Now or Never


It was one of those increasingly frequent evenings where we were talking about a fantasy/fetish of mine; that of seeing my wife get laid right in front of me. She had told me several times before that she had been dating and that she had a few 'lovers' as she put it. This time, a different look came over her face. I couldn't tell if it was anger or frustration, or something else.

"OK, look. It seems like every time we talk lately, you come around to wanting to watch me have sex. I don't know if I'm comfortable with that and I don't know how serious you really are. I love fucking, I need variety and I'm not going to stop seeing my lovers. In fact, I plan on finding a few more. So we're going to have to deal with this one way or another. I'm tired of having this conversation and tonight we're going to settle this. We'll play a little game of Show and Tell to find out If you're serious."

"Go get undressed and come back to my room in just your bathrobe, nothing else. Then we'll go from there."

Not knowing what to expect and never having seen her in this mood, I did as she instructed. When I returned to her room, I found her also in a robe. This was a room we had set up as a combined closet, dressing room and make-up room where she could get ready for some of her modeling assignments, but it also had a bed where she could sleep alone if she felt the need. She was talking to someone on the phone, but didn't acknowledge me until after she hung up.

"Now let's go in the other bedroom and we'll get started, but do NOT give me any trouble. Do as I say and things will continue. If you want me to stop, just say so, but don't ever ask to see me have sex again!!"

Entering our common bedroom, she instructed me to sit in a chair she had placed in the corner. As I did, she produced a couple of pairs of her stockings and proceeded to tie my wrists and ankles to the chair. In a sultry voice, she then told me that these were stockings she had worn on her last couple of dates, but hadn't had a chance to wash yet, so there was a possibility that some of her date's cum was still on them.

" I kept them on while we fucked and some of his cum may have leaked out of my pussy and down my thighs. This guy usually fills me up pretty good, and I can't always keep it all inside until I can clean up. I hope you don't mind the smell of my lover's cum."

Removing her robe to reveal she was completely nude, she went to our dresser drawer where she pulled out one of her larger dildos. Laying back on the bed, she spread her legs and rubbed it across her thighs and tits, then took it into her mouth.

Removing it from her mouth, she spoke again. "Are you enjoying my little show? Do you still wish this was a real cock? Are you sure you want to see your wife suck another man's cock like this?' Could you handle it if I did this while you were tied to that chair and let him cum in my mouth? Do you want to see him play with my tits while he fucks my face? I don't hear you saying anything."

That was because I couldn't. All I could do was moan and mumble. I guess I forgot to mention that she had also stuffed a pair of her panties in my mouth. A very sexy lace pair that had the unmistakable taste of used pussy. Having removed her robe, she got up off the bed and sauntered over to me, the dildo still being licked and stroked by her tongue. She brought it within inches of my face as she took it into her mouth again as if it were indeed the real thing. With her other hand, she opened the lap of my robe and said she apparently had her answer as she checked my cock. She moved back to our bed and climbed onto it with her ass pointed at me.

"Some of them like to fuck me in the ass. Would you like to see your wife get fucked in the ass by one of her studs? Sometimes they alternate between my ass and pussy. Sometimes I take two at a time if one of their friends is there. Is that something you'd like to see also? Do you want to see your wife get fucked by two guys? It's kind of fun. I don't get to have two very often, but I might be able to arrange it if you want to see it."

"I think I'll stick to one tonight though. One of the guys with a bigger cock. One of the guys with a cock bigger than yours if that what you want to see me take in my pussy - your wife's pussy."

"I'm going to un-gag you for just a minute. I'm going to ask you one question and all I want to hear is Yes or No, nothing else. If you say No, or anything else, we're done here and this will never be discussed again That's not a question, that's a fact. It will not come up again. I don't ever want to hear you talk about seeing me get laid."

"Now, the question is simple - do you still want to watch me in bed with another man?"

All I could manage to do anyways was utter a single word ... "Yes"

"OK then, this is just a sample of what you'll be seeing if we continue. After I finish sucking his cock, he'll move down and lick my pussy for a few minutes to make sure I'm good and wet enough to take his size. Then he'll begin to enter me and once he's all the way in, he'll start fucking your wife like you say you want to see. Once he gets in me, we're not stopping and it might be a while. Once we get going, it can take some time for us both to cum. It won't matter how much you squirm or wiggle or try to scream or anything else. We go until we decide to stop. We may even leave you tied to that chair until morning in case we decide to fuck again later."

A few moments earlier, she had spread her long, shapely legs wider and pushed the dildo into her cunt. She was now fucking herself with it as she talked. I nodded my acknowledgement and she continued.

"You wait here for a few minutes. Think about what you've seen so far and what is yet to come, and we'll talk more when I get back."

She then removed the dido and laid it in my lap touching my exposed cock and left the room. Thoughts raced through my mind about what she meant by 'yet to come'. I was confused, but also aroused to a point I was ready for anything.

After what seemed like an hour, she re-entered the room and I was stunned at what I saw. Her hair and face were now done in a very erotic manner fit for an adult film star. She was wearing all black lingerie and 6" black patent leather heels. Having been a lingerie model for years, she had worn this type of outfit in public many times. There, she was required to wear a bra and panties. Tonight, she was wearing neither and her tits and pussy were fully visible.

"I'm going to ask you again if this is what you really want. All you have to do is nod yes or no. Again, if we stop, we stop. We don't come back to this again. Ever."

"Do you still want to watch your wife get fucked?"

Apparently, I nodded yes.

"OK then. Earlier, I made a phone call if you'll remember. I called one of my lovers. This is a guy I've mentioned your fantasy to and he's agreed he might be willing to go for it if you are sure and if you can't interfere. A few minutes ago, while I was getting dressed, I called him again and told him the situation and that you were naked and tied to a chair. Once he was assured there wouldn't be any problems, I asked him to come here and fuck me while you watched."

"He agreed and is on his way. It shouldn't be too much longer now. I don't usually dress like this for him, but I figured since he was doing something special for me, I'd do something special for him. I know you like it, but I hope he does too. It might even make his cock bigger than usual."

She was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Damn, she really had called somebody. I wasn't sure until that moment. Hell, maybe she'd just called for a pizza and was going to put a robe on before she got to the door. Maybe this was all still a test.

"That's him now. I'm going to the door like this. I don't know who else might be able to see me as I greet him with a long wet kiss before I close the door. We may have a drink out in the living room and spend a few minutes making out. Then I'll bring him in here, walking in front of him so he can watch my ass wiggle in these heels. This is one of the guys who likes to fuck me in the ass, so I like to show it to him first. Once we get in here, we'll probably make out a bit more and feel and grope each other a bit, then I'm going to bring him over here in front of your chair, kneel in front of him, pull his pants down and suck his cock right in front of your face. After I do that, I'll ask you again if you want us to continue and watch to see which way your head nods."

She left and headed for the front door. I could hear voices, but not what was being said. Several minutes passed. Too many minutes. I heard giggling and glasses clinking, but I still wasn't sure this wasn't a game and what I was hearing wasn't the TV. Then I heard her heels clicking down the hardwood floor in the hallway and what appeared to be another set of footsteps, heavier ones. The bedroom door opened and I saw it wasn't a test, there was a guy behind her. With his hand on her ass.

"Evan, this is my husband. As I've explained, he has this fantasy about watching his wife have sex. He's asked me to do it many times, so tonight is the night. You're here to fulfill his fantasy. You're here to fuck me in front of him. I picked this outfit special for this occasion. I figured if I was going to put on a live sex show for my husband, I might as well dress the part. These are expensive stockings, so I hope they can take it."

As she was facing me, he was standing behind her, his arms around her from behind, one hand on each of her naked tits. One hand dropped between her legs to stroke her naked, well-trimmed cunt and I could see his fingers trying to get into her. He appeared to be grinding his groin into her ass.

"Mmmmm, your hands feel good on my tits and your cock feels like it's about to bust out of your pants. I'd better get it out in the open for you and give it some attention."

She proceeded to kneel in front of him, just as she told me she would, unzip and unbuckle his pants and let them and his shorts to the floor. Taking his cock in her hands, she stroked it with both of them for a few minutes, then moved her face closer and began to kiss and lick it. After a minute or two, she looked directly at me, winked, opened her mouth and began to engulf it. This was all occurring less than three feet from my face. Her cheeks swelled and I could hear sucking noises as she took him in deeper, leaving traces of her bright red lipstick on it as she let it out briefly. One hand was between his legs attending to his balls while the other was between hers stroking her cunt. She raised that hand and wiped some of her juices on my lips so I could taste her arousal, then back to her cunt to re-wet her fingers this time rubbing some on my raging cock.

After a few minutes of this, she pulled her mouth off his cock, but kept her hand on his balls. She then took hold of my cock again with her free hand and looked me square in the eyes.

"This is your last chance to say stop. If you're not sure you want to see his cock in me, we'll stop now. But, he's still going to fuck me tonight. I can't get us both worked up like this and then stop cold. We'll just go to his house and I'll be back in a couple of hours. Or maybe in the morning. Remember, if we stop, this doesn't get talked about again. If you say yes this one last time, you'll see my lover's cock go in my pussy and that's a sight you'll never be able to 'unsee'. You have to make me believe this is what you want. You have to tell me, tell us, that you want him to fuck your wife. You have to say those words out loud so we can both hear them clearly. No mumbling. No muttering. It's all up to you know. I'm going to take the used panty gag out of your mouth so you can answer. If you clearly say "Please, fuck my wife in our bed", we'll go over to the bed and he'll do just that. If you say anything else, we're leaving with me dressed just like this and I'll untie you when I get back. Once I remove my panties from your mouth, you have 10 seconds."

With both of them still standing only a short distance in front of me, she then did something I figured only a gymnast or dancer could. Standing on one leg, she raised the other in a single fluid move and placed it on his shoulder, her high heel almost against his ear. In this position, his cock was directly at her cunt, touching her lips. Bracing herself, she reached over and pulled the panties out of my mouth.

"Clock's ticking. What'll it be? Here, in our bed in front of you or at his house?"

With my eyes momentarily glazed over at the sight of his cockhead leaning against my wife's clit and knowing it could slip into her any second, I almost didn't recover in time, but then, as if in the far distance, I heard my voice saying "Please fuck my wife in our bed."

Instantly, I saw their hips move in unison and his cock disappeared into her cunt fully, their pubic hair meshing together, then pulling back out. Her juices glistened on him as he plunged back in not a foot in front of my face. He then picked her up, still impaled, carried her over to our bed, laid her down on her back, spread her legs as wide as he could, her spike heels pointing at the ceiling and fucked her properly for longer than I could keep track of. Exhausted and fully spent emotionally, I either passed out or nodded off for a few minutes coming to to find her on all fours taking his cock in her ass. I lost track of all that happened after that or how many times he took each of her holes.

Some time later, he got up to leave. As he was getting dressed, she made her way over to me, her heels, stockings and everything else gone, now fully nude. She placed her fingers in her cunt, then wiped them across my lips so I could taste the difference from before. Leaning into my lap, she licked and kissed my cock.

"Let me walk him to the door and we'll talk when I get back."

I watched them leave our bedroom, him dressed, her naked, his hand once again on my wife's ass.

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