tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNrlynkdbabes 24hr Challenge Ch. 01

Nrlynkdbabes 24hr Challenge Ch. 01


It was time for a challenge, time for another adventure. I've only done little things, not many bigger adventures in quite a while. I love it when my clothes are destroyed or so far away I have no way to cover up, no emergency clothing. I called Ed and told him I need an adventure. I had a plan and I needed my accomplice to help me complete it. Ed is always up for joining me on one of my adventures so we made plans to meet up later that night and lay the whole plan out. Ed was at my house by 7, we had a drink as I told him my plan. He knows me very well and is never shocked or surprised by what I have on my mind. I laid the rules as Ed listened intently, four mandatory rules that must be followed, I explained them to Ed. The adventure has to last a minimum of 24 hours; I have to be completely naked and barefoot within six hours of starting the adventure. My clothes must be destroyed completely or left somewhere that I cannot get to them and I will have no emergency clothing or cover-ups whatsoever. I must remain completely naked until I walk back into my house 24 hours or more after I walked out. I will have been naked for a minimum of 18 hours not always knowing where we will be during that time.

There were now a few decisions to make, like what day and time was best to start this adventure. I thought a weekday would be better than during the weekend. Now at what time of the day is best for me to start the naked part of the adventure? My thinking was if we started at 3pm I would have to be totally naked by 9pm and remain naked until at least 3pm the next day. After thinking it all over we decided to start at 3pm Tuesday and end at 3pm Wednesday or later. Next was to decide what I should wear at the start of my adventure. Ed and I talked about options for what I should wear and how I would eventually end up naked by 9pm.

"Ok Nikki, this is how it's going to work." Ed said after some pondering

"You can wear up to five articles of clothing, shoes count as one. You can wear five or less, that's up to you. We will leave your house at 3 pm and every hour you will lose one article of clothing, at 9pm you lose the last piece and will be completely naked from then until 3pm or later the next day." Ed said in his no nonsense tone

I was nervous and excited as Tuesday grew closer and I would be off on my first major adventure in quite some time. Monday night had arrived and I took a nice bubble bath and prepared myself for the next day. I had decided to wear the five articles of clothing allowed which is at least two more than usual. Many of you know I am almost always sans bra and panties but tomorrow I would wear both, at least for a few hours. Tuesday morning had arrived; I had a nice breakfast and thought about what lay ahead of me. I know Ed will always make things interesting while making sure I am always safe. After a light lunch it was time to get ready for my adventure to being. I chose a sheer light yellow bra and matching G-string, one of the few sets I have for rare occasions. I selected a short flirty pleated yellow skirt that ended about 7 inches above my knees and a white scoop neck crop top with 6 buttons down the front. I selected an older pair of white sandals with a 3 inch heel to finish off my outfit. I knew quite well everything I was wearing now would be gone forever in the hours ahead. I wore no jewelry as I always want to be proper naked which to me is having nothing at all on my body.

The time for Ed's arrival was getting close. I knew in just a little while I would be leaving my house and would not return for at least 24 hours and I would be naked when I returned. I did know I would be losing an article of clothing every hour and if Ed wanted to designate what came off first that would be fine. I knew we were going to head further down the shore to some of the areas badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy. There would be some places open and it would be less populated but still a challenge for a nearly naked or totally naked woman to get around.

It was getting near 3pm as I slipped on my G-string and bra which certainly felt strange since I never wear any bras or panties. I stepped into my skirt and then slipped on my top buttoning all six buttons. The scoop neck was low enough to show a fair amount of cleavage and there were three or four inches of bare skin between the bottom of my top and the waistband of my skirt.

I sat and relaxed a bit as I waited for Ed to arrive. I was leaving and would be gone overnight so I had a small bag with a bit of makeup and toiletries. There was no need to bring any clothing as I would not be able to wear it anyway and there was the no emergency clothing or cover-ups rule. Just before 3pm Ed arrived and I was anxious to get this adventure started. I was of course nervous, knowing in six hours I would be naked somewhere on the Jersey shore but I was also looking forward to it. Out the door and to Ed's car where he made a point of showing me there was nothing at all that I could use to cover myself in case of an emergency. That familiar tingle in my pussy was back as I wondered what I would encounter the next twenty four hours. The one thing I did know was dinner would be around 6pm or a bit earlier. This ensured I would hopefully still have my skirt and top on, especially if dinner was going to be somewhere very public.

It was a beautiful day and Ed had the top down as we drove the few miles to the ocean and the road we would be taking through many of the small beach towns along the New Jersey shore. So many months after Hurricane Sandy and there is still l such devastation along the Jersey Shore. We had been driving along the ocean for just over thirty minutes when we reached one of the famous boardwalks. There were some people walking along the street and others on the boardwalk checking out the restaurants, bars candy stores and other shops that were able to reopen for the season. Ed pulled onto a side street and parked suggesting we go walk the boardwalk for a bit and maybe get a drink or fresh squeezed lemonade. We crossed the main road and walked up the ramp to the boardwalk. I love the smell of the ocean and the beautiful breeze as we pass so many landmarks made famous by a few well known New Jersey rockers. It was sad to see the damage yet to be repaired but wonderful to see many places open and hoping for many tourists spending money on the boardwalk. I was in my own world just loving the day when Ed's voice brought me back to reality.

"It's almost 4pm Nikki, lets stop in over there and get a beer."

I suddenly realized it was just about time for me to lose an article of clothing. We went into one of the bars on the boardwalk and sat at a high top table just a few steps inside the open front of the bar and ordered beers.

"It's time Nikki, go into the ladies room, remove you're bra and drop it in the trash." Ed said very nonchalantly

A few sips of beer and off I went, into the ladies room which was currently empty. I thought about going into a stall but instead I unbuttoned my top and pulled it off leaving me standing there in a very sheer bra. I put my top down on the counter and removed the bra then walked over to the trash and dropped it in before retrieving my top and slipping it back on and buttoning all six buttons. Four articles left, where would we be when I lose the next piece of clothing? I walked back out to rejoin Ed at the table to finish our beers. Ed didn't need to ask if I removed my bra, he knew I would follow his instructions.

Ed leaned over a bit closer to me, "Nikki open the two bottom buttons and the two top buttons on your top"

I casually undid the bottom two buttons and then the top two. Now there were just two buttons holding my top closed which left quite a bit of cleavage showing. If these two buttons came undone the top would never stay closed enough to cover my braless boobs. The waitress came to check if we wanted refills, she certainly noticed my top was open more than before. We declined another round and asked for the check. While we waited Ed slid a small pair of scissors over to me and told me to cut off the four buttons I had undone earlier. I tried to be inconspicuous as I snipped the four buttons off my top. I had them in my hand when the waitress returned with the check. She took a look at my cleavage then took the check and walked away after thanking us. Ed left the tip and we got up to leave.

"Nikki, leave the buttons on the table." Ed said with a wry smile on his face

Ed held me up a moment as we were stepping back out on the boardwalk. I looked back and saw our waitress look at the table and then at me with a knowing smile. She picked up her tip and my buttons then moved on to another table. We were just a little over an hour into my adventure and my bra was gone as were four of the six buttons on my top. We strolled along the boardwalk enjoying the sea air and the slight breeze. We walked down to one of the landmarks and then sat for a bit just enjoying the beautiful weather. I was still very aware the clock was ticking and 5pm was fast approaching. I had no watch so I had to wait for Ed to tell me when it was time to remove another piece of clothing.

"Nikki I think we should start making our way back to the car, it will take us a while to get there." Ed said after looking at his watch

"That's fine with me Ed; I would like to have an early dinner tonight." I said winking at Ed

Ed looked around then turned toward me. "Its 5pm Nikki, please slip you're panties off."

I looked at Ed then around us and saw no one in our immediate area. I stood up and slipped my hands under my skirt grasping the sides of my G-string pulling it down to the tops of my thighs. I sat back down slipped off my sandals then slid the G-string down my legs and off, placing it between us on the bench. I slipped my sandals back on as Ed stood waiting for me to join him for the walk to the car. My G-string left on the bench.

To be continued

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