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Now That's Service!


Author's Note: Welcome to my latest story. This is my first attempt at the 'hot wife' genre so you can all be the judge of whether or not it's a good one. Enjoy. LC68


"How do I look, babe?" Laura stepped out of the suite's small bedroom and did a slow turn Phil could get the full effect of her ensemble for the evening.

"Damn." He whistled as she strutted across the room, her black five inch stilettos leaving small temporary holes on the plush carpet, to stand in front of him.

"Like my new dress?"

"Dress?" He shook his head, "Looks more like a shirt, a real small one."

"It's a micro dress." She replied, "It's supposed to be short," She ran her hands down over her ample breasts which threatened to spill out of the plunging neckline, "And tight."

"It's both." He said with that familiar look of disapproval on his face, "Do you have to dress like that tonight?"

"Have to? No, want to, yes." She told him. "You don't have to like it."

"I don't." Now it was the sad puppy dog look and she sighed, "This is the first night of our getaway Phil, I want to go out and I want some attention."

"You'd get it, but,"

"No buts, we're going to that club downtown, the one I read about, it's supposed to be pretty wild."

"Listen, Laura, about that club."

"If you don't want to go you don't have to, but we both know you like watching the guys watch me." She gave him a sly smile, "Then watching them do a lot more, don't you?"

"That's what you think." He said with the put off tone that always made her laugh, Phil knew exactly what he was and what he liked, but still tried to deny it. Then again, wasn't that part of the game?

"It's what I know, sweetie." She leaned over, smiling sweetly at him. He went to kiss her and at the last second she turned her face, giving him her cheek, "You know better than that, Phil, my lipsticks only getting smeared on one thing tonight and it's not your lips."

She loved the look on his face, the look of frustration that she would do exactly what she wanted whether he liked it or not. Phil looked like he wanted to reply, but when her smile turned into a challenging smirk, he looked away from her.

Laura chuckled and sauntered over to the bar along the far wall and next to the dark drapes that covered the window overlooking the courtyard. There was a mirror over it and as she dropped a couple of ice cubes into a glass and poured some Johnny Walker from the bottle they'd brought with them, she admired her look for the night.

Her long, lustrous auburn hair normally worn in a conservative style for work was down and teased out; giving it a wild appearance and she had applied her makeup far more heavily than usual.

The thick mascara surrounding her stunning green eyes, combined with the blush and her favorite slut red lipstick, applied liberally over her full sensual mouth gave her a sluttish, dissolute appearance; So far from the professional persona she had to maintain at home.

But that's what this long anticipated week long get away was all about, leaving behind all responsibility and more importantly having to be careful with her nocturnal adventures. Nope, here, hours from home, Laura good cut loose and be the wild little slut wife she loved to be.

She was certainly dressed the part. The sultry black dress showed off most of the inner half of her breasts and the fact she wasn't wearing a bra. The tight, clingy material hugged her curves well; especially her ass and the hem didn't end much more than a few inches below her cheeks.

Between her high heels and short dress, Laura's long legs were on full display and still staring in the mirror she swayed back and forth while sipping her drink. She imagined being at the club, dancing provocatively and getting the attention of some good looking men around her.

Laura began to feel warm and not from the malt whiskey as she thought about what she was in the mood for tonight. Maybe a hot young stud half her age, or a good looking guy her age or even older. The former would be a good hard fuck where she would be calling the shots and the lucky young cub would be happy to give her anything she wanted.

The latter would be slower, more playful, but just as hot and perhaps she would even let him take the lead, treat her however he wanted. In either case, Phil would get a good show. One he would pretend appalled him, but she knew better, oh yes, she did.

Laura noticed Phil staring at her in the mirror and thought the two of them couldn't be more different. At forty five she felt sexier than ever and dressed and acted it every chance she could. Phil on the other hand acted like he was fifty going on seventy, always dressed in either a suit or like now in a polo shirt and a pair of dockers.

He always kept his salt and pepper hair short and neat and was never anything but clean shaven. Phil didn't make anywhere near the effort she did to keep in shape and although not heavy he was on the softer side, with a little paunch and not much real muscle.

More than a few people had mistaken him for a sugar daddy even though they were only five years apart and married for twenty years the entire duration of which she had been a hot wife as they referred to it these days.

Laura had never held herself to what society thought a good wife was and her sex life had always been amazing. Phil would insist only for her, but that seemed to be his way of telling himself he wasn't condoning her behavior.

"Not even a bra?" he cut into her thoughts.

She looked at him in the mirror and the warm feeling spread at that self righteous look on his face. They weren't even out yet and already the game had begun.

"No Bra?" She met his eyes in the mirror, "How about no anything?" She lifted the back of her dress to show off she wasn't wearing anything, not even a thong.

"Laura!" His tone made her giggle, "Have you that little shame?"

"I have nothing to be ashamed about, Phil." She turned and leaning back on the bar, pulled the front of the dress up giving him a quick peek at her bare pussy. "Except for you when you act like, you know, you."

She pushed her dress down and shuddered in anticipation at the idea of how many guys would get quick teasing looks at her when her dress lifted on the dance floor.

"At least I act proper." He frowned the second he spoke, realizing he'd set himself up for more derision.

"Acting is what you do," she scoffed. "You can dress and speak and act like a hot shot professor at work all you want, but proper men?" She shook her head and wagged her finger teasingly at him, "They don't like what you like, do they?"

"Maybe they don't let their wife tell them they like it."

"Okay, Phil, play your game and I'll play mine." She finished her drink in a long swallow, "Know why? Because I do play you're your way. I play proper little wifey at home. I dress up nice and act the sweet little hostess for your friends and look good on your arm at your precious faculty dinners."

"I curb my appetites and play it safe for your precious reputation. I don't take chances and miss out because of it. But when we're away? This is my game and don't you forget it."

"Well your game will be waiting." He told her, "You're not going to the club tonight."

"Oh, that's funny." She laughed for effect, "Phil's getting mouthy! I'll have to remember that when I'm getting mouthy with some kid young enough to be one of your students." She smiled wickedly, "Keep it up I'll fuck one of your students, again."

"You should have never taken that chance." He pointed at her, "Was that your idea of proper?"

"Nope, my idea of showing you what happens when you tell me what to do. I'm going out and just for that you can stay here alone. I'll be back by morning and maybe if I'm in a good mood I'll tell you about it."

To her surprise, Phil smirked at her, "Don't think so." Before she could go off on him, he pointed to the window, "Move the drapes."

Laura pulled the drapes to the side gasped at the heavy snow visible in the courtyard lights.

"Holy shit, it was just flurries when we got here."

"That was before your two and a half hour nap and hour to get ready." Phil said, "When I took a walk down to the lobby the manager was saying everything in town is closed or closing."

"Son of a bitch." She disgustedly closed the drapes, "We should have come up last night when I wanted to."

"I had a meeting and they say it's going to stop late tonight." He smirked, "But like I said, you're not going."

"You're funny." She poured herself some more bourbon this time not bothering with any ice. "Why'd you let me get all dressed up then?"

"I like seeing you dressed up." He stood up and smiled as he walked up to her, "You are damn hot my wife." He put his arms around her waist and tried to kiss her, but she gave him her cheek again.

"No, I'm a hot wife, get it right." She returned his smirk. "You like me dressed up so other guys think I'm hot. Not very proper, Phil."

She chugged her drink and putting the glass down slid out of his grasp and walked towards the couch, "Goddamn it, this sucks!"

"We have a week, honey."

"Don't honey me." She rolled her eyes, "And the first nights always the best night! I want to get laid tonight!"

"What about me?" He asked indignantly, "I'm right here."

"I said I wanted to get laid, not bored." She turned around in time to catch the exquisite look of anger mixed with humiliation at her remark.

"You only say that as an excuse to go look for more." He tried to defend himself. "Why does it always have to be that way, why can't you just give me a chance without all the bullshit?"

"Okay." She shrugged, and turning around bent over the arm of the couch, "Let's go."

"Let's go? You mean just like that?"

"What do you need, a formal invitation?" She asked while looking at him over her shoulder, "Come get it, baby, come show me what you got."

He came up behind her, but frowned, "You really just want me to fuck you?"

"I do. Come fuck me, Phil, show me I'm wrong for mocking you." She wiggled her ass at him, "Show your bitch wife what a man you are and give it to me!"

Laura reached back and pulled her dress up over her hips and spread her legs wider, showing off her pussy and ass.

"Come get it, stud."

"Yeah but," He had unzipped his pants, but was hesitating. "No, you know; fun first?"

"Fun?" She snapped her fingers, "Oh, you mean me sucking your cock so you can actually get it up. Sorry, Phil, a real man doesn't need a fluffer."

Phil was still standing there with his fly open and she rolled her eyes, "You going to fuck me or what?"

He pulled his shirt off and pushing his pants down, exposed his semi hard cock. When hard Phil was average, but that was fine as long as he could actually be hard for her, but many times, and tonight was one of them, he was barely half way there.

"That's it?" She sighed, "That's the best you can do for me?"

Phil grabbed his cock and stroked it, trying to bring it up and after no real success he stepped forward and rubbed it along her ass.

"Oh, for God's sake." She grunted, "I thought you said I looked hot?"

"You do." He said; his face as crestfallen as his flaccid cock.

"Well if I were that hot, you'd be hard. If I bent over like this in front of a real man, he'd already be fucking me."

"I just need a little, you know, help sometimes." He said hopefully as he slid his cock along her pussy.

"You want me to suck you?" she stood up so quickly he stepped back and tripping on his pants almost fell. "Why, so you can get hard just in time to give me six pumps and cum? Or better yet, maybe you'll end up going off in my mouth because you've got the control of a teenage boy."

"You could be a little nicer about it." He said standing there with his pants around his ankles and his still soft cock dangling between his legs, he looked pathetic.

"And you could be more of a man." She pushed her dress down, "I don't suck on soft things, not unless they're soft because they've already fucked me so many times they can't get it up on their own."

She gave his cock a quick flip with the back of her hand, "Pull your damn pants up, you look like an idiot." She emphasized that remark by grabbing the small paunch of his stomach and shaking it.

Phil gave her that hurt look, but quickly pulled his pants up, and grabbed his shirt from the floor.

"You can fuck me, Phil and pretty good too." She gave him an encouraging smile, "Real good sometimes, but we both know what it takes to get you to fuck me."

"You mean more than your sweet talking?" He asked sarcastically.

"Right, my fault you can't get it up." She quipped, "Well, this just sucks, first night here and no fucking action."


"I could say the same, thanks for nothing." She sat down on the couch and leaning over picked up the menu from the coffee table.

"Hungry?" Phil asked sitting down next to her, "I ate while you were sleeping, I couldn't wait."

"Kind of like sex, half the time you just get off and leave me hungry." She grinned without bothering to look at him, "But, yes, I'm going to get something big nasty and bad for me." She sighed dramatically, "At least I'll have something good in my mouth tonight."


Laura lay on the bed idly flipping through the latest issue of People magazine and trying to not get a headache from rolling her eyes so much, who the hell cared about all this crap? She'd left Phil to watch whatever boring new show he was engrossed in and gone into the bedroom.

With a somewhat childish feeling of disappointment she'd slipped off the fuck me shoes and the hot party dress and hung it up, tomorrow night was another night. Donning a short silk purple robe, she lay on the bed, trying to resist masturbating. She was sure she would at some point, but may as well wait until later so she could sleep.

Maybe she'd let Phil watch her use her toys while she described a past encounter to him and watch him jerk off while she did. She'd been looking forward to a good hard fuck too much to settle for the pathetic soft two minutes she'd get from him. Phil only fucked her right when he was properly motivated.

Even while trying to focus on the magazine she worked her legs up and down, squirming at how moist she was. The silky material of the robe kept slipping across her pink nipples, making them hard and looking over in her shoulder into the mirror she admired how the short robe showed off as much of her legs and lower ass as the dress did.

Everything she'd packed for this week was sexy to outright slutty and the revealing robe was no different. Giving up, she flipped the magazine onto the nightstand and rolling over on her back, opened the robe and traced teasing circles around her swollen nipples.

She slid her right hand down her flat stomach and had just slipped her fingers through her wet lips, when she heard a knock on the door. Screw it; she'd eat after she worked up an appetite. The bedroom door was open and she smiled at the thought of someone maybe getting a quick peek of her on the bed.

She heard Phil answer the door and ask whoever it was to put the tray on the coffee table for him. Laura turned to look into the other room and her eyes widened when she saw the young man placing the covered tray down.

He was tall with dark hair and his white button down shirt, stretched across a pair of broad shoulders. Those shoulders went along with a wide upper body, that tapered to a narrow waist and although his black slacks weren't tight, when he bent over they showed the promise of a pretty fine ass.

When he straightened, she caught a glimpse of him in the mirror over the bar and when she saw how young looking he was, she quickly got up and tied the robe, but loosely, so the inner halves of her tits were showing and sauntered into the room.

"Hmm, something smells good." She purred and it wasn't the damn cheeseburger club, she'd ordered it was the smell of fresh meat, young, hot, sexy meat.

As soon as she'd spoken both Phil and the young man turned to face her. The look on Phil's face was a priceless, an 'oh, no' the second he saw how scantily clad she was, never mind the fact she was sure the look on her face was one of naked lust.

But the look on the face of her prey, and that's what he was at this point, was priceless. He'd started off with a practiced, polite-and tip hopeful-smile, which quickly turned into an opened mouth, gawking stare.

Laura loved that reaction; it meant he wasn't the type of young man that considered himself a lady killer stud, but rather a young man totally blown away by the attractive older woman approaching him.

Close up, he wasn't just good looking, but borderline pretty with beautiful hazel eyes, smooth, soft borderline feminine features and high cheek bones. Even better was the fact he most likely knew he was a little too pretty and was sporting a five o'clock shadow that was too neat to not be on purpose. A pretty boy trying to be a bad boy, she loved it.

But not as much as she loved the way his eyes roamed unabashedly up and down her body before lingering on her partially revealed breasts.

"Why hello!" She chirped, "I have to say, this is service, a hot meal brought up by an equally hot young man."

"Laura, maybe you should, um," Phil put his hands on his chest, making as if he were closing his shirt."

"Evening ma'am." The kid stuttered, his eyes finally making their way to her face.

"Ma'am?" She glanced behind her, "I don't see my mother here, do you?"

"Oh, I'm sorry." He said quickly, his face flushing and his pretty eyes losing their battle and darting back down to her chest before bouncing back above her neckline. "I didn't mean you were old or anything, just being polite."

"I like polite young men." She stopped so close to him, he took a comical step back; equally comical was Phil standing off to the side, trying to signal her so he could tell her to stop.

"And there's nothing wrong with being older." She gave him a sly smile, "Or do you not like milfs or cougars?"

He started to speak, then just gave her a nervous smile that made her want to shove him down onto the couch and throw herself on top of him.

"What's your name, sweetie?" She asked, crossing her arms under her breasts, pushing them out even more.

"Kevin." He said, giving her another nervous smile, "Well, I'll let you folks enjoy your evening."

"What's the hurry honey?" She purred, "With this weather you can't have a lot of people checking in."

"No, it's pretty slow." He said glumly, "Not many people on a Thursday anyway, never mind the way this storm kicked in. This was the first trip to a room I've made in an hour."

"Aww, that must suck, especially for tips." She told him.

"Really." He nodded, "And there's two other people working so I have to share, next two calls I can't handle that way they can maybe make some tips."

"You like tips?" She cocked her head and winked, "Nice big firm, tips." Laura stared him in the eye, "Seems like you've been looking for some." She lowered her gaze pointedly to her chest where her nipples were prominently displayed through the robe.

"Here you go, Kevin." Phil inserted himself between them and pushed a twenty into Kevin's hand, "Hopefully things pick up for you tonight."

"They could be picking up right now." Laura walked past Phil and facing Kevin once more, gave him a deliberate up and down stare as he had done to her.

"So you have no reason to hurry back down to the desk do you, Kevin?"

"Um, no." He returned her smile, and her stare, his eyes once again seeking her tits, but this time not trying to hide it.

A wave of heat flowed through her when she realized he wasn't that nervous or naïve.

"That's good to hear." She cooed delightedly, "Because you're right, it's pretty slow around here and I'd love some company." Laura stepped closer to him and lowered her voice to a seductive purr, "You want to keep me company, baby?"

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