Nrlynkdbabes BBQ Adventure 2


"Well there you two are, I was beginning to think you ran off together." Tian said sarcastically.

"We went for a walk and didn't realize the time." I said still holding Jesse's hand.

"Well I can see you aren't complaining about the cold anymore, that's good because I have a surprise for you."

It was then I noticed a new guest, a guy in his 30's wearing board shorts and nothing else.

"This is Jake, he lives down the lagoon a little way from here, he arrived on his jet ski and agreed to take you for a ride." The evil bitch was smiling as she spoke.

"I can't go out on that thing, I'm naked and it's too cold." I tried to protest without whining.

" I promised Jake you would go with him, besides he will be in front of you so you'll be blocked from the wind."

Now if I hadn't had so many drinks I may have been thinking a bit clearer, as having been on jet skis before I know it is almost impossible to ride one and not get wet, unless the water is like glass and your only going a few knots. I knew Tian was never going to let up and so I stupidly agreed to go with him. I looked at the big thermometer once again and saw it was 62 but add in the wind and it probably felt like 55. I kissed Jesse, to piss Tian off and followed Jake to the dock and down the steps to the Jet Ski. Jake got on and held my hand as I climbed on behind him.

I was sure my nipples would bore into his back they were so hard from the cold. He started the Jet Ski and tossed the line onto the dock. We started off nice and slow

Which was fine with me. We were in a no wake zone and I hoped that's where we would stay. Well of course my hopes were dashed as we reached the end of the lagoon that opened into Barnegat Bay. Jake hit the throttle and off we went into the bay. Now because of the breeze the bay was choppy and there were white caps causing the jet ski to bounce, sending a spray of cold salt water over us much too often for my liking.

Yeah Jake will block the wind, bullshit bitch lol. Her day will come I will be sure of that, and you will all read about it. I know that Tian was the instigator behind this and surely told Jake to be sure and get me wet. I held on tight to Jake and felt like my nipples were pressing hard into his back. Only when we hit a white cap and the Jet Ski jumped did my breasts pull away from Jake as I did everything to make sure I stayed on, although I was so wet that falling in wouldn't make much difference. Thankfully Jake began to feel for me and said we should get back in, not getting any argument from me. He did make sure to get as much water on me as possible before reaching the mouth of the lagoon and the no wake zone.

No I was soaking wet, even my hair was dripping and I knew there would be no towels or anything for me when we got back to Cindy and Dave's. As we approached the dock there was singing, Jesse had started the karaoke and the two guys were mauling "Thunder Road" one of my favorite Springsteen songs. Walking back up to the group the cold air and breeze really hit me.

"Any chance someone has a towel for me?" I asked knowing full well there would be no covering up for me.

I wasn't about to do any singing and publicly humiliate myself but I did ask Jesse to play a song for me and she would sing it. Since most karaoke DJ's have to get things started they almost always can carry a tune. Jesse was happy to oblige and played Springsteen's "No Surrender" another absolute favorite of mine. This was my way of telling Tian I would not give in and I would last as long as needed until I was home again. I may end up with pneumonia but I will stand tough. Dancing was warming me up as drops of water flew from my hair and my boobs bounced as I danced naked in front of the DJ trailer.

After wearing myself out trying to keep warm, I needed to sit. It was now after 9 :00 p m and I had been fully naked for three hours with the temperature now at 60 and the breeze making it feel even cooler. Not much happened for the next hour or so, I sat and did my best to keep my teeth from chattering and thought it best not to look at the thermometer but I just couldn't keep from looking at it. When I looked the last time and saw that it was now 55 out and feeling more like 45 with the wind chill I was hoping Tian would be ready to leave soon. Thankfully some of the others began talking about leaving.

The thing that finally saved me was that it always seems everyone wants to see me leave naked. Checking for emergency clothing seems to also be a ritual anymore. I never bring any emergency clothing, I love the rush from knowing no matter what happens I have no way of hiding my nakedness. I had exchanged numbers with both Kelly and Jesse and we all talked about getting together. I am really hoping to get together with Kelly and Jesse naked with me in bed.

After hugs and thanks all around it was time for us to make our exit and the ritual began. Tian and I made the walk to her car with a group following us. She opened the trunk to show nothing in there then she opened the car and Vince looked inside, finally they were all convinced that I would indeed be naked all the way to my house.

I was looking forward to the warmth of the car and the heat after pulling away to head home. Tian however was going to milk this situation as much as possible. She would not put the heat on and made sure she put the windows down. So once again I was feeling the cold and now I realized I had not peed for many hours and was going to need to very soon. We were near route 9 and I was ready to run into a Wawa, Quick Chek or anywhere else to pee and get a little warmth. If we got on the Parkway I would have to either go into the bathroom at one of the more secluded rest stops that only had toilet facilities, go into one of the rest areas that has fuel and a big area with food and lots of people or go on the side of the road and pee. Tian wouldn't stop and soon we were on the Garden State Parkway, heading north.

I didn't want to go to the small area because they are not that clean and I was barefoot. I didn't see Tian giving me her sandals to wear so it was the big rest stop or the side of the road. Tian said if I needed to pee she would pull off onto the shoulder. At this point I didn't care where we stopped, as long as I got to empty my bladder. I just worried about a NJ State Trooper pulling up to check on why we were on the shoulder, they are great at being there for stranded motorists, but now I was hoping they were elsewhere. I wasn't about to go into the pine trees naked and barefoot, so I just squatted next to Tian's car to pee. I was just finishing when Tian moved forward about 20 feet or so leaving me squatting naked in the open. Illuminated by the headlights of the passing vehicles. As soon as I was finished I made a mad dash toward her car hoping she wouldn't pull forward again, thankfully she didn't.

It was a cold ride home but we finally reached my house about 11:30 pm and I couldn't wait to warm up. Once inside I poured a shot of Jack Daniels and downed it. Then Tian had one with me as I finally began to warm up. I was so pissed at Tian but still after so much to arouse me all day and all of the drinks I was a horny cunt. I moved toward Tian, taking the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. I unhooked her bra and kissed each of her nipples before opening her shorts, so they fell to her ankles.

I hooked my thumbs into the sides of her thong, pulling it down to meet her shorts. Tian lifted one foot than the other and I tossed her clothes over onto a chair. I led her into my bedroom and kissed her. We caressed each other for a few moments standing next to the bed,

I slid my finger along her slit feeling the dampness. Tian pushed me gently back onto the bed, my legs hanging over the side. She knelt before me, lifting my legs onto her shoulders and then I felt her warm breath on my labia.

When her tongue touched me I felt an electric charge run through me. I wasn't going to last as she teased my clit and ran her tongue between my labia. I was going to cum fast and hard. Tian's tongue delved deep inside of my pussy driving me crazy. I tried to hold out wanting to prolong the feeling, but once her tongue hit my love button, I was done. I had an amazing orgasm, my body contorting as my cunt juices flowed, soaking Tian's face, Tian never stopped working my pussy with her tongue. After I recovered I wanted to trade places but first we took a long hot shower together, soaping each other and getting me warm once again. After we dried off I moved Tian to the bed, and soon had her begging for me not to stop as I worked my tongue all around, on and inside her pussy. She is not fully shaved and I love landing strip of wispy blue-black pubic hair.

We both had a few orgasms that night, I lay on her my face in her cunt and hers in mine and I used my pocket rocket to cum as she watched and Tian finger fucked herself for me. The next morning we each got off once again. No matter what happened when we arrived back at my house I still have every intention of giving Tian an experience she will never forget sometime in the future.

I want to thank all of you for all of the love and support you give me with special thanks to Tama, Sammy and Carly. Sassy Susan also known as Boss Cunt, I thank you for the many hours of cunt talk and support.

I want to thank all of those who read my adventures and take the time to comment,

vote, send feedback and e-mails. I have plans for some adventures and I will be sure to share them with all of you.

Wishing all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year with many naked adventures

Love to All

Nrlynkdbabe Nikki

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