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Nude and Hot at the Beach


Although several bisexual experiences in my late teens and early twenties opened me up to a new side of my own sexuality, it wasn't until my late twenties that I embraced my own personal sexual revolution. I absolutely love women, but my experiences with men made me rethink who I was sexually. That's not to mean I thought I was gay, but rather that a deeper, sexier side of myself was rising to the surface, and wanted to emerge. Among the tastes and preferences I began to explore lay nudism and exhibitionism.

After landing my dream career, I was able to afford new hobbies and a different lifestyle. I moved into my first house, and with it came access to a local nude beach. The idea fascinated and excited me, although I did feel the pangs of unease. By no means am I ugly, but I am self-conscious, and the prospect of exposing my naked body to the world both terrified and consumed me. I had started going nude around the house often. At 5'5", 145 lbs., fit but not muscular, with an average face and features, I knew I wouldn't stand out, yet still I worried. To face my fear, I grabbed the bull by the horns and went for it.

I looked the beach up on the Internet, and was surprised and delighted to find a neat, organized website about it. It laid out the rules and regulations, and after scanning several local forums, determined the overall consensus was positive. I watched the weather channel, and on the right day, packed some gear and set off.

I arrived around 9:00 in the morning. It was a cloudless, brisk spring day. As I lugged my beach trimmings up to the stand to pay, my stomach fluttered and the nerves in my groin lit up. I paid my fee, thanked the attendant, and walked down a small, bending path. A minute or two later, the bend straightened out and the beach came into view. I immediately scanned it to try and get a feel for the environment, and found just another beach. Except for the fact that everyone was nude!

I eyed a spot that was just far enough from anyone else to maintain both my privacy and theirs, and set up shop. The blanket went down, the large umbrella was up, and I set out my gym bag and cooler. At this point I was wearing a pair of navy blue swim trunks, as the beach was an optional-nude. Nervous and paranoid about being watched, I bought time by rummaging around in the gym bag for an iPod, a book, and some sunscreen. After several minutes I did my best to lighten up, and it worked. Although nervous as hell, I stood up, slid my trunks down and off, and then laid on the blanket on my stomach. I discreetly adjusted my cock and balls to the right spot, even though I was getting very hard, very fast. I maintained my composure just long enough to settle into a comfortable position. When no one was looking, I slipped a flask containing my whiskey of choice from the bag, took a few quick nips, and replaced it. I opened my book and set about the task of distracting myself. About two chapters later, I was at ease.

I casually glanced around to check out my neighbors, but in more of a social way than a sexual one. For many of these people this was a culture, a way of life, and to fit in, as well as learn about it, I had to take in everything I could. For the most part I only observed several middle-age couples, reading, listening to music, sunning, and talking. A few younger people milled about with frisbees, and some were enjoying the ocean. I smiled to myself at my growing comfort, and went back to my book.

About twenty minutes later I was aware of movement behind me. A man, maybe in his mid-thirties, was appraoching. He stopped roughly ten yards to my right, and started setting his things down. Ten yards to his right a large, natural rock wall grew out of the earth, so I surmised that this was his comfort area. I went back to my book, and about a minute later he spoke to me.

"Pardon me?" he said. It was loud enough to hear, yet discreet.

"Hi," I replied with a smile. I wasn't sure what to make of this new development, but I figured I'd go with it.

"I'm so sorry to interrupt you," he said with sincerity. "I seem to have forgotten my sunscreen, and was wondering if I could borrow yours?"

I looked down at my sunscreen tube, laying next to the umbrella. "Sure," I smiled. I started to get up, hoping I wouldn't get hard, but he was already making his way over.

"Please, don't, I'm the one intruding," he laughed. I sized him up without realizing it. He was about 5'10", 175 lbs. He was fit in a way that comes from years of hard work, rather than gyms and home-workouts. He was fairly tanned all over, with the exception of his upper thighs, groin, and lower abdomen. Although not into men in a romantic way, I admitted he was handsome. My eyes fell to his untanned cock; it was soft, but I could see the large purple vein running softly along the right side and then underneath. He was trimmed very neatly, and his pink cockhead was large. Two well-proportioned balls rested against his inner thighs. As I glanced back up, suddenly afraid I had been caught looking, I noted that his eyes were roaming the curves of my ass and legs. He resumed eye contact, and we both smiled.

"I'm Jim, by the way," he said, and stuck out his hand. Deciding to press my luck, I propped myself on my side, exposing the semi-hard cock between my legs. I offered my hand, and he shook it, and I was keenly aware of the way he spied my cock and balls. He was kneeling now, and his pale cock hung between his legs in shadows. I imagined my mouth underneath it, lapping at it, and quickly checked myself. I grabbed the sunscreen and gave it to him. "I'm Jay," I smiled.

"I'll be right back with this," he said, and as he walked back to his spot, I admired the taut but round ass switching back and forth as he walked. After using the sunscreen, he made his way back over.

"Thanks so much, man. I owe you one. I have a few cold ones in my cooler, if you'd like," he said.

"Why thank you. Don't you worry that you'll get caught though?" I countered with a grin.

"Don't you?" he laughed, and pointed to the flask laying exposed in my gym bag.

I automatically took a liking to him, and then he offered to relocate near me.

"I could use the company, unless you're solo today," he finished.

"So could I, man. Come on over," I answered, and two minutes later he was set up next to me.

Conversation was natural and easy, and I found out I had guessed right; he worked construction, accounting for the tan and physique. He was in his late thirties, divorced, and an active but discreet nudist. I shared my flask and he shared some brews, and soon we discovered that we lived only several miles away from each other. He was interested to hear about my fledgling journey to the nude beach, and my interest in nudism in general.

"We should get together some time," he said, and I agreed. "On a day like this, you know? Maybe grill a few steaks in the backyard or something. It's completely fenced in..." He winked, and I took to his meaning right away.

"A day like today would be perfect," I commented, not intending to initiate it but doing so anyway. An hour later, I was pulling into his driveway behind him.

I found myself at the bar in his basement, having a beer and talking as he put his beach gear away. My mind was racing with the possibilities of how this was going to turn out. On one hand, I was happy to be making a new friend. On the other, I was also charged with sexual tension and desire. It had been some time since being with another man, and the prospect was driving me wild. I realized as we talked that precum was soaking through my khaki shorts and coating my naked cock underneath.

Jim excused himself to shower, and when he returned, he was nude. His cock was hard and throbbed as he walked into the basement, and the large, pink head was shiny and fat as it bobbed to his steps.

"Sorry, forgot my change of clothes was down here," he grinned.

"It's fine by me," I giggled, staring at the sexy cock before me. "You are, after all, a nudist." I laughed, and changed his course. He grabbed some towels from next to the bar, and laid one over a barstool.

"Care to join me?" he asked.

"Don't mind if I do," I countered. I stood, stripped my t-shirt off, and then slid the khakis down. My cock was at full attention, all 6 1/2 shaved inches pulsing heavily and leaking precum. He draped a towel over my stool and I sat.

"May I compliment that beautiful cock?" he asked.

"You have, and it's accepted. Thank you," I grinned. "Yours is extremely sexy too. Especially the head."

I was dizzy and giddy with lust.

"Please, though, excuse the...moisture," I giggled. "I apologize, since-"

"Oh no," he interrupted, looking carefully and openly at my cock and balls. "It's...encouraging," he added. He began to tell me of his sex life after the divorce, and that sex life included a couple of experiences with men. I shared some of my own, and after several beers we were openly discussing our bisexuality. He had played with another man's cock several times, and had sucked another man twice. They were casual acquaintances though, and he didn't see them anymore.

"So here we are," he finished, and laughed.

"Are you enjoying our acquaintance?" I asked playfully.

"Oh yes, so far, it's been perfect," he replied, and turned to face me on the stool. I turned to him, and without thinking, grabbed my hard cock and began to tease it. Surprised at myself for being uncharacteristically bold, I looked down at his cock and began to stroke myself. He looked at me with a mixture of excitement and relief, and took his own hard dick in his hand. After a minute, his strokes quickened.

"Oh man, I'm sorry," he breathed. "It just gets me so hot, and it's been awhile..." he trailed off. His eyes roamed my cock and I jerked faster too. With a loud moan he began to cum, flexing his thighs as hot thick ropes of cum shot onto them. My load came forth, and I came hard and hot all over my hands and thighs. His cock was covered in white nectar as he pumped it, and I found myself wanting to suck and lick the huge red head clean.

Our orgasms slowed and subsided. He stood and grabbed his towel, preparing to wipe himself clean. I stood, grabbing his wrist gently.

"Can I do that for you?" I whispered with a grin.

He smiled, and the lust in his eyes was apparent. "Oh yes, please Jay, I'd love that..."

I squatted in front of his still-twitching cock, taking in the size of his shiny, fat cockhead. My tongue swirled around it, tasting the hot cum before it could dry. He gasped several times and gave himself to me. I sucked and licked the cum greedily, swallowing all of it. I then cleaned his shaft, balls, and thighs with my mouth, moaning like a whore. I felt the cool air rushing between my spread asscheeks, teasing my asshole. A thick strand of cum dangled from my cockhead and finally clung to my balls as I bucked and sucked him. I stopped, taking his shaft in my hand. I gazed long and hard at the amazing, bulbous cockhead in front of me, and then began to suck it; with each suck it popped out of my mouth audibly. He cried out throughout, saying dirty and nasty things to me, encouraging me to suck his hot cock, it was mine, please don't stop. After loving his cockhead with my mouth in every way I could imagine, I serviced his balls. One at a time, I licked, kissed, and then sucked them, until they were rigid and receding into his groin. His lusty, animalistic noises drove me crazy, and soon I was sucking his pale cock with everything I had. I managed four of his six inches, feeling the width and mass of his cockhead in the back of my throat. I gagged, but still I sucked like a good little slut. Finally he grabbed the back of my neck, gently, and pumped his beautiful cock in and out of my mouth a few times. The cry of desire announced his orgasm, and his hot cum began to assault my tongue and throat. I swallowed what I could, loving how the rest shot out the sides of my mouth and onto my bare chest, hot and sticky. He slowed his rhythm, and I sucked him tenderly as the last of his cum dribbled out. Spent, he pulled his cock from my mouth. My lips, chin, and cheeks were soaked and coated with saliva and precum, and I licked as much as I could off. I fell back onto my butt, moaning and spent as well. I propped myself with my hands behind me and relished the sweet aftermath.

Jim sat down right in front of me, and wedged his legs under mine. Our cocks were almost touching, and without a word he took mine in his hand. I ached from the sensitivity of my first orgasm and the appeal of another one. He played with my hard cock with an eagerness but gentleness I never felt before. I moaned and groaned without reservation, and he whispered his approval over and over as he stroked me. In seconds his hand was slick with my precum, and the sound of his hand slapping against my navel as he jerked me set me off. My voice rose a few notches, and I looked at him with slitted eyes and begged him to please make me cum. There was an urgency and vulnerability in both our faces that heightened my arousal, and when he told me to cum, he wanted me to feel good, I could not have held back if I tried.

My hot cum shot out and splashed his stomach, and his moan of excitement and lust carried me over the edge. I felt my asshole contract and my balls convulse as wave upon wave of cum shot out, and my legs trembled and spasmed. Whatever we were saying got lost in the noises of lust, and I leaned forward. I never kissed a man, and at the time I didn't know I was going to. We tap-kissed each other several times quickly, and the last of my orgasm burst forth. I collapsed back onto the floor, and Jim continued to jerk my cock until every last drop was out.

Since then Jim and I have remained friends, and have had several other very memorable encounters together. I can only hope that you'll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy sharing them with you...

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