tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNow You See Me!

Now You See Me!


Special thanks to Brett for the edit job.


Ann walked into her bedroom as she brushed her long auburn locks. She had been listening to the CD her fiancé Ed had made her the previous week. How happy she was that he had taken the time to create something as sweet and personal for her.

Ann kicked off her sneakers, pushed them under the dresser, while she picked up the headset to her phone. Being a writer, the headset kept her hands free so she could type while on the phone. The headset also came in handy when she and Ed had their "personal" conversations. A lusty smile crossed Ann's ruby lips as she remembered the last time he came on the phone for her, parked on the side of the road, on his way home from work.

Her hips swayed to the Reggae beat of the song "Red, red wine," as Ann thought about her sexy lover. She glanced at the alarm clock on her nightstand. "Ed's on his way home, in fact he should be pulling into the parking lot." Ann thought and smiled impishly. A sexy idea flooded her mind as she dialed his cell number on her phone.

Ed's cell rang twice, then he picked up. "Hello beautiful!" He said with a smile in his voice. "I'm pulling onto the road to the apartment complex now. I can't wait to kiss you, I've missed you so much today!" Ed exclaimed.

"I've missed you so very much myself Darlin'. I have an idea Sweetie, wanna play?" Ann asked, an sexy rumble to her already-sultry voice.

Ed's curiosity peeked instantly, always ready to play with his lady love. "Oh yeah! What do you have in mind?" He queried. Ed's groin instantly reacted to her voice and the mere suggestion of a little sexual play.

"Pull into your parking spot and just sit in the car. Leave your phone on and look up into our bedroom window." Ann replied. "There will a little something something for you to enjoy." Ann smiled as she watched his headlights come up the road.

Ann walked over to the stereo and put on some sexy music to dance to for her lover. She knew he loved to watch her dance slow and sexy, this time Ann was going to floor Ed with a semi-public strip tease for him to watch. She was lucky that the parking spot was a mere 15 feet from the townhouse, Ed should see her quite clearly.

Last month the street light near their townhouse had blown out, which had left this side of the parking lot extremely dark. Their bedroom was on the side of the building, which had given it a small amount of privacy. Ed had parked where he could see their bedroom window clearly. A sudden glow of his lighter told Ann that Ed just lit a cigarette and was watching her with growing sexual tension.

An intense flame of excitement flooded Ann's body at the thought of such a daring escapade. Ann knew that any second she could be seen by a passerby walking through the apartment complex, this made her pussy juices start to flow. She reached over and turned the stereo louder.

Ann walked over and positioned herself in front of the open window. Slowly she undulated her hips, moving her hands over her ample curves. Closing her eyes, Ann began to really get into the show for her spying mate. With her head thrown back, Ann began to unbutton her green shirt, removed it and laid the shirt on her bed.

Ed watched the lovely sight of his beloved Ann as she removed her clothes slowly as she danced for him. His breath caught in his chest at her daring. With the parking lot empty and dark, he tossed the cigarette out the window and released his hardened cock. Her sweet moans of pleasure and the music she danced to, echoed from the cell phone pressed tightly to his ear.

Ed watched as Ann turned and shook her shapely tail towards the window. Bending at the waist, she very, very slowly pulled her jeans over her hips, exposing her creamy round ass and a green thong. Ed's mouth dropped open when Ann began to rub her sexy tail against the screen in a large circular motion. He could hear Ann moaning as she enjoyed the rough texture against her silky curves. Ed watched as Ann slid her hand between her legs and stroked the satin fabric covering her mound. The sight of Ann bent over like that, her ass rubbing against the screen, Ed's cock jumped mightily in his shaking hand. "Oh man, when I get upstairs I am sooo going to fuck you senseless my little tease!" Ed whispered into the cell phone. Ed's husky words tickled Ann's ears and encouraged her to even more erotic heights.

Ann stood and turned towards the window once more, her hands going in between her large breasts, to the clasp of her lacy green push-up bra. Shock and wonder shook Ed's frame as she removed the bra, Ann's beautiful D cups met his greedy gaze. Ed's mouth watered at the thought of those sweet pink nipples as he sucked and pulled on each one with his teeth. He watched in complete fascination as Ann placed her hands on either side of the windowsill and leaned her full body against the screen. Ann's moans filled Ed's ear as she now rubbed her breasts and erect nipples back and forth across the nylon screen, pressing them flat. His heart raced as he watch Ann move as if she was being fucked from behind. Ann's face was pressed to the side, her mouth agape with the pleasure she received from her phantom lover.

With shaking fingers, Ann untied the ties on both sides of her thong and let it drop to the floor. She reached over and opened the drawer in her night stand and pulled out her favorite 7" jelly vibrator. Ann then placed her left foot onto the window sill, which gave Ed a full view of her dripping pussy. She leaned against the screen once more, loving the feeling of the screen as it scraped against her nipples, Ann slid the shaking vibrator deep into her pussy. Her sugared walls clasped hard onto the reverberating form as she moved it slowly to and fro. Ann moaned and purred into her headset as the vibrations and the friction quickly brought her to climax. A flood of cum covered the vibe and Ann's hand, her knees shook from the intense climax.

Ed's hand moved with a matching rhythm to Ann's invading vibe wanting to cum at the same time as his lusty lover. Her pants and purrs spurred him into a throbbing frenzy barely able to breath as his own orgasm sped closer. Streams of pearly cum shot out of Bob's abused cock at the sound of Ann's orgasmic cry of release. Ed almost dropped the phone as the climax claimed his body, twitching with every squirt of cum onto his hand.

Just as Ed's body began to relax, the soft, purring voice of his love came over the cell phone. "Darlin', how fast can you get in here, your baby needs to be fucked very badly?" Ann questioned as she panted into Ed's ear.

"I'm coming Sweetie! I'm going to make you purr!" He exclaimed as he opened the door and hurried up the stairs.

Ed entered the bedroom to find his lusty mate on her back, thighs spread wide, the jellied vibe sliding up and down over her glistening pussy. Ed's mouth watered as he watched the vibe spread Ann's rose colored petals. In seconds, Ed removed his clothes and joined Ann on the Queen-size bed. Ed pushed her thighs even wider with his shoulders while his mouth nudged the vibe out of his way, his greedy mouth and tongue devoured the succulent juices offered to him.

Ann writhed beneath her lover's assault on her sex, her hands and fingers tangled in his hair. Her hips moved in rhythm to his tongue, as she tried to get Ed's tongue even deeper. Ann's moan and mews of pleasure could be heard in the yard below, this knowledge only encouraged her orgasm to climb.

Ed raised up on his knees and grasps Ann's hips; with a tug, he pulled her tail closer to him and raised her feet to his shoulders. With a fierce piercing plunge, Ed entered Ann's pussy to the hilt, his balls resting against her rosebud. Passion and painful lust flashed over Ed's face as he looked down into Ann's face. His left hand reached out and touched Ann's face. "Now my sweet tease, time to pay for your play!" Ed exclaimed as he began to move in long, deep movements. Ed pulled his cock out almost to the tip, then back to the hilt, their bodies slapping at each contact. The aggressive movements spoke volumes of Ed's pent-up passion for Ann. With his hands on Ann's shoulders, he drove deep into her womb, forcing a cry of pleasure from Ann's parted lips.

The lustful sound of Ed and Ann's love-making filled the room. Thrusting over and over into Ann's tight pussy soon made the cum boil in Ed's balls. He looked to his mate below him and saw that she too was close to paradise. "Cum with me baby! Cum NOW!" Ed demanded. With a howl and a long moan Ann released her passion. Her juices flooded over Ed's cock and down his muscled thighs. Feeling the velvet walls of her pussy clamp down hard on his cock, Ed could no longer hold back. As he held on tight to Ann's shoulders, Ed buried his cock deep inside her, streams of his cum flooding her sweet pussy.

They lie together on the bed, hearts slowly returned to normal, entangled arms and legs as they cuddle.

"Welcome home Sweetie. Did you have a good day at work?" Ann asked as she gently kissed her mate.

Ed raised up on to his left elbow and looked down into the emerald eyes of his lady.

"Darlin', Work sucked, but coming home to you is always the best part of my day." Ed whispered, then he leaned down, ever so slowly and kissed his Ann hello.

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