tagRomanceNow I Lay Her Down to Sleep Ch. 04

Now I Lay Her Down to Sleep Ch. 04


This is the last edition of my continuing story between a 36 year old man and Chelsey, a 19 year old girl. It is a little long, but I hope it is worth the read to you. I hope you enjoy.

I woke up Tuesday morning and headed to work with a smile on my face that would not go away. The work day seemed to last forever. It was finally time to head home. I didn't know whether Chelsey would be home or not. Her car was in the driveway, so she was either home or with her boyfriend.

I walked into the house and set my bags down. It felt hotter than Hades in my house. Chelsey came scampering out of her bedroom and running towards me. My eyes bulged out of my head. My eyes locked on her bouncing chest. She was wearing only a pair of pink panties with white lace borders and naked up top.

She gave me a big hug and kissed me then pulled back and said, "Welcome home!!!"

I couldn't help but smile. "Hello Chelsey. Why is it so hot in here? Is there something wrong with the heater?"

"No. Nothing wrong with the heater", she said. "I just thought you would like to join me in wearing little to nothing. This way we won't get cold."

"You are so silly, I replied while laughing. "You will be paying the heat bill overages next month".

She continued hanging onto me with her arms wrapped around my neck. She leaned in and gave me a seductive kiss that made my groin stir. I put my hands on her warm, bare hips and gently pushed her away from me.

"You have a boyfriend remember?"

She just laughed as she pulled my shirt over my head. I could tell I had created a monster. This was going to be a long rest of the week.

"There, now you shouldn't be so hot." Chelsey said in a sweet, playful tone.

my eyes gravitated to her bare breasts. This was the first time I had seen them in the light. Her nipples were pointing straight out at me.

"Wanna touch them? You can if you want." she said as she arched her back and thrusted her chest out towards me.

"You are such a tease right now. Your boyfriend?" I reminded her.

"It doesn't have to be teasing you know." she stated with a grin on her face.

I could feel sweat forming on my face. It was so hot in the house. I side-stepped her and headed for the thermostat. It read 80º. I bumped it down to 72º and walked back to the other side of the family room. Chelsey grabbed my belt buckle.

She began unbuckling my belt. "You should take these pants off, then you wouldn't be so hot."

"I will go change into a pair of shorts. Thank you."

She grabbed my wrists and placed my hands on her breasts. I couldn't resist squeezing them for a few seconds before pulling my hands back.

Chelsey looked down at my crotch and smiled. "Looks like you enjoyed that."

I smiled as I turned and headed for my room to change clothes. I threw on a pair of basketball shorts and headed back to the family room. Chelsey was sitting on the couch preparing for the start of a movie.

"Wanna watch a movie with me tonight?" She asked batting her eyes.

"Only if you put a shirt on first."

It is too hot for a shirt" she pleaded. "Besides, you don't have a shirt on. That would be unfair!"

I gave her a stern look. In return she asked a double-edged question. "You don't like looking at my bare body?"

How could I say no and not regret it later? I sat down beside her next to the arm of the couch. She lay down on her back, spread across my lap and looked at me with puppy eyes. So was so damn gorgeous. She took my hands in hers and placed them on her stomach.

"Feel how hot and sticky my skin is."

This girl was relentless. I was getting payback for the teasing I had given her the last few weeks. I looked down and smiled at her as my eyes gravitated towards her heaving chest. Her breasts were so firm and supple. I wanted so bad to place them in my mouth.

The movie started and she rolled to her side towards the television. It was only a few minutes before I could no longer resist touching her breasts. My hands slid up her stomach and cupped her breasts. I slowly kneaded her breasts as we watched the movie. Her breathing increased as she was getting turned on.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" she shyly asked.

"Not tonight hon. As much as we may want to, it is not next week yet. That was the agreement."

She huffed and puffed then started moving her head up and down my crotch. I could not help but get hard. She was relentless tonight. It was hard to concentrate on the movie with this vixen teasing me.

"How about now?" she asked.

"You are driving me crazy girl." I laughed. "What is your boyfriend up to tonight?"

"He is playing video games with his friends tonight. He asked if I wanted him to come over. I told him he could visit tomorrow. I wanted to spend the night with you."

The movie ended and we went to our own rooms. It wasn't a few minutes before I heard a familiar buzzing noise followed by moaning. Her moans were getting louder and louder. She was definitely making sure I could hear her. It was impossible to go to sleep so I masturbated to the sound of her moaning.

I worked late the next day. I came home and heard voices coming from Chelsey's bedroom. Her boyfriend was over. I made myself supper and decided to go to bed early. I climbed in bed and began to fall asleep when I was awakened by the sounds of her bed squeaking, followed by grunts and groans and lots of moaning. She was driving me crazy. I never imagined this would be so much torture. Perhaps I didn't know what I had gotten myself into. I was starting to regret having made this deal with her in the first place.

The next day I arrived home from work early. I decided it would be a good idea to get out of the house for awhile. I took a shower and met a friend at a local mexican restaurant. We had a good time chatting.

I headed home and went to bed. Again, I woke up to the sounds of moans. This time I heard Chelsey instructing her boyfriend to go down on her. I heard him tell her he didn't do that. They ended up in a fight leading her to kick him out.

Saturday rolled around and I was feeling more comfortable about being at home. It had been a few days since Chelsey and I had watched a movie together. I passed Chelsey's room and headed into the restroom. I noticed her door was only halfway closed.

I exited the restroom and took a peek inside her bedroom. Chelsey was sleeping in her bed. She was wearing a baby t-shirt with a sheet lying across her waist. I watched her chest rise and fall for a few moments before heading back out to the family room. I opened a bottle of wine and searched through the television channels for something to watch.

Chelsey walked out into the family room. She looked groggy. She half smiled at me and asked if she could have a glass of wine also. We sat and enjoyed two glasses of wine while we chatted about our week.

Chelsey told me a stories about her friends. I was interested in hearing about the fun adventures of a teen. It had been awhile since I had participated in such silly events.

All the sudden Chelsey began crying. I wasn't sure where this emotion came from. I pulled her close to me and wondered if she had drank a little too much wine. It killed me to see a woman cry.

"What is wrong Chelsey?"

"I broke up with my boyfriend."

"What? Why?"

"Because he told me he would not eat me down there. I told him that I would not give him blowjobs anymore if he wouldn't go down on me also. He started cussing me out. He wanted to know why I had this sudden obsession with him going down on me. I was fed up and told him we were done."

"I am so sorry. It is hard to walk away, but I think you did the right thing. A beautiful girl like you can do much better than him."

"Like you?" she asked.

"You can do much better than me also." I replied.

"What if I don't want to do better than you?"

"Chelsey, I am flattered that you would want to be with me. Ten or twenty years from me when I am really old and you are just becoming my age you will have wished you were with a younger man."

She did not respond. She drank her half glass of wine in two swallows and refilled her glass. Soon the wine was starting to affect her speech. She was beginning to slur her words and laugh at everything.

She started to become frisky. Her hands brushing my ears, her lips kissing my neck. I was at a crossroads. Did I give in and let her have her way or did I stick to my guns and wait until next week. Next week was only a day away.

"Take me now you silly fool." she said to me while looking at me with puppy dog eyes. She then began to laugh uncontrollably. I had uncaged the lion.

"Tomorrow Chelsey. You can sleep in my bed tomorrow. You are drunk tonight and I don't think that should be the way we spend our last night in bed together."

"Last night huh?" she began to giggle. "You think you are going to be able to keep me off you after one more night? You think you will be able to resist this?"

She finished her words and began stripping naked. She dropped her clothes to the floor and stood just inches away from me. She propped her left leg up on the couch and put her right hand over her crotch. Her fingers began to massage her pussy.

Another first for me. This was the first time I had full view of her pussy in full lighting. Again, she shocked me with her bold actions. I put my hand on her hand and held it.

"You are silly, Chelsey. Put your pants back on."

"No way!" she demanded with a stern, playful look on her face. "You make me so damn horny. If you are not going to do it then I will do it myself!"

I stood up and pulled her close to me. I held her tight and lowered her left leg to the floor. She began to aggressively kiss my neck. I pulled away and told her it was my bedtime. I told her we would talk tomorrow.

"If I am not good enough tonight, then I am not interested tonight." With that she stormed off to her room.

I felt bad for turning her down. I knew it was just the alcohol in her system talking. I curled up in bed and fell fast asleep. A few hours later I felt movement on the bed. I opened my eyes to see Chelsey crawling over top of me and sliding into bed next to me.

"What are you doing hon?" I said in a groggy voice.

"It is next week officially. I am sleeping with you tonight."

"Hon it is way too late to do anything. We both have to work early in the morning. This is does not count as your fourth night."

"I don't care about our damn agreement anymore. I am cold and lonely. I want you to hold me."

With that, I curled up to her and and fell back asleep. We both woke early and dressed for work. She asked if she could ride to work with me since we worked next to each other and had the same work schedule.

After work Chelsey asked if we could go to the movie theater. I bought us tickets and we took seats in the center of the movie theater. We watched the newest action/drama involving wolves and things of that such.

I didn't find much interest in the movie, but she was excited to see it. During the movie, she reached over and held my hand. I was impressed by how well behaved she acted. I anticipated her to want to participate in more risky actions while we were in the dark.

I took her to dinner afterwards. She could not stop telling me about her favorite parts of the movie. I couldn't help but smile as she talked. She was going a mile a minute as she talked. I just enjoyed looking into the most beautiful face I knew and staring into her deep, brown eyes. My mind began to drift to sexual thoughts of her.

It was dark outside when we arrived home. I unlocked the door and opened it, taking a step inside. Chelsey shuffled beside me and wrapped her arms around my waist. She pushed me through the dark to the couch. She shoved me down on the couch and jumped on my laugh. We both started laughing.

She straddled my legs and pressed her lips to mine. We kissed passionately for several minutes. Just as quick as she jumped on my lap, she slid back off my lap and disappeared into the darkness. I heard her say, "Thank you for a wonderful night." as her voice drifted away from me.

I stood up and turned the light on low. I was thankful to have the next day off work. Tonight had the makings of a magical night. Chelsey came bouncing out of her room wearing tight black stretch shorts and I tight, white baby t-shirt that was practically see through. She had her brown hair pulled back in a ponytail.

"How do I look?"

"Stunning. Absolutely stunning. I could ravish you right now."

"Oh no, no" she said laughing. "You have to be a good boy until I sleep in your bed."

"Would you join me in bed tonight?"

"About fucking time you ask me!" she half shouted. "This is going to be the best night of your life mister. After tonight, you won't be able to say no to me ever again."

I laughed and shook my head side to side. "You are definitely a silly one."

"That is why you love me." she quipped.

"Oh yeah?"

"From the first time you set eyes on me."

I was loving her cockiness acting as confidence. She sat in the recliner chair next to the couch for the first time since she had moved in and draped her left leg over the arm chair. Her legs were spread and her crotch was staring right at me.

I could see the outline of her labia pushing against her shorts. Her nipples were hard and sticking out through her shirt. She was running her hand through her ponytail.

I walked over to her and leaned in kissing her. While we kissed I slid four fingers of my left hand down her crotch. Her hips jumped and ground against my hand. She moaned and smiled at me.

"Let's go to bed." I whispered in her ear.

We stood face to face in front of the bed slowly undressing each other and making out. I ran my fingers over her breasts as I lifted her shirt over her head. She made sure to fondle my dick as she removed my pants.

I pulled her close to me and put my hands on the small of her back. My hard penis slid between her legs and rested against her crotch. I leaned in and planted kisses along her neck up to her ear. She lay her head back, giving me free access. I grabbed her small butt cheeks in my hand and squeezed them causing her to giggle.

"You make me so hot." She whispered.

I ran my hands up and down her back before spinning her around. I pulled her close to me once again and slid my dick between her legs. I bowed up, the tip pressing against her lips. My hands moved underneath her arms and caressed her breasts once more. I rolled her hard nipples between my thumb and pointer finger. Her moans filled the air. I kissed the nape of her neck sending chills through her body.

My left hand moved down to her mound and began massaging her labia. Her legs spread out opening her lips. I slid my finger up and down her slit. I held her waist with my right hand as her knees began to weaken. I lifted her left leg and placed it on the bed. Her wet pussy was now spread wide open. I inserted a finger tip inside her and moved it around, teasing her. I pulled my finger out then slowly slid it in up to my second knuckle. She cooed for me.

I began sucking on the back of her neck as my finger slid up her slit and softly made circles around her clit. Her knees almost gave out.

"Let's lay down" she urged.

I slowly turned her and helped her to sit down on the bed. She paused and slowly stroked my dick with her hand. I put my hand on her shoulders as she leaned in and sucked the tip in her mouth.

She pulled my dick out of her mouth briefly and asked, "Do you like that?"

"Very much", I replied as she continued.

My knees were beginning to weaken themselves. My hips began to gyrate, helping her with a rhythm. Her right hand slid down to my testicles and began massaging them. I moaned softly as she brought pleasure to my body.

She took my length slowly in her mouth and deep throated my dick a few strokes then leaned back on the bed and grabbed me by the hand. She pulled me down on top of her.

We readjusted and lay on our sides, facing each other. She was slowly stroking me while I massaged her inner walls. Our breathing increased as we kissed passionately. I wanted to taste her so bad. I was ready to make my move when she beat me to it. She slid down the bed and rolled me on my back. I spread my legs as she lay across my legs and began giving me a blowjob.

Her tongue and lips were skillful for such a young girl. I wondered how much experience she had gained already. My hips began to bounce of the bed. For several minutes she alternated methods, keeping me on the edge of an orgasm.

"Ohhhh that feels so good. I am going to come."

"Give me your tasty sperm" she whispered.

She began bobbing quickly until she sent me into spasms. I was falling for this girls skills. She took all my sperm in her mouth and swallowed it. I lay on the bed exhausted. She rested beside me kissing my nipples until I regained my strength. I was ready to repay her.

I lay her on her back and began sucking on her breasts and licking her nipples. She played with my hair as my lips and tongue teased her body. After a few minutes she pressed down on my head.

I ran my tongue down the middle of her breasts, past her navel, over her mound and down her slit. She propped her legs up and spread them wide. I kissed the outside of her labia and felt wetness on my skin.

I could tell she was soaking wet already. I spent a long time alternating between licking her inner walls and teasing her clit with my tongue while sliding my finger in and out of her honey pot.

Her moans made me want to please her forever. I loved hearing the sounds of her joy. I increased the pace of my thrusts inside her as I began to quickly lap her clitoris and inner walls. Her hips were dancing all over the bed. My right hand rubbed her mound and helped to keep her hips towards the bed as I drove her mad with pleasure.

"Enough teasing." she moaned. "Please don't stop. Ohhh! Don't stop!"

Her walls were crushing my two fingers as they slid in and out of her. My face was buried in a pool of her delicious juices. The heat radiating off her body could have cooked an egg.

Her body glistened with sexual desire. There is nothing like watching the skillful dance of a woman on the verge of an orgasm.

I felt my dick grow back to life as it pressed against the bed. My fingers locked deep inside her as her hips thrust up, pushing my face away. Her body shuddered like an earthquake before collapsing and melting into the bed. She continued to coo for minutes after her initial orgasm.

I continued to slowly slide my fingers in and out of her while lapping up her juices and kissing her pussy until it was safe to push her over the edge once more.

It took but minutes for her to experience what I believed to be her first multiple orgasm. She gasped for breath over and over, moaning and groaning in between gasps as my tongue pleased her.

After her second orgasm I moved up her body and slid my dick inside her pussy. Her hips bucked against me upon entry. I kissed her sweaty breasts on my way up. God had sent me an angel named Chelsey.

I slowly began to rock my hips against her body which lay exhausted on the bed. Her breathing was heavy and short. Her moans long and loud. I lay my head next to her's as I continued thrusting my dick inside her hot, slick walls.

"I don't think I can take anymore." she exclaimed. "I can't breathe."

I slowed down my pace and gave her a chance to breathe momentarily.

"God it feels so good inside of me. Can't it just live here." she asked.

We both laughed. I kissed her and asked, "Are you ready now."

"I don't know." she replied before thrusting her hip up, lifting mine off the bed.

A few strokes and our hips found a rhythm. Our bodies danced in the dark. Our lips meshed. Our hips clashed. Our chests melted together. The world seemed to melt into a pool of pure pleasure.

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