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Nubian Warrior


Ro-man-tanuh looked down at the beautiful spectacle of his niece, Ro-tah, as she sat sedately in her acolyte robes, watching the contest before them. The high priest of Anubis, Ro-man-tanuh had demanded from the Pharaoh a boon of a guard for his niece, the only family he had left. At the height of Egyptian power, the high priest of Anubis was an enviable position, and Ro-man-tanuh knew his niece could be used against him.

The Pharaoh had granted him fifty slave fighters, and the last three slaves fought beneath the throne for the high priest's pleasure, for the right to guard Ro-tah. One warrior in particular seemed obviously blessed by the dark lord of the Underworld. He stood tall, two hand spans at least above Ro-man-tanuh, a towering man of sinew to six feet.

The warrior was using the claws of Anubis, four blades, thin and serrated, that attached to a wrist and palm band so that the blades would protrude from each knuckle. Across his back was a pair of butterfly axes, small and deadly hand weapons that he had yet to use. His long black hair was tied back in a warrior's tail, and his loincloth was stained with the blood of a wound he had taken on his thigh.

For two whole days this warrior had fought, and Ro-man-tanuh was impressed greatly, but each of the three had merit. The last to stand was awarded the sacred honour, by the law of the horde set down by Anubis himself.

One of the warriors gained a momentary advantage, and lunge forwards to impale the tall slave. He moved as a snake, and twisted his limbs around the lunging slave to strike at his throat. The floor again was showered in blood as the slave fell. One of the warrior's claws was torn from his hand as the slave twisted away, and he quickly discarded the other.

The last two stood face to face, the tall one reaching behind him to loosen the axes. With a quick spin, he flashed the sun's rays off of the gleaming head of his weapon and blinded his opponent. The man stumbled back, weaving his sword back and forth to try to ward off his wily opponent. The slave had wit, and skill, and once again Ro-man-tanuh was impressed.

The sword danced back and forth, and the tall warrior watched it, almost entranced, until he darted forward, twisting and contorting his body as he moved. The high priest frowned at the absurd manoeuvre, until the slave screamed as the axe tore apart his chest and the feeble armour that was his only protection. There was a moment of stunned silence, then Ro-tah stood.

Ro-man-tanuh stood as well, and the rest of the court followed suit. The warrior knelt down and reverently closed the eyes of the two men he had just slain. The high priest exchanged a quick glance with his niece, and she shrugged. Ro-man-tanuh cleared his throat.

"By the law of the horde, you have earned the right to guard my niece. Name yourself, warrior." The man looked blank for a moment, and the high priest stepped down from the dias. "Slave you are no more, warrior. What were you called before your capture?" The man bowed low to the dias, and his shoulder's moved minutely as he shrugged.

"I was known as Kah Mohan, my lord." The high priest narrowed his eyes as his memory flashed.

"Of the Bear clans to the south of the great river-lands?" He bowed low again.

"My master is wise." Ro-man-tanuh grunted, and looked to his niece.

"Will the son of the land of the Bear be to your satisfaction, Princess Ro-tah?" Kah's eyes lifted up for a second and then he ducked his head again in obeisance, but the fire of curiosity raged in him. Ro-tah's eyes regarded him with an unmistakable allure, and her expression was superior. She stepped down to stand beside her uncle.

"Lord Anubis must first approve of his skills. The law of the horde will prove his entrance, but the final ritual must appease the Jackal God." Ro-man-tanuh nodded and bade Kah to rise. "Should he live, he will be worthy."

Kah stood, his bloodstained loincloth sticking close to his sun-browned skin. His weapons dropped to the floor as the jewelled priestess strode past him, beckoning him with two crooked fingers. Kah looked back at the high priest, but Ro-man-tanuh merely inclined his head in curiosity. Kah turned and followed his master's niece.

A heavy curtain fell across behind Kah as he strode into the priestess's private chambers, and he eyed her warily. Her raven hair, as black as his, but with a wealth of silken curls, fell to one side as she appraised him. "Disrobe yourself." Kah blinked in surprise.

"My priestess?" She reclined on a golden bench, her dark smoldering eyes raking over his tired muscles.

"I said disrobe. I would know of your prowess to please me. Lord Anubis wishes it." Kah slowly began to undo his loincloth while Ro-tah lay back on the bench. It wasn't as though the thought didn't please him, but Kah wondered at getting caught by her protective uncle, and what that might lead to. She slipped a hand under her gold and ivory clustered robes, and began to massage herself as the rest of his body came into view, and for the first time, Kah knew what it would feel like for an attractive woman to walk into a room full of men.

Her eyes glazed lustily as she surveyed him, and apparently found his physique to her liking. She jerked her chin to him and spread her legs, the cloth covering her centre rising upwards. Kah felt his body respond and quickly sunk to his knees to worship at her centre. Ro-tah's knees began to quiver as her slave's tongue explored her inner heat, and her lips followed suit.

Her moans grew louder as his tongue delved deeper, like some kind of sentient rod, pushing and probing into all her crevices until her thighs suddenly clamped onto his cheeks with a wet slap, and her entire body shuddered. After a moment, she almost nonchalantly pushed his head away, and began to run her fingertips up and down hard shaft of his cock.

Kah groaned and thrust up into her grip, but suddenly her fingernails scraped along his length and sliced into him. The pain laced through him in an instant, and his erection shrunk slightly. He looked up at the priestess, whose eyes blazed with power. She moved her hand so that the seam of his cock lay across the heel of her palm, and began to move her hand back and forwards, bringing him back to erection.

"You shall be only mine, is this understood?" Kah moaned again and nodded wordlessly. "Your entire being is mine, and your pleasure mine also. You will have nothing but my pleasure. Is this understood?" Her fingers squeezed the tip of his head, and a small droplet of clear fluid oozed out, which she brought to her lips.

"I am more than you shall ever experience, slave. And more than you shall ever dream of. Now you will pleasure me." Driven mad by the lust pushing through his system, Kah nodded and grunted incoherently as he pushed himself onto the priestess, who leant back further. His cock slid inside her with little difficulty, until he was fully inside her, at which point her muscles slammed down to hold his cock with a grip like stone.

Kah gasped and reefed his hips back, thrusting back into her tight warmth with an emotion that was almost anger. The priestess writhed beneath him, her jewelled bra and chest ornaments falling to the floor unnoticed as the slave began to move deep inside of her, and she could feel each vein and every pulse it gave within her.

Her beaded hair covered her face as the priestess moaned, and Kah pushed his tongue out to trail upwards along her body as he drove himself deep within her time and time again. His motions began to gather speed, as did the frequency of Ro-tah's moans. The priestess leant back, giving him full access to her throat, and his rough hands moved to hold the pulse of her racing heart within his hands.

She moved her hands to his wrists, and pushed them inwards as he thrust into her repeatedly, using the motion to roll his hips and move even deeper. As she pushed his fingers around her throat, the priestess began to pant. "Squeeze my life, make me one with the gods..." Her voice trailed off as Kah's tongue slipped into her open mouth.

His fingers tightened around her throat and began to squeeze. His grip tightened, as did the grip of her inner muscles around his pulsating shaft. The priestess began to slow her movements, and finally shook as a massive climax brought her voice into full power. Her inner centre tightened even more around his shaft, and as Kah felt his head smash into her womb, he lost control.

With a roar of climax, Kah gushed deep inside the priestess as her heels drummed into his hips and thighs, her quivering legs squeezing him further. Kah continued to thrust as his cock pulsed several more times, and he felt a string of his come ooze out of her hole and become smeared across his balls. Slowly, he pulled out of her and moved his cum covered cock to push against her clit.

Her hand batted him away, and then the priestess brought her hand to her mouth and tasted their juices. Her tongue slowly licked the residue off as she lay there. She looked at the panting slave before her, and pushed him down towards her opening. "Clean me," she commanded. Kah opened his mouth to protest, but her fiery eyes locked with his, and he sank to his knees.

Gingerly he leant forwards and began to slide his fingers deeply inside of the warmth, and Ro-tah began to moan happily. He pushed his fingers in and curled them, running his fingertips along inside of her, gathering their cum and dragging it out. Ro-tah waved a hand at him. "With your tongue" The slave grimaced, but complied, and ran the tip of his tongue in and out of the slimy hood of her clitoris.

Ro-tah began to writhe again on the bench, and Kah pushed his tongue in further as her hips began to buck. Kah continued worshipping her warmth with his tongue until she climaxed again, gushing against his face and coating his chin and chest with her juices. She lay there for a moment, then nodded slowly.

"The priestess of Anubis is pleased, slave. These will be your duties from now on." Kah nodded as he continued to move his tongue around inside his priestess, gathering all her juices and savouring the taste. He found his cock growing hard again, and the priestess felt it's length move up past her shins. She leant forwards.

"I wish to ride you, slave."

Kah grinned. "As my mistress wishes, of course."

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