tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNow Spread Your Legs

Now Spread Your Legs


"Now spread your legs." Stylishly she whispered her command.

Immediately he craved her hand. Anywhere. On his skin. Between his legs. "Oh god touch my balls!" He willed her to come back. She did not. She walked around him instead. Slow. Clip clopping. High heeled steps. She moved away from him. Behind him and to the side.

He was a man. A strong man. A success. People did what he wanted. He had weapons. He had looks. Neo classical good looks. Firm young skin. A strong jaw and a low thin narrow nose. Unshaven. Not because he'd been late. He was never late. He was always five minutes early. His stubbled beard was the way he wanted it. Exactly the way he wanted it. A shock of perfect hair fell perfectly across one eyebrow. Prematurely flecked with grey his chest hair was a taught thin mesh around his small, but pebble hard nipples.

Thin sinewy muscle barely hidden by a deeply tanned and youthful skin stretched as he reached up. His hands cuffed. Soft velvet cuffs pegged to an overhead beam. A muscular hollow formed in the strength of each ass cheek. His feet weren't clasped by anything other than her word bonds. Exposed. Yielding his legs to her voice. He spread them. His perfect body exposed to her stare.

None of his wealth could help him here. The two people in this mansion, were in the basement. The house well off in a deep green wood on the hillside. No one lived within a mile of here. They could have been upstairs, or in the finished attic or on the second floor in his bedroom, but they were not. He was surrounded by his own grounds. He stood before a glass sliding door of pure light which allowed the afternoon sun into the room and onto his exposed flesh. Onto his cock which stood straight up. Tight.

He owned the house. All the furniture now at her disposal. Nothing too exotic for he had never been into this before, or so he thought. He was a private man. Now he was exposed.

As far as the eye could see he controlled everything.

Except her.

He was a man in control. A boss. People under him. Would she be under him? Would she reach under him, and touch his skin? He ached for her hand. He imagined her feeling his thighs. Would she play with the hairs on his legs? His balls? Unwittingly those balls rolled and tightened. His cock twitched. Right now he craved her touch, right now, right here he was no longer in control.

He could feel her reaching around from behind him. He could feel her breasts on his back. She was naked now. He could feel the skin of her wrist and forearm as it slide against the muscles of his side like an airsoft snake gently around his ribs, and down to grab his cock. Her right hand had found him. Hard. He could feel her left leg curl around his hip as she wrapped her body around his. Oh god the warm pull of her soft hand would bring him relief. She pressed her hand around his cock and began jerking him off in a powerful attack on his cock and he loved it. The pounding. The cocking of her fist. At the firm squeezing of her hand he sighed. The hard hard slamming of his foreskin down. She pulled up. Tight. His skin over his cockhead. Over the head and down went her hand and tight went the head of his cock out of her hand. She fucked her hand with his cock. Then she pulled up and outward. Held. And then down again over his cockhead hard. Her hand went down. And then up. Squeezing. Faster now! Fast. Hard. Up and down she was jerking him off. Up and back DOWN went her hand and then up and back DOWN. Up and down hard. He inhaled. Spread his legs. Up went her hand and his ever bigger cock was harder and more firm in her hand and DOWN. Up and DOWN. Up and DOWN. "Oh god go faster" and DOWN. Faster. UP DOWN. Now there was no in between. No stop. Just a blur. Jerking. Pounding his cock. Squeezing and squeezing. "OH GOD" and DOWN went her hand harder and harder and DOWN went her hand and up and DOWN. He was almost there and he ...

Three feet behind him she asked "How do you feel?"

He awakened from his daydream. A pearl of clear floated at his cockhead and she was the proximate cause, though not the physical cause. Groaning realization as it came clear that she was not and had not touched him. His imagination providing the movement to his sex story, which, seemed ... to have ... stalled.

"I'm excited" He.

"I see that" as she walked around to see his cock attempt a sundial on his belly.

"Do you like being here like this? Exposed. Vulnerable."

"I ..." She waived away his answer.

"I see that you do." She had a closed fan in her hand. A stylish Japanese fan she tucked under her chin in her silk black gloved hand as she circumnavigated his world. Thin silk defined every curve of this thin silky woman. It was her confidence that got him. No one before had been able to hold his gaze. Her gaze however. In its silence. In it ease. Had conquered him.

They made a deal. He sold his product as he had done a thousand times before to men and women. What the product was, was unimportant. What was significant was that he got less in the deal, in today's dollars adjusted, than he had ever gotten before. She took him. As she would take him now.

Her professionalism never wavered. She offered no sex, nor hint of sex. She seduced him not at all in the ways of women. It was strictly business. No tit for tat deal. Her standards wouldn't allow it. She had to play on his playing field at his game. She had game.

What did work was that same thing that now made him vulnerable in what he hoped would be their fun time. Her confidence. Her ability to be silent. He'd never met anyone, man or woman who could hold him with their eyes ... no flirt ... no wink. Just watching. Was she waiting for a vulnerability? He had no clue. She just looked at him and he looked away. The deal was done.

Now she looked at him, and he was hard.

"I think you like being exposed. I shall have to use that later. Or is it that you just appreciate a beautiful woman?" Clip clop her heals on his mahogany floors. We shall have to show you off ...

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