tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNrlynkdbabe's Naked Mall Adventure

Nrlynkdbabe's Naked Mall Adventure


Let me start by telling a little bit about myself for any new readers. My name is Nikki also known as Nrlynkdbabe. I am a 31-year-old Jersey girl who stands 5'6" with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. My measurements are 34c-23-35 and about 120 lbs. I had my first nude in public experience (I call them adventures) about five years ago. I love to be naked but prefer that everyone else is clothed. Nude beaches, naturist resorts and such do not exhilarate me, although I enjoy the chance to be naked. I love the stories I read on the various websites and sometimes use ideas from stories I read for my adventures, usually adding my own twist to it. I have gone out wearing sweatpants that were quite loose and sitting low on my hips with nothing under them, which was obvious when they slid down. I have gone out in a towel and driven through a fast food drive thru naked.

I sometimes forget that some stories I read are about females in Europe where nudity is pretty well accepted and that some stories are fantasies and not actual experiences. This and my growing boldness can get a girl in trouble, which you will see in this adventure. The last is that many adventures ago I enlisted my friend Ed to help keep me safe but to also help me push the boundaries, both of which he does quite well. He has devised ways to get me naked and has at times set up situations without my knowledge where I end up naked and scared, though he always knew I was in no danger. One thing to remember about Ed is he has a devious mind but always watches out for me. The security of having Ed near when on an adventure played a big part of my increasing bravado. I also brought my friend Jenna into my adventures and she sometimes gets naked with me but also assists Ed on some of my adventures.

As some of you may have read in earlier adventures, Jenna and I spent some time in a less popular small mall off the main highways. We were not only enjoying a bit of flashing in and around the mall but I was laying out a plan for a new adventure. I had read a story about a female and a nude in public experience in a mall that went beyond leaving the dressing room door open or a little flash here and there. In retrospect I have to believe that the part of the story I recreated was either fantasy or took place in Europe. I had pretty much planned everything out before I mentioned it to Jenna or Ed. I decided it was time to share my plan with Ed and Jenna, as I would need both of them for this adventure. I called them the next day and invited them over the next evening for some drinks and to hear what I wanted to do for my next adventure. They both accepted and were as anxious to hear what I had in mind as I was to what they thought of my plan.

I was excited as I prepared for Jenna and Ed to arrive. I hadn't had a big adventure in awhile and was looking forward to this one. I made a pitcher of Margaritas as I thought through my plan. I heard the doorbell and went to the door and saw it was Jenna. She came in and we sat down to wait for Ed to arrive.

"So tell me Nik what do you have in mind?"

"Well Jen, just sit and relax until Ed gets here."

"You didn't tell me Ed was coming."

"Is that a problem?" I asked

"No, not at all. Just tell me, does you plan include me getting naked with you?"

"No it doesn't, but if you really want to we can work something out." I said smiling

"No problem, I'll wait for the next time," replied Jenna

We sat and chatted a bit until I heard a car door and knew Ed had arrived. I went to the door and let him in, giving him a kiss on the cheek as he entered. I told Ed to have a seat as I got him a drink. We made a little small talk and I told Ed about the shopping adventure I had with Jenna. I told him she was starting become quite the exhibitionist.

"I have a long way to go to be like you Nikki" Jenna said

"Well maybe so, but you are wearing less clothes than before."

Jenna agreed and I told Ed that she pretty much never wears a bra or panties anymore, even with shorter skirts.

"I just don't believe it" Ed said as he winked at me.

"Jenna, show Ed I'm not bullshitting him."

Jenna put her drink down and stood up. She reached down grabbing the hem of her short knit dress and lifted it to her waist, showing us her totally very light blonde landing strip.

"There see Ed she's not wearing anything under her dress."

"She may be wearing a bra." He said with a wink.

Before I could say anything Jenna pulled the dress over her head and stood there naked.

"You were right, all she had on was the dress." Ed said smiling

"Well, can I get dressed now?"

I stood up, pulled off my skirt, grabbed my top and lifted it off tossing both aside, then sat back down. Jenna folded her dress and sat it on the table then sat down.

"Ok Nikki, what have you got on your mind?" Ed asked

I can see the glimmer in your eyes." Jenna said with a smirk on her face.

I then began explaining to them how I had read a series of stories about a photographer and a young female model. There was one chapter about being naked in a mall.

"We were just naked in some stores at the mall, Nikki." Jenna said

"No, this is different."

"It isn't just being naked in a store, it's more than that."

"I think I need another drink before I hear this." Jenna said laughing

I went and grabbed the pitcher of margaritas from the fridge, refilled our glasses than I sat down and continued with my plan. You see

"What exactly is it you want to do Nikki?" Ed asked.

I went on to explain about the story I read and said I wanted to do the same but with my own twist.

"You want to walk through the mall naked?" Jenna said in disbelief

"You have lost your mind girl, you'll get your naked ass arrested"

" Maybe not." Ed replied

" If we plan carefully and choose the right day and time it may be fine" he said

Nikki, your gonna end up in the back of a police car and walked through the police station naked." Jenna said

Now the thought of that scares the hell out of me but I could also feel my pussy dampen. I went on and explained that I needed the two of them to help me do this. In the story the girl dropped her clothes at one end of the mall and the photographer had a dress in a bag waiting for her at the other end. They were on the same level in the story, but I was adding my own twist. I planned on taking my dress off and having Ed tear it in half (he loves to destroy my clothes). Then he would drop it in the trash while on the lower level right at the escalator. I would then ride the escalator to the upper level before walking the entire length of the mall and taking the escalator down meet Jenna. She would be waiting at the opposite end of the mall from where I started with a dress for me to put on quickly. I would have no way of covering up from the time I took off my dress till I reached Jenna. The thought of that makes my nipples stiffen and my pussy throb.

Jenna was looking at me like I am insane. She had nothing to say for a bit, she just kept shaking her head as she sipped her drink. I could see Ed was mulling this whole thing over and then said we would need to go check out the mall.

"I've already done that with Jen and don't want to delay this too much, or I may back out."

"No you won't, you can do this." Ed said with confidence.

"Now that I've heard your plan I am very happy that you don't want me to join you." Jenna said laughing.

I knew deep down that Jenna wished she could walk naked with me but I wanted to do this alone. I wanted to be the naked one walking through the mall. It's not my ultimate fantasy, which is to walk through Penn Station in New York City totally naked, but this is one that has me over the moon with anticipation.

"It's not that I don't want you to join me, but I need you both to help me so I don't end up naked in the police station, as you said earlier."

We sat and did some planning about the day and time. I have checked the mall out a number of times. After doing so I decided I wanted to do this sometime about 2pm on a weekday, most likely a Tuesday or Wednesday. My thought is that lunchtime is over, kids are in school and the mall should be somewhat empty. It was also decided that Ed would be with me at the start when I take off the dress so he can destroy it. Jenna will be at the other end of the mall on the lower level right near the escalator holding a dress I can just pull quickly over my head.

Once we worked out most of the details, it was decided we would do this the following Wednesday, both Jenna and Ed were ready to leave. Jenna got dressed. I stayed naked and walked them out to their cars. After they left I was so excited thinking about what I was going to do in just a few days but I also had that nervous feeling.

"Am I insane? I said out loud to myself. Maybe I am.

Jenna called me the next day to see if I had changed my mind.

"Your not serious about this are you, Nikki?" Jenna asked

'Yes I am, I know I can do this'" I replied

Jenna went on trying to convince me that I was surely going to end up in jail. I told her I trusted Ed and knew he would ensure that didn't happen. She once again said I was completely insane and hoped that I would reconsider.

"No way, I am going to do this and love every minute of it."

Jenna gave up and said she would meet me at my house Wednesday about 1pm. I was all excited thinking about what I was going to do in just a few days. I found it hard to concentrate at work. I kept picturing myself taking off my dress and getting on the escalator to the upper level. I had to stop thinking about it as I could feel my pussy begin to throb more and more. As I thought about walking the length of the mall naked I started getting warm and had to change my thoughts to other things at least until I was home. I started unbuttoning my dress as I entered my house. I was naked before I reached the kitchen. I poured a glass of wine and went in to take a shower.

As I stood in the shower under the warm water I began to picture what would happen in just a few days. I held the shower head with one hand as my other began to tease my clit. I had the water pulsating on my pussy as I played out the events to come in my mind. This was going to be the most exciting adventure, getting closer to my ultimate fantasy. I was so excited yet nervous but I knew it would all be fine. I kept the water pulsating as I played with my clit and slid two fingers in and out. I felt my orgasm building and after a little more clit teasing I came. I waited to catch my breath and then I put the shower head and began soaping up my entire body. I love the feel of my hands or someone else's sliding over my wet soapy body. I started getting worked up again and quickly grabbed the showerhead and rinsed off. I toweled myself off and walked out into the kitchen naked for more wine before going into the bedroom closet to find two outfits for Wednesday.

I found that every aspect of this adventure excited me from my clothing selection to the idea of walking through the mall to the possibility of getting arrested. Although the thought of getting arrested scares the crap out of me but also excites me. I thought to myself If I was this excited before my adventure I thought I may just cum during it.

I knew that if I pull this off I will have many orgasms replaying it in my mind and while writing it to share with those who chose to read it. I snapped back to reality and found an old dress that has a few large buttons down the front. I will be able to unbutton them quickly and let the dress drop so Ed can grab it rip it in half and dispose of it. I would also wear an old pair of flip flops that Ed would discard with the dress. I wanted to be 100% naked, no clothing, footwear or jewelry. The dress was not terribly short which was good because for once I didn't want to draw attention to myself as I walked through the mall and into position by the escalator. I also pulled out a T-shirt dress that I will be able to pull over my head easily when I reach Jenna at the other end of the mall and a pair of sandals. I had my outfits ready so all I had to do now is wait for Wednesday.

Time seemed to drag and as it did I began thinking about my upcoming adventure. This time though it was agitating the butterflies in my stomach giving me second thoughts. I fought all the negative thoughts knowing that Ed would make sure everything went as planned. The waiting was the worst and after what seemed an eternity it was Wednesday morning. I received calls from Jen and Ed, Jen asking if I was really going to do it and Ed saying everything would be fine. They were both coming to my house at 1:30pm . I gave Jenna the clothes I would need once my walk was completed and told her to park at the end of the mall where my walk would end and I would ride with Ed and park at the other end.

After talking to them both I waited a bit and then went in and took a shower. I made sure to remove all my jewelry and stayed naked until just before 1:30. Finally it was time to get ready. I pulled the dress on and buttoned it up then I slipped on my old flip flops and waited. In just minutes Ed pulled up and I went outside to wait for Jen. As soon as she arrived I gave her the bag holding my t-shirt dress and sandals. I made sure that Jen knew exactly where she was to be with my clothes and sent her off. I jumped in Ed's car and in about 20 minutes we were at the mall. There were a number of cars parked in the various lots but it wasn't overly crowded.

My stomach was jumping as we made our way into the mall and toward the escalator. I felt really covered up but knew that feeling would be gone in no time. We reached the escalator in just a few minutes.

" You ready babe? " Ed asked

" Yes I think so." I replied with a slight smile

"One last thing, you have to ride the escalator up, no walking to speed things up." Ed said with that wicked grin

"I'll do my best." I said as I kicked off my flip flops.

A moment later I began to unbutton my dress. There was no one right in the immediate area as I took it off and handed it to Ed. In one swift motion my dress was ripped in half and tossed in the trash with my flip flops. No turning back now. Jenna had the only clothes I could use to cover myself and so If I chickened out I would have to walk or run through the store that leads to the parking lot. I forced my feet to move and stepped onto the escalator, fighting the urge to run up to the top. There was no turning back now as my those damn butterflies wreaked havoc on my stomach.


To be continued...

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