tagRomanceNow, Where Was I?

Now, Where Was I?


She watched intently as he slowly unzipped his pants. He teasingly lowered the form-fitting corduroys an inch or two at a time.

"I'm too sexy for my pants, too sexy for my pants" he began to chant in that deep, southern voice that piqued her interest from the first 'hello'.

Katie giggled coyly at the sight of her long-time friend, yet new time lover confidently exposing himself in front of her. "Ryan, honey, shouldn't we be clothing ourselves, rather than undressing if we want to make dinner before they give away our reservations?" Katie questioned.

"Reservations? Who cares about reservations at a world renowned French café? If we lose our table, we order pizza! Now, where was I?"

"Dinner..." Katie replied as she gazed into those rich green eyes staring back at her. She could feel the passion emanating from every inch of his toned, muscular body as he took her right hand in his and lowered it to caress his bulging area. "...or not," she surrendered and began stroking his shaft.

"Oh baby, I've been waiting a long time for this moment," Ryan stated, "let's make this a night to remember."

Katie playfully shoved Ryan so that he was on the other side of the king sized bed, facing her. She slowly turned around and pushed the play button on the stereo, which was ideally set for romantic 'mood music'. As Katie twirled around, careful not to miss a beat, she began to unbutton her blouse. While engaged in her striptease, the 22 year old country girl began to question the motives of her chat buddy. Sure, she'd maintained his interest with her witty remarks and subtle humor through hours upon hours of internet chatting, but now, in the moment, he seemed way out of her league.

What does this 24 year old, successful, charming, gorgeous man, with his calm demeanor and chiseled physique want with me? I'm just your average, 'girl next door' who hails from the boondocks of West Virginia. There's no way I'd ever survive in the metro-DC area with him. What am I thinking?

"Sweetie? Katie? Are you alright? You seem to be lost in thoughts," Ryan inquired. "Is there something you want to talk about?"

At that query, Katie looked down and realized her hands were stalled halfway down her shirt. She glanced up to see Ryan, looking puzzled and stated naively, "Wow, I'm sure I just ruined the mood."

"Not at all darling," Ryan replied. "Now talk to me, Katie."

She paused for a moment before responding, "It's just, well us. This. What is this?"

"What is this?" Ryan let out a small chuckle at the remark. "This, my dear, is two consenting adults engaging in an evening of untamed, animalistic sex. That is, if you are still willing...?"

Katie let out a sigh, "No strings attached, just sex. I never imagined myself taking part in such an act. And now...I'm afraid I'm falling for you. And I'm positive you'd never want me for more than a weekend fling. And I know my body is aching for you at this very intense moment. And I know I shouldn't want you half as badly as I yearn."

"--baby," He cut her off, "all these thoughts are perfectly normal. For one, we've only talked online for the last ten months and meeting in person is a big advance in any relationship. Number two, you are so much more to me than a weekend fling. After tonight, I have every intention to keep talking to you and plan more weekends together. Sweetie, you are the perfect girl for me. But right now, my only intention is to ravage your innocence with my sexual appetite."

"Alright, honey," Katie responded, "now, where was I?"

At that cue, Ryan got up and lunged toward the beautiful woman standing in front of him, "Right about here," he answered as he ripped the remainder of her blouse off her shoulders to reveal her perfect breasts and shapely body. He lowered his hands to her hips and began shimmying Katie's black skirt off of her faultless ass and voluptuous hips. Momentarily, the skirt hit the ground and Ryan took Katie's hands in his and threw her on top of him. She leaned in and covered his open mouth with hers, letting her tongue slip in between his wet lips and explore. Ryan kissed back, more passionately than he ever had with any previous lover.

God, there's something about this girl. She's amazing. More beautiful than any 'top model'. She has brains and wit and humor galore. And, God, her desire for sex seems to be equaling mine. I'm going to make this the best night of her life.

Back in the mindset of reality, he takes both hands and gently rolls Katie over, her back against the silky sheet and him kneeling over her gorgeous body. He kissed her forehead, the bridge of her nose, her lips and her chin. He continued planting sensual kisses all over her neck, collar bone and breasts. Ryan made sure to stop at the nipples to make sure each was pleasured equally. He peppered her torso and upper thighs with soft pecks of love, down her shaved pussy and, once again pausing, this time at the entrance to her most sensitive region. She was already wet with infatuation as he slipped his tongue in her hole, quick to find the spot that makes her quiver. He played around for a minute, sucking her clit and making sure to hit her 'g-spot' with his talented tongue, until she was on the brink of orgasm. Ryan then maneuvered his way up her body, to resume kissing her ever-so-soft lips. By this time he was raging with passion and forcefully slid his tongue into her mouth, showing her how much he desired to be inside of her.

"Baby, it's my turn now," Katie challenged, "let me show you what I can do."

She pinned Ryan on his back and made her way to the foot of the bed so that her mouth was on top of his firm cock. She quickly took his entirety in her mouth and bobbed up and down. Katie then grasped his lower half with her velvety smooth hand so she could concentrate on honing her skills at his most receptive area. She sucked on his head for a few minutes, trying to recall the numerous tips she'd read in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. Each time she tapped here, or licked there, she could feel him shudder beneath her. Ryan's muscles began flinching at every movement and she knew he was on the verge of a magnificent explosion. Katie then moved up on the bed, so that her hips were straddling his. Before he allowed her to ascend onto his rigid member, he shoved a couple fingers up her pussy to be certain she was ready for the climax.

"Baby, Ryan, I'm ready," she confirmed to him.

"Okay, sweetie, so where was I-I-I-." he let out an exhilarated moan as she lowered herself onto his erect shaft.

She gripped his shoulders with her hands, reaching for leverage, as her pussy slid up and down at a rapid rate. Katie decreased the speed of her movement when they discovered the accurate angle that brought them both to new levels of ecstasy. When they were both on the threshold of letting it all go, Ryan made each final thrust count. He used every ounce of strength left in his weary body to let Katie know that, even if just for tonight, he was only here to please her. Finally, neither of them could hold back the overwhelming pleasure any more. Katie and Ryan both, as if almost in sync, let out moans of fulfillment as she permitted her tired body to collapse onto his.

The couple spent a few more hours lost in each others' arms. Nothing could interrupt the chemistry flowing between them.

"Ryan, thank you for this night," Katie began, "I really needed a night like this. A night misplaced from the world and intertwined with bliss. I hope we can have many more evenings together in the near future, baby."

"Katie, nothing less would make me the happiest man in the world," Ryan stated. "Now, where was I..." and he began planting delicate kisses on her skin as she began to doze off. "Sweet dreams, Katie, my dear."

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