*The stillness of a pond rarely betrays its depths*

(Noxii -- the hurtful ones (Latin); was the term used for Roman gladiators put into the arena without training to die for the crowd's amusement)

(The Committee of Public Safety wasn't a committee and didn't keep people safe)

(This story is ridiculous -- It would never happen; parents and law enforcement do not matter in this tale -- essentially decorative shutters, nothing more)

(This story is a comedy if a bit dark at times -- be warned)

(Every bit of sex in the story happens amongst high school seniors (18 or over) and faculty)

(Lastly, I have no idea where this story is going; I'm making it up as I go along)

Keeping my head down

My name is Jason Welch and I'm a high school senior. Three years ago I was diagnosed with an aggressive lymphatic cancer; I nearly died - twice. I had extensive physical therapy that should have lasted a year but fear of my past condition led me to obsess about being healthy. I was never a big guy and I didn't bulk out or anything like that. That wasn't in my bone structure, so I packed as much strength into my light frame as I could.

This story started when I was at my best friend Jeff Lincoln's house and he was pretty agitated. Our three closest friends were there as well. To say there had been problems at school would have been a colossal understatement. Half way through last year a girl named Mia Andropov transferred into our school from out of state. For some insane reason she pulled every dirty trick in the book to supplant, or co-opt our ruling elite and 'stole' the election for Class President.

Most of the student body wasn't impressed; student government was a joke, our big activities were men's soccer and women's lacrosse and Prom was a casual affair. But then some teachers began acting funny; our Principal and three other popular male teachers left suddenly and our new Principal turned out to be a brutal bitch and played favorites -- read Mia and her crowd. Our overall male teacher population dwindled to three.

Then the Principle created the Student's Disciplinary Committee; guess who was in charge? It started off with normal infractions -- use of cell phones in class, running in the halls, skipping school and the like. The punishments were rather extreme but the Principle turned a deaf ear so complaints went nowhere.

Now being 'in' with Mia was the only way to survive socially. She could kick you off, or let you onto, any extracurricular activity, confiscate or return any of your gear -- clothes included. You couldn't date the 'wrong' person either. She had near total control of everything. For me, it was eight more months of this crap and I was off to college. I was keeping my head down and going unnoticed, thus my current predicament.

Today, during lunch period for the senior class, Mia and her cronies broke down and humiliated Bob Tyler, Captain of the Soccer Team. He wore the black Speedo of Shame (the tiny fraction of girls so treated wore black bikinis), had to paint himself blue and run around the hall holding a sign a large sign over his head that said "Loser" and calling himself a loser while he did so.

We had lost the game on Wednesday to a team we had fought with for three years running -- they were damn good. Apparently that was all the excuse the Disciplinary Committee needed. Bob and the Soccer Team had been the last bastion of resistance to the new regime. Half way through the humiliation, Bob left school for good. His father came by later in the day to clean out his locker.

"We have got to do something, man," Jeff demanded. "They took out Bob and several of the other players are ready to roll over."

"What can we do?" Vince McCall, our goalie, groaned. "No teacher will support us."

"We take them out -- bum rush them and put such a beating on them they back off," Jeff growled angrily. He and Bob had become real tight while I was sick and they were on the Soccer Team.

"That's nuts," I insisted as I stood up. "We are not going to beat the crap out of anybody. Let's do our time, keep our heads down -- finish out the Soccer season, and put this place in our rearview mirror when June arrives. We are not thugs. If they leave us alone, we leave them alone. If they want to be queens of the school, I'm okay with that."

"We need every warm body we can muster, Jason," Jeff pleaded. "Do this for me."

"Jeff, the moment this goes beyond the room Mai will find out and then you really are screwed. I am your friend and I am telling you to let this go. We can survive this," I responded.

"Jason, before long they are going to stop needing excuses -- they will just come for you," Jeff sounded bitter, angry and defeated.

I hoisted my book bag and looked over the room.

"I'm leaving and everyone else should too," I told them. "Forget this craziness and go home." Don Feretti followed me out the door.

"Stay dude; we need you." I shook my head and left. I was disappointed in them but also I was disappointed in myself. The problem was Jeff's idea was terribly bad and had no chance of success.

The next day was Friday and I was hoping to make it up to Jeff by palling around at the Mall or going to a movie and pick up some chicks from a different, saner high school; God knows no one was dating at our school anymore. I was in home room with Larry Brickman, the fourth conspirator, when they came for him. He looked my way but all I could do was shrug. I had told them it was a dumb idea.

On the way to first period a saw firsthand how bad Mia had come down. Jeff, Vince and Larry all wore the Speedo of Shame, a blindfold; their hands cuffed in front of them and were lead around on leashes and collars by a female crony of a member of the committee. These girls took great amusement in walking them into objects, people and stepping on their bare feet. More female students than I was comfortable with joined in humiliating those doomed three.

They came for me at the start of second period; four girls smartly dressed and possessed with the belief that they ruled the school.

"Jason Welch," the lead blonde by the name of Tammy Nugent intoned, "you have been summoned before the Disciplinary Committee."

That was how it always began. My teacher, Mrs. Freeburg, looked vindicated that she'd finally ferretted out the last untouched male in her English class. I took my satchel and fell into the midst of the four girls; every last one I'd known since middle school if not longer. Neither side spoke. They were on top, I was a nobody. I was happy being a nobody.

They took me to the auditorium which seemed absolutely dark, sinister and cavernous with only exit lighting and rear stage lighting on. I had to get close to the foot of the stage to make out the individual committee member's faces -- very dramatic, but then I'd met Death before while being resuscitated during the darkest days of my illness. I couldn't help myself; I was simply not afraid.

My four female minders stood behind me (again with the intimidation) and I studied the faces of Mia and her eight hand-picked executioners. I resisted the urge to give Penelope Finnegan, the first girl I ever kissed and dated, a wave. I'd always had a crush on her. Belatedly I realized I was supposed to be sweating this out in suspense but I couldn't think of anything I'd done wrong.

"Do you know why you are here?" Mia finally spoke.

"No," I replied.

"So you know nothing of the plot to disrupt the workings of this committee?" she stood, leaned forward on the table and looked down at me. She was tall with some of the darkest blue eyes I've ever seen and some really expensive 'fake' glasses too.

"Do you mean Jeff's...ranting?" I sounded curious. "I didn't take him seriously. He was pissed, he and Bob were tight but it was five guys in his den and four of those weren't onboard as far as I could tell when I left."

"Why didn't you tell us immediately of the threat?" Mia persisted with a raptor's gaze.

"I didn't think it was...," I got out then she played a recording of the meeting. Fuck a duck, Don betrayed us all. Jeff, Vince and Larry ended up in bondage gear and it wasn't me who recorded the meeting. That bastard even tried to get me to stay. She let the part of the tape with me on it to play out; Mia ended the recording after Don's last appeal to make me stay failed.

"That sounds like you knew of a credible threat to us, right?" she directed to the eight other members of the committee. They all agreed though I suspected Penelope was reticent.

"You have been found in violation of committee rules and will be punished," Mia announced. A pretense of a vote would have been nice; and out-and-out dissention would have been miraculous.

"Okay," I shrugged.

"You have been found in violation of the committee rules," Mia repeated, as if I missed something.

"Okay," I offered in a softer, more compliant tone.

"Are you mocking this institution?" she purred with open hostility.

"No Mia; I have never been here before so I don't know what I am supposed to say or do," I said.

"Is that true?" Mia flashed her gazes at Traci Orr; blonde, pig-tails and the cheery-eyed dimples of a sadistic clown on crack cocaine. Translation; I would definitely fuck her if she was tied down but I wouldn't follow her into a dark alley without first updating my Will.

"Yes, Jason Welch is the sole remaining senior males to come before us. As of homeroom today we have taken down all the rest," Traci went over her records. "He's always been so weak and pathetic; we never singled him out for special attention." Oh, they were hunting down and mentally breaking all the men on campus -- how abysmally horrifying.

"Jason," Mia turned back to quiz me, "do you eat the cafeteria food?"

"Yes," I responded to the weirdest question so far.

"Don't you want to attack us for what happened to your friends?" Mia drilled away.

"No," I responded. "I warned them this would happen if they persisted." Until this moment, I hadn't understood why Jeff didn't see reason -- my brother was drugged. We'd all been drugged.

"Do you want to suck our toes?" Mia questioned. I resisted the desire to run for the closest exit at that point because I didn't think I could get out of school before they overwhelmed me.

"I can't see any of your toes, so I don't know," I started sweating. "But I think you have very beautiful eyes, if that helps."

"It doesn't," Mia snapped. "Tammy, offer him your left foot so he can suck on your toes." I turned to Tammy who, without an ounce of regret, shed her shoe and presented her toes to me, on the floor, to sample. She had nice, sheer black socks on that I had no desire to taste.

"Go ahead," Mia cajoled me, "we know you want to. No one will judge you here."

"Really?" I brightened up, "In that case, seeing as how she's been in those sox and shoes since 6:30 or so, I politely decline."

"If I tell you to, you will," Mia prodded me.

"Is that my punishment?" I sounded less than enthusiastic about the ordeal.

"No!" Mia snarled. "What is wrong with him?" The thirteen girls looked around dumbfounded.

"Jason," Penelope stood up and drew my attention, "Are you still on your medications?"

"No, but thanks for finally asking," I smiled at her.

"He had extensive chemotherapy," Penelope addressed the members.

"Can he still get an erection?" Traci mused. Oh, hell no! Tammy sneaked one up on me, reaching around and fondling my package. My penis responded in the way any red-blooded American boy's appendage would -- it inflated and raced for the closest opening in my pants. I grabbed Tammy's wrist and pulled it way. By the way she grunted the power in my grip and my upper body strength surprised her.

"He's...aroused," Tammy stated cautiously.

"Seriously?" Traci stood up.

"Check again," Mia demanded. Tammy tried to move but I was having none of that.

"No," I countered. "Give me a punishment and let me go back to class. I'm pretty sure free gropes are not part of the process."

"You will do it if I tell you to," Mia threatened.

"Why don't you talk to 'Her' first, Mia, and we can have Jason..." Penelope intervened.

"We can have him pick up the Student Courtyard during fifth period (aka after the students make a mess of it during 4th period's lunch break)," Traci volunteered. "It is in the center of school after all -- not near any exits. He'll make up Ms. Dimworthy's class after school."

"Agreed," Mia declared (Yay! No pesky voting) "Jason show up at the courtyard promptly after the fifth bell. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mia." What else was I going to say?

"Jason, put on my shoe," Tammy ordered. I bent down and placed her show on her foot. She tried to make it enticing but I was not biting -- in any context.

Mrs. Freeburg wasn't pleased to see me but I managed to grab a classmate who wasn't treating me like a pariah and got the daily notes. I caught sight of Jeff; he was still getting tortured. Technically, he might have still been my best friend so I stalked him to his Committee-designated tormentor's locker and whispered to him a quick question that only best friends could ask.

"Jeff, have you had problem with erections recently -- like the past damn year?" I asked.

"You are a total asshole for deserting me, but I know it was Don who -- that fuck...yes, but I don't have a clue as to why," he rasped.

"What are you doing?" Isolde Montpellier poked my inattentive form with a sharp finger.

"Is that Mia motioning for you?" I looked past Isolde's thick wavy black hair at an imaginary Mia. By the time she saw through the rouse and turned back around I was lost in the crowd.

The First Showdown

Fifth period rolled around and I was reaping the benefits of keeping my head down and not noticing all the injustices that happened around me; I was fucked and I was alone.

"Here you go," Starr Mitchell condescended to address me. He handed me a large bag with a shoulder strap and a stick with a nail pointing down from the bottom -- for trash pick-up.

"Thank you Starr," I grinned warily. I'd seen her around since our freshman year but she'd never spoken to me and I had never addressed her in an intelligible fashion. She was an early bloomer and had breasts to die for. Recalling my earlier encounter, I turned away before my baggy trousers betrayed my greatest cause for concern.

For the first time I noticed one of the smartest girls in school named Leslie gravitating around Starr, attentive and shy. I had seen things before but never gave it a seconds thought; what people did was their own business after all -- not my concern. Yes, I was brilliant (ugh).

"Jason, you haven't completed your punishment," Traci came striding up to me, Mia was behind her, flanked by Tammy (now definitively a leg-breaker) and Penelope.

"I," I stammered because as I took in Traci I also took in the Speedo she dangled before my eyes, "I just started," I gulped and looked for some mercy.

"Put this on," Traci grinned evilly and, with a finger through a leg hole, waved the tiny bathing suit in front of me.

With a soft piece of equipment, a Speedo would be uncomfortable for me; sprouting serious wood, I was doomed for some Southern exposure. I took the swim suit and placed the trash-picker against a small tree close to the wall -- maybe if I doused my cock in cold water... I made to move passed Traci when she stopped me with a hand to my hoodie-covered chest.

"Where are you going? I told you to put this on Sport," Traci teased me.

"I'm going to the bathroom to put this on," I explained.

"You can do it here," she assured me. "We are all members of the Disciplinary committee -- plus an associate," Traci nodded toward Starr's friend. I was trapped like a rat. Complaining would have done no good.

I stepped back to the tree, turned my silhouette to the women and took off my hoodie. My shirt pulled half-way up when I shed hoodie and the background conversation dropped dead. I looked to the women who were all intensely staring at me. I took off my shirt while eyeballing them.

"Where did you get that body from?" Starr whistled. As I said, I am svelte but I work out a lot.

"Is Quiz Bowl part of the humiliation?" I bit back. They blinked; Traci and Penelope actually laughed.

"Keep stripping," Starr salivated. I started on my shoes and sox next. The feel of the sticky bricks on my feet was memorable. I again hesitated, hoping for an undeserved reprieve.

My cargo pants went away and I was down to my boxers but my penis was tenting much against my wishes. I was able to offer more of my ass for my viewing public so only Mia had a guess to what my form was up to. I began pushing my underwear below my knees

"I want you to masturbate," Mia jumped the gun with far too much glee. "Drop them and show us what you have there, Jason."

"This can't be right," I made one final appeal.

"Do it right now or I'm going to make you masturbate all over your friend Jeff's lunch Monday in public," Mia exulted...and that was finally just too much for me to swallow. I had been the guy who said I could ride it out and Jeff begged for me to join him in the fight. We were still both going under but he hadn't let me down; I had let him down.

I pulled up my boxers and faced the girls.

"What gives you the right?" I snarled.

"What?" Everyone but the Starr's sidekick snapped back. "You are in for it now," Mia added. "Tammy, show him who is in charge."

Tammy came at me and I suddenly regretted how tall and graceful far too many girls in my school were. Her well-trained kick slashed through the air were I had just been, her follow-up kick sent me dodging in the other direction but her third strike saw her left fist slam into the tree and it wasn't the tree that cracked.

"Son of a bitch," Tammy screamed. Her roundhouse kick put me into the tree but she hadn't learned all that much in the last few seconds. Her uninjured hand came at my face but it wasn't there when her fist would have connected. 'Crunch' against the tree and her right hand became a painful appendage too.

I put a knee to her crotch because I've heard that even works on girls while I shoved her back. Tammy tumbled backwards and splayed out -- she couldn't catch herself with her sprained hands. The enormity of my act chilled me and infuriated the ladies. Traci exchanged a look with Mai before they both came on. They clearly intended for my rebellion to die then and there.

I swiveled past Traci's left hand, snatched up a handful of chest, pulled back on the breasts then snapped her bra. I had no idea if that worked when I did it but it stopped Traci cold. Mia tried to maneuver to my side when I saw a golden opportunity. I lashed out with both hands; my right snared and yanked Mia's right ear. My left seized and twisted Traci's nose.

They both squawked and tried to grab my hands. I exerted more leverage and they screamed and stopped struggling.

"Jason, stop this right now before things go too far," Penelope tried to be reasonable. Starr was maneuvering for a better angle of attack and her little friend was backing toward the empty cafeteria's door.

"Mia, make Starr lie face first on the floor or get used to having a lopsided head for the rest of your life," I growled. When Mia resisted, I twisted her ear harder.

"Lie down Starr," Mia howled. Reluctantly her subordinate obeyed and that left the frightened Leslie about to bolt and Penelope.

"Penelope, would you please round up Starr's friend and keep her next to you," I stated as calmly as I could -- my voice cracked.

"Calm down," Penelope tried to make me ease off as she motioned the girl to her. Fearfully, little Leslie agreed and now I had everyone within my field of vision.

"You can't win, Jason," Mia had to chime in. I was seriously giving thought to redressing with one hand while hanging onto Mia then scaling the walls to escape via the roof -- long story. A further twist and yank brought Mia and Traci to their knees and brought tears to their eyes.

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