Nude Awakening


"The same fruit punch that Satan gave Eve in the Garden of Eden. It's quite the aphrodisiac."

"Oh, you heard that story, too!" Katie squealed. "Do you know Seymour Kunt?"

"I'm always up for seeing more cunt, but at the moment I'm rather fascinated by the ones that belong to you and your girlfriend. Now, let's have that Bible lesson, shall we girls?"

"We don't have to squirm around on the ground like at some of those revivals the TV evangelists put on, do we?" Sarah asked.

"The squirming is optional, at your discretion," Alex answered, looking annoyed.

Alex expounded that most expositions of the Song of Solomon are nonsense, and it is not King Solomon who is the Shulamite maiden's lover as many say. No, it is the shepherd, she maintained. She explained that the book is a poetic drama celebrating that the maiden's love for the shepherd triumphs over the seducing enticements of Solomon, who desired her to join his harem. Alex gave the girls her exposition of the Song of Solomon, translating the Hebrew into English. Katie and Sarah appeared to be enthralled with the words of their new friend. After an hour of no one speaking but Alex, she finished.

"Wow, who would have thought there was so much sex in the Bible!" Katie exclaimed.

"You just have to understand what the original languages meant," Alex replied, "not what some religious zealot with an axe to grind says it means."

"So chapter 5 verse 1 is about cunnilingus?" Sarah asked. "That part about 'I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey' and so forth?"

Alex answered, "The Hebrew word 'yaar' translated to 'honeycomb' is more accurately translated to 'pussy' in my opinion. Did you girls ever eat each other's honeycomb?"

Katie and Sarah looked at one another and blushed.

Finally Katie offered, "The Devil made us do it!"

"Oh, I doubt that, Katie. Why don't you and Sarah eat each other's honeycombs right now? I know you want to."

Katie and Sarah looked at one another with wanton lust.

"Me horny," Katie purred.

"Me horny too," Sarah agreed.

The two girls began to kiss passionately and tease nipples. Soon fingers found their way to nether regions.

"You're making me so hot," Katie murmured.

"Forget 666 for now, let's 69," Sarah suggested.

They got into position side by side for optimal muff diving. Katie began to draw designs on the inside of Sarah's thighs with her tongue. "I'm doing 666's on you, girlfriend," Katie cooed. "I think you are the Antichrist."

"No, you are!" Sarah countered, doing the same thing to Katie.

Then they began to lick each other's pussy. In and out and around and around. Then some attention to the clit, pulling and letting it go, alternating sucking with the flicking of tongues.

"Would you like to join us, Alexis?" Sarah asked hopefully. "I hate the Red Wings, what with being a Penguins fan and all, but what the heck, I could go for some strawberry shortcake."

"Me too!" Katie seconded. "Bring on the red river valley!"

"Girls, I hate to interrupt your fun, but before we engage in sexual relations, I have a big secret I think it would be only right to share with you."

"You don't have a STD, do you?" Katie questioned, becoming very concerned.

"No, nothing like that. Oh, and my name is not Alexis—it's Alexander."

"Alexander?" Sarah blurted.

Suddenly Sarah reached toward Alex and grabbed her bikini bottom and pulled it down.

"Oh my dear Lord in heaven!" Katie screamed. "She has a penis! A really big penis!"

"And 666 is tattooed on it!" Sarah shouted.

"Yes, that may be true," Alex agreed, "but that is not my big secret."

"Well, what in the hell is your big secret, then?" Katie asked, very confused.

"I have supernatural powers such that I have no temporary period of psycho-physiologic erectile incompetence immediately following ejaculation. Thus, I can achieve a true multi-orgasmic response. Just as you girls do, and just did when you were flipping each other's bean."

"You mean . . . that after you bust a nut . . . your dick doesn't get limp?"

"Exactly, Katie."

"I call bullshit!" Sarah snarled. "I got to see this to believe it. Katie, you're so gullible I think you actually think that somebody can shoot wad after wad without it ever getting soft."

"Well, I can hope, can't I?"

"So let's have a little demonstration, then," Sarah demanded. "You suck Alex's dick. After you swallow some spunk, we'll see if it's still hard enough to stick it in my cockpit."

Katie nodded and grasped Alex's penis with both hands with only the head visible and spoke into it like a microphone. "Dicky dicky, give me the sticky sticky. On my tits and in my mouth. But dicky dicky don't go south. Keep it up, big and hard, and put it in my lumberyard. Agin and agin and agin if you kin."

"Well, let's see if your cock sucking is as good as your poetry, shall we," Alex said matter-of-factly.

Sarah kissed Alex and nibbled her ears and neck with her hands all over Alex's breasts as Katie ministered enthusiastically to her cock.

Alex began to whimper and groan as Katie experienced and experimented with the taste and feel of Alex's cock in her mouth. Katie began to do a circle motion as the cock slid to different places in her mouth. Then she tilted her head back so that her mouth and throat were in as much of a straight line as possible. And it popped right down the pipe. All of it. Her nose nestled Alex's bush.

"Oh my fucking God!" Alex yelled. "I've never been sucked off before! Not even by Lilith in Hades!"

"You're going to shoot a big load, aren't you, Alex, honey? Fuck my mouth, baby. Fuck it hard and fast."

Meanwhile Sarah got behind Alex and licked her bum and stuck her tongue in the hole, as she reached around with a hand and fondled Alex's balls as Katie continued to deep-throat Alex's cock.

"Oh yeah . . . oh fuck!" Alex cried as she began to move her hips in a thrusting motion to meet Katie's warm, wet, welcoming mouth. "I . . . I . . . ohhh . . . ahhh . . . my . . . ohhhhh yeah . . . arrrggg . . ."

Katie gulped down most of the spunk and then finished off Alex's still spurting cock by holding it on the tip of her tongue as she squeezed every last bit out. Sarah pushed her aside. "Hey, let me have a taste! Yum yum."

Sarah and Katie waited for the inevitable. For Alex's dick to get limp. But it didn't happen.

"Okay girls, let's jump in the water," Alex suggested. "I want to show you my mermaid moves. Grab that big inter tube over there by the bushes."

Katie did and took it into the water. Alex sat in it with her legs dangling over the side. Sarah straddled Alex's lap while facing her, and slowly lowered herself on Alex's penis with her hands on Alex's shoulders for support. Once Alex was insider her, Sarah began to rock back and forth. Alex intensified the action by grasping Sarah's hips to help propel her. The splashing water created by the thrusting hits of both of their nether regions only magnified the titillation factor. Soon both of them were moaning and groaning and saying very naughty words.

Soon Katie complained, "Hey, don't you think it's my turn?"

Alex fucked Katie silly too, and tried a half dozen more aqua maneuvers with the girls, including Beach Ball Booty, which gave a whole new meaning to having a ball.

"Wow, I'm getting waterlogged," Sarah mentioned, and Katie concurred. They went back to the blanket.

"Don't you think we should be using those Christian Naked Broadcasting Network condoms?" Katie wondered aloud.

"Oh, I don't think a girl can get us pregnant," Sarah answered convincingly.

Alex coordinated the sexual activities for the next four hours, which included her favorites like The Houdini, Angry Dragon, Tea Bag, Cum Guzzling Sperm Burping Bitch, Dirty Sanchez, Flying Camel, Screwnicorn, and Donkey Punch.

Finally, Katie and Sarah cried for mercy and collapsed in exhaustion on the blanket.

Katie pulled a notebook out of her purse. "Hey Alex, the action was so fast and furious I can't possibly remember everything. Would you mind going over this stuff verbally, but without demonstrations. Please describe the Donkey Punch."

"You do your girl doggy and moments before you cum, stick your dick in her ass and then punch her in the back of the neck. The blow to the neck will stun the muscles in her rectum, which will constrict your penis and give you a tremendous orgasmic experience when you ejaculate. She will forget all about the pain in her ass due to the pain in her neck, which you attribute to whiplash from a real good fucking."

"Wow, my neck really hurts," Sarah said, twisting it back and forth.

"Mine too," Katie concurred. "So how about the Flying Camel?"

Alex described all the positions in great detail as Katie diligently took notes. "Now I'm tired of talking, let's get back to the fucking." Alex demanded.

"No!" Katie and Sarah screamed in unison.

"Well, get on your knees then, girls, and give me some more blow jobs. As you can see, I have a raging hard-on, and it's all your fault."

* * *

Sarah called Reverend Seymour Kunt that evening. "Katie and I have found the person with the mark of the beast tattoo. We are, however, not certain that she is the Antichrist. Well, not for much longer anyway, if she goes ahead with the Sexual Reassignment Surgery."

Katie grabbed the phone. "But we are trying to talk her out of the surgery. It would be such a waste! Talk about the Rapture! You should see what she can do with that . . . oh never mind . . . you wouldn't believe us anyway."

"The Antichrist is the great seducer," Reverend Kunt replied belligerently. "Why, he even has you two believing he is a she. This Antichrist has a penis, right?"

"Well, yes, but—"

"But what? Now bring this Antichrist to me immediately. I'll get to the bottom of this mystery."

* * *

Two weeks later Alex and Katie and Sarah were starring in the Antichrist Reality Series on the Christian Naked Broadcasting Network. A popular feature of the show was the Antichrist performing miracles like having a dozen orgasms in an hour, which was matched by the girls. The show totally dominated all sports in the ratings.

On Nude Day a year later, Alex and Reverend Seymour Kunt were married naked on the show, which garnered the highest ratings ever. Alex never did have the Sexual Reassignment Surgery, but Reverend Kunt developed a severe bowlegged condition.

* * *

Author's Note: This story is entered in the Nude Day Contest. Votes and public comments are much appreciated. If you really like it, please add it as one of your favorite stories. If you add me as one of your favorite authors, you can easily check to see if I have any new stories, which I will very soon.

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