tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNrlynkdbabe's Elevator Adventure

Nrlynkdbabe's Elevator Adventure


I usually only write about the longer, more elaborate adventures and forego the shorter, spur of the moment naked escapades. I have found that I enjoy reading the short little stories of those who have a quick but exhilarating nude in public experience. That and the e-mails I receive asking why I don't post my little adventures has led me to getting some of them written out for future posting.

I was recently contacted via e-mail by Sassy Susan a very sexy, gorgeous writer who posts her various sexual experiences on a website for erotic stories (Literotica.com) where I also post. We shared some of the experiences we have had involving our fetishes and in doing so she mentioned something that intrigued me enough to go and do it. Susan has a wicked mind and the ability to push a persons sexual buttons with ease. At least that is in my opinion, and I do admit some of the ideas she has had so far are quite good.

I called Jenna and asked if she wanted to go on a little adventure with me the next evening. I didn't give details, I just asked her to meet me at the train station at 6:00 pm the next night. I picked out a light summer dress that was held up by spaghetti straps and came to mid-thigh. The dress was short enough to attract attention but not a micro-mini as I sometimes wear. The dress was pale yellow and thin enough that it would be obvious I was sans bra. I also went without panties as is typical for me.

I put on the dress and a pair sandals with 3" heels and I was off to meet Jenna. I saw her waiting by the ticket machines as I walked up. She looked sexy in a short denim mini- skirt a top that gave just a glimpse of her firm stomach and cleavage with high heeled sandals. I didn't give her details of what I was going to do and told her she would understand when the time came.

We boarded the train and after a 30 minute ride we pulled into Penn Station in NYC. This the site of my ultimate fantasy, but not the locale for this evenings little adventure. We walked out onto seventh avenue and towards one of the many skyscrapers in Mid-town. I had thought about going to the Empire State Building or Trump Tower but worried about their security people. After a short walk we came to a non descript tall building that seemed to still have a number of people milling around. We walked into the lobby and saw that the restrooms were just a short distance from the bank of elevators and away from the security desk.

I told Jenna that she would soon understand what was going to happen as we waited for one of the elevators opened to take us up. We entered the elevator and saw there were 60 floors in this building. The door s opened into the lobby and a fair sized crowd of people exited. Jenna and I entered and were alone for the ride up. I quickly explained my plan and her part in it. As expected no one got on with us during our ride up. We reached the 50th floor and the doors opened. There were about 5 or 6 people who hesitated but saw we were not exiting and they entered, as Jenna and I moved to the back. There was still quite a bit of room left when we stopped again after just a few floors and a few more people entered. This time two women entered with a few more men.

The elevator wasn't full but who knew how many more stops we would make before reaching the lobby. I realized I had better get started before it got so crowded I wouldn't be able to move. Taking a deep breath and trying to calm the butterflies, I slipped a strap off my shoulder allowing one side of the dress to drop just exposing just the upper swell of my breast, which one gentleman noticed. I am sure he thought the strap had slipped off my shoulder as they sometimes do. I slipped the other strap off my shoulder and the bodice of the dress slipped down just barely hanging on above my nipples.

The gentleman was obviously surprised when he saw my dress hanging precariously on my boobs. I smiled and with little effort on my part the dress slipped down and fell around my feet. I saw Jenna reach down and I raised a foot to free my dress on one side than shifting to the other side she grabbed my dress folding it as best she could. I stepped out of my sandals and Jenna bent to retrieve them also. Now there I was naked in a nearly full elevator and the first gentleman who noticed the dress slip was now elbowing the guy next to him who eyed me up and down.

The buzz started through the elevator as more of the passengers became aware of the naked babe in the elevator. No one seemed to be disgusted by my nakedness, not even the females. My nipples were hard and I could feel the familiar tingle in my pussy. We stopped at another floor but only two people got in and quickly noticed everyone looking at the back of the elevator. No one talked, most just stared, except for a few who stole occasional glances at me.

I waited for someone to say something but no one spoke. I was a bit surprised that a naked woman would silence a group of people in New York City. We continued down toward the lobby. The elevator made a few stops with a handful of people getting on, but because it was getting crowded I was not visible to those against the door. I wanted to be sure I was seen and also wanted to be able to exit quickly when we reached the lobby. I looked over at Jenna and motioned forward, then began maneuvering toward the doors. I worked my way toward the front and that's when the silence was broken.

"Oh my God, your naked." I heard a female voice yell.

"Are you alright?" the woman asked, seeming concerned

"Yes I'm fine, thank you."

"She was wearing a dress when she got on, then she just let it drop and her friend took it and put it away." a man who had watched it all said.

"Why would you do that?" the woman asked

" I wanted to see if anyone would notice."

The woman just shook her head and turned away.

We were nearing the lobby and I wanted to be the first one out with Jenna right behind me. My plan was as soon as the doors opened to step out, turn right and head right into the ladies room. As we passed the second floor my heart started pounding and the familiar butterflies started their dance in my stomach. It took forever or so it seemed to go those last two floors and then the L light lit up I heard the "ding" announcing the arrival in the lobby. The doors opened and I saw a few people standing there stunned to see a naked female in front of them. I stepped out and turned to the right and saw a few people, one a security guard. Time froze for just a moment as we both realized what we were seeing.

I wish I could say I stayed calm but once my brain acknowledged the security guard I turned around quickly and made a dash through the lobby. Not one of my best moments, although it excites the hell out of me thinking about it after the fact. I suddenly found myself bare ass naked on Lexington Avenue, thankfully Jenna was right behind me. I stalled for just the briefest of moments, not enough time to really savor my nakedness in the Midtown East area of Manhattan. If I hadn't been worried about police I would have stayed naked just a bit longer. People passed by and looked then went on their way. Jenna had my dress in her hands and I hesitated just a few seconds more before reluctantly taking the dress from her and pulling it over my head allowing it to drop down over my hips covering my nakedness.

I put on my sandals as I tried to calm myself down. I was so excited from what I just did I wanted to find an alley or somewhere to masturbate but I forced myself to put it off till later. After putting any thoughts of an orgasm off till later we went down to SOHO for some Thai food and a drink or two at "Peep" a Thai restaurant I had heard about. We enjoyed some good food and some wine and talked about my latest adventure. I think jenna would like to join me next time. After standing naked on Lexington Avenue I am thinking I may be able to maybe go a bit further and maybe walk a block or two naked next time.

After having our food and drinks we returned to Penn Station and took the train back to Jersey. I will post a short conclusion about what happened afterwards if I see that people want all the details of that night with Jenna.

As always your comments, feedback and votes are always welcome and appreciated. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment or send feedback. I love all of the e-mails, comments and questions and hope they keep coming.



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