tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNude Beach Adventures

Nude Beach Adventures


I just finished packing my bags and I was ready to go. I was a bit nervous, but excited at the same time. All I had to pack was a towel, sunscreen, and water. All I was wearing was a sundress and sunglasses. Today was the day I take my nudity public.

I had enjoyed the feeling of being naked as far back as I remember. The softness of the bedsheets as I slept naked, the flow of water over my body as I went skinny dipping. Everything felt better naked, and I was sure going to the beach would be the same. As I stripped down as often as I could, I became comfortable with my body. I am 5'5, have black hair, athletically built, my 34C breasts were round and full, my areolas often protruding through my shirts. I hated wearing a bra and loved the feeling of fabric rubbing against my nipples. I kept my pussy neatly trimmed, and had a big, firm ass from playing sports as a kid.

Over the years I was never casually nude in public, or in front of anyone before, so was eager to finally get the chance to try it; I was away from university visiting relatives over spring break. I did some research and found a small, but popular nude beach just outside the town. So with my bag, I left, ready for the adventure ahead.

I found the beach after a few detours; it was definitely secluded, but the cars in the parking lot suggested it was moderately busy. I gathered my stuff and headed to find a spot. The path led down to one end of the beach, where it made a V towards the water, blocked by some trees, then continued on the other side. A hill and forest were behind the beach, the lake in front. I wasn't feeling overly adventurous, so I found a spot closer to the path. I walked past an older nude couple, sitting in chairs and chatting, then past a man I assumed was around 30. He was sun tanning, oiled up, lying on his back, exposing his long limp cock and balls hanging to one side. I knew nudity and sex were supposed to be kept separate, so I took a final longing glimpse then moved on. I found a spot, laid out my towel on the sand, then without hesitating, took my sundress off and tucked it in my bag. It felt great to have the sun beaming down on my tits, the gentle breeze blowing between my legs. Being on display for everyone to see was a bit of a turn on, and I loved to show myself off.

It was a beautiful day and I wanted to work on my tan. I laid on my stomach to start, still getting used to being naked in public. The beach was split up from the trees, so quite a few people would walk up and down the shoreline. As I lay there longer, ass exposed to whoever walked by, I couldn't help but feel a bit bold and turned on, being surrounded by nudity, so I pretended to shift a bit, and while doing so opened up my legs, showing off my neatly trimmed outer lips. It was such a rush to be exposed like that; I tried to look to see if anyone noticed. I caught a few men and even woman sneak glances of my ass and pussy as they walked by. It was exhilarating. After a while, I flipped over to lie on my back, now having my boobs and pussy on display. I lay there, fully helpless to the wandering eyes around me. The sun was hot, and it wasn't long before I was drenched in sweat. I figured this would be a good time to go cool off, so I headed to the lake. The cool water felt good, washing over every inch of my body, making my nipples rock hard. As I looked back to the beach, scanning to see what else was going on, there were quite a few people at the other end of the beach that I couldn't see before, though I couldn't make out anything very well from where I was swimming. I was feeling confident, so decided to walk down the shoreline to see the rest of the beach.

It felt great, my tits slowly swaying with each step, nipples still hard from the cold water. As I passed people I'd exchange glances and nods, like everything was normal. I liked checking everyone out as I walked by. One elderly woman was lying on her back, tanning on her own. Her boobs were sagging and her stretched pussy lips sagged too. I bet she took a few good dicks in her day. I passed by a younger couple, the girl was cute, with small, but perky breasts, and a huge bush covered most of her vagina. Her boyfriend was well hung, with a skinny but long cock, and a tight clean shaven sack. Lucky girl, I thought to myself. As I made my way further, I saw a middle aged couple cuddled together on a blanket. But as I walked closer, I realized they weren't cuddling; they were subtly playing with each other! His cock was rock hard as she slowly stroked him, while he returned the favor slowly shoving his finger in and out of her inviting slit. As I walked by, the woman looked up and saw me staring at them. She smiled and winked, as I embarrassingly walked past.

As I made my way to the end of the beach I realized there were more and more people being sexual at this end. An older, but handsome man had his thick cock in his hand, his sagging balls slapping around as he jerked himself off. A middle aged couple were going at it in front of him; she was on all fours in the sand, begging and moaning for his cock, while he knelt behind, pumping into her with his hard staff. I looked ahead to see another middle aged couple, probably close to my parents age, with the wife sucking her husband's cock, intermittently licking the head and shaft before taking it deep down her throat. She made sure her legs were fully spread while she was sucking him, showing off her bare and juicy pussy. It was so unexpected and hot to see all this going on at once, I realized I was standing there staring at them all, while my hand found its way to my chest, slowly kneading my breast and pinching my nipple. Slightly embarrassed with myself, I turned and hurried back to my calm spot on the other side of the beach.

I laid down to soak up some more sun, but now my mind was racing. All that sex going on, right in front of me in public! It was such a free, relaxed atmosphere, everyone was happy and everyone was naked. The more I thought about the acts going on, the more I fantasized. What if I had someone of my own here with me? I'd definitely suck his cock in front of everyone. Maybe even let him fill me up with his big dick. It'd be such a rush to be fucked in front of people, in public. Before I knew it, my hand was wondering again; this time to my pussy, now wet with excitement from my fantasies. I had to really hold myself back from playing further, as I didn't want to disturb other people calmly relaxing on this side of the beach. So I laid there, legs open and spread as far as I could, showing off my ever so increasingly wet slit to whoever wanted to see it. If I bent my knees and wiggled myself in the sand a bit, I could even keep my ass cheeks spread to show off my tight little asshole. I never have been fucked in it, but I always loved to play with my ass, adding another level of fullness. After a few more minutes of this; my vagina fully exposed, my asshole slightly spread, and my nipples hard from the cool breeze, I just couldn't take it anymore. I could feel the juices running out of me and over my asshole. I stood up, gathered my things, and moved to the other side of the beach.

Where to lay my towel now, I thought? The couple playing with each other before had now moved to slowly grinding each other. The middle aged couple had stopped doing it, and the older man watching was still hard, but not stroking himself. The other middle aged couple were now fully 69'ing, she was still slowly teasing his cock with her tongue, and he buried his face deep into her ass, licking and filling her pussy with his tongue. I decided to set myself up slightly past, and up from them so I could still enjoy the view.

I sat down on my towel, but propped myself up so I could still see what was going on. The couple 69'ing were getting into it more, as she sloppily took his whole cock down her throat, while he licked everything and anything she put in front of him. I started to play my boobs as I watched, feeling their fullness, teasing my own nipples with my fingers. I slowly slid my hand down to my sopping wet pussy. I slowly rubbed my throbbing clit, as I enjoyed the freedom of having my legs spread open in public. I checked to see if anyone was watching me. The older man was slowly rubbing his cock again, and the wife would occasionally glance up as she sucked off her husband's rock hard cock. I inserted a finger into myself, as my other hand still worked my clit.

I was getting so turned on; I couldn't help but add another finger, slowly stretching out my vagina. I sped up on my clit, feeling it pulse between my fingers. I laid back and got lost in my own ecstasy. My fingers felt so good, I thrust them deeply and slowly into myself, filling my pussy as much as I could. My other hand alternated between my breasts and my clit, as the sensation built. Two fingers wasn't enough, I wanted to feel more full. I kept the two fingers deep in my pussy, and with my other hand, slowly rubbed my asshole, spreading my juices all over, before gliding my finger in. God, did it ever feel good, my asshole felt so tight around my finger as I slowly slid it in and out, while my other two fingers were now pumping into my pussy. I really wanted to give it to myself, feel how stretched and full I could make both holes. I could feel my climax really building now.

I briefly glanced up, almost forgetting where I was, and realized almost everyone was watching me masturbate now. The couple in front of me were doing it doggy style, both facing me, as her breasts swayed with every fuck. The younger guy from the other side of the beach had made his way over, and was stroking his big long cock by the water. He was really going at it, with quick hard strokes. His balls bounced around with every stroke, and the tip of his cock gleamed with pre-cum. It was so hot to have an audience; it made me fuck myself faster and deeper in every hole. I jammed another finger up my ass, and a third in my pussy, stretching them both out to the max. Juices ran down my pussy and leg, and I was getting close to cumming. I looked up again, just in time to see the guy by the water let a huge load of cum fly out of his cock and land in the sand.

Web after web of cum came out, as he kept furiously stroking his cock, eyes on my filled holes. The couple in front of me were fucking hard now, as I could hear the slap of his every entrance into her wet pussy; she was moaning with each thrust, and her eyes too were on my filled holes. It was so hot having people watch me, I kept up my pace, fingering my ass and pussy, until I felt a wave come over me as the first orgasm hit. My body shuddered, my asshole clenched around my finger. I moved my other hand to my clit, and furiously rubbed it, bringing on another wave of pleasure, and releasing a wave of juices out of my pussy. I lay there, finger stuck up my ass, pussy overflowing with my cum, and a big smile of pleasure came across my face.

I got up and made my way to the water. Most people smiled as I walked by. I washed off in the water, but the dirtiness of fingering my holes in public couldn't be washed away. It felt so naughty, but felt so good. The water splashed against my naked body, the sun still shone down. What a day to cum, I thought. I slowly gathered my things and made my way back across the beach, taking in every limp cock and spread pussy I could see. As I was about to leave, I heard someone say

"That was quite the show."

It was the guy I first saw when I got to the beach, who came on the sand watching my little show. His cock was now back to its limp self, still long, and slightly swollen from his own little show.

"You too," I responded back. "Hope to see you here tomorrow?" I asked.

"I'll come if you come," he winked back.

I smiled and walked back to my car, where I enjoyed driving almost all the way home, completely naked, without a care in the world. I can't wait to cum back tomorrow, I grinned.

I woke up the next day with a big smile on my face. I had no plans for the day, so decided to head back to the nude beach. I threw the covers off and got up, checking out my naked body in the mirror before putting on my sun dress. I liked checking myself out; my full breasts, round ass, trimmed dark pubes leading to my slit. I loved my body, and after the previous day at the nude beach, I loved showing it off even more. I had some breakfast, packed a snack, water bottle, and towel then left for another day of fun in the sun. I hoped the younger guy from the previous day would be there, but either way I was looking forward to spending the day naked.

I pulled up to the beach, and by the time I shut the door to my car my dress was off. I was feeling much more confident today, and couldn't wait to get rid of some tan lines. I walked down the path to the beach area, where I saw an older couple sitting in chairs in the sun, her boobs and his balls hanging heavily. I smiled as I walked by, next walking past another older gentleman on his own, suntanning on his stomach. His lack of tan lines made me think he must be a regular here. I kept walking to the farther end of the beach, tucked behind some trees that came out to the water. This is where I found, from the day before, where all the fun occurs. I get over there and am surprised to see the guy I briefly talked to the day before was already here! I make my way over to him, walking past a younger couple, maybe even the same age as me. She is tall, blonde and skinny and he is athletically built with brown hair. She has large boobs, with perky little nipples, and a thick blonde bush covering her vagina. He was completely shaved, his small limp cock laid off to the side, as his large full sack hung between his legs. I again smiled as I walked past, noting the other older couple on the far end of the beach, before walking up to my new friend. He was laying on his stomach suntanning.

"Mind if I join you?" I asked.

He looked up, somewhat surprised to see my naked body standing right in front of him. I could see he paused briefly to stare at my pussy.

"I was hoping you would show up today," he replied with a smile.

I laid my towel down and joined him on my stomach, creating small talk and getting to know him. His name was Rob, he was in town for work, he was an engineer or something. We talked a bit about nudity; he said he hated wearing clothes since he was young, and rarely wore them at home. He tried to come to nude beaches as much as possible. I said I was similar, but this was just my second time at a nude beach. We laid in the sun for a bit, enjoying the clear, warm day. I turned onto my back, exposing my boobs to the sun, the slight breeze causing my nipples to erect. He followed and turned onto his back too. I snuck a few glances at his long limp cock. His balls hung low between his legs, warm from the sun. After a while of sitting beneath the beating sun I decided I was too warm and wanted to go in the water. I asked Rob to join me, so off we went to cool off.

I tried not to stare, as his cock swayed with each step through the sand. I'm sure he didn't mind my boobs bouncing and swaying with every step too. We got to the water and swam in, instantly cooling me down. I loved the feeling of the water all over my nude body. I floated on my back, pushing my boobs and waist up and out of the water. My nipples stuck up like masts of a ship. Rob did the same, his now shriveled member poked out of the water. I couldn't help but smile, thinking about how small it got in the water, and dreaming about how big it might get later.

As we exited the water we saw the young couple were starting to get sexual. She was stroking his now hard cock, occasionally, wrapping her mouth around it. Rob and I sat back down on our towels, and watched the young couple slightly ahead of us. She was now taking his cock balls deep in her mouth, easily fitting it in, followed by short bursts of sucking just the tip of it. I glanced over and saw Rob was now fully erect. His erection gleamed in the sun, his balls hung low, waiting to be played with. I noticed a dampness forming between my legs too. The sexual tension was growing on the beach.

"You should probably take care of that thing before it takes someones eye out," I joked to Rob, now bringing full attention to his stiff cock.

"I would hate to be the only one enjoying myself here," he replied back.

As he slowly started stroking his cock, my hand reached between my legs, brushing past my trimmed pubes, before finding my pussy lips. I spread them, and start stroking my finger up and down the length of my slit, further building the pool I can feel forming inside. I glanced back to the young couple, they were now 69'ing, he had her spread apart so he could reach his tongue into her as far as he could, she was taking his cock in her mouth deeply and slowly. I glanced back to Rob, who now had a full grasp on his cock, stroking it slowly, his balls bouncing ever so slightly with each jerk. My hot mess was spilling out of me now, as I was very turned on. I started rubbing my clit, feeling small waves of pleasure throughout my groin every time I brushed it. I looked back to Rob's cock, its tip now glistening with pre-cum, his shaft smooth and long. I stared at it for a few seconds then looked up to Rob. He smiled, knowing I loved looking at his cock. Before I thought twice about it, I reached over and grabbed it, taking over his stroking. At the same time I jammed a finger into my waiting pussy, easily sliding it in up to my knuckle. I paused, letting my tight pussy adjust to my finger, as I focused on Rob's cock.

I took long, slow strokes, admiring the length and stiffness of his cock. I slid my hand down to play with his balls, before gently sliding my finger all the way up to the top, taking a firm grasp and continued to stroke him, slightly faster now. I looked down to see my boobs bounce with every movement of my hand. I looked back up to Rob, he didn't say anything, but he was nothing but smiles. The young couple started fucking now; she was on top riding him, her big perky boobs jiggling as her full bush was on clear display, swallowing up her mans cock. I heard moaning in the distance and looked over to the far side of the beach, where the older couple are now fucking too. He was taking her from behind, her large boobs swaying with each pump.

Holy shit was I ever turned on now. I kept stroking Robs cock and added another finger into my pussy, quickly sliding them in and out of me. I could hear my hot mess every time I entered my hole. I think Rob noticed how horny I was because he asked,

"Can I help you for a bit?"

"Please," I responded with a smile.

I stopped what I was doing and opened my legs to him. He knelt beside me, giving me a great view of his cock, as he slowly rubbed my clit, while inserting his other hand into my pussy. He started with 1 finger, then 2, then added a third. It stretched me out and I loved it. He went to work, fucking me fast and hard with his fingers. His thumb slowly circled around my clit. My body jolted every time he slammed his fingers into me. I looked down, past Rob's throbbing cock, past him finger banging me, to see the young couple. He was taking her from behind, both of them looking up towards me, legs spread, random guy I just met fingering my pussy. I looked the other way to see the older couple still going at it; she was riding him reverse cowgirl so she too could enjoy the show in front of her. Her big boobs bounced as she slid up and down her mans shaft. I laid my head back, grabbing onto my boobs and pulling on my nipples, as Rob continued sliding his fingers into my stretched and wet hole. He never stopped or slowed down, and I could feel the orgasm building. I slid my hand down to my clit, and slowly rubbed it as Rob kept up his pace. I loved being on display for everyone to see, and I wanted them to see me orgasm too. I lifted my legs in the air, bringing my knees to my chest, giving Rob and everyone else on the beach a full view of my spread ass and pussy. Rob kept fingering me fast and hard, and I continued on my clit, tension building between my legs. It didn't take long to push me over the edge, as my body tensed, my back arched, and my pussy clenched around Rob's fingers before spraying my hot mess all over his hand and the sand. He slid his fingers out as my body tensed again and another wave of pleasure washed over me. I moaned, as my pussy continued dripping my juices onto my towel.

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