow. I had to repeat this 3 times because it was so much! But Bob drank it all for me!

I gave Bob a big tongue kiss and I could taste the cheery flavored cum from his mouth.

Then as we broke our kiss the single guy that was still in the room stroking again asks if we want another load for our cup as he walked towards us stroking.

I tell him sure and he says "here it cums!" as he holds the tip of his big 9 "cock to the cup in my hand.

I say "no, this one goes here!" as I grab his big cock and pull it to Bob's lips. Bob wraps his lips around the head of his cock and starts bobbing on that big cock like he was starving!

It only took about 8 or 9 bobs before the guy shot his load in Bob's mouth. Bob just kept going sucking and licking it all up until the guy started going soft. Then Bob looked it over one last time getting every drop off and releasing it. I actually got to watch Bob suck this guy for a couple minutes during this and it was exciting!

As I find some more exciting ways to make Bob eat cum I will follow up this story.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/07/18


What's with the retard who posted this comment?
Comment title says it all. I'm sure none of this ever happened."

Are there really people reading these stories who think it's notmore...

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by Mr. Briggs12/23/17

Love this

Brilliant story. Would love to be bob

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by Anonymous09/04/17


You sound like my girlfriend and me. My girlfriend wasn't always like this and is still evolving. She is from another country and was brought up very old fashioned where the husband rules and the woman'smore...

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