tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNude Beach Bitchboy

Nude Beach Bitchboy


"Oh, come ON, you chicken! We're at a nude beach! You HAVE to get naked!"

My girlfriend's peals of laughter brought a blush to my face, and I meekly capitulated, bending over and stripping off my swimsuit. She laughed again and tossed her hair as she took my hand and started leading me down the beach.

It had taken her months to get me to come here at all, and I was more than a little uncomfortable as we weaved our way around the hundreds of nude bodies on the beach; Amanda skipped and bounced, her sweet, perfect, tanned body turning heads all the way. Even as we had been coming down the long stair path that had led to the crowded beach, our clothes still on, Amanda had drawn hungry stairs from the dozens of men we passed, who were obviously thinking about what she was going to look like naked.

Now, we were both naked and available for the perusal of everyone we passed. I fought the overwhelming feeling of embarrassment; I wanted to please my gorgeous, vivacious girlfriend. As we moved down the beach, I started to notice there were fewer and fewer women. At first, my jealous paranoia grew, but then I noticed that Amanda wasn't getting violated by the gaze of every single man we passed anymore. As a matter of fact, they seemed to be looking mostly at me!

"I think we're at the GAY end of the beach!" Amber giggled, leaning in close to me.

"Aw, no way!" I exclaimed, slowing my walk, pulling Amber's hand.

"Do you want to turn back?" She asked. I was about to agree, but then realized, I wouldn't have to worry as much about other guys trying to hit on her down here.

"I don't care. Let's just find a spot," I said.

We spread out our blanket and settled in, rubbing oil all over each other, drinking cold beer we got from a vendor walking along the beach with a cooler. It was a beautiful day, and Amanda's tight frame glistened in the oil; I was completely relaxed and happy, oblivious to the glances of the (mostly older) guys all around us.

"I'm getting restless! I'm going to jump in the ocean. Want to come with me?" Amber asked. I stroked her back lovingly as I declined. "I gotta pee," I said, "where do you go?" She pointed back behind us, away from the water. "See all those tall reeds? In them." I looked, and saw the area fifty yards away, a couple of guys coming and going even as I looked. "Okay, baby. Meetcha back here?" She kissed me, giggled, and pranced off.

I headed off to the reeds, noticing the ground getting muddier and muddier the closer I got. Gawd, it was practically a marsh. I picked my way over the ground. I never looked back once to see the men following me.

I'm a shy peer. I couldn't be content with just going up to the edge of the reeds, as I had seen other men do. I had to work my way around behind them, out of the way, into a still muckier swampier area, and then go a couple feet into the reed bank, and that's when they grabbed me.

There wasn't time to react. I was just about to let go, when I heard the sound of feet splashing in the mud and reeds breaking and I was grabbed. One hand on each of my wrists, one in my hair, and one on my throat, choking the yelp out of me, and I was kicked down to my knees. My muscular physique was useless... I was seized so fast and so thoroughly that I was completely helpless.

"Shut the fuck up!" a voice hissed. "You shut the fuck up you fucking bitch or we will whip your ass, understand?" The hand on my throat squeezed and I nodded, as best I could. Two evil chuckles. The hand on my throat let go and grabbed my face, forcing it up so I see my attackers for the first time.

"Oooo ya, you are a pretty, smooth little bitchboy, aren't you? That's a sweet little piece of ass you came with, too. We might take her later. But it's your turn right now."

The terror that seized me completely paralyzed my body. This could not possibly be happening. But it was. I was about to get raped by two men. Every straight man's worst nightmare. You got a purdy mouth.

"You got a purdy mouth," one said, and both cackled. I cringed; they both looked like they were in their fifties, well over six feet and at least three hundred pounds each. Huge, fat, and grotesquely hairy, they dwarfed me, at an athletic 6'1" and 185 lbs.

"Now listen, bitch... you are going to give us what we want. If you're a good little slut, you'll walk away with nothing hurt but your asshole and your pride. If you don't, we'll do it to you anyway then fuck you up real bad, then go get that little piece of ass of yours and do it to her. Understood?" It couldn't be clearer. What could I do? I nodded again, and my two gay rapists growled menacingly. I started to shake; as terrified as i was, another kind of excitement was thrilling through my body... i was very aware of all my sensitive parts... i felt myself quivering, and blushed in shame.

"Open your mouth." With a sob, I obeyed. The predictable happened, and the huge, musky smelling and half-hard cock entered my mouth. Involuntarily, my mouth started to water, and he groaned as he felt the wetness. "Mmmmm.... Oh yeah... I better not feel any teeth, bitch.... Make it hard."

Feeling like I was in a dream, like none of it was real, I sucked him, on my knees in the mud with a fist in my hair and a cock in my mouth. I moved my head, trying to please him, imitating the fantastic action Amber had always given me. I felt the monster grow huger as it hardened, and I fought gagging was he started to move his hips, fucking my mouth.

"Oh fuck ya... oh fuck ya bitch... suck my cock... worship my cock with your sweet mouth you fuckin cunt..."he growled. Then the hand in my hair jerked me off his cock, and onto the other one. I gagged uncontrollably as he forced it in my mouth and down my throat, burying my nose in his thick pubic hair. "Look up at me, cunt" he snapped, and I obeyed without thinking about it. I guess I am a bitch, I thought. I was certainly acting like one, as I was forced back and forth from cock to cock, sucking each in turn, being forced down by my hair to lick hairy balls, getting my face smacked with big hairy hands and two big hairy cocks...suddenly, i realized my cock was hard, and i was whimpering...I was so ashamed.

"Allright, slut. Time to lose your fuckin' virginity." The snarled warning made my moan out loud, though the sound was muffled by his cock. I was totally helpless. He grabbed me by the hips and forced me into doggy position; i submitted completely. The cock in my throat fucked mercilessly, not missing a beat as my tight, tanned ass was forced in the air and cruelly smacked several times.

He didn't waste time. Thankfully, his cock was glistening wet from my saliva. But that didn't change the fact that I was about to have my ass fucked for the first time by a ten inch monster dick. I sobbed as I sucked, and felt him spit on my ass. The guy in my mouth laughed at that, and pulled his cock out long enough to jerk my face up by my hair and spit on my face before forcing me back down and shoving his cock in again.

My rapist positioned himself behind me, his huge hands on my hairless, tanned buttocks. I felt the head probing between my spasming butt cheeks, and then it was on my asshole. I whimpered again, writhing, begging him to rape my virgin ass with the movement of my hips. And then he pushed.

My scream was choked by cock as the pain exploded in my ass. I felt every millimeter of his big, nasty dick as it slid into my hole. I shuddered in wanton lust as I got fucked in both ends, hands all over me, spanking me, pulling my hair. All I could smell was their sweaty bodies, all I could feel was them having their way with me, using my body for their pleasure. I was their bitchboy, and there was nothing I could do about it.

I fucked back at the cruel cock in my ass, wiggling my ass, doing anything I could to make him shoot his hot, thick cum deep inside of me. I wasn't aware of myself as a man anymore; I was just a fucktoy slave to please the magnificent cocks raping me, and I looked up submissively as I sucked, licked, and kissed. Just get them off. Just to please my masters, to feel and taste their sperm.

I could tell I didn't have long to wait. The were fucking me harder and harder, cursing me, calling me every name they could think of. I soon had their spit all over me, my ass cheeks were red, and a long string of my own saliva dangled from my chin as I sucked and sucked. They started to groan, in unison.

"oooohhhh, you fuckin whore.... Oooohhh yeah that's right... you slut... you want our hot cum, don't you? You're fuckin enjoyin' this, you little faggot bitch. Nobody sucks this good who ain't enjoyin' it." They were rising to a crescendo together, and I gave them my body, writhing and whimpering as they violated me. Then at once, they started to cum. The one in mouth pulled out, snarling "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue, bitch!" I obeyed again, and instantly felt his hot, thick sperm start to splash all over me, on my face, in my mouth. "Don't swallow yet, cunt!" he snapped.

The other sent a hot rush of jizz up my poor, abused ass, then pulled out roughly. Jerking his cock in his hairy fist, he put the head to the tip of my outstretched tongue and continued to hose cum there. My tongue was drenched with his hot sticky seed, and my mouth was starting to fill, and I had cum all over my face, down my chest... I couldn't believe how much cum these guys had. Each one had ten times what I did. I was drenched.

"show us your tongue, baby!" I stuck out my tongue and lapped the air, and they grinned. "Good slut. Now swallow." I closed my mouth... but couldn't do it. It was too much, too disgusting an act. I resisted until a slap across my face forced the issue, and I involuntarily gulped the huge load into my belly.

The two sweaty brutes still hadn't let me go. They smirked down at me, admiring their cumcovered slut. "Look at what we did to this bitch. Can't send him back to his girlfriend like this, can we? What do you think, should we wash him off?"

The two exchanged a sinister grin and then looked down at me. I knew what was coming. I closed my eyes.

I jerked when I felt it splash on my face. To streams of unbelievably hot, stingy piss hit my face at almost the same time, and I dropped my face... for a minute I felt it splashing in my hair, down my back, then they snapped at me to tilt my face up and open my mouth. Quivering in ecstasy, I obeyed. They filled my mouth, and let it overflow, trickling down over my chest... all over me...

When they were done, there was just one mouthful left for me to swallow, and after all I'd been through, I managed. I collapsed in the mud, and they crouched over me. "Mmmm. That was real good... you could be the hottest fuckin slut we ever raped. I think we'll gonna use you again." I just lay there, my breath heaving. "Bonanza Motel, eight o'clock Saturday night. Room 104. Or we'll find you, bitch. And have our fun with you and your little girl. We got your license plate number coming in." With that, they were gone.

I lay there for the longest time. Then I got up, covered in mud. I headed straight for the ocean... Amber saw me from our blanket, and called out. "Where have you been?!"

"I fell in a mudhole," I called. "I gotta go wash off!" She laughed and lay back down.

Avoiding passing too near anyone else, I ran into the water and dove in.

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