tagLoving WivesNow What Ch. 01

Now What Ch. 01


I want to thank Wolf Vixen and my wife for catching my spelling and grammar errors. Another story that some will understand and like while others will hate it and kill me in the ratings.


After all this time, Beth knows just how I like it, bare, hot and wet. I crave that musky smell of her pussy and that special taste that hers has, as I lick up the droplets of nectar before they escape down the crack of her ass. With my lips planted directly on her pussy Beth strokes my hair telling me what she wants and how she likes it.

"Oh God, yes," she whispers as she pushes my lips a bit lower as I do my best to lap up all the juices she is now feeding me. "You do this so well, I'm going to give you an hour to stop what you're doing," she says softly as she now bends down bringing my face up to her lips kissing me deeply as her tongue explores my mouth.

Lying back on the bed, Beth brings her knees up and with her delicate fingers, she spreads her outer lips as I smile and resume my attack on her warm slit.

Some women like it soft and others hard, but this is one woman who doesn't care how you do it as long as you get the job done, and done right.

The first time we were together, after kissing and additional foreplay, I laid her back on the bed and ate her pussy for almost a solid half hour. I'd never been with a squinter before and it took me by surprise the first time she let loose. The thin spray caught me right in the face and for a moment I thought she'd peed all over me, until I realized just what it was. After wiping my face on the sheet, I cupped both butt cheeks and resumed my attack with the sole purpose of getting her to do it again and again. She didn't disappoint me.

Her body quivered as my tongue worked its magic on her. By the third orgasm, her loud screams had tempered into pleas of, "Enough, I can't take any more."

A small smile of satisfaction came across her face as she pulled me to her.

"You think you're pretty good don't you?" she said nibbling on my lower lip with her teeth. "What would you say if I told you I'd had better?"

"I'd call you a liar," I replied as I flipped her onto her back again.

"Pretty sure of yourself aren't you?" she asked as I felt her small hands caressing my chest and thighs. "I suppose you want me to give you a little relief now that you've about worn me out," Beth said reaching for my semi erect cock as I straddled her chest.

"Looks like someone's got a full load," she announced caressing my sack and balls as she started stroking my dick.

At 5'2" and just over a hundred pounds, Beth was a little bit of a woman with a man size sexual appetite. Her idea of a good time was a dinner of Mexican food and fours in the sack, and not necessarily in that order. With her, nothing was off the menu but she loved oral sex the best. As she would put it, "a dick can get you off once, maybe twice a night; but a man with an talented tongue can go on forever."

With a set of thick lips and a low gag reflex I learned almost immediately what it really meant to be deep throated. Being just over six and a half inches I'd had my share of good blowjobs and maybe a few great ones, but Beth took it to a new level. Her only request was that my pubes be trimmed short, something about long ones tickling her nose.

In the past I'd had girls dribble honey or use ready whip on my dick, but Beth said she'd rather have it natural so she knew exactly what she was eating and what it tasted like.

"Some women I know refuse to swallow because their husband's or boyfriend's semen tastes like a rusty pipe. I guess it has something to do with a persons chemical makeup and or what they eat. I've only run into this once," she informed me. "A guy I was dating for a short period of time shot his wad into my mouth and I almost gagged it tasted so vile; and I told him so. He said that now he knew why all his past girlfriends refused to swallow after the first time. I laughed and told him next time I'd save him a mouthful so he could really experience what he tasted like. He didn't think that was too funny so that was the last time I gave him a blowjob," Beth told me.

Beth liked to be in control, especially if she was in one of her playful and teasing moods like she was tonight. With me kneeling just above her chest, she propped a pillow behind her head so I can feed her my dick, well that was the plan anyway.

Beth grabbed my dick and after licking the head a couple of times, sucked me down to my pubes. I gasped a little, as I hadn't expected it, as she started making sure my cock was coated with more than a tin layer of spit. Pulling off, she pumped me a couple more times, until she had me fully erect, before going back to work.

As I said, Beth is the best. She is never in a hurry, loves what she does and knows exactly what turns me on. I love it when she licks the underside, from the base all the way to the head, before rolling her tongue around my circumcised tip. When she takes it in her mouth, she doesn't suck it in hard, she instead rests it on her tongue and lets it slide all the way down her throat. God damn, it makes me hot watching her do that.

The only problem is that after ten or so minutes of this I need some hard sucking to get me off but she always takes her sweet ass time.

"Come on babes, how about finishing me off, I plead with her, but she just smiles at me and sucks me in a bit deeper.

I know when she's ready, because she reaches around and puts her small hands on my ass cheeks and pulls me all the way in. She now increases the tempo and how hard she is sucking. I just kneel there as she does it all, working my cock in and out of her warm sweet mouth.

"Beth, I'm getting real close," I told her as she just looked up for a split second and then continued working the full length with her lips.

"Oh fuck," is all I could say as I start to shoot my wad. With my first release, she's got one hand on my nuts massaging them to make sure she gets it all. I feel two more spurts exit my dick but she never lets up.

Even though I tell her I'm done, she continues until I almost have to physically pull her off. I roll over onto my side as she decides to show me her handy work, as Beth lets it roll off her tongue onto my limp dick before sucking it all back in. With one swallow it disappears down her throat as she tries to consume my lips. Shoving her tongue down my throat, I taste just the faintest essence of my semen on her lips and tongue. It's a small price to pay for what she had given me.

"Beth, you're the best," I told her. "If I wasn't all ready married, I'd make an honest woman out of you."

"And if your wife would give you a blow job, we wouldn't even be doing this," was her reply, and she was right.

Debby and I were getting ready to celebrate our second anniversary and here I was, sleeping with my ex-girlfriend Beth. Well, I wasn't really sleeping with her technically; it was more like giving each other a little stress release. I hadn't screwed Beth or anyone else since I started going out with Deb, but I don't think she'd approve of what Beth and I had just done. I had dumped Beth before taking up with Debby because she'd cheated on me with someone else and now I was lying next to her in bed.

Deb was just the opposite of Beth. While Beth sported dark brown hair and was short, Deb was a strawberry blonde and just a shade over 5'8" tall, about one hundred and thirty pounds; not an Amazon but not a light weight either. When I met Deb, neither one of us were virgins, far from it. She had been a wild child in high school and college but after a serious illness she'd had an epiphany. Deb had become a born again Christian, and said that we could fool around but only to a point. She let me know upfront that she wasn't going all the way with anyone until after they were married.

"Steve, I've done a lot of things in the past I'm ashamed of but no more. I've been given a second chance and I want my life to mean something going foreword," she told me.

Hell, I wanted to do a few of those things she was ashamed of with her, but she wouldn't budge. I'd been brought up Catholic by my parents, but had given up practicing years ago. However, if Deb wanted religion back in her life I didn't see any problem, as long as she didn't try to shove it down my throat, and she didn't.

So, we dated, fell in love and I got down on one knee and proposed in front of God and everyone else. Deb was ecstatic and both her and my parents made my life hell with all their wedding plans. I had wanted a simple wedding but by the time everything was said and done, it ended up being a social event.

We were more than dead tired after the I dos and the wedding reception. With an early morning flight out, we slept on the plane until it landed and we got on the cruise ship.

"Seven days without any work, cell phones and e-mails, just my bride and me; it didn't get any better than this," I thought to myself.

After checking in, getting our cabin and the damn muster out of the way, we were on our own. I wanted to knock off a chunk, so to speak, but Deb wanted to take a tour of the ship. Three hours later we were undressed having a quickie in our cabin, or should I say on the desk in our cabin. Deb was kind of bending over and it was a spur of the moment decision on my part. We started again or tried to in the shower but totally flooded the bathroom. Laughing we cleaned up everything the best we could, changed into evening clothes and headed out again.

Deb looked beautiful in a short black dress that hugged her every curve. More than once I got slapped for, as she put it, inappropriate behavior in public.

"Hon, you look so hot, I can barely control myself," I told her. "I can't wait until tonight, when I can do your body justice."

We danced in two of the clubs and took a final walk around the deck before heading back to our cabin. I'd brought a bottle of our favorite wine and we made a toast to one another on our balcony before I pulled her to me and started kissing her.

We went from lips to tongues in a matter of seconds before I started to unzip her dress.

"Steve, not out here," she said as I started to pull down her dress.

"No one can see us out here hon, don't you think it would be exciting?" I asked.

"And what do I get, the railing or maybe the metal chair; I don't think so. If you want to make love, it's the bed or nothing this time," she told me.

"Your wish is my command," I said picking her up and carrying her inside and dumping her on the bed.

I did prop open the balcony door so at least we could hear the waves as we made love. By the time I had my shirt and slacks off, Debby was nude lying back on the pillows. I'd kind of wanted to strip her myself, something like a little kid opening up his Christmas presents, but was I going to complain? Hell No!

We kissed and I explored her body with my fingers and tongue for the better part of a half hour. I could taste the sweat on her forehead along with other flavors as I made my way between her breasts stopping just above her navel as Deb pulled me to her lips one last time.

"It's been so long, I need you inside me right now," she mouthed in my ear.

"We've got all night my love relax and enjoy what I'm about to do," I pleaded with her.

"I've waited for this moment for eight months. I want you on top of me, kissing me, looking into my eyes while you make love to me right now."

"Babes, give me a minute to get you lubricated up," I replied.

"Steve, if I get any wetter, you're going to drown before you even get a chance to screw me. You're hard, I'm wet and as ready as I'll ever be, what the heck are you waiting for?" she asked.

She was right; I slipped in without any resistance. Deb fit like a warm wet glove as she wrapped her legs around my waist. The earlier quickie had taken the edge off but it was now time to do some serious lovemaking.

We went from gentle lovemaking to out right lust within the next five minutes as Debby moaned below me. The nice and easy strokes had been replaced with my pile driving ones as she lifted her ass off the bed to allow me to go deeper.

"Oh God yes, this feels so good," Deb said with her eyes closed as her hands roamed my chest as she twisted my tiny nipples.

It did feel fantastic but as they say all good things must cum to an end, literally. I hit that mountaintop and was pushed over the edge as the first spurt exploded out the head of my dick, followed closely by the second and finally the third one kind of slowly crawled out. I could feel Debby's pussy clamp onto me as my orgasm triggered hers.

I kept pumping an empty and semi hard cock even as my afterglow began to fade. I wanted to make sure she was done and satisfied, so I continued until I felt her muscles release me before pulling out. I rolled off her and flopped down on the bed next to her, still breathing hard as my heart rate began to slow.

Even with just the faintest glimpse of moonlight I could see the small smile on her face as she leaned over and kissed me.

"That was nice. Hell, that was better than nice, it was great. I was so keyed up that I think you could have climaxed me by just rubbing your dick on my clit, but your being inside was much better," she said licking my lips before kissing me hard. "I want to be on top this time. I haven't done it that way in a million years and you're long enough so you won't fall out if I get a little crazy," she said flipping her right leg over my hips. "After that, I want to do it with you sitting in a chair with me on top," she told me looking around the room.

"Easy girl, we've got six days to experiment, we don't have to try everything the first night. Besides, I need a few minutes to recover."

"Come on Steve, let's take a shower. I want to get cleaned up and be fresh before we do it again," Deb said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the bed.

So for the second time in less than twelve hours we flooded the bathroom floor. After throwing the rest of the clean towels on the floor, to soak up the water, we headed back to bed. It was then I found out there was a problem.

We were rolling around on the bed and I went down between Deb's legs and started to lick her pussy. I could tell she really liked it but when I moved up to kiss her, she quickly turned her head.

"Don't do that, that's gross. I don't want to kiss you after you've had your mouth down there. Go brush your teeth and then we'll kiss," she instructed me.

"I'll kiss you after you give me a blowjob, what's the big deal?" I asked.

"Steve, first of all, there are probably a lot of germs down there and secondly, I don't do that, you know, give blowjobs."

"Since when?" I replied.

"I did it a long time ago and hated it. It smells down there, it hurts my jaw after a while and I can still remember how bad it tasted. I had a boyfriend shoot his sticky mess all over my face one time, I thought I was going to die before I got it washed off," she told me.

"This is not good," I said to myself. "Didn't you like what I just did to you? Doesn't it feel fantastic?" I asked.

"Steve, I'm not saying it doesn't feel good, it's just that there are so many other things that I can do to give you pleasure, I just think giving oral sex is vile," she told me.

About that time, the little voice in the back of my head whispered in my ear, "You're fucked buddy."

"Hon, I wash my privates and so do you, so what's the big deal. It's not like it's something we have to do every time we make love, but for me, I happen to like giving oral as much as receiving," I said trying to convince her.

"All right, I'll let you do it to me, but you've got to promise me you'll at least use mouth wash before kissing me," she said unwavering.

This was not the conversation I expected to be having on my honeymoon. I could see her hesitancy if we were talking about anal sex, which I liked also, but not giving me a blowjob; it's something I really liked. I decided to table this conversation for now.

I know I can show her it's not that bad, but if I push the issue now, I could screw up our honeymoon, and that was one thing I wasn't about to do.

"Don't worry babes, I'm not going to make you do anything you're uncomfortable with," I said kissing her again.

So, we did everything but that over the next six days. One night she got pretty drunk and I thought I had an in, but she refused like all the other times I tried. I was frustrated but wasn't going to push the issue. Outside of that, we had a great time. Hell, Deb even allowed a little anal finger action one night. If I was just patient, everything would be all right I thought but that's not what happened.

All in all, we had a fantastic honeymoon. True to her word, Debby did ball my eyes out morning, noon and night. I had already moved into her apartment so our life began as a happy married couple. We worked, we played, we made love, but there were no fucking blowjobs.

One night, after partying with our friends and feeling no pain, we came home and Deb was amorous as hell. She did a little strip tease for me and I decided to try something. I got the chocolate sauce from the cupboard and dripped it over her nipples. I brought one breast up to my lips and licked the chocolate off her nipple using a hell of a lot of tongue. She was getting hot and I was already on fire.

I put a dab or two on my nipples and she dove at each consuming all the chocolate. I finally stripped nude and put more than a dab on just the head of my dick. She licked the head rather hesitantly at first but finally licked it clean. I put a bit more on it and as she was licking it off I pushed my dick into her mouth, a really bad move on my part.

Hell, I was in no more than two inches when Deb went nuts.

"I can't believe you did that to me," she said rather loudly as it looked like she was going to puke.

"Hon, that wasn't so bad was it? You were just getting into it."

"Steve, how many times do I have to tell you, I don't want to do that? Am I going to have to worry about you trying something every time we make love?"

"I'm sorry damn it," I guess I yelled too loudly. "I'm fucking sorry, ok? I'll never try to get you to suck my dick again, will that make you happy?"

Deb tried to make up and start again but the mood was shot. All I wanted to do now was go to bed and try to sleep. It may not be a big issue to her, but it was to me. Eventually my bad mood put her in a bad mood and that's how our weekend ended.

So the next month went, and after the war of words it got a little frosty between us. When I stopped going down on her, she said I was being childish and playing tit for tat.

"You're not hurting me by not doing it," she told me. "I'll still get off with whatever you do."

So it went until we made up, for the third time. I stopped asking and she stopped saying no. A good compromise? Not in my book.

If anyone had asked me before I walked down the isle at twenty-eight years old, that if by getting married I'd have to give up oral sex, would I? I'm not sure I would have still gotten married.

After nine months I suggested a sex therapist. Reluctantly Debby agreed to go. I thought that having someone else tell her oral sex wasn't unnatural would solve my problem.

We'd been going for about three months and after every session we were sent home with a list of things to try or experience with. The list ranged from things we were already doing to items neither one of us found appealing. i.e. golden showers. She still balked at giving me a blowjob even after the night I had to peal her off the ceiling after a gave her ass it's first rim job. With my tongue tickling her ass, two fingers in her pussy and my thumb working her clit, she climaxed for at least three minutes and stayed up there an additional two more.

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