Nsync's #1 Fan


It had all started with a radio contest. For the entire weekend, my favorite radio station would be playing an Nsync song every hour and you had to keep track of which song they played. You had to keep a list of each song and by Sunday night, you'd have to have them all listed in order. Everyone who managed to do it simply turned in their list and you were automatically entered to win a trip to Las Vegas and meet with the Nsync guys.

At that time I was in college living in the dorms. Luckily since I was in my sophomore year, I didn't have to share with anyone. It'd been hell sharing a tiny room my freshman year. Now I was alone and happy especially since I was able to finally masturbate at my own convenience.

Honestly I was never a huge fan. It was mainly the guys who made me all wet and gave me lots of masturbation inspirations. It was the eldest Nsync guy Chris Kirkpatrick, with his short black spiky hair and gorgeous brown eyes. Then there was Joey Fatone, he had a goatee and had his hair colored fire red being the silly guy of the group. JC Chasez was another of the Nsync guys. He was tall with dark green eyes and a sexy smile. Lance Bass was also included. His hair was also spiky but blonde and his face were brought to life with his sincere green eyes. Last but not least, there is Justin Timberlake, the youngest Nsync member. Oh Justin was the one of all the Nsync guys that got me off the most. His innocent little boy look drove me mad! His short blonde curly hair and blissful blue eyes could make any girl squeal with excitement.

You know I was up every hour that weekend hoping to win this trip. I wanted to be able to meet the guys who made me cum almost every night. The good thing was you had to be at least 18 to compete. I was 19 at the time so that was on problem. At least I wouldn't be competing against some little 13 year old who knew Nsync's whole life history.

Sunday night at 8pm they played the last song and you had to get your list to the radio station by 9pm. They would do the drawing at 9:30 and the winner would get to fly out to Las Vegas by Thursday. I had my list ready and rushed over to the radio station. There were tons of girls there giving their lists too. I pushed my way into the station handing the DJ's my list.

Every girl waited outside to hear the winner of this awesome contest. It was already past 9:30 and we were all anxious. I could see some girls biting their nails as they waited. I myself felt my knees weak and my hands were shaky. I'd never won anything in my life, and winning this contest would make up for everything that I never won.

A big DJ guy came out ready to announce the winner. We were all in silence as we waited to hear the lucky girls name. The DJ was starting to piss us off since he kept teasing us by saying stupid senseless jokes.

"Ok now, are you all ready for the winner?" He asked finally.

"Yeeeeeaaahh!" The group of girls shouted.

I saw him pull a paper out slowly from the huge cardboard box. I felt my heart almost fall out of my chest when I heard him say my name. At first I didn't move, I just stood there thinking I'd heard wrong. It was minutes before I could speak.

"Hello? Jessica? Are you here or not?" The DJ asked sarcastically.

I slowly raised my hand and saw all eyes on me. The other girls looked at me in envy. I hear several whispers of them calling me names. "Bitch!" I heard one girl murmur. I didn't care. I walked up to the DJ as he proudly announced my winning.

For the rest of the week I eagerly waited for Thursday. I could hardly even eat or sleep just thinking about meeting the Nsync guys. I went out shopping to trying to buy something nice to wear for my boys. It was hard finding something that was not to slutty looking, yet not to prude looking. It took days and hours and finally I managed to find the perfect outfit.

It was a dark blue and white tube top that showed my stomach. It went great with a perfect short blue jean skirt I'd found. I got some black slip on sandals to complete the look. I even went out and bought a white thong to wear under my skirt. The look was absolutely perfect.

It seemed like an eternity, but Thursday was finally here. I got up early that morning to shower up and get ready for the night of my life. I got to be picked up by a limo in the afternoon. Afterwards, I was dropped off at the airport and flying off to Las Vegas. Once in Vegas, I was set to stay at a deluxe suite in on the best hotels. Everything was paid for. At 8pm that night I'd go see Nsync play.

The concert was long lasting over two hours. The guys looked hotter than ever in their leather pants and open shirts. All the crowd of girls was going crazy screaming and some fainting. I kept my cool since I knew this was going to get even better for me.

After the concert, a huge black bodyguard came looking for me. I was standing by the stage with the backstage pass around my neck.

"You Jessica the contest winner?" He asked in a deep voice.

"Y-yes." I stammered.

"Come with me. Nsync is waiting to meet their number one fan."

I followed the big scary looking guard. He led me to a limo outside, which was going to take me to the hotel the boys were staying at. On the way there, I was shaking. I felt my stomach turning, as we got closer to the hotel. I arrived at the hotel around 11pm that night.

I walked in with one the Nsync assistants named Kristy. She was a tall blonde lady who kept yapping on about how she thought of the boys as her sons. I just kept quiet waiting to meet them and to finally be able to be in the same room with them.

"Here we are, " The blonde lady squealed as we arrived at the room, which was high up on the penthouse.

I took a deep breath as she opened the door. My eyes widened as I saw Joey, Chris, JC, and Lance sitting around waiting for me. I felt my face turn red as they stared at me.

"Well boys here she is. This is Jessica, your number one fan, " The blonde said as she sat down on the couch to supervise.

"Well hello there, Jessica." Joey Fatone said in a comical tone as he got up to greet me. He put his arms around me and I almost felt myself fall to the floor. He'd made my knees feel like jell-o with that strong hold.

"H-hello," I said stuttering.

"Come on over here and sit with us. We wanna know more about our number one fan." Joey said as he led me to sit down on the huge leather brown couch. Then one by one the guys got up to welcome me. Chris kissed my hand softly as he whispered his hello. JC shook my hand and held it in his for a while as he smiled at me with that killer smile. Lance gave me a sweet hug and kissed my cheek making me excited as his breath brushed my face. I looked around desperately looking for Justin.

"Oh don't worry Justin will be here later. He's got some autographs to do for his soon to be solo project." JC said reassuring me.

I felt myself slouch as they continued to look intently at me. "S-so I just have to tell you all that it is an honor to meet you." I finally spoke.

"Well it's an honor to meet our number one fan." Lance said sweetly.

I blushed. "Well this is the first contest I win ever."

Chris laughed softly. "I guess you might consider yourself lucky but I think we are the lucky ones to have such a beautiful girl win and come be with us."

I couldn't help but giggle like a little schoolgirl. "So I hear you all got solo projects coming up?"

"Yeah but we'll never forget Nsync. I mean this solo stuff is just a chance for all of us to try something different." Joey replied as he came to sit next to me.

"Jessica do you want anything to drink?" Lance asked politely.

"Uh yes. Do you got cherry Coke?" I asked shyly.

Lance smirked and nodded. "Yup we sure do. Let me get that for you."

I continued my conversation with they guys about their solo projects until Lance came back with my cherry Coke in a large clear glass with a cherry inside. "Thank you Mr. Bass, " I said gratefully.

He winked at me in a flirty way. I felt my pussy aching little by little. We all sat around talking more and I told the guys about my life and how much I liked their music and so on. It must have been over an hour and then I suddenly heard JC speak out to the blonde assistant.

"Excuse me. Kristy? Can we be left alone with our number one fan please?"

Kristy raised her eyebrows but did not protest. "Alright. I suppose that would be fine. I'll see you all in the morning. Remember don't party too hard. You all got to be in Los Angeles tomorrow morning."

With that, she left quickly closing the door behind her. I turned to see the four guys were now surrounding me. I felt Joey, who was sitting on my right side stroke my long brown hair away from my face. JC who was on my left side had his hand on my knee and he slowly moved it up. Lance and Chris just kept ogling me.

"You're really pretty, " Joey said as his moved his lips to kiss my ear. I closed my eyes feeling a rush of excitement run all through me. JC kept his strong hand moving up my leg and reaching to my thighs. Chris and Lance sat on the floor and each one took one of my legs pulling them to opposite directions so I could get my legs wide open.

I felt my legs spread open and JC's hand was up on my thigh. Joey cupped my face and started to kiss me. His kisses were rough and his tongue slithered into my mouth. Chris and Lance continued to run their hands up and down my legs. JC's hand was now rubbing my pussy over my thong panties. I moaned as I continued to kiss Joey.

"You like that don't you?" JC rasped as he moved his hand faster on my pussy making me wet.

I couldn't speak but my moans said it all. JC took my coke out of my hand and placed it on a glass table next to him. Chris and Lance were moving their hands up my legs more. I felt Chris tugging on my panties to take them off. JC stopped rubbing me and stood up in front of me. I felt Joey break our kiss and we all looked up at JC. He pulled his huge cock out of his pants and slid it on my lips. I felt the precum wetting my lips. The brackish taste was already lingering in my mouth.

"Suck it Jessica. Show me how big of a fan you are." JC pleaded as he stroked my hair.

I looked up at him a bit fearful but yet so intrigued. Joey was now grabbing my breasts as he pulled down my tube top. My boobs popped out as Lance and Chris raced over to them. Both took a nipple in their mouths and sucked on it intensely.

"Mmmmm," I moaned as they sucked on my tits.

Joey put his hand on the back of my head guiding me towards JC's hard cock. I couldn't believe it; JC's cock was right in front of my face. I looked at his throbbing head aching to be licked. Joey pushed my head slowly now as I parted my lips ready to take JC's cock in my mouth.

I felt JC's hard cock enter my mouth as I took it all. Joey kept bobbing my head to a nice steady pace. JC closed his eyes as I blew him. His cock was drowning in my mouth as I pressed my lips more putting more suction to it. Lance and Chris kept sucking and gently biting my nipples. It was incredible having these four hot guys all over me!

I felt Joey take his hand off my head and stand up. All I heard was his pant zipper go down and I knew he was ready for me to suck him off. I felt JC's cock slip out of my mouth and he turned my face towards Joey's cock. Joey's huge cock was hard as a rock and ready to be sucked on. I didn't hesitate and took it in my mouth. Joey grabbed my hair in his hands and he fucked my mouth.

JC moved down on the floor and Lance sat on my left side to continue sucking my tit. I felt JC put his hands on each side of my panties as he pulled them down. I kicked off my sandals letting my panties fall to the floor. I wasn't to sure what JC was going to do next until I felt myself gasp feeling JC's lips wrap around my clit. He sucked my clit hard making me moan into Joey's cock. Lance started kissing my neck as he played with my tit with the other hand. Chris was still sucking my nipple.

I kept sucking Joey off as I got my pussy eaten out by JC. JC's tongue was stroking my clit fast making me squirm all over the leather couch. I felt Joey's cock twitch as if he was about to cum. He quickly took it out of my mouth as he panted.

"Ok Chris, your turn," Joey said to his friend.

Chris let go of my nipple from his mouth and got up ready to get his dick sucked. Joey got on the floor with JC watching him suck my pussy. I took Chris' cock in my mouth nicely as I swallowed his size sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. I was getting hotter now as Joey was now sucking my cunt. It felt like JC and Joey were taking turns lapping my juices.

Sweet Lance was now playing with both breasts taking turns sucking on each nipple. I wanted Chris to cum in my mouth but just as I felt him cum, he took out his cock and playfully slapped my face with it. I felt my saliva hit my skin as I smiled up at him.

"Lance, get up here buddy," Chris said out loud.

Lance let my nipple out of his mouth and followed his friend's orders. His big cock was already out and throbbing. I took it in my mouth and sucked it as I heard Lance moan with pleasure. JC, Joey, and Chris were still all taking turns eating my pussy. I really wanted Lance to cum hard in my mouth but he too seemed to pull out as he came close to his climax.

Lance pulled out his cock from my mouth and wiped the remaining precum on my lips. I licked my lips tasting him, savoring his flavor. He cupped my face and kissed me softly. His lips felt incredible and his tongue quickly found mine. I made out with Lance as the three other guys kept taking turns licking and sucking me.

"Mmmmmggggghhh, " I moaned loudly into Lance's mouth.

I felt my whole body tighten as I was about to cum. I kept wondering whose tongue I was going to cum on. Lance broke out kiss and looked down as JC was licking me madly.

"Yeah Jace, make her cum. She's going to cum so fuckin' hard." Lance shouted out.

Lance held on to my hand as I was starting to cum. Joey and Chris both pinched my nipples as they hardened while my pussy oozed out what seemed to be a rain of cum.

I moaned loud almost screaming at the intense orgasm I was having. My legs and arms weakened as I released my orgasm on JC's tongue. JC just clamped his lips on my clit sucking my remaining juices.

The guys surrounded me again. Lance was hard and he slid his hand down to my cunt sliding a finger in me. I squirmed as I felt his finger enter me. It had been a few months since I'd had sex, since I'd had anything in me.

"Hmmm she feels so tight," Lance announced.

The guys looked down to watch Lance finger fuck me. His finger went in and out of my tight hole making me yearn for more fingers in me. Chris got next to Lance and inserted one finger in me too. They both fingered me simultaneously. I felt my heart race with pure lust as I was getting finger fucked by these two hot guys.

Joey and JC took turns kissing my mouth and neck. I felt them both making hickeys on my neck as they sucked it hard. Chris and Lance were going in fast and hard rhythms on my cunt. I was slowly falling more on my back as I wriggled feeling so much enjoyment.

"Make her cum again. I wanna hear her cum!" Joey roared.

The guys stuck their fingers deeper into my hole making it stretch and ache. I closed my eyes as Joey and JC kissed me. They both leaned down to kiss my lips and we shared a three-way kiss as I got finger fucked.

Just at that moment I felt myself explode as I came hard. My whole body quivered as they all watched me cum. "Fuuuuccckk!" I yelled out as my juices coated Chris and Lance's fingers.

They slipped their fingers out of my cunt and stuffed them in my mouth making me taste my nectar.

"Mmm that's it. Taste your pussy. Your just so damn sweet." Chris whispered as I sucked on his and Lance's finger.

I sucked my juices good from their fingers and I saw Lance pushing the other guys out of the way. His eyes locked with mine lustfully. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me towards him as I wrapped my legs around him.

"Are you ready to get fucked good?" He asked as his cock was touching my thighs.

"Uh-huh," was all I could respond.

I felt Chris and JC hold my hands down and Joey kissed me hard. Lance positioned me for a good fuck. I felt this head enter my pussy as I moaned muffled by Joey's kiss. His cock was pushing its way into me deeper and my pussy was swallowing it all. By the time I knew it, Lance was all the way inside me. Fucking me raw.

"Oooh fuck yes! This little cunt is tight! Lance Bass is going to cum in your pussy you little slut." Lance called out as he started pouncing on my pussy.

I loved being held down by Chris and JC. I was still lip locked with Joey. Lance was fucking me good as he rammed his cock in me fast and hard. I felt my pussy throbbing with each thrust of his cock. I'd always fantasize about fucking Lance Bass and now here I was letting him tear up my pussy with his huge cock.

"Oooooh mmmmmmgggghhhh," I found myself wailing out sounds of ecstasy.

"Fuck her harder Lance!" Yelled out JC.

"Yeah make this little skank take your cum," Chris blurted out loudly.

"Joey stop kissing her, I wanna see her face as I cum in her. I'm so fuckin' close!" Lance rasped as he kept fucking me.

My legs were around Lance's waist pulling him closer to me. I loved the feel of his cock in my cunt. He plunged his cock deeper as he came to his climax.

"Fuck! I'm gonna fuckin' explode in you. You fuckin' slut!"

Lance tossed his head back as he shot out his sperm inside me. I shuddered feeling the first shot of cum in me ever. I felt the warm liquid spurt in me as I took it. I took it all good.

The guys all cheered on their friend as his now softening cock was pulling out of me. I felt myself so tired but yet I wanted more cock. I wanted to get fucked until I could take no more.

"Hey let's all fuck her and see who can impregnate her!" Chris stated excitedly.

"Yeah!" They all cheered in unison.

Just as Chris was going to fuck me next, we heard the door opening. They guys just stared to see who it was. I pushed myself back up on my elbows to get a glimpse of who it was. My eyes widened as I saw Justin Timberlake enter the room. He was wearing his blue jean pants and a white shirt unbuttoned from the first few buttons.

"What the hell is going on here?" He asked in a stern voice.

The guys stayed silent at first and I felt myself turn crimson. There I was with my legs still spread open and having these four guys with their cocks hanging out surrounding me. I really felt like a slut.

"Justin, let me take a moment to introduce you to Jessica. She's our number one fan." Joey said confidently.

Justin looked down at me and smiled. "Well hello there, Jessica. I'm Justin Timberlake. Oh but I bet you already knew that."

I nodded coyly. "Y-yes I knew that."

Justin began to unbutton his shirt and dropped it on the floor. He walked closer to me and cupped my face. His blue eyes met mine as he licked his lips. He reached down to plant a nice seductive kiss. I felt my body go insane as I was finally here kissing Justin Timberlake. The guy who I always fantasized about.

We kissed for a few seconds as the other guys just watched. "Well looks like you've been deflowered sweet Jessica."

"No she hasn't been completely deflowered. If you know what I mean?" Joey asked sarcastically.

Justin smirked and looked at me. I felt my heart pounding not knowing what he was going to do to me. He placed my hand on his cock over his jeans. I felt it so hard and could even feel it throb.

"Ok will one of you get me the Vaseline?" Justin ordered sternly.

Lance laughed and ran off to get the petroleum jelly. A few seconds later, he came back with a big jar of Vaseline. "Ok now beautiful, are you ready to get your ass deflowered?" Justin asked in a husky tone.

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