tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNrlynkdbabe's Naked Mall Adventure Ch. 02

Nrlynkdbabe's Naked Mall Adventure Ch. 02


I apologize for leaving you all hanging in the first part of this adventure. I wanted to have it all done before I submitted it but I was inundated with e-mails asking for me to post something. I love getting all the e-mails, comments (good and bad) and the questions and all and wanted to please you all. I tried to find a good place to stop and decided it would be just as I lose my clothes. I didn't intentionally want to leave you frustrated as some of you are and I will try not to have this happen again. I hope you will feel it worth the wait and enjoy the conclusion. I do have more adventures coming soon. Below is the last paragraph of Ch. 1 just to jog your memories.

A moment later I began to unbutton my dress. There was no one right in the immediate area as I took it off and handed it to Ed. In one swift motion my dress was ripped in half and tossed in the trash with my flip flops. No turning back now. Jenna had the only clothes I could use to cover myself and so If I chickened out I would have to walk or run through the store that leads to the parking lot. I forced my feet to move and stepped onto the escalator, fighting the urge to run up to the top. There was no turning back now as my those damn butterflies wreaked havoc on my stomach.

As I began the ascent to the upper level so many thoughts were speeding through my head. I suddenly realized that I could not see who, if anyone was near the escalator (which really is an escal-aire) on the upper level. The difference between an escalator and escal-aire is an escal-aire has glass sides, so I was even more visible to anyone on the side as I rode up to the top. There could be mall security somewhere close. I began thinking this was a huge mistake but knew I had to get to Jenna. There would be no one at the car and I certainly wasn't carrying any keys. It seemed like the escalator was almost standing still as it took me ever so slowly to the top.

I wanted to move up a few steps but looking back down behind me I saw Ed still standing there and knew I had to stand my ground. My heart was pounding as I slowly got closer to the top. I always deal with a barrage of feelings during an adventure but I was much more nervous this time. There was so much that could go wrong but of course that also added to my almost unbearable excitement. I thought for sure this would all be a blur if I got through it but I remember so clearly thinking,

"I'm naked on a mall escalator." with a huge smile on my face.

Despite all of the fear I was as turned on as I could ever be without touching myself. I took another look back down and Ed was gone. My security blanket was no longer visible and I started to panic. I forced myself to calm down and get my head clear. I really needed to start paying attention to my surroundings. I had to watch for security, and look for any place I could possibly get to for safety if I did see any mall police. I looked over the side of the escalator to see if anyone had noticed the crazy naked female. I saw a few people but it seemed either they hadn't noticed me or just didn't care.

I was nearing the top after what seemed an eternity and I began to get that awful feeling in my stomach. My fear of what I would encounter at the top was exceeding my excitement. I couldn't help but think this latest adventure was going to be the one to get me in real trouble. This is the one that would bring me back to reality, realizing I need to go back to just getting naked at private parties and other safer places. The time had come, in just a few feet I would have to step off the escalator not knowing what or who I would encounter. This started getting me a bit excited again.

I could now see the upper level of the mall in front of me and was relieved there were no mall cops in sight. I was sure someone had seen me on the escalator and reported me. I was sure that I would be met by mall security when I reached the top. I had been overwhelmed with fear just before the upper level came into view but now my excitement was building again. I was ready to step off the escalator onto the upper level and needed to pay attention. It really isn't a smart idea to ride an escalator barefoot. I was actually living out one of my ultimate adventures and I was loving it. I saw one middle-aged man off to the side as I stepped off the escalator. The look on his face as he saw me was sheer shock. He just sort of stared, mouth gaping open as he followed me with his eyes as I walked past him.

I was both relieved and disappointed that the upper level was nearly deserted. I wanted attention, I wanted to be seen by many as I walked brazenly through the mall naked. I just didn't want mall security to be part of my audience. I wanted to prolong this as long as possible but knew I should be happy if I get to Jenna without incident. I moved a bit to the side, closer to the railing so I could see the lower level as I made my way along the upper level. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Ed trailing me from below and also allowing me to be visible to anyone who happened to glance up from below.

I didn't see Ed anywhere and hoped he had me in view as I made my way across the upper level. I saw a few people here and there but thankfully no one who seemed to be disgusted enough or angry enough to report me to security. I was doing this, I was actually walking, albeit at a faster pace as naked as I could be through a mall on a Wednesday afternoon. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I spotted a guy in blue and thought he was security. I hurried and hid behind a big column and looked again, it wasn't mall security. I relaxed and continued on my way. My nipples were stiff and standing out declaring my excitement. I had no clothing, shoes or jewelry and I had gotten a Brazilian wax so I was as bare as possible. My pussy was tingling at the realization of what I was doing. I had come a long way from my first little excursion to my mailbox naked. I was already about halfway to the other end of the mall and beginning to relax.

I was naked and being viewed by at least a few strangers as I made my way along the upper level. Ed was right, I could do this. I was going to be one sexed up bitch when this was over. I was getting lost in the moment, already thinking about the numerous masturbation sessions I would have thinking about this adventure and especially writing about it. I was making good time and was nearly three quarters of the way to the end when I spotted him. I looked down at the lower level and directly at a security guard who apparently had just spotted me. Excitement turned to panic as I tried to think what to do. I couldn't turn around because it was too far to the other end and I had no way to get into the car, even if I made it that far.

I looked again and saw him on the radio probably calling for more security. I hoped maybe he was just calling to have his buddies come see the naked chick and not to have me detained as they awaited the police. I'm not that lucky and was sure he was getting help to nab me for public lewdness or whatever they would call it. I didn't see Ed anywhere and hoped he knew what was happening. I looked to see if there was a restroom anywhere close and cursed myself for not checking for restrooms on my earlier trips here. I saw no restroom and thought about running into the nearest clothing store, grabbing any kind of dress off the nearest rack and putting it on before security came. I then realized I had no way to pay for anything and would end up dealing with mall security if I refused to take the dress off. I had to move fast and get to Jenna. Once I got to the escalator I could start moving down the steps and have her get the dress ready fast.

I moved as fast as I could toward the end of the upper level as my boobs bounced wildly. I looked behind and saw a security guard closing the distance between us. If I could just get to Jenna and my dress I may be alright.

"I swear if I get out of this I will never try anything like this again". I thought to myself.

I reached the escalator to take me down to my dress and ignored Ed's earlier warning to let the escalator take me up and down and not cheat by walking. I didn't see Jenna, and I was scared to death. I hoped she was just out of my view and that she would meet me as I reached the lower level. I carefully stepped off the escalator and looked around, no Jenna or Ed. I was in some mess now and had no idea how to get out of it. I turned right to head under the escalator and saw both Ed and Jenna with three security guards. Jenna was holding the bag that held my dress looking at me helplessly. I saw Ed talking to one of the security guards, most likely trying to get me out of this situation.

It wasn't looking good, the security guard was shaking is head no as Ed talked. I thought I was going to pass out right there. A small crowd of mostly older men was forming around us as Ed continued to plead my case. I don't know what he could say to get me out of this. He could be offering blowjobs for all of them from me and if it got me out of this I would deal with it. The conversation between Ed and security had ended.

Ed looked at me

"I'm sorry." he mouthed

OMG!!!!! After everything I had done this is how my naked adventures were going to end. I saw the security guard that had been talking to Ed walking toward me. I always want to be the center of attention but this is one time I wish I weren't. The guard reached me and gently grabbed my wrist.

"Miss, you will need to come with us to the security office." He said stone faced.

" I have a dress for her, at least let her cover up." Jenna said quietly

"She didn't seem to mind being naked for her walk through the mall, so the dress won't be necessary." said the security guard.

" You need to let her get dressed." Ed said

"We don't need to let her do anything." the guard said as he turned me around.

He now had me turned around facing the crowd that had been forming as he held my wrists behind my back with one hand. I was totally on display to all those in front of me. I'm sure I heard the telltale click of a camera phone or two as I stood helpless. I felt the cold steel of a handcuff on my wrist.

"Is that really necessary?" Ed asked, but got no reply

"Please let me get dressed and I will leave and never come back." I pleaded

"Sorry miss, we have rules." was all the guard said

I'll do anything if you let me go." I said nearly in tears

There was no reply, a moment later both wrists were handcuffed and I was being led to the end of the mall nearest us. I couldn't believe I was being paraded naked and handcuffed through the mall. I was sure that once they got their thrills from my situation and had me in the security office I would be allowed to get dressed. They would probably ban me from this mall but that was alright, as I never came here much until I was planning this adventure.

I was nervous and shaking but also turned on as I was led naked the short distance to a corridor that led to the security office. As we turned down the corridor I saw another security guard and Ed and Jenna following behind me, leaving the crowd of people behind. Down at the end of the long hallway was a door with a sign reading security on it. The guard holding me opened the door and led me inside. A young woman sitting behind the desk glanced up and did a double take when she realized I was naked. She looked at me with a slight smile as she buzzed open another door that led into what I would call a holding room.

The room had a desk and two chairs and a bench along the wall. I was directed toward the bench and felt one wrist come free of the handcuffs.

"Thank God this is over." I thought

I was sure that any minute after they had their fun with me that they would bring me my dress and allow me to leave. I was told to sit on the bench and when I did the guard took the free handcuff and attached it to the arm on the bench. I sat there wondering what was coming next. I was sure they were trying to scare me so I would never attempt anything like this again. I have to admit it was working, I was sure that my days of being naked in extreme public places were over.

" Can my friends come in with me, please?" I asked very timidly

"After we get some information." was the reply from the guard.

I was asked the expected questions, name, age, address and answered reluctantly. Then the other questions came.

"Have you done this before?"

"No, not here."

"You've been naked in other public places?"

"Yes many times" I said

"What kind of places?" He asked

" A few bars and clubs, gas stations, small stores and outdoors in different areas."

I could see the bulge growing in his pants as he continued to question me. I hoped that if I answered all his questions that he would let Ed and Jenna in, let me get dressed and go home.

"Your friend has the clothes you wore here?"

"No, the clothes I wore here were destroyed."


"Because that left me no choice but to remain naked until I could get to my other friend at the far end of the mall."

"Did you really expect to do this and not get caught?"

"Honestly, no."

"Then why did you try it?"

"Because it excites me."

"Are you excited now?"

"Yes I am." I replied timidly

I have to admit that the questions were exciting me. Besides loving the rush of being naked where I shouldn't talking or answering questions about it excites me. I was expecting him to ask me to prove how excited I was or to masturbate in front of him. I think if the girl wasn't at the desk it may have gone to that level. If he had asked I would have, I was that turned on. I had been sitting with my legs clamped tightly together but now I let them part just enough for him to see the wetness of my pussy. His eyes went immediately between my legs and I swear the bulge in his pants got larger. He then went back to the questions.

" Your friend out there has clothes for you to wear?"

"Yes she does." I replied with a slight smile thinking I would soon be dressed and going home

"What did she bring for you to wear?"

"Just a dress and sandals."

"No underwear?"

"No, I never wear any." I smiled

"Well I think I have all the information I need"

"Can I see my friends now?"

He didn't reply but went to the door and asked Ed and Jenna to come inside.

I was so happy to see them that at first I didn't realize that Jenna was no longer holding the bag with my clothes.

"Jenna, where are my clothes?'

" The girl at the desk has them."

The guard came back in and I asked him

"Where's my dress?"

" We think you may have stolen it and we'll hold it until we check with the clothing stores in the mall." The guard said, glancing at Ed


"My friend will get the car and I'll go home naked, I've done it before'"

"No miss, you can't leave."

Now I was getting annoyed with him. He had gotten a good look at my body, asked all the questions he could to fulfill his fantasies and I was ready to go home.

"Why can't I leave now?"

"Because we are waiting for the police to get here."


"You called the police?"

"Yes we did, we can't have people walking naked in our mall."

Ed began to plead my case again but with the same result.

"Please, please let me go." I pleaded

"I'll do anything, I'll take care of that for you." I said pointing with my free hand to the bulge in his pants.

"Nikki!" Jenna said

"I'm sorry, but I'm desperate."

He would hear none of it and came over to release me from the bench. He had me stand up and turned me around, once again he closed the handcuff around my free wrist. Moments later the door opened and in walked a local cop. He wasn't shy about looking me up and down. The security guard released his grip on me and the officer grabbed my wrists.

"Let's go miss."

I was ready to cry, I was so scared. My worst fears were being realized. I can't explain it but despite being so scared, my nipples were as hard and erect as they have ever been and I could feel the tingling between my legs. My friends could do nothing, I would have to wait for them to release me from jail. I hoped this didn't make the paper and if it did I hoped my name wouldn't be printed. The guard opened the door and the police officer walked me naked out and across to a door with an exit sign I hadn't noticed before. He opened the door and we stepped outside. We were near what I guess was the employee entrance to the mall and I saw a number of people standing around smoking.

They all just stared as the cop walked me down the sidewalk passing the smokers. What a sight, me naked and handcuffed, my body on full display to all the people outside. I tried to fight it but I was getting more turned on as we walked to the police car. I could feel the juices start to trickle down my thighs. And my pussy was beginning to throb. I was on the verge of cumming and I couldn't stop myself. I felt flush and weak as we neared the patrol car. I couldn't fight it any longer and I let out a moan as I came. My juices flowing down my legs, I didn't know where Ed and Jenna had gone. I hoped they went to get their cars to meet me at the police station.

As we reached the patrol car the officer opened the trunk and took out a blanket. At least I would have that wrapped around me when he escorted me into the jail. I didn't want to be left naked in a cell with strangers even though the thought of that excited me. He didn't wrap the blanket around me, he spread it out on the back seat.

"I don't want you messing up the seat." he said as he helped me sit down.

I gave him a good view although not intentionally this time when I went to swing my legs into the car. He closed the door, went around and got in the car and off we went. I was still experiencing a flood of emotions. I was scared beyond belief but being naked and helpless had me hot and wet. I couldn't believe my worst fear was being realized and I was still excited. As we began the drive from the mall to the local police station I was thinking how I could suggest I would be willing to perform some sexual favors if he would bring me home rather than the police station. I thought just offering to give him a blowjob could make things worse. Now realize this is not normally something I offer to strangers but I was afraid of my arrest getting out to some who are unaware of my escapades.

I didn't know how to go about it without just blurting it out, so I kept quiet. It was a short drive to the police station and as we entered the driveway he pulled around to the back and parked in a somewhat secluded area away from the building. It took me a minute to notice both Ed and Jenna's cars parked in the same area. I was relieved to know that at least they were there to get me out as soon as the paperwork and whatever else was done. Once parked the officer came around and opened the door, getting another great view as I struggled to get out of the car while handcuffed.

I was standing naked in a police parking lot, handcuffed and my body was responding to it no matter how I tried to fight it. The slight breeze was helping to make my nipples harden and my pussy to throb. The officer grasped the handcuffs and began walking me toward the building which was on the other side of Ed and Jenna. As we approached Jenna looked as terrified as I felt and Ed had a concerned look on his face. As we reached them Jenna came and gave me a hug telling me it was alright. She let go and stepped back.

"Looks like your a bit excited, Nikki". Ed said with the slightest of grins

" I can't help it" I said

"I know you can't, I know what excites you."

Then without a word Ed stepped behind me and the officer released his grip on my wrists as he stepped over by Jenna.

Ed spoke from behind me.

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