tagLoving WivesNow What Ch. 03

Now What Ch. 03


I was inundated with requests to finish this story. Hell, a couple of readers even said if I didn't want to finish it, they wanted permission to do it for me. After reading the last chapter, I guess leaving Steve, dick in hand, and his lower jaw on the ground as Debby walked away was wrong; and I apologize for that.

Some people will hate the ending but most I'm positive will like it. So as I like to say, grab a brew, put your feet up and enjoy what happens when Steve answers the question, Now What.

As I watched Debby walk away I was more lost than I'd been before. So much shit was going through my mind that I hardly remembered that I was standing in the doorway naked with my dick blowing in the breeze. What had just happened and why were only two of ten other questions I had. I sat up most of the night thinking about why Debby had done it and most of all how did she get so fucking good in such a short period of time.

"Hey buddy, how did it go last night?" were the only words Kenny got out of his mouth before my fist found the side of his face. My hand hurt like hell after making contact and his eye started to blacken before he even hit the ground.

"You son of a bitch, you fucking set me up," I said as I proceeded to kick him in the groin as Fran started yelling at me to stop.

"What the hells wrong with you?" Fran yelled as she pulled me off Kenny. "He's your friend for Christ's sakes."

"With friends like him I don't need fucking enemies," I spat back at her. "He set me up and let Debby make a total ass of me. Tied to the fucking bed, blind folded, she got her fucking revenge on me by doing everything she'd refused to do since we got married. Then casually she mentioned that I was going to be served with divorce papers tomorrow. Now I ask you, why would a friend do that to another friend?"

"It wasn't Kenny, it was Pat and me who set it up with Debby."

"Fran, I never knew the two of you hated me that much. I know Deb is your friend and all, but that was one cold thing to do to me. Deb and I broke up because miss prim and proper wouldn't have anything but vanilla sex with me. I loved the shit out of her, but wasn't going to live my life without. Now it seems she's learned more than a few things, which leads me to believe the bitch sand bagged me all this time."

"I don't know what happened last night but it was supposed to be a way for the two of you to get back together. Deb told me she didn't want a divorce and wanted you back. She was the one who set up this elaborate plan to try and get you back and asked Pat and I to help her. Hell, Kenny didn't know anything about it until he left to pick you up. Steve I'm so sorry," Pat said helping Kenny to his feet.

"I'm sorry Ken, I didn't know. I thought it was you and Deb."

"Jesus Christ Steve, couldn't you have just asked me before you went ballistic?" he said putting the icepack on his face Fran had brought him. We all figured that you'd know it was her after the two of you got into it and would spend the rest of the night making up."

"I guess I was more fucked up than I thought. I knew the voice sounded familiar but couldn't place it. Think about it, my buddy Kenny told everyone one that he'd fixed me up with some black hooker. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that it would be Debby. So when she spoke, I figured my mind and the booze was playing tricks on me. Don't you think I would have loved to know it was Deb doing those things to me?"

I then told the two of them, in explicit detail, what had gone on last night all the way up to her walking out. Did I embarrass Fran? God, I'd hoped so. I wanted her to feel what it was like to be used also.

"Steve, I'll have Kenny drive you home and I'll try to get to the bottom of what happened last night. Believe what you like, but Deb wants you back in her life and from what you've told me about last night, it should have been just what the doctor ordered."

I drove while Kenny still iced his face.

"I'm sorry buddy. If you want a free shot at me, I guess I deserve it," I said hoping he'd pass on it.

"I guess I kind of deserved it. I almost told you before I left last night. I figured you'd want to know it was Deb but Fran told be not to say a word. Last time I listen to her," he said looking at his face in the visor mirror.


"My night didn't go exactly as planned, but none the less it couldn't have turned out any better," a smiling Debby told herself driving back to her apartment. "He never knew it was me, I guess I'm a better actress than I thought. Hell, I almost lost it and laughed a couple of times, especially after I hit him with the whip the fourth time," she thought to herself as she pulled into the apartment parking lot.

Deb grabbed her bags of stuff and after shutting the apartment door noticed a message light blinking on her phone. Not wanting to talk to anyone right now she showered and slipped into her bed, but didn't sleep.

She had planned on seducing Steve and giving him exactly what he'd been asking for but sometime during the night the plan changed. She found that she wasn't doing it for him anymore; she was now doing it for herself. She had total control of Steve and was starting to love it. The feeling of power over him became over whelming especially with a whip in her hand.

"Beg mother fucker," is what I should have told him she said to herself as she lay on her bed. "I should have used the whip more and harder, then he would have know what a piece of shit he really is," Deb said as she slipped her hand between her legs. "He still has the best tongue around, but I never should have given him my ass last night; he didn't deserve it, not yet anyway," she thought to herself as one then two fingers slipped into her all ready wet cunt. "Maybe the next time I'll have him lick my ass hole and ride his tongue. I'll leave him high and dry until he begs me to get him off," she smiled as she worked herself in to a frenzy playing with her clit and fingering herself.

It wasn't long before Deb was experiencing an intense orgasm as she continued stroking her clit long after coming down from the after glow. "I don't need him, he needs me and what I can do for him. The fuckers going to pay for cheating on me. Before I'm done, he'll be begging me to take him back and I will, but on my terms," she smiled

What was supposed to be reconciliatory sex had now turned into payback sex with Debby now wanting to be in the drivers seat. All she had to do was to sit back and let her friends do her dirty work for her.


"What the hell happened last night? I thought you and Steve would have fucked each other's brains out and make up," Fran quizzed Debby. "Steve was livid Saturday morning when we got back and punched Kenny thinking he'd set him up."

"Steve never figured out it was me until too late. I guess I got angry that he was cheating on me with some ho and kind of lost it. I thought of going back to explain it all to him, but I knew he was probably too pissed at that point."

"Deb, you were the ho he was having sex with. It wasn't supposed to be about love making, well not at first anyway. You were supposed to show him that you were as good as any woman he's ever been with and that you could be the slut he was looking for. I don't understand and I know he's more than confused."

"Fran, you know I still love him and want him back, it's just that I still have this trust issue. How do I know that he won't find another Beth? How do I know he'll be true to me? If I could only be sure."

"Deb, he still loves you, and after last night he now knows that you're more than capable of satisfying all his fantasies. He's just a little confused on why that's all."

"Fran, can you talk to him and kind of explain it for me? I'm afraid to talk to him while he's still angry. I still want him back but like I said, I've got a few issues to work through."

"Deb, let me see what I can do, but I'm leaving Kenny out of it this time. If you think Steve's pissed, I'm going to have to fuck Kenny to death because of what we did. I'm just glad Steve didn't break his nose. I'll talk to Steve and get back to you."

"That's right Fran, you do that. You smooth it over, tell him what he wants to hear and I'll take it from there. He wanted hot, wild, sex, and that's what he's going to get, just not the way he expects it," Deb said to herself. "I'll have both a boy toy and a lover to take care of all my needs from now on, what could be better."

Fran talked to Pat and then to Steve trying to explain what was suppose to happen. She then told him about Deb's trust issues but assured him that she still wanted him back. When the divorce papers didn't arrive the next day, he figured he still had a chance.

"All I need to do is show her how sorry I am and prove to her that I can be trusted," he told himself wondering how much crow he was going to have to eat.

So started the long process of getting Debby back. There were long phone calls, short lunches and finally couples counseling.

"He always wanted to be in charge," and angry Deb told them both. "When we ate, what we ate, when we made love and what we did were all controlled by Steve. And when I didn't do exactly what he wanted, he found a slut that would. Can you imagine how humiliating that was? Especially since it got around that I couldn't satisfy my husband. I was the laughing stock of our friends not to mention our families."

Steve saw her point but she'd started it, or so he reasoned. She was right, the lying, the cheating were all wrong but he was justified right? Wrong and everyone including the councilor told him that. He was the reason for their problems he was told over and over again. After a while he started to believe it. It got to the point, he was going to do anything, and I do mean anything, to get Deb back.

"Deb, I was wrong I know that now. If you'll give me another chance I'll show you that I've changed. I now know that I treated you like a possession, a piece of meat instead of an equal partner but from right now that all changes," he told her in the councilors office.

"You don't know how long I've waited for this moment," Deb said falling into his arms kissing him. "I love you so much and know that we'll be happy."

"We'll, looks like all our work has paid off," the councilor told us both. "You two are not out of the woods just yet so don't get too cocky. You've still got issues to resolve but I'm more than happy with your progress. I want to see you both in about three weeks for an update. I guess the two of you have a little catching up to do," he said smiling putting his note book down on the table.

We picked her place because it was the closest to the councilors office. I think we were half naked before we even got in her front door. There was so much saliva being exchanged that my lips had a hard time staying on her lips.

When I slipped a finger in her pussy, she put her legs together and pushed her ass up almost breaking my hand to get every inch of it. Pulling it out of her pussy, she licked it clean before biting it.

"Eat me Steve. Eat me, suck me, lick me until I can't stand it," she cried out as Deb pulled my head between her legs.

She was so wet; the juices were flowing down the crack of her ass. I lapped them up as Deb stroked my hair and guided me where to go next. Her first orgasm took me a little by surprise as I sucked on her clit but when she pleaded for another one, what was I going to say, no!"

Within five minutes she had another and was begging me to fuck her. She went down on me, gave me a few little licks and one suck before pulling me in. I was rock hard but was at least hoping for more oral action before we fucked but Deb wanted me now.

We fucked like two dogs in heat. The bitch clamped down on my dick and wasn't going to release it until she was totally satisfied which took all of twenty more minutes.

"You really were an animal tonight," Deb told me lying in my arms. "But now I'm so sore I doubt if I'm going to be able to even walk. I guess it's going to take me a little while to get use to doing it again," she said smiling at me.

"Damn, I thought we'd at least do it one more time before I left," I thought to myself. "You sure you don't need another orgasm? You know, something like a night cap."

"You really want to cripple me so I can't get out of this bed don't you? This way you can have me anytime you want and do everything your warped mind can imagine. Remember, we're equal partner in this and we have to consider each other's feelings," she said looking into my eyes before kissing me gently. "I love you so much Steve, and I know we're going to be happy."

"That was the sweetest and most loving no I'd ever heard, but it was by far not the last one. Ok, I thought I would still be mostly in charge, but sorry to say I was dead wrong. I guess I was so happy to be back with Deb I went a little over board and gave in much too often; but we were partners, right? Give and take right? Wrong!

Whenever I gave in, Debby took that and two pounds more so to speak. After a while I found I was doing her bidding more and more and apologizing when I didn't. Sex was better than when were first broke up, but not much. I now had to jump through hoops just to get a blowjob once in a while and don't get me started on what it took to get a little anal action. I put my foot down, or tried to, only to be reminded about being a partner and something about give and take bull shit.

It was going on five months that we'd been back together when I snuck into the house with a dozen roses and chocolate. We'd had a little tiff the night before and I was sucking it up to make sure I was going to get everything I wanted Saturday night when I heard Debby on the phone.

"He's just like a little puppy dog ever since we got back together. I knew if I gave him a little taste, he'd do anything I asked. I've got him eating out of my hand like I told you I would. I threatened him with divorce papers but hell, I never even went to see a damn lawyer," I heard her say to someone on the other end of the phone.

"Saturday night I'm going to allow him free reign of my body. I'm going to tell him that since I gave him a birthday gift it's only fair that he do the same for me. I expect he'll jump at the chance," she said now laughing. "But don't worry, my ass still belongs to you. He never even asked how I learned to be such a slut and even if he did, I'd never tell him that my boss was giving me private lesions at lunch and has been for the last six month. Well let me go for now, he's going to be home soon and I want to get him primed for Saturday night. Love you too," she said hanging up.

I wanted to rush in there, shove that phone down her throat and shove these roses up her ass one by one thorns and all. I snuck back out of the house, got in my car and drove; where to it didn't matter.

How fucking stupid was I? Can you say deaf, dumb, blind and stupid? Was I hot? I was fucking boiling.

"Kenny, I need you to meet ne at Phil's right now, call Dale and tell him to meet us there also," I told him. The only thing I could think about was making Debby pay. I didn't have a clue how right now, but all I knew, is that it would be harsh and complete.

"You had to hear her wrong man, I know Deb man, she'd never do that to you," Kenny told me. "Shit, she tells Fran that the two of you have never been so happy."

"She's fucking happy because she's leading me around like a little puppy dog; her words not mine. And the bitch has been fucking around on me with her God damn boss at lunch. I never would have known if I hadn't over heard her," I shouted.

"Steve, I'm not saying you're wrong, it's just you need a little proof," Dale said finishing his beer. "Look, if she's fucking her boss at lunch, it'll be easy enough to follow them. If they hit a motel or go back to his place we've got them. Like I said, I think you're wrong but you know her better than we do."

We set it up right there. I would take Tuesday, Dale had Wednesday and Kenny would follow Deb on Thursday. If they saw anything, they were to call all of us and we go from there.

"Most of all, don't tell Fran or Pat. I'm not saying they'd tell her that I suspected something, I just don't want to take the chance of scaring her off if I'm right," I told them. So started operation Debby.

I had a hard time warming up to Deb at night. I know what I'd heard so when she wanted me to go down on her Wednesday night I begged off telling her I thought I was coming down with something. I didn't know if she'd been with her boss Frank and wasn't taking a chance of eating someone else's cream pie.

"I hope you're cured by Saturday night, I have big plans for you," she said smiling grabbing my dick.

There was nothing out of the ordinary on Tuesday or Wednesday. Neither she nor her boss left the building. Thursday I got a call from Kenny at about five to twelve.

"Steve they're on the move headed down 9th Street away from town," he told me. "They're going south and if you take the four seventeen west you'll almost run into them. I'll keep you posted."

I knew the area. There were a lot of restaurants but also motels. I guess I was hoping they'd turn into the Out Back or some other place but I knew where they were headed.

"Steve, they've stopped at the Motel 6 off 9th and Main," Ken told me as I drove. A couple of minutes later, he said they were going into room number one twenty one. "I'll park a couple of rows back, you can meet me there."

I got into the passengers side of Ken's car. "Sorry Steve, I never would have thought Deb would do such a thing. I guess you never know what a person is capable of. What are you going to do?"

"Did you get any pictures of them walking in?"

"A couple," he said holding his Canon camera with the telephoto lens.

"Why don't you get out of here, just leave me the camera."

"Steve, you're not going to do anything stupid are you?"

"Not today, I'm just going to take a few pictures of the car, the motel and them walking out of the room, that's all. Today's not the time or place, even though I'd like to be waiting for them when they walked out of the room. About ten kicks to the groin would make me feel a lot better, but it wouldn't give me the revenge I'm looking for."

I did however sneak up to the room but couldn't see in the window and didn't hear a sound. I did take about ten shoots of them walking out and getting into his car before driving away.

"Fucking assholes," I said under my breath as they drove off.

Frank Anderson, 2228 Ulysses Ave South East. Married to Maria, one child, a boy eight years old; is all I could find out about Debby's boss. But it was enough. I down loaded the pictures to my computer, put them on a disk and dropped it off at my local Walgreens on the way home from work. Three sets of eight by tens I requested.

Friday I met with an attorney and started the paperwork. He told me for an extra five hundred dollars, I could have it by mid morning Saturday; I gladly paid the price. My plan was all coming together.

I begged off Friday night claiming I was still a little under the weather but would be full of piss and vinegar come Saturday night.

"Steve remember your birthday party?" she asked me.

"How can I forget," I replied.

"Well, it's my turn Saturday night. I want you to please me every which way you can," she said smiling. "I think you owe me that much."

"Babes, I can guarantee you will have a Saturday night you'll never forget."

I called in a few favors and got ready to set my plan in motion. Saturday afternoon I picked up the paperwork and paid a courier to deliver a copy of the pictures to Frank's wife Maria and a little legal gift to Frank himself at about nine o'clock pm.

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