Nude Art Class


I have always felt I was an average 20 year old college boy, attending a small liberal arts college in California, and waiting for the day I could get out in the world and make my mark. My sex drive is probably about normal for someone my age...not so out of whack that I let my family jewels and their ram rod do all the thinking for me, but I have always allowed a sexual encounter with a young lady happen naturally when it arises. Just prior to the semester break, I met a gorgeous, outgoing girl named Macy who I fell head-over-heels for, but hadn't yet been able to entice her to share her bountiful charms with me in the sack.

I was a sophomore majoring in fine arts, and painting was my primary interest. I had taken a number of rather boring classes learning the basics of color, form, balance, techniques, etc. I was particularly looking forward to one of the classes that semester titled "Drawing the Human Form." I had heard from others that they normally had young coeds for models who were willing to pose in the nude for extra spending money. I could hardly contain myself as I was entering the classroom on the first day.

The instructor was a rather attractive woman and looked to be in her mid 40's.. She was at a corner desk as we entered the classroom, sitting on the front edge of the desk with her legs crossed and a great deal of thigh showing. Her satin blouse was almost transparent showing the outline of a small bust supported by what appeared to be a flimsy bra. For a little extra flair, her top two buttons were undone providing a mysterious challenge for any males student. As each of us took our place behind one of the easels arranged in a full circle around a central stage on which was placed a bench and a stool, I looked around and saw that all of the others taking this class were women!

As the bell rang for the start of class, Mrs. Baker (her name was flawlessly printed in chalk on the blackboard) walked over to the door, locked it, and pulled down the shade to cover its small window. The shades on the exterior windows had already been closed, giving us the impression it could have been midnight instead of mid-afternoon. The room lighting was quite good in the area of the easels, but the spotlights that were aimed at the stage were not yet illuminated. The female students, who looked to range from my age to maybe 50, appeared to me to be relatively calm. I, however, could not help being excited by my racing imagination, and was somewhat afraid I was becoming noticeably flushed. The girl at the station to my right must have sensed that I was feeling a little uneasy and held out her hand to shake mine, introducing herself as Pamela, and engaged me in a little small talk.

Mrs. Baker returned to her corner desk, carefully placed her shapely rear on the edge, and said, "Good afternoon class and welcome to A120 where you will begin to learn how to draw an artist's most ancient and most often used subject...the naked human form. Some of you may be a little embarrassed at your first exposure to a nude model, but if you feel uneasy, just stop to think how much worse you might feel if it were you on that stage!" A few laughs could be heard, and I could have sworn she was looking straight at me when she said this, but it was probably just my imagination. She continued, "Please get out your drawing paper and soft lead pencils, and I will bring out our first subject."

Our instructor strode over to a door near the corner of the room, a door that probably led to an adjoining office or large closet. She knocked on the door sharply 2 or 3 times and said in an elevated voice, "Miss, you can come out now...the class is ready to begin."

You wouldn't believe how my jaw dropped to my chest as I gasped for air when none other than my fantasy girl Macy emerged from the room wearing only a short satin robe and a smile. She stepped up on the two-foot high stage, untied her garment and placed it on a hook on a conveniently located post at the corner of the stage. She moved to the posing stool at the center of the stage, and as she threw her long blonde hair behind her with a toss of her head, Mrs. Baker turned on the stage lights.

Macy hadn't noticed me when she had entered the room nor could she easily see me now as she sat on the stool. She was facing in a direction that allowed me a view of her back and right side. Not only was my breathing labored with excitement, but as my cock began to stiffen and tent out my sweat pants, I began to regret not putting on any jockey shorts that morning.

I glanced over to Pamela and she giggled as my eyes met hers. I was sure she had been trying to catch my reaction to seeing the undraped girl and had seen my obvious bulge grow. I quickly turned my head back to the assignment at hand, shifting my weight self consciously as I tried to hide my rising excitement. Macy had lifted her right arm, placing her hand behind her neck in a pose that gave me a view of the gentle slope of her breast. Either the room was a little cool or it was her own excitement of exposing her charms to a room full of strangers that had encouraged her nipples to become erect. Taking a deep breath, I took pencil in hand and as professionally as possible, began to attempt to put her beauty to paper.

I had finally settled down (in more ways than one) and was sitting on my own stool busy shading in the roundness of Macy's firm ass while mentally blocking out the others around me. For this reason I was startled when I felt the gentle touch of Mrs. Baker's hand on my shoulder when she arrived at my work station to inspect my work. She leaned over giving me some tips by touching up my drawing with her own artist's pencil, and I couldn't help but see the swelling of her mature breasts as her blouse billowed open.

If I had any doubt whether she knew what she was doing, my doubts were erased when she coyly placed her hand on my upper thigh and quietly said, "John, we seldom are able to arrange for male models for this class. I would be willing not only to pay you but also give you some extra class credit if you would pose for us next. I'm sure the rest of the ladies in the room would be as delighted as I to see you in the altogether."

I was sure the instant swelling of my cock against her fingers softly stroking the inside of my thigh had already answered for me, but I replied with a shaky whisper, "Sure, I would be happy to oblige." I was thinking she was asking for me to pose next week which would give me plenty of time to back out if I got cold feet.

"Wonderful," she said. "At the end of our first break, go into the back room, remove your clothing, put on the robe, and wait for my signal. I will tell the young lady posing now that I have a substitute for the middle session, but that I will need her to stay around for the final pose." Speaking even more quietly she added, "Don't be ashamed if this manhood is still hard when you begin posing since the cool air should quickly lower your blood pressure. Remember we are all adults, and most of the women have seen male bodies before." My friendly instructor was actually stroking the head of my penis through the material of my sweat pants while telling me this.

Our first ten minute break seemed to fly by so very quickly. I bought a can of pop from the vending machine but couldn't drink hardly anything due to the butterflies in my stomach. I asked Pamela if she would like my drink and we chatted a little more. She assumed my nervousness had remained from my initial reaction to seeing Macy naked. You can imagine how I almost choked when she said in passing, "I hope we have a hunk or two for models instead of just all girls this semester. Someone like you would do nicely!" She demurely giggled, licked her lips, and glanced down at my once again stirring crotch as Mrs. Baker announced the end of the break.

Instead of heading back to my easel, I went to the door I had seen Macy emerge from previously. I had not seen her at all during the break so I assumed she had spent the last few minutes in the privacy of the back room. When I opened the door and entered, Macy took one look at me and gasped, "John, what are you doing here?"

I took her by the shoulders, and catching her off guard, I gave her a quick passionate kiss and replied, "I'm taking this course. I've been out there drawing you for the last thirty minutes, and now I'm the sub Mrs. Baker told you about. If you can do it so can I. Hand me that terry cloth robe behind you."

It took me no more than 15 seconds to remove my pullover sweater, tee shirt, shoes, and socks. I put on the robe then started to turn away from her before pulling off my sweat pants, but thought what the hell, and remained facing her. Down came the pants, letting her have a full view of my muscular physique as well as my dangling balls and semi-hard dick.

It was then that I heard Mrs. Baker announce there would be a new model for the next drawing session and when she said it would be a young man, I could hear a number of the younger girls squeal in delight. There was a knock on the door and the instructor said, "Its show time!"

Macy came over to me, put her hands on my shoulders and said, "I want to give you a good luck kiss." I assumed she meant on the lips, but in one quick motion she leaned down, took the head of my cock in her warm wet mouth, let it pop out, and then gave the tip a little smooch.

If there had been any chance of going out on that stage in front of all those females without a hard-on, that possibility was gone as my member grew to its full 8 inch length. With the same type of giggle Pamela had given me, Macy closed my robe, tied the cord around my waist once, and sent me out the door with a pat on the butt. "Go get 'em Tiger, you'll knock 'em dead," she joked as she closed the door behind me.

Taking a deep breath, I walked confidently to the stage without making eye-to-eye contact with anyone. With another deep breath and a short pause, I untied the robe and quickly removed it, letting it fall. I figured it would be like at the's easier to run and dive into the frigid Pacific than to walk in slowly. I faced directly towards Mrs. Baker's desk and half stood/half sat on the posing stool Macy had occupied only minutes before. I could still feel the warming effect she had left on this perch.

I was quickly starting to adjust to the exposure and found it strangely arousing, both mentally and physically. As she had predicted, the coolness of the room was giving me goose bumps and at the same time causing my swollen member to deflate to a less precipitous attitude, though only a somewhat less prolific dimension.

Our instructor perceived the awkwardness of the moment for everyone, and stepped to the stage to address the class. "John, your classmate, has been kind enough to pose for us so we can compare the differences between the male and female forms. Other than the obvious differences in genitals and chest development there are other differences." She came next to me and motioned me to stand up and place my hands at my sides. "As you can see, John has the classic Greek body, with wide shoulders, triangulating down to a narrow waist, and broadening back out modestly at the hips."

She continued, "The buttocks are less protruding on a man but normally firmer." She felt the curvature of my bums then gave one side a gently slap as a football coach would give one of his players coming off the field. These manipulations revived my sagging pole, and I couldn't help but encourage it by squeezing my glutes together, making the head of my penis rise and the head swell at the same time.

My more-than-friendly instructor walked around in front of me admiring her handiwork, then suddenly smiled widely and faced the class. "I've just had a novel idea. To even better demonstrate some of the subtle differences between the two forms, I'm going to ask the previous model to come back on stage for a side-by-side comparison. Would someone in the back please ask Macy to join us?"

The excitement in the air was electrifying...everything was happening so fast. We all seemed to be acting without any reservations or modesty, all under the careful direction of this brazen Mrs. Baker. She was still on the posing stage, and now spoke in a somewhat more throaty and panting manner, "John and Macy will now give you a number of 5 minute poses so you can get all the angles of their physiques. Draw quickly and instinctively...I will walk around watching your technique. Raise your hand if you need some particular help. I will ask our models to always be touching in some way so as to insure they will both be within your frame, and to also turn 45 degrees after each pose so you will see all of their luscious bodies." I got the impression she had not realized she had used a very suggestive adjective, but the snickers from the would-be artists in the class indicated it had not gone unnoticed.

The next half hour was essentially a groping session between us two, both of us getting bolder and bolder as we changed poses. We began by simply standing next to each other with an arm around each other's waist, although by the time the 5 minutes was over, our hands were on each other's ass. At Mrs. Baker's signal, Macy slid down to the floor, bending her leg nearest my foot and spreading out and extending her other leg with her left hand wrapped around my upper thigh, resting her right on her own thigh near her shaved pussy. Her left hand was strategically placed around the back of my thigh, allowing her to gently tickle the back of my ball sack with her finger tips. Her touch was like that of a puppeteer, for each time she would move her fingers, my swollen cock would involuntarily jump with arousal.

I was looking down at Macy during this pose, so my arousal was increased even more as I noticed her almost imperceptibly stroke her clit. As her own arousal increased, she brought her right knee up from its extended position, spreading her legs even farther apart to allow her probing fingers better access to her entire slit. Glancing out into the "audience", I could see that Macy wasn't the only one massaging her own crotch...I could see that Pamela had her left hand inside the waistband of her sweats (and probably her inside her panties as well) rubbing with one hand while still trying to draw with the other.

Without waiting for Mrs. Baker's signal to change positions, I bent down, pulled Macy up to her feet, and lifted her up so she could wrap her legs around my waist. With both hands on her ass, I brought her up and close to my midsection allowing the underside of my erect cock to fit between her parted lips like a hot dog in a bun. Macy took my head in her arms and with lips open, she began to explore my eager mouth with her flicking hot tongue. Now almost totally unaware of who or what was around us, I figured it was about time my stiff manhood needed to find his orifice of choice.

I backed up a few inches until the posing bench was against the back of my legs. As I lowered myself down to a sitting position, my modeling partner reached down between us and took the object of her desire firmly in her grip and placed the tip against her swollen and parted pussy lips. With her legs wrapped around my hips, the spreading of my own thighs increased the availability of her dripping cleft as I brought Macy's bottom down to meet my pole. As the head of my cock entered her warm, moist body, she brought her hand back up to my neck, wiggling her ass and pressing down, impaling herself up to the hilt. I groaned and emitted some low unintelligible sounds while Macy let out a loud cry of utter passion which left the stunned class no doubt as to the cause of her sudden display of emotion.

I guess Mrs. Baker finally felt the action had gotten too hot, for reality suddenly returned and I heard her stand up and say, "OK, class is dismissed. Everyone leave...NOW!" The last word was spoken loudly and with authority and had the desired effect.

All the artists quickly gathered their personal belongings and headed out the door to the hallway, peering back to the action on stage until they were completely out the door. As my lap partner slowly and rhythmically slid herself up and down on my swollen member, I heard the door close and assumed we were alone with our out-of-control passions. Macy sensed the same thing and looked me in the eyes and said, "Now I've got you all to myself!"

The sound of her voice had hardly died out when we heard from somewhere near the door, "Oh no you don't honey. Move over and let the teacher have some fun too. Some more extra credit points can't hurt, right John?"

Startled, we both looked toward the voice and saw Mrs. Baker slowly walking to the stage, stripping off her clothes as she came. She only had her white lace bikini panties left on as she stepped onto the stage and approached out entwined sweating bodies. Her small firm breasts bounced gently as she walked (surprisingly little discernable sagging considering her maturity), and her nipples were already hard and protruding. She walked behind me and placed my head between her luscious (to use her own word) mounds and bent forward to run her hands up and down my chest and stomach. Macy was still straddling my hips, but she now eased her upper body away from mine to give our new playmate greater access to my body.

I bent my head back to look up at my masseuse and she immediately put her full mouth on mine and practically sucked the tongue right out of my throat. Her emotions had steadily been raised since she asked me to pose, and now she was like a bitch in heat and not to be denied her quest for physical pleasure. She released the hold on my mouth and moved around behind Macy, standing between my knees. She commenced to massage Macy in the same fashion as she had done me, spending more time cupping each breast and rolling each nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

Our red hot art instructor reached down to Macy's belly, and then still lower to her vulva, grasping my wet hard tool between her two fingers while rubbing Macy's clit at the same time. We both gasped with delight, and leaning forward, I put my arms around my younger partner and removed Marsha's (i.e. Mrs. need to be formal any longer) last vestige of clothing by untying them at both hips and pulling them off slowly between her legs, making sure the soft material dragged across her wet slit. I inhaled deeply as I brought the small cotton garment to my nose. Her juices had dampened them to the point they were almost dripping and the smell was intoxicating!

As I took in this new sensation, Marsha grabbed one of my legs and spun me 90 degrees so I was straddling the posing bench, and politely, but firmly said, "Lay back on the bench and I will straddle your face while you keep fucking this hot piece of ass. Make good use of that tongue, using your best artist's strokes, and dip your brush often into my secret well of paradise!"

With that said, Marsha eased my head back to the bench and swung one leg over it with her back to Macy, leaving me with a close-up view of her snatch. She leaned forward putting her hands on the bench beyond my head and eased her crotch down to my waiting mouth. As my wet tongue stroked her love petals, I reached up and felt for her small breasts and hard nipples. Small natural breasts have always been a turn on for me, feeling that more than a mouthful is just a waste.

Macy was not one to leave herself out of this pleasure seeking romp. As Marsha squatted herself down for my attentions, she left her lovely ass to Macy's imaginative manipulations. She placed her hands on Marsha's smooth hips, caressing her soft skin in an ever-increasing wide circular motion. As she reached her inner thighs, Macy brushed her fingers across the parted lips of the pussy in front of her. Her strokes became so bold that I could lick both the sex of one and the fingertips of the other at the same time.

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